Is the UFC going to book Nate Diaz – Vicente Luque?

One of the UFC‘s biggest stars has selected the guy that he wants to face next. That star is Stockton’s Nate Diaz (20-13) and the opponent that he’s zeroing in on is one of the best welterweights in the world, Vicente Luque (21-7-1).

Vicente Luque is currently the fourth ranked welterweight in the UFC. Luque made his debut with the promotion back in 2015 coming off of a stint on The Ultimate Fighter. He didn’t win the show and he lost his first UFC fight on the finale.

However, since that loss, you cannot deny that Luque hasn’t been one of the best in the world. Since losing his debut with the promotion, Luque has gone an astonishing 14-2 since 2015.

During that time, the only two men to have defeated him inside the octagon is Wonderboy Thompson and Leon Edwards. Personally, I would love to see Luque and Edwards fight again to determine a true number one contender.

However, Luque has wanted a fight with Nate Diaz for a while. After his last two UFC victories, Luque has told the media that he wants to fight Nate Diaz. He respects Diaz, but he also knows the rub that you can get from fighting a star like that.

Diaz’s UFC Selections

Make no mistake about it, Nate Diaz is one of the UFC’s superstars. With that, he has earned himself a few privileges that a lot of other fighters really don’t have. One of those is having the ability to have a great say in who he fights next.

On paper, Diaz has not really been close to a title contender in years for the promotion. However, that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to fight the best of the best the UFC has to offer. Simply put, if you look tough and you’re perceived as the best, Diaz wants to fight you.

When Conor McGregor was on the rise, Diaz called him out and got the fight. The win over McGregor in their first fight is what made him an even bigger star. Then, their second fight was one of the best fights you’ll ever see.

After defeating Anthony Pettis, Diaz called out Jorge Masvidal who was becoming one of the biggest stars in the UFC. Earlier this year, Diaz fought Leon Edwards who was perceived as one of the best and a guy that nobody wanted to fight.

One could point out the fact that Diaz is just 1-3 in his last four so he shouldn’t be fighting a top contender. However, with Diaz it really doesn’t matter. He’s one of those guys where a record really doesn’t matter. While it doesn’t make sense on paper, I believe the UFC is moving towards booking Diaz against Vicente Luque.

Vicente Luque continues to rise after UFC 265

This past Saturday at UFC 265, we saw a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. Top six welterweights went head-to-head as Vicente Luque (21-7-1) took on Michael Chiesa (17-5).

Chiesa was unbeaten in the UFC‘s welterweight division heading into Saturday night. Luque on the other hand has been one of the top welterweights in the division over the last few years who has just stumbled twice since his promotional debut.

Vicente Luque looks like he can become a UFC champion. He has tremendous striking, a fun style, and he’s very slick on the ground. However, his ground skills are rarely talked about considering how good he is on the feet. Well, at UFC 265 we saw how good his grappling was.

In the first round, Michael Chiesa landed a big takedown. Once he got on top of Luque, he was able to get to his back. Chiesa tried to lock in a choke and for a moment, it appeared that Chiesa was going to get the win at UFC 265.

However, Luque powered through and ended up on top. Both men started a scramble and Chiesa left his neck exposed. Luque locked in a d’arce choke and shocked everyone by submitting the ground specialist in the first round.

What’s next after UFC 265?

This was another huge win for Luque who has won four fights in a row. In his last 16 UFC fights, Luque holds an astonishing record of 14-2. The only two losses he’s had have come against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Leon Edwards (19-3).

In thinking about what comes next following UFC 265, there’s one fight that stands out for me. That’s a fight with Leon Edwards. In reality, Edwards has done enough to earn himself a UFC title shot.

That said, if he wants to fight for the title next, he’s going to be waiting a while. Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington are fighting in November for the title. If Edwards wants a UFC title shot, he’s likely not going to get it until spring of 2022.

