UFC Match Maker: Frankie Edgar – Dominick Cruz

Frankie Edgar

This past weekend at UFC Fight Island 5, Cory Sandhagen (13-2) had a huge victory over Marlon Moraes (23-7-1). After the fight was over, one of the names that Sandhagen mentioned he’d be interested in fighting was Frankie Edgar (24-8-1).

Edgar is currently ranked fifth in the UFC‘s bantamweight division after successfully making his debut against Pedro Munhoz earlier this year. Edgar is trying to work his way up another division for another UFC title opportunity.

While Sandhagen mentioned his name, it doesn’t seem like a matchup the UFC will move to book. Instead, there was another potential matchup that pundits were mentioning that is extremely intriguing for Frankie Edgar. That’s a matchup with former UFC champion, Dominick Cruz (22-3).

While Cruz has been very inactive over the last few years due to injuries, he’s healthy now. He just fought back in May where he lost his title match to Henry Cejudo back at UFC 249. A matchup between the two could serve as a legend vs legend scenario.

Would the UFC make the fight?

It would be very interesting to see if the UFC would make this fight. On one hand, the fight makes a lot of sense for both fighters. Cruz is a former champion coming off a title loss while Edgar is a former champion trying to get a bantamweight title shot.

A win for either man would put them squarely in the mix for another title shot. However, I’m not sure it would be a fight that Frankie Edgar would be interested in right now. Cruz has been so inactive, that Edgar might be looking for more of a stable opponent in the division.

That being said, it is the fight that I would move to make. I think the UFC would be better off giving Cory Sandhagen the returning TJ Dillashaw. I think the fans would love to see the potential matchup between former UFC champions Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar.

What’s next for Cory Sandhagen after UFC Fight Island 5?

This past Saturday night, the UFC hosted their fifth fight night from Fight Island. In the main event of the evening, there was a bantamweight contest between former title challenger Marlon Moraes (23-7-1) and Cory Sandhagen (13-2).

It was a very big fight for the UFC‘s bantamweight division. Moraes was the top ranked contender while Sandhagen came in fourth. Despite being fourth, Sandhagen was actually the betting favorite heading into UFC Fight Island 5.

In the fight, Sandhagen made it apparent why he was the betting favorite. Sandhagen did a fantastic job of striking from the outside and flustering Moraes with his movement. Moraes really just looked like he could never get going on Saturday.

Finally, in the second round, Sandhagen handed a spinning kicked that floored the former UFC title challenger. A few follow up shots after that caused the referee to step in and call a stop to the action. The biggest UFC win so far for Sandhagen.

Who should the UFC pair him with next?

In his post fight interview, Sandhagen had a couple of names that he was interested. TJ Dillashaw and Frankie Edgar were the two names that Sandhagen had in mind when envisioning his next UFC fight. He figured those were the only two ahead of him in the title picture.

Edgar recently made his successful UFC bantamweight debut by defeating Pedro Munhoz. The fight was razor close, but a win put Edgar near the top of the division. Edgar is looking to challenge for a UFC title in the third weight class that he’s competed in.

TJ Dillashaw is able to come back in January after being suspended for two years. The former UFC bantamweight king was known as one of the best fighters in the world a couple of years ago. Dillashaw dropped down to flyweight in his last UFC contest to challenge Henry Cejudo.

Dillashaw lost to Cejudo, but that wasn’t the main story however. He tested positive for EPO and was suspended for two years. He had to relinquish his UFC bantamweight title, but he’s itching to get back into the cage.

Personally, I like either fight for Sandhagen. A win over one of those high profile guys would surely put him in the title picture. Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan are expecting to fight early next year, but Sandhagen could get a UFC title shot at some point in 2021.

What’s next for Marlon Moraes after UFC Fight Island 5 Loss?

Last night was another rough night at the office for “Magic” Marlon Moraes (23-7-1). UFC Fight Island 5 was supposed to be a bounce back fight for Moraes despite a win in his last outing that came against Jose Aldo at UFC 245.

While Moraes walked away with his hand raised that night, most people thought he lost the fight. Prior to that loss, Moraes challenged for the UFC bantamweight championship against Henry Cejudo back at UFC 238.

In the first round of that fight, Moraes looked like the dangerous contender everyone thought he was. Devastating kicks and combinations flustered Cejudo. However, Cejudo wouldn’t go away. Eventually, Moraes tired, and Cejudo went on to break and finish Moraes in the third round.

Cory Sandhagen (12-2) is a tough matchup for anyone. He was actually the betting favorite last night, but I thought it was going to be a good night for Moraes. I thought his crisp striking would be enough to carry him to a victory.

However, UFC Fight Island 5 proved to be another bump in the road for Moraes. He struggled to land anything against the longer Sandhagen. In the second round, he was caught with a spinning kick and was finished on the ground seconds later for his second loss in three fights.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 5?

In the eyes of many, Moraes is a fighter who has lost three fights in a row. Granted, the fights were to Cejudo, Aldo, and Sandhagen who are all either former champions or a top contender. Still, three bad performances in a row for Moraes.

