Boxing, UFC return or PFL debut? What’s next for Nate Diaz after falling to Jake Paul

Boxing: Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

This past Saturday night we saw a boxing matchup between UFC legend Nate Diaz (21-13 MMA) and “The Problem Child” Jake Paul (7-1). It was Paul’s eighth professional matchup while Diaz was making his professional boxing debut.

Paul was the big betting favorite despite the fact that Diaz has so much more combat sports experience. The oddsmakers figured with Paul’s boxing experience along with his speed and size, it would be too much for Diaz to overcome. Diaz has fought his best throughout his career at 155 pounds meanwhile Paul has to cut to make 185.

The two did compete at 185 on Saturday. In the first round, Paul went right at Diaz who is known to be a slow starter. The UFC legend was on the ropes and it almost looked like Paul could get him out of there in the first. However, Diaz weathered the storm and you could tell he was waiting for the later rounds.

Paul would drop Diaz in the fifth, but Diaz did come on strong in the second half of the fight. He didn’t do enough to win the boxing match, but he made Jake Paul work for the victory. Paul won his seventh bout and then challenged Diaz to a rematch in MMA. The Problem Child offered $10 million for the UFC legend to fight him in MMA in PFL.

UFC, Boxing, or PFL?

I believe Nate Diaz would love to run it back with Jake Paul, however, there’s more to it than just signing the contract. If Paul is serious about doing a deal for an MMA matchup, I think that Nate Diaz would be down to do it. Diaz is already a massive betting favorite by oddsmakers in a potential fight in MMA.

If the deal was that Diaz could make $10 million and just fight one time in the PFL, I think there’s a strong chance it happens. However, the waters could get muddy if PFL tries to sign Diaz for more than one fight which I could see happening because why wouldn’t they? Diaz has made it clear that if he returns to MMA, he wants to return to the UFC.

He has a great relationship with Dana White and White reiterated last night that the UFC is Diaz’s house. I could see an outside chance that they run it back in boxing, however, I think Diaz is more likely to fight MMA next. I would honestly say it’s 50/50 at this point between the UFC and PFL.

If it’s a one-fight deal, I expect Diaz to be fighting Jake Paul in early 2024 at a PFL PPV. However, if they try to do more than that, I could see him returning to the UFC in early 2024 for potentially the trilogy with Conor McGregor. Should be an interesting few months for Stockton’s finest.

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