With how inactive Edwards has been, he needs another fight. Luque is currently ranked fourth in the welterweight division and a fight between the two men would give the division a clear number one contender after Covington. Neither has fought for the title either so it would make a ton of sense.

These two did fight back in 2017 with Edwards picking up the decision win. This is a great matchup and I think the UFC would be wise to try and book this one.

What’s next for Michael Chiesa after UFC 265?

One of the more highly anticipated fights at UFC 265 was the welterweight contest between Michael Chiesa (18-5) and Vicente Luque (20-8-1). Both men were looking to make the jump into title contention with a win.

Michael Chiesa had struggled for years to make the UFC‘s lightweight limit of 155 pounds. Eventually, Chiesa decided to scrap fighting at 155 and moved up to the welterweight division.

That decision has really paid off for Chiesa. Chiesa started out a perfect 4-0 in the welterweight division which included a five-round win over Neil Magny. Those four straight wins put him in there with Vicente Luque.

At UFC 265, the fight started out extremely well for Chiesa. Chiesa actually was able to land a couple of really good combinations on the feet. However, after Luque buckled his leg with a vicious kick, Chiesa decided to take the fight to the ground.

Chiesa had no troubles taking down Luque. Once they were on the ground, Chiesa was able to get the back of Luque and he started working on a submission. He almost had a rear-naked choke in and after the fight, Luque said the choke was about 80% in.

However, Luque battled through and they ended up in a scramble. Once there, Chiesa left his neck exposed and Luque locked in a d’arce choke. Chiesa fought it, but ultimately tapped and suffered defeat at UFC 265.

What’s next after UFC 265?

This is a really hard loss for Chiesa to swallow. It’s a difficult loss because he had the win right there for the taking and just couldn’t finish the submission. Then leaving his neck exposed ended the fight.

After suffering his first loss in the UFC’s welterweight division, what should be next for Chiesa? Well, Chiesa isn’t going to drop far especially considering him and Luque are both top six welterweights.

I believe the perfect next opponent for Michael Chiesa is Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-5-1). Wonderboy was just in a similar position as Chiesa fighting Luque’s best friend and training partner Gilbert Burns.

Like Chiesa, Thompson fell short, but he’s still in the top six of the UFC’s welterweight division. With both being in such a similar position, it just makes sense to put them together in a fight.

Vicente Luque submits Michael Chiesa in the first at UFC 265

On the main card of UFC 265, we saw a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. The fifth and sixth ranked welterweights went head-to-head as Michael Chiesa (18-4) took on Vicente Luque (20-7-1).

Luque was looking to pick up his fourth consecutive win at UFC 265. Luque has been fighting with the promotion since 2015 and he’s consistently been one of the best. After losing his UFC debut, he’s gone 13-2.

Standing across from Luque was Michael Chiesa. Chiesa has completely changed his career after moving to the welterweight division. For years, Chiesa struggled to get down to lightweight. Eventually, he decided to move up to his natural weight class of 170 pounds.

Since making that move, Chiesa has been sensational. He’s gone 4-0 in the UFC‘s welterweight division. Back in January he had a dominant five-round victory over Neil Magny to setup this fight with Vicente Luque.

UFC 265 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 265 welterweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Chiesa circled on the outside as Luque pushed forward with pressure to start. Both men flick out jabs to start their striking.

Nice leg kick lands for Luque. Another powerful kick lands for Luque as Chiesa keeps circling on the outside. Chiesa lands a nice left hand which snapped the head back of Luque. Chiesa steps forward with a 1-2, but Luque counters with a leg kick.

Another beautiful 1-2 from Chiesa and Luque is busted open. Luque lands a leg kick that buckles Chiesa. Chiesa shoots deep on a takedown and he gets it. Doesn’t take long before Chiesa gets the back of Luque.

Chiesa is close to getting a choke, but Luque powers through. A scramble and Luque ends up on top. Out of no where, Luque locks in a d’arce choke and it’s deep. Chiesa tries to fight it, but he’s forced to tap. Huge win at UFC 265 for Vicente Luque.