The UFC is in an interesting position when it comes to Magic Marlon. Entering last night, he was the number one ranked bantamweight in the UFC‘s rankings. However, I’m expecting a big drop after the performance he had last night.

In looking at the rankings, I think a good next fight for Marlon would be a matchup between him and Pedro Munhoz (18-5, 1 NC). Munhoz is ranked sixth in the rankings currently, but he is also on a two fight losing streak.

To me, it’s perfect match making to pair the two of these top contenders up. One of them is bound to right the ship, while the other will continue to sink. Both of these top contenders could be looking at a sink or swim next fight in the UFC.

Cory Sandhagen flattens Marlon Moraes at UFC Fight Island 5

Tonight, the UFC hosted their fifth fight night from Fight Island. The night was filled with great action including one of the better knockouts you’ll ever seen dished out by Joaquin Buckley.

In the main event of the evening, two top UFC bantamweights went head to head as “Magic” Marlon Moraes (23-6-1) took on Cory Sandhagen (12-2). Both men were looking to take another step forwards towards a UFC title shot win a win on Fight Island.

Early on in the fight, Sandhagen was doing a really good job of fighting from the outside and using his size advantage. However, Moraes started landing some power shots about halfway through the first round. Despite landing a few power shots, Moraes was not getting the best of the exchanges early.

Sandhagen did a fantastic job of being elusive in the first round. Moraes was landing some decent shots, however, Sandhagen was doing a fantastic job of mixing up his combinations and landing more shots in the first round.

Moraes came out looking very tentative in the second round. Sandhagen cracked him with a couple of shots and shouted out that he broke Moraes’ orbital.

Seconds later, Sandhagen flattened Moraes with a spinning wheel kick. A few follow up shots followed before the ref called a stop to the action. Massive UFC win for Sandhagen.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 5?

UFC Fight Island 5 was a big of a coming out party for Cory Sandhagen. Sandhagen was already one of the better bantamweights in the UFC, but this win puts him on another level. He was embarrassed by Aljamain Sterling back at UFC 250.

After the fight was over, Sandhagen talked about potentially fighting Frankie Edgar or the returning TJ Dillashaw next. The main thing is that Sandhagen wants a shot at the UFC belt. While it was a sensational performance for Sandhagen, the same couldn’t be said for Moraes.

For the Magic Man, this was arguably his third straight loss in the UFC. Moraes needs to head back to the drawing board and figure out what’s next for him. Tonight was his first camp under American Top Team, and he didn’t have the results he was looking for.


UFC Fight Island 5 Main Event Preview: Marlon Moraes – Cory Sandhagen

One of more anticipated fights from the UFC‘s second trip to Fight Island headlines tomorrow night’s fight night. Top bantamweight contenders Marlon Moraes (23-6-1) and Cory Sandhagen (12-2) will try to take another step towards a UFC bantamweight title fight.

The UFC‘s bantamweight division has turned into arguably the deepest and most exciting division for the promotion. Any of the top ten fighters paired against each other would get UFC fans excited for the matchup. And, there are a ton of top guys just outside the top 10.

This matchup is so fascinating on a number of levels. Marlon Moraes is trying to get back on the right track after his last two performances. Yes, he technically won his last fight at UFC 245. However, the majority of people watching felt Moraes lost to Jose Aldo.

On the other side of the cage is Cory Sandhagen. Sandhagen was one win away from a UFC bantamweight title fight before getting demolished by Aljamain Sterling back at UFC 250. The fight wasn’t even remotely competitive as Sandhagen was submitted in 88 seconds.

Prior to that loss, Sandhagen had won his first five fights in the UFC. Sandhagen looked like a future champion, but the loss caused some doubts. However, Moraes has doubts of his own after his last two performances inside the octagon.

UFC Fight Island 5 Main Event Prediction

This is such a good fight because both men are so evenly matched. If you’re looking for the more explosive fighter, you would want to look at Marlon Moraes. There is no place that this fight will go that Moraes won’t feel comfortable.

His all around skills are what led him to a UFC title shot back at UFC 238. Moraes has explosive power on the feet, and he’s very technical with everything that he does. However, Moraes does have a tendency to fade a little as the fight goes on.

You could make the argument that Sandhagen is just as well rounded as Moraes. Sandhagen has very slick striking and despite his last performance, he’s very good on the ground. There is one area where Sandhagen as a big advantage.

Sandhagen is a much larger man than Marlon Moraes. His frame is much bigger, and he just looks like the bigger man. If you ask me, I think he needs to lean on that size in this one. Maybe try to engage in some clinch work early to tire Moraes out.

When it comes to the prediction I’m torn. On one hand, I think Moraes is going to get the best of Sandhagen early on. I think Moraes will have something to prove. However, the longer the fight goes, Sandhagen can end up with the advantage. I think this is the fight of the night, but I’m going to lean Moraes in an absolute war.

Prediction: Marlon Moraes by Unanimous Decision