Brooklyn Nets: Here are the top games to circle on your calendar for 2019-20

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

On August 12th, at 3 pm, Brooklyn Nets fans everywhere were blessed with the schedule for this upcoming season. In the dry spot of the NBA calendar year, this is the most exciting piece we’ve gotten in awhile.

Now fans, analyst, and everything in between can look ahead toward the season to come. You can start picking games to go to, start counting wins and losses that haven’t occurred yet, and the endless speculation of everything an NBA season has to offer. With all this in mind, I thought it would be good to go through the most important games of the Nets schedule for the 2019-20 season. And first out of the gate is:

October 23 vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Yup, right out the gate. The first game of the NBA season is an important game for Brooklyn’s Nets. Why? Well for a few reasons actually. For starters, it marks the end to the drought without Nets Basketball. We get to see our favorite team compete and just having basketball back, in general, will be exuberant.

Secondly, it’s the first home game of the season. The first game may also show us potential trends in what we can expect to see in line ups and rotations from Coach Kenny Atkinson. And lastly, it is important to get off to a good start. Let’s get these winning streaks going early and often. Lets put our best foot forward and come out in droves to support. And in turn, the team should reward its fans with a win.

October 25 vs New York Knicks

Rivalry day. Not much else to say about this. Let’s get this over with, protect home court, and silence the bipolar optimistically pessimistic Knickerbocker fans and show them where the best basketball is being played in the state.

November 27 @ Boston Celtics

This is an important date outside of it being my sisters birthday. And yes, of course, it’s already a rivalry day game, but it’s so much more than that. Kyrie Irving makes his return to TD Garden after a less than optimal departure from the Boston Celtics. After a lot of the slander he’s received on his way out (although a few of his ex-teammates stepped up to defend him), this is a revenge game.

November 27th, Kyrie aims to show the Celtics and their fans that he wasn’t the problem or at least not the biggest problem. Also, Spencer Dinwiddie and Enes Kanter have had some entertaining twitter bouts back when the big man played for the New York Knicks. Keep your eye on twitter for potential laughs and shots. Max Kellerman also agrees with this being the revenge game of the year to look at.


December 15 vs 76ers

We had a Cinderella season last year. We got further than many may have thought and found ourselves in the 6th seed come season end. That brought us face to face with the 76ers. Well on December 15th, the Sixers come into town as we have a shot to rectify past mistakes with this playoff rematch. Both teams will be sporting new looks, especially Brooklyn, so the outcome of that postseason match up will matter little to nothing here. And of course, it’s a division rival. If you need any more to see that this is a big matchup, the 76ers twitter page posted a series of tweets. One being an overall schedule release tweet and then tweets of specific matchups. The tweets included their games against the Clippers, Rockets, Lakers, and Warriors (all included in the same tweet), their game against the Raptors, and of course, their game against Brooklyn.


February 5 vs Golden State

Aquarius season is in full effect as the prodigal son returns. D’Angelo Russell with his new team in the Golden State Warriors is probably hoping that he can do to Brooklyn what Kyrie Irving is supposed to be doing to the Celtics upon his return. Well as much as D’Lo is loved, it can’t be helped. Not even he can be excused from holding this L. I do expect him to be well received and get a standing ovation.

Which point guard is better for the Nets, Irving or Russell?

Also, look for the Dinwiddie vs D’Lo dynamic. Although D’Lo seems cordial to the organization and most of his teammates during his tenure here, Spence was one of the main people recruiting what would be D’Angelo’s replacement. D’Lo also was following most every other Brooklyn Net during the free agency frenzy, but it seemed Spence was unfollowed. Not only that, but D’Lo vs Spence has been brewing between the fans of Brooklyn all throughout Russell’s Brooklyn Nets tenure. Lots of storylines in this one.

March 12 @ Golden State

Well, we’ll be visiting the Golden State Warriors at their new arena. Since Kevin Durant hasn’t been ruled out for the entirety of next season, there’s a possibility he plays in this game. If he does end up playing, he won’t get huge minutes, but it’s our job to help KD not only play well. It’s also our job to help him beat his old team. This is a chance for KD to get back at Draymond for his comments, at the GM and Kerr for subtle joke jabs, and the Warriors medical staff (although Kevin said he doesn’t feel they mishandled anything).

Honorable Mentions

  • November 20th vs Hornets where Kyrie Irving shows Terry Rozier that there’s a big gap in the caliber of player they are.
  • December 14th @ Toronto Raptors is a game not only against a division rival but also because it’s our first shot at the defending NBA champs. They for sure aren’t even close to the same team that won the championship, but they are the reigning champs and should be treated like such until someone else comes along.