Vicente Luque def. Michael Chiesa by Submission (D’Arce Choke) – Round 1

UFC 265 Preview: Michael Chiesa – Vicente Luque

Tomorrow night on the main card of UFC 265, we will see a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. The fifth and sixth ranked welterweights go head-to-head as Michael Chiesa (18-4) takes on Vicente Luque (20-7-1).

Luque will be looking to pick up his fourth consecutive win tomorrow night at UFC 265. Luque has been fighting with the promotion since 2015 and he’s consistently been one of the best. After losing his UFC debut, he’s gone 13-2.

Those two losses came against Leon Edwards and Stephen Thompson. Luque has consistently gone on winning streaks, but he seems to falter when he reaches the very top of the division. At UFC 265, he’s looking to change that narrative.

Standing across from Luque is Michael Chiesa. Chiesa has completely changed his career after moving to the welterweight division. For years, Chiesa struggled to get down to lightweight. Eventually, he decided to move up to his natural weight class of 170 pounds.

Since making that move, Chiesa has been sensational. He’s gone 4-0 in the UFC‘s welterweight division. Back in January he had a dominant five-round victory over Neil Magny to setup this fight with Vicente Luque. Chiesa is hoping a win vaults him into the title picture.

UFC 265 Prediction

When thinking about this matchup at UFC 265, it’s pretty easy to see the path to victory for both men. For Michael Chiesa, it’s all going to be about the takedown and his control.

There really isn’t a secret to his game plan at UFC 265. Chiesa is going to look to close the distance and get Luque to the ground to avoid standing with him. Luque on the other hand wants this to be a striking matchup.

If these two strike for three rounds, Vicente Luque is going to walk away the winner. However, if Chiesa can get Luque to the ground or make him tired by utilizing a ton of grappling, he can easily win this fight.

I wouldn’t be surprised by either man winning tomorrow night, but I’m going to go with Vicente Luque. Expect Luque to keep this fight standing enough over three rounds to win at least two rounds and get the nod on the scorecards.

Prediction: Vicente Luque by Unanimous Decision

UFC booking Michael Chiesa – Vicente Luque

The UFC has finalized a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. MMA Junkie was the first to report this afternoon that the promotion had finalized a matchup between top ten welterweights Michael Chiesa (18-4) and Vicente Luque (20-7-1).

The matchup will take place at UFC 265 on August 7th. Vicente Luque will look to continue his rise towards the top of the welterweight division next month. Luque made his UFC debut back in 2015 when he lost to Michael Graves.

Since that loss, Luque has gone an astonishing 13-2 with the promotion. His only two losses came against Stephen Thompson and Leon Edwards. The Wonderboy loss came back in 2019 at UFC 244.

Since that loss, Luque has won three straight. The last time we saw Luque was back at UFC 260 when he took on former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Woodley looked more motivated than ever heading into that fight back in March.

Woodley stormed out of the gate and actually was able to hurt Luque in the first round. However, Luque remained composed and ended up hurting the former champion badly. Ultimately, Luque was able to get the fight to the ground and submitted Woodley at UFC 260 picking up the biggest win of his career.

Chiesa looks to remain perfect in UFC’s welterweight division

For years, Michael Chiesa struggled to make the UFC’s lightweight limit. 155 pounds was always a struggle and after missing weight at UFC 226 for his fight with Anthony Pettis, Chiesa announced he was done with lightweight.

Chiesa lost that fight to Anthony Pettis. However, that was the last time that Chiesa has tasted defeat inside the octagon. After moving up to the welterweight division, Chiesa has gone a perfect 4-0 including a win over former UFC champion Rafael Dos Anjos.

Back in January, Chiesa took on the tough Neil Magny in a main event. Chiesa completely dominated Magny and stayed perfect at welterweight. There’s been talk that Chiesa is close to a title shot and if he wins at UFC 265, he just might be in a good position to fight for the title or fight in a title eliminator.

