Bryce Mitchell dominates Edson Barboza at UFC 272

Bryce Mitchell

On the main card of UFC 272, we saw a big time showdown in the featherweight division. Undefeated top prospect Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell (14-0) took on one of the more devastating strikers in the division in Edson Barboza (22-10).

For years, Edson Barboza terrified the UFC’s lightweight division with his blistering fast striking. After things had stalled out for him at 155 pounds, Barboza decided to try his luck in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Thus far, he’s gone 2-2 and he had a tough test in front of him in Bryce Mitchell. Injuries kept Bryce Mitchell out of action for 2021, but he returned tonight and he was ready to pick right back up where he left off in 2020. After a stint on the Ultimate Fighter, Mitchell made his UFC debut back in 2018.

Counting that fight, Mitchell has gone 5-0 in the UFC. In his last fight, he took on the tough Andre Fili. That was a step up at the time and he passed with flying colors. Now, he’s getting another big test at UFC 272 and we will have to see how he does.

UFC 272 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 272 featherweight contest kicked off with Mitchell taking the center and he opens with a kick. However, he misses and then eats a brutal leg kick from Barboza. Another powerful low kick from Barboza and Mitchell is upping the pressure here trying to time a takedown.

Side kick to the body lands for Mitchell, but then he eats a kick from Barboza. More pressure here from Mitchell but he keeps eating clean shots from Barboza. Out of no where, Mitchell lands a big combination and he drops Barboza. Mitchell immediately grabs ahold of Barboza.

Barboza pops up to his feet but Mitchell maintains the body lock. Big takedown from Thug Nasty and he settles into Barboza’s guard. Big elbow from Mitchell lands and then he triples it up. Barboza is trying to create space, but Mitchell is heavy in the guard here.

Another brutal elbow slices through and connects on Barboza. Tremendous ground and pound here from Thug Nasty. Mitchell postures up briefly and lands a couple of nice shots before settling back into the guard. Barboza gets his legs on the hips of Mitchell and he explodes up to his feet.

Nice body shot lands for Barboza and he lands a spinning back kick to the body. Right straight from Barboza backs up Mitchell. Nice end of the round for Barboza, but it’s Mitchell’s round at UFC 272.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 272 and it’s 1-0 Mitchell, but I liked what I saw at the end from Barboza. Mitchell takes the center to start the second round and immediately eats a big leg kick from Barboza. Barboza throws a couple of additional kicks but Mitchell is able to catch a kick and he takes Barboza down.

Mitchell settles into Barboza’s guard and he immediately starts working the elbows. A brutal elbow lands and a big cut gets opened on Barboza. Barboza scoots back towards the fence, but Mitchell is very heavy in the guard here. More big elbows land for Barboza.

Barboza is looking tired and hurt here with two minutes left in the round. He’s trying to create space and he briefly gets up to his feet. However, Mitchell gets to his back and drags him right back down to the ground. Barboza rolls to his back but Mitchell advances.

Three quarter mount here for Thug Nasty who is all over Barboza here. Big right hands land for Mitchell and Barboza is getting beat up here. Mitchell is heavy in half guard here and Barboza tries to explode up. However, Mitchell isn’t letting him up. The round comes to a close and it was a dominant second round for Thug Nasty at UFC 272.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 272 and Barboza is going to need a finish here. Barboza comes right to the center and throws a big body shot. Nice left hook lands for Barboza and he’s definitely fighting with urgency here in the final round so far.

Side kick to the body from Mitchell. Barboza advances and Mitchell times it perfectly. Mitchell gets a beautiful double leg and he gets Barboza to the ground. This is a tremendous showing for Thug Nasty. Mitchell settles into half guard and he lands a couple of nice shots.

Barboza tries to get his legs on the hips of Mitchell, but Mitchell is doing a good job of controlling here. Halfway through the round and Barboza throws up a triangle choke. Mitchell picks up Barboza and he’s able to shake him off. He settles back into┬áBarboza’s guard and throws an elbow.

Barboza looks completely dejected here on the bottom. He rolls and tries do go for another submission, however, Mitchell just rides the position and ends up in a more dominant spot. Big shots coming down from Mitchell and he ends up in mount.

Massive elbows from Mitchell and we are in the final ten seconds. The fight comes to a close and Thug Nasty was completely dominant at UFC 272.

Bryce Mitchell def. Edson Barboza by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-26)

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