Yankees News: Shortstop rumors, trade talks, Correa, Olson, Marte, more

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The New York Yankees are gearing up for an active free-agent market, but they’ve also been taking calls about potential trades for star players like Matt Olson of the Athletics and Bryan Reynolds of the Pirates. While it is a longshot either of those opportunities come to fruition, general manager Brian Cashman stated he is evaluating every opportunity and the value it could bring to the team.

Precisely, Cashman hit on the prospect of signing former first overall pick in 2012 Carlos Correa this off-season, which would solve a significant vulnerability at shortstop.

Cashman made it clear he’s evaluating Correa the same as any other free agent talent despite the cheating scandal in the past:

“Is he a great player? Yes. He’s a free agent, so my job is to assess him and act accordingly.”

Correa would provide a massive upgrade at a spot housed by Gleyber Torres the past few seasons. In 2021, he finished with a .279 average, including 26 homers and 92 RBIs. He had a career-low 18.1% strikeout rate and career-high 11.7% walk rate, indicating fantastic patience at the plate. It seems as if he’s a good player outside of the cheating, after all.

The Yankees are undoubtedly in the mix to land the most prominent name available, but he will cost a fortune — the front office has financial flexibility.

Cashman is also on the prowl for centerfield help, which is why Reynolds was connected via potential trade. Another option is Starling Marte, who hit .308 last season over 120 games. He recorded 12 homers, 55 RBIs and logged 102 singles and 27 doubles.

Of course, shortstop remains the priority, but Marte is a solid hitter and versatile defender in the outfield. He recorded a .990 fielding percentage this past season with three errors. He’s an above-average defensive player and would be a fantastic addition to a group that frequently gets injured.

In addition, the Yanks have also connected with the A’s about first baseman Matt Olson, who’s coming off his best season yet. They are keen on lowering their salary cap hit this year, and moving Olson for cheaper players and prospects to eventually sell is in their sights.

The Bombers have plenty of young talents to offer up in a prospective deal for Olson, who would solve their 1B position for years to come. Of course, many believe retaining Anthony Rizzo is the ideal move, which is hard to disagree with. Rizzo was a consistent force for the Bombers in the lineup this past season, and an entire year’s worth of reps would prove to be significant, especially when considering the short-right porch.

It’s time for the Knicks to make a change at starting point guard

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The New York Knicks need to do what’s best for the team, coming off a disappointing defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night. As they prepared to take on the Charlotte Hornets on Friday, a change in point guard might be necessary given how Kemba Walker has played recently.

Head coach Tom Thibodeau indicated that the starting unit played poorly against Milwaukee, leading to them being benched in the fourth quarter in favor of the second team.

“Yeah, just they didn’t play well,” Thibodeau said after benching the starters. “That’s it. We’ve gotta figure it out. And right now we’re playing well on the road and we’re not playing well at home, which is unusual. So we’ve gotta get that straightened out.”

While the starters were lackluster as a unit, Walker has struggled the past four games to get anything going. Against the Bucks, he scored a measly two points in 18 minutes, missing all three of his attempts from deep and connecting on just 1-of-7 field goals. While Walker still features a 42.9% three-point percentage, he hasn’t recorded over 33% over the past four games, scoring single digits in all of them.

Walker has been a primary reason the Knicks have been fighting their way out of early deficits as a result of his poor defense and inefficient scoring. When the bad streak started against the Indiana Pacers, he scored just four points in 28 minutes, an unacceptable number for a player who is known as a lethal scorer averaging double-digit points in his extended past.

Thibodeau might look to make a move in the coming days, potentially against Charlotte at point guard. Starting Derrick Rose will give New York an advantage and hopefully an early lead, something they haven’t enjoyed recently.

Rose, on the other hand, is averaging 13.3 points over 23.2 minutes off the bench. His abilities in transition and floor general approach have made him a catalyst. He contributed 22 points against Milwaukee, helping the team climb back from a 24-point deficit.

At some point, the Knicks need to show Walker that his job isn’t completely stable, lighting a fire underneath to help him return to form. The switch in point guard would only be temporary until he starts hitting shots again, but this equation for the Knicks simply isn’t unsustainable.