After another solid win at UFC Vegas 26, what’s next for Neil Magny?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 26, we saw a big welterweight contest between Neil Magny (25-8) and Geoff Neal (13-4). These two were originally supposed to fight last year, but Neal had to pull out due to some health issues.

2020 was a great year for Neil Magny who returned after a USADA issue. Magny went a perfect 3-0 inside the octagon with a big win over former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

On the heels of those three wins, Magny had a main event slot booked against Michael Chiesa back in January. Chiesa halted all of the Magny momentum and was able to pickup the decision win.

This matchup at UFC Vegas 26 was a big opportunity for Magny to shake off that loss and get back on track. To be honest, I was worried about how Magny would do with someone like Geoff Neal.

Geoff Neal is great about pressuring his opponents and throwing a ton of heat in his shots. Historically, those type of fighters have given Neil Magny problems. However, Neal proved to be no problem for Magny on Saturday night.

Magny was able to work his jab and keep Neal at distance from landing anything major. Ultimately, Magny walked away with a clean decision victory at UFC Vegas 26 and he’s right back on track.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 26?

With the victory on Saturday, Magny has risen to eighth in the UFC’s welterweight rankings. With that ranking, it’s time for Magny to get a shot against someone near or around the top five.

However, there is one name that could show up outside the top ten. That name is Khamzat Chimaev (9-0). Chimaev has been vocal about wanting to fight Magny and Magny has been vocal about wanting to fight Chimaev.

Chimeav is set to return sometime this summer and if Magny wants to fight, the UFC will definitely make that matchup happen. Another name that could make sense for Magny is Jorge Masvidal (35-15).

I know that might throw some people off, but at the end of the day, Masvidal is ranked seventh currently. Only one spot ahead of Magny and he’s coming off of a brutal knockout loss. A fight with Magny could be good for all parties involved.

The other opponent which would make a lot of sense is Vicente Luque (20-7-1). Luque has won three and a row and is currently ranked fifth in the welterweight division. A fight between the two would generate a new top contender for the UFC.

After his win at UFC 260, what’s next for Vicente Luque?

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Vicente Luque (20-7-1) had a massive opportunity in the co-main event of the evening. Luque got the chance to take on former welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley (19-7-1).

Entering UFC 260, Luque was 12-2 in his last fourteen fights inside the octagon. The only losses in that stretch were to Leon Edwards and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Taking on a former UFC champion gave Luque the opportunity to get the biggest win of his career and he didn’t let it pass him by. Tyron Woodley has been extremely passive over his last few fights.

The former welterweight champion just seemed zoned out and as a result, he was dominated in three straight fights. On Saturday night, his back was against the wall and he fought like it.

Instead of moving immediately backwards, Woodley ran across the octagon and threw big shots. The former UFC champion was desperate for a win and you could tell. However, Luque remained calm during the storm.

Late in the round, Woodley landed a massive shot that seemingly buckled Luque. However, Woodley came in wild and Luque was able to land an even bigger shot that completely rocked the former champion.

The fight didn’t last long after that. Luque continued to hurt Woodley which forced the former champion to shoot for a takedown. It was a sloppy attempt and it allowed Luque to lock up a choke and get the massive win at UFC 260.

What’s next after UFC 260?

With his win on Saturday night, Luque jumped up to the sixth spot in the updated UFC rankings. After the fight was over, Luque called for a fight with Nate Diaz. This is the second straight fight he’s done this.

However, he’s not going to get that fight. Last night, it was announced that Diaz would be fighting Leon Edwards at UFC 262. With that, Vicente Luque is going to have to look at different options.

To me, there is a perfect opponent right next to him in the rankings. The perfect opponent for Luque next is Michael Chiesa (18-4). Chiesa is unbeaten at welterweight and whoever were to win that potential matchup would be ready for a title eliminator.

After losing his fourth straight at UFC 260, what’s next for Tyron Woodley?

