Boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul is postponed

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather (50-0) and Logan Paul (0-1-1) has been postponed. Paul announced the news on his podcast, Impaulsive, yesterday. The matchup was set to take place on February 20th. 

While there seemed to be a lot of hype around the boxing exhibition when it was first announced, interest has seemed to die off. When the news started to leak that the boxing match was off, many wondered if the lack of interest was the reason.

However, Logan Paul denied these yesterday on his show. Paul said that the boxing match with Mayweather had broken ever pre-fight PPV sales record and was tracking to be a massive success on PPV. Of course, we don’t know if that’s actually true.

Logan Paul said that the boxing match was being postponed for a number of reasons. He said that the two sides ran into some business issues at the last minute. There is also the desire to have a packed arena for this matchup. There was no timetable given on when the match will be rescheduled for.

Will the boxing match happen?

Logan Paul was pretty adamant on his show that the match will still take place. He said that the two sides just had to land some details and a new timeline, but the match is going to still take place.

Outside of a confirmation, there has been no word from the Mayweather camp on future plans. It seems like the sides are sure that the boxing match will still take place, however, the vagueness surrounding the postponement doesn’t sound promising.

Mayweather hasn’t boxed since he returned to face Conor McGregor back in 2017. Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest to ever do it and he’s a much smaller man than Logan Paul. However, Mayweather was still a massive favorite considering Paul’s skillset.

Logan Paul is not a scrub in the boxing ring by any stretch, but he’s also not an elite boxer. Despite the massive size advantage, nobody was really giving Logan Paul a chance in this exhibition. I’ll be interested to see if this boxing match gets put back together.