Ilia Topuria runs through Bryce Mitchell at UFC 282

Kicking off the main card of UFC 282 was a battle of unbeaten featherweights. Top contenders battled it out as Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell (15-0) took on the entertaining Ilia Topuria (12-0).

There was a lot of heat coming into this matchup and both men were looking to show that they are ready for the next step up in the featherweight division. Mitchell entered on the heels of a dominant win over Edson Barboza which made him 5-0 in the UFC.

The time we saw Topuria was at UFC London against Jai Herbert. After a slow start in the first round, Topuria stormed back and won in the second round by knockout. It was the third straight finish for Topuria and he made it to 4-0 inside the octagon.

UFC 282 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 282 featherweight contest kicked off with a front kick from Mitchell. He’s working several here in the opening seconds. Big combination from Topuria lands in the center. Huge calf kick from Topuria lands that nearly takes Mitchell off his feet.

Shot from Mitchell and Topuria shakes him off. Left hand counter lands for Mitchell and now a jab from Michell. Power jab from Topuria. Front kick from Mitchell. Big right cross lands for Topuria. Mitchell steps forward but eats a huge combination from Topuria.

Nasty right hand from Topuria who is teeing off in the first half of the round. Front kick from Mitchell and a left hand. Mitchell comes forward and lands nicely to the body. He shoots for a takedown and gets a single leg. Topuria defending well, but Mitchell gets him down briefly. However, he bounces right back up and breaks.

Big body shot from Mitchell and now Topuria is upping the pressure. He’s throwing huge shots, but Mitchell is doing a nice job defending for now. Double jab from Mitchell and he lands a takedown. One minute to work for Thug Nasty. Mitchell postures up and looks for shots. The bell sounds and despite the takedown from Mitchell it should be 1-0 Topuria at UFC 282.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 282 and Mitchell got a little momentum there at the end of the first. Immediately Mitchell takes the center and eats a big combination from Topuria. Mitchell gets in on a single, but Topuria stuffs it and breaks.

Body kick from Mitchell. Good straight left hand from Mitchell lands. Nice combination from Mitchell and now Thug Nasty is upping his pressure. Right hand from Topuria drops Mitchell. Topuria settles into the guard and he should probably try to get back up.

Topuria advances to side control, but Mitchell bounces right back up. They are back to striking and Topuria is throwing everything here. Mitchell tries shooting for a takedown and Topuria just tosses him aside. Topuria gets on top and immediately jumps an arm triangle. Mitchell taps and this one is over.

Ilia Topuria def. Bryce Mitchell by Submission – Round 2

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