After UFC fallout, Diego Sanchez has cut ties with Joshua Fabia

Jul 6, 2019; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Diego Sanchez (red gloves) fights against Michael Chiesa (blue gloves) at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past month, you’ve probably heard about the fallout between the UFC and Diego Sanchez (30-13). Sanchez is one of the original Ultimate Fighter winners and he’s spent the vast majority of his career with the UFC.

The Nightmare was gearing up to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26. The fight with Cowboy was supposed to be Sanchez’s retirement fight. However, shortly before the fight, it was announced that Sanchez was off the card. 

This news sparked a series of events that gave us an insight as to what was going on. It all started when Sanchez’s coach Joshua Fabia requested all of Sanchez’s medical records since he made his debut with the promotion.

Fabia stated that he wanted them to be able to see the impact to Sanchez’s health after a career in the UFC. Keep in mind that the medical records and medical tests that are passed before the fights run through the athletic commissions.

The situation didn’t feel right to the UFC and as a result, they just decided to cut ties with Sanchez. They released him, but they paid him his full purse for UFC Vegas 26 despite the fact that Sanchez was no longer going to be competing.

After this, Sanchez and Fabia released footage of a confrontation from Fight Island where Fabia confronted the UFC commentators. After that, they released audio of a phone call with the UFC‘s lawyer Hunter Campbell.

UFC’s Sanchez cuts Fabia

The MMA community and specifically fighters in the UFC have begged Sanchez publicly to get rid of Joshua Fabia. Fabia is the ‘Founder’ of the School of Self-Awareness and he’s shown off some bizarre training methods with Sanchez. 

In reality, it’s almost looked like Sanchez was brainwashed. UFC President Dana White has openly said that he supports Diego Sanchez and will always answer if he calls. However, he will never give Joshua Fabia the time of day.

Throughout everything, Sanchez had stuck by Joshua Fabia. Well, that changed today when the former Ultimate Fighter told MMA Fighting that he’s cut all ties with Joshua Fabia. Sanchez also said he’d be making a statement next week after having some time to gather his thoughts.

If I’m being transparent, I’m extremely happy that Diego Sanchez got rid of Joshua Fabia. Perhaps this can assist in mending his relationship with the UFC. Either way, it appears we’ve seen the end of this Diego Sanchez – Joshua Fabia drama.

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