One big reason the New York Giants should move on from Jason Garrett after 2021 season

New York Giants, Austin Mack, Jason Garrett

For the second consecutive season, the New York Giants are averaging fewer than 20 points per game on offense. While injuries and a poor offensive line have contributed heavily toward the unit’s demise, coordinator Jason Garrett has failed to adapt and get the ball to his primary playmakers.

Injuries to left tackle Andrew Thomas, Nick Gates, Shane Lemieux, and more have forced quarterback Daniel Jones to get rid of the ball faster than he would like this season. There are ways to scheme around having a poor pass-blocking; just ask the Las Vegas Raiders, who rank 24th in the league in that category.

Derek Carr had several games this season with elite passing grades, and while he’s thrown several interceptions, including two against the Giants this past weekend, he also has 13 touchdowns through the air and 2,565 yards. Over the past two weeks, Jones hasn’t thrown more than three passes beyond 20+ yards downfield, while Carr continuously takes shots and risks to help create more production despite his lackluster OL — a 3-and-out can be just as inefficient as an INT downfield on a deep throw.

Garrett has a poor job scheming players downfield, but there’s one statistic that stands out primarily as his biggest weakness. In the red zone, the Giants have a 44% success rate in scoring touchdowns, often settling for field goals, which is unacceptable in a league that centers around point production.

Some may point to the consistent injuries for the Giants’ lack of success, but the playcalling has been abysmal. Far too often, we have seen Garrett dial-up red zone fades and half-back dives. If you take a peek over at the Los Angeles Rams, you can see a modernized scheme that focuses on rub routes, speed-outs, and concepts that get their best receivers open. The Giants simply don’t know how to use players like Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, or even in Sterling Shepard.

Settling as the last place team in red-zone efficiency should give a clear indication that Garrett must be replaced at the end of the year. One candidate that stands out is current TE coach and senior offensive advisor Freddie Kitchens, who has had more success throwing the ball downfield in the past with Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. It seems as if ownership is too embarrassed to force Garrett to give up playcalling now, so expect a change at season’s end when Garrett’s contract expires.

New York Rangers: Igor believes he can play better, a tough start for the Breadman & Foco Holiday gear

The New York Rangers have not played a game since Monday’s nights win over the Florida Panthers, but there has been action in Rangerstown on and off the ice.

THeir 7-3-3 record can be misleading. The New New York Rangers might be the most underrated team in the National Hockey League, sitting in third place in the Metropolitan Division.

Winning games can sometimes hide the deficiencies in the team’s game plan, but for the Rangers, this has not been the case. Head coach Gerard Gallant knows his team needs to play better despite the team’s record.

He was visibly irate following the team’s 4-3 win over the 10-0-1 Florida Panthers are Monday night at the Garden. The team built a 4-0 lead entering the third period, and then watched as the Panthers clawed back to within one goal with 40 seconds left in the contest.

The team’s recent three-game road trip last week saw the Blueshirts build multi-goal leads only to see them evaporate in each contest and eventually losing all three games.

Igor Can Be Better

It’s hard to believe that Igor Shesterkin can play better hockey than he has played this season. He holds a 6-2-2 record in 10 appearances with one shutout. He holds a 2.72 GAA along with a .931 save percentage.

Shesterkin spoke about his game and the shots he has faced to the New York Post’s Mollie Walker after practice on Thursday.

“I can play better” was his answer to the question asked if he feels he’s playing the best hockey of his career.

Breadman Struggles

Artemi Panarin has not had the start he was hoping for this year. Has 13 points but only two goals in 13 games this season.

Now that is pretty good for most players in the NHL, but for a superstar, it is sub-par. Panarin recognizes his struggle but knows he will play better as long as he stays in a good mood.

“Not really, tough start. But, right now, better. Most importantly, I’m in a good mood. That [gives] me more motivation,” when asked if his game is where he wants it to be right now.

Regarding his mood, Panarin has to deal with the ups and downs of a professional hockey player like every other athlete,

“Sometimes, but not really. Sometimes when everything is going right and [you’re like], ‘Okay, that’s normal.’ Sometimes you need to [feel] down to appreciate what you have, usually.”

Toughness Questioned Once Again

Shesterkin was bumped, hit, and flat-out ran into throughout the game on Monday which brought up the toughness of the current Rangers squad. Ryan Strome addressed the situation.