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Tyron Woodley (19-7-1) was looking to snap his losing streak. The former welterweight champion took on Vicente Luque (20-7-1) in the co-main event.

A couple of years ago, Woodley looked like he could retire as the UFC welterweight champion. He had dynamite in his hands and his wrestling ability made him a nightmare matchup for anyone in the division.

However, something drastically changed. Starting with the Kamaru Usman fight, Woodley just appeared lost in the octagon. Entering UFC 260, Woodley had lost three fights in a row and didn’t win a single round.

There seemed to be no urgency from the former champion and he just looked lost. However, that is not what happened on Saturday night. Woodley immediately ran to start the fight with a massive right hand.

The former UFC champion was extremely aggressive and he was looking for a finish. Woodley landed a massive shut that buckled the legs of Luque and he went in for the kill. However, he left himself open for counters and Luque landed an even bigger shot.

Woodley looked out on his feet and Luque took advantage. The former UFC champion shot in for a sloppy takedown when he was out of and Luque locked up a choke to get the first round finish. Tyron Woodley has gone from one of the best in the world to losing four straight.

What’s next after UFC 260?

The one thing we know for sure is that Woodley’s UFC career is over after Saturday night. UFC 260 was the final fight on Woodley’s contract with the promotion and I cannot see any scenario where they would resign him.

The promotion has had their issues with Woodley and with him having lost four in a row, they will let him walk. I was very encouraged by what I saw in terms of the urgency from Woodley on Saturday night.

Yes, he lost in the first round. However, that was the best version of Tyron Woodley I’ve seen since his Darren Till title defense. So, where does the former UFC champion go from here?

I think there are likely two options. He is either going to retire or he’s going to Bellator. Woodley already has a relationship with Scott Coker from his Strikeforce days and I could see there being mutual interest.

Something tells me that Woodley doesn’t want to go out on his performance at UFC 260. I think the former world champion is going to want to go out with a victory. That could very well come in Bellator if he decides to keep fighting.

Vicente Luque submits Tyron Woodley in the first at UFC 260

In the co-main event of UFC 260, we saw former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (19-6-1) take on Vicente Luque (19-7-1). Both of these welterweights were looking to use this fight to shoot them towards the top five.

We have seen a drastic fall from UFC grace when it comes to Tyron Woodley. Just a couple of years ago, Woodley looked like a welterweight champion that had the potential to retire with the belt.

However, things have snowballed terribly for the former champion. First, he was dominated by Kamaru Usman to lose the title. Then, he was dominated in back-to-back fights against Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington.

Woodley hasn’t even won a round since his title defense against Darren Till back at UFC 228. Things were not going to get any easier for him tonight in taking on the dangerous Vicente Luque.

Luque has only lost twice in his last fourteen fights. Both of those losses came against top contenders, Stephen Thompson and Leon Edwards. Luque appears to be a dangerous contender in the UFC’s welterweight division and he was looking to use tonight to catapult himself into contention.

UFC 260 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 260 co-main event starts with Woodley running straight forward and trying to land a massive right hand. He chained that immediately into a takedown attempt, but Luque defended well and reversed the position.

Luque started to go to work with shoulders and knees in the clinch against the fence. Good knees to the thighs were landing for Luque. Woodley reverses the position and the two separate.

Woodley lands some big shots, but Luque took them well. The two come back together and clinch in the center of the octagon. Luque pushes Woodley back against the fence and starts working his clinch strikes.

Heavy pressure against the fence from Luque. However, the former UFC champion is able to separate. A massive shot wobbles Luque badly. Woodley pushes forward and tries to finish, but Luque then lands an even bigger shot.

Woodley looks out on his feet. Luque follows up with some big shots, but Woodley fires back. Woodley is completely out of it and shoots for a takedown. Luque locks up a d’arce choke and Woodley has to tap. Crazy fight and a huge win for Vicente Luque.

Vicente Luque def. Tyron Woodley by d’arce choke – Round 1