Early Take Aways From Yankees Spring Training

The Yankees are currently 0-2, but it’s still Spring Training. The record won’t count against the Yanks come to Opening Day, so no one needs to panic… yet. While we’re still young in the Spring Training schedule, here are some early storylines to watch as scrimmage play continues.

Andujar Off to Hot Start He Needs

As I repeatedly stressed, the battle for third base is far from decided. What Urshela and Andujar do this spring will determine who our opening day third baseman is. Urshela is currently hitless. Andujar has only one hit, but it’s a home run. I’ve continually stressed that Urshela needs to show last year wasn’t a fluke offensively if he wants playing time. And if Andujar can show even a 20% improvement defensively from 2018, while outhitting Urshela, it’ll be a tough call to justify keeping Urshela as the opening day starter at third.

Happ Looks Good

The Yankees will need to get creative to fill the void between now and June when we’ll get German and Paxton back. While I still believe it was a mistake hanging on to JA Happ, his 2 scoreless innings with 3 K’s is helping to feed some optimism.

Cessa and Loaisiga Make Strong Cases for Starter Spot

I don’t want to think about another season without Luis Severino, but it seems likely to happen. So, with both Cessa and Loaisiga looking strong in their innings of work, it’s hopeful to think one of them will leap up to be a viable, long term, option in the rotation.

The Injury Bug is Back Again

The Yankees were besieged by injuries last season. How they managed to pull off over 100 wins is still impressive by all stretches of the imagination. But it would appear that the injury bug is back.

Judge, Paxton, Severino. These are three names we did not want to see experiencing any kind of pain/injury before scrimmage play began. Judge’s shoulder seems to be healing. He has been able to start throwing, and is starting to hit. If he experienced no further discomfort, we’ll see him in right soon enough.

Word is still inconclusive about how long Severino will be out, or just how bad the problem in his forearm/elbow is. The perplexing dilemma about Sevy is the discomfort is coming when he throws his changeup, not his fast OR curveball. Hopefully, we’ll start March with some good news.

Paxton may be able to rehab early enough in the year to return by May. Should Paxton’s recovery be that fast, coupled with German coming back by June, the Yankees are poised to have a lethal and very fresh rotation down the stretch in September?


Recaps will continue every Monday, as performances, storylines, and news develop for the start of the Yankees 2020 season.

New York Yankees Already Have an Aaron Judge Sized Problem

When news emerged out of the New York Yankees training complex that Aaron Judge would be skipping team workouts, and early BP, people got worried. And when it emerged that it’s his throwing shoulder acting up being the reason why he’s being sat warily this spring, people got even more worried. The Yankees say “It is a minor thing, nothing to worry about,” after last season, everyone ought to be worried.

He Needs to Play a Full Spring

Didi came out the gate hot as a firecracker when he got back from Tommy John surgery. But when he hit the skids after the All-Star break, the fact Didi did NOT have a Spring Training to knock the rust off from 2018 hurt him.

Judge has admitted that the reason for his sore shoulder stems from “working out and hitting since November”. What’s disconcerting is that if he was doing this without the supervision of the new strength and conditioning personnel, or even the old S&C team, he could have overdone it. Syndergaard overdid it one offseason, and he tore his pectoral muscle as a result of it.

Maybe I’m jumping to too early of a conclusion, but if this shoulder is misdiagnosed, and Judge ends up starting on the IL this season, the Yankees will be in trouble. Judge is the cornerstone of this offense, and when he comes off the IL, he’s PAINFULLY slow getting back up to speed. Plus, it’s his throwing shoulder acting up. If his cannon of an arm is compromised, then right field becomes a chief point of concern, as it could pave way for the shaky at best, mediocre at worst glove of Clint Frazier to bungle routine defensive plays on the regular.

First thing first, Judge needs to play this spring to get himself into the season playing shape. Second, the New York Yankees should get multiple second opinions. They can’t afford this shoulder to be misdiagnosed like Severino’s injuries, or Hick’s back last spring.

New York Yankees: Stanton Suffers Another Setback

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

Just as things were starting to look positive for Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees’ slugger suffered another setback. Stanton was with the Tampa Tarpons for rehab games when he was hit by a pitch in live batting practice, causing his calf to tighten up and place him farther back on the IL.

Yesterday the Yankees announced that said Stanton returned from his rehab assignment and will be reevaluated in 7-10 days.

Manager Aaron Boone commented on the situation saying, “He’s got a mild strain in the calf, he kinda thinks its a result from that pitch he was hit within the game the other day.” Boone continued to say that they are just being cautious and are going to shut him down for 7-10 days and hopefully from there Stanton can get back to baseball activities.

Despite Stanton’s absence along with other Yankee stars on the IL, the Yankees hold a 31-17 record and are currently in first place for the AL East. Brett Gardner, Cameron Maybin, and Clint Frazier have taken over the outfield spots in the place of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

New York Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton’s 2019 Injuries

Stanton is one of several Yankees to be on the IL. The injury count began with a bicep strain which then led to a shoulder injury. Stanton believes that the two led from one another. The calf strain is his third injury this season, causing him to miss over two months of the season.