“I think a few guys had some words for — I think it was Duclair — when he went by the bench,” Ryan Strome said. “But, I mean, I thought our response — I thought our bottom six was really physical. You can’t just chase around a skill guy to fight, he’s not gonna fight anyone. [Ryan Reaves] was yelling at him and a few guys, so there’s only so much you can do. I think we’ve taken matters into our own hands and been physical. I’ve heard from a few people around the league that they think we’re harder to play against, and they’ve felt that. That’s a good sign. “I don’t mind our response. It’s not always about going on and fighting a guy, especially a guy like Duclair, I don’t think he’s going to drop the gloves. But I don’t think he meant to hurt anybody. We obviously got to watch out for our goalie, for sure.”

Holiday Time In NYC

A schedule change for the day after Thanksgiving now as the Rangers game at Boston is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. on ABC television.

Foco has come out with their Rangers Holiday Collection and they have something for every Blueshirt fan.

Foco offers several different items fans may be interested in from a five-pack of shatterproof glass ball ornaments and other thematic pieces including an ornament depicting a New York Ranger’s recliner.

Other ideas include;

-Mittens and gloves.

-Rangers Nutcracker.

-Rangers slippers.

New York Yankees: Fans know the SS they want and by a wide margin

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The New York Yankees made an unusual one-and-done move, moving Gleyber Torres from the team’s experimental shortstop back to second base. Unfortunately, that move caused a juggernaut of other infield questions that will have to be answered by the start of spring training. However, that discussion is for another article; Brian Cashman’s self-admission of obtaining a high-quality shortstop is his priority this offseason.

Recent developments may make this offseason far more interesting than in recent years; other than acquiring some patched-up pitchers last year, the Yankee hasn’t done much to improve the team other than signing Gerrit Cole to a big-money contract back in December of 2019. But, of course, the main reason is that owner Hal Steinbrenner has wanted stat below the luxury tax threshold. Well, fans hold to your Yankee caps; if several industry sources are correct, he may be willing to open that Yankee purse, even going over the tax threshold.

Many believe the Yankees would like to make a change at the backstop. Still, with money to be spent elsewhere and few catcher upgrades available, many believe the Yankees will stay with the catching duo of Sanchez and Higashioka. Yet, at the same time, they pour out the bucks for three players they will need to improve the team: shortstop, centerfielder, and another starting pitcher. Luckily the Yankee will have a bevy of shortstops available to them. Big names like Trevor Story and Trea Turner are often mentioned but doubtfully receive much consideration.

Three of the best shortstops available on the market are the Houston Astros Carlos Correa, Marcus Semien of the Blue Jays, and Corey Seager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to sources at The Athletic Magazine, The New York Yankees are already speaking to the agents of both Correa and Seager. With this spiking the interest of Yankee fans, I decided to ask them who they wanted as the new Yankee Shortstop. I set up a poll on several Yankee fan groups on Facebook. Being these are the frontrunners, I only gave poll responders those options. I was quite surprised that the margin was so spread. Below are those shortstops and their approval rating by Yankee fans.

Corey Seager 51.5%

Corey Seager seems to be the Yankee fan favorite, and by a vast majority. According to many fan comments, it’s not necessarily because he is the best shortstop; it’s more about he isn’t Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. New York Yankee fans have a very long memory and consider Correa’s possible involvement in the 2017 cheating season a factor. This is not to say that Seager is a great shortstop; he is. Last season although not hitting a ton of home runs(16), he is an excellent defender and is a great contact lefty hitter hitting .306

Carlos Correra 26.5%

I have to admit I chose Correra, mostly because I believe he is a more demanding player that puts it all out onto the field, much like Brett Gardner. Although he had 26 home runs last season, he is a righty. How the Yankee lineup rounds out will be a factor. Many fans put personality and nonbaseball characteristics of high importance. I tend to look only at what that player can do for the Yankees.

Marcus Semien 22%

Although Semiem picked up many of the over 1,000 votes in the poll, he did come in last among the three choices with 22% of the vote. Semien has many things going for his amount them is that; he can play short, 2nd, and 3rd base. Working against him is that he is a righty which could be a problem for the Yankees.

The New York Yankees also have to consider two wonderful shortstops coming up the ranks in the farm system but are likely two years out from the majors. The final decision will not be made on what the Yankee fans want; it will be based on the money and length of the contract needed to seal the deal.