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The Knicks have seen a huge disparity in the lineups they send out each night. Does giving Immanuel Quickley more minutes solve this?
The Knicks have now suffered 2 brutal losses to young teams with much less talent. Is the lack of effort shown last night becoming a trend?
NBA 2K22 has been out for almost a week, which means we’ve had plenty of time to analyze whether the Knicks’ ratings are accurate or not.
knicks, kemba walker
There’s no one more important to the success of the Knicks this season than Kemba Walker. If his knee holds up, New York could be VERY good.
immanuel quickley, knicks
Immanuel Quickley has been tearing apart the NBA Summer League for the Knicks. He has proven that he can play PG but is a better fit at SG.
new york knicks, rj barrett
The Knicks got Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, which is great news for RJ Barrett, who will attempt to take the next leap this year.