Boxing Preview: Jake Paul – Tyron Woodley 2

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Tomorrow night on Showtime Boxing PPV, we will see the highly anticipated rematch between Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1 Boxing). The former UFC champion is stepping in on short notice to take on The Problem Child.

Originally, Paul was supposed to take on Tommy Fury. However, Fury had to pull out of the fight win an injury. When this happened, the Paul team got in touch with Tyron Woodley regarding the rematch.

These two originally had their boxing match back in August. For the first time in his career, Jake Paul was truly tested. In fact, Woodley was able to hurt Paul on a couple of exchanges. However, Woodley was not aggressive at all in their match.

As a result, Paul was able to score more points and won a split decision. After the matchup, Paul said he would give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo that said, ‘I love Jake Paul’. A request that Woodley followed through with.

However, Paul still opted for the Fury boxing match. Now, we get the rematch we thought we were going to get in the first place as Woodley is back to take on Jake Paul.

Boxing Prediction

To me, this boxing matchup is going to come down to how aggressive Tyron Woodley is. Throughout his professional career, Woodley has been one of the more frustrating fighters to watch.

He has and has had all the tools to be one of the very best. However, sometimes he just doesn’t show up to fight. He just goes through the motions and looks incredibly flat.

That passiveness is why he lost a decision to Jake Paul back in August. Woodley is getting older and Paul is getting better at boxing every single day. If Woodley isn’t aggressive tomorrow night, he’s not going to win.

Tyron Woodley can easily win tomorrow. However, I think he’s going to be even more tentative than the first fight. I don’t know why, but I just think he’s going to be hunting for a one-punch knockout.

With that, I’m expecting Paul to rack up the points tomorrow and win another decision. I don’t see Woodley getting finished in boxing against Jake Paul, but I do expect him to lose on the cards again.

Prediction: Jake Paul by Unanimous Decision

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