UFC: Is Carlos Condit – Nick Diaz 2 the fight to make?

Carlos Condit

This past weekend at UFC Fight Island 4, former interim champion, Carlos Condit (31-13), got back in the win column after a five fight losing streak. The former champion hadn’t won since 2015, and his back was against the wall.

However, Condit came out with a dominant performance over former Ultimate Fighter winning, Court McGee (19-10). Condit dropped McGee in the first round and cruised to a decision. A massive UFC victory for the Natural Born Killer.

Earlier in the week, Condit expressed interest in fighting Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) if he were to win on Saturday night. The two men have some history that dates back to UFC 143 which was almost nine years ago.

That night, Diaz and Condit fought to a decision for the UFC interim welterweight title. The decision was razor close, and a lot of people felt that Diaz won the fight. In the end, Condit walked away with the decision and the interim title.

Diaz recently announced that he was training and getting ready for a UFC comeback. There has not been any progressive talks between him and the UFC on who he would face upon his return in 2021. However, Condit is ready to throw his name into the mix.

Should the UFC book it?

When Diaz’s team announced that he would be returning, they said he had his eyes on some of the top fights in the division. One of those fights did not include what happened Saturday night between Condit and Court McGee.

Diaz looked to be more interested in the guys at the top of the division. However, a fight with Condit could be a good way for the UFC to reintroduce Diaz to competition. It’s a winnable fight for Diaz, and there is some name recognition there.

Not too mention the fact that Diaz could get his revenge in that matchup. We already know that Condit is down for the rematch. I’m not sure that Diaz would sign up for this, but if I’m the UFC, it’s worth offering out to both parties.

If Condit doesn’t get the fight against Diaz, I think the next reasonable fight to look at is the Robbie Lawler – Mike Perry fight taking place in November. Condit had a Fight of the Year with Lawler so that would make for an excellent rematch. A fight against Matt Brown could also be a possibility.

State of the bantamweight division after UFC Fight Island 4

UFC Fight Island 4 was a big night for the women’s bantamweight division. On the main card you had four of the top six contenders in the bantamweight division in action. The champion, Amanda Nunes, had her eyes on the action on Saturday.

In the main event of UFC Fight Island 4, Holly Holm (14-5) took on Irene Aldana (12-6). A fight that was being hyped up as a competitive striking match proved to be anything but. Instead of a competitive fight, Holm completely dominated Aldana over the course of five rounds.

The former UFC bantamweight champion made a big statement on Saturday. Earlier in the evening the top ranked bantamweight contender, Germaine de Randamie (10-4) was also in action. The former featherweight champion took on Juliana Pena (9-4).

This fight proved to be much more competitive than the main event. Both ladies had clearly won a round entering the third in final round. Pena tried to be aggressive, but she ended up getting caught in a guillotine choke. The former UFC champion tightened the choke and put Pena out.

It was a big night for the top two contenders in the bantamweight division. Both de Randamie and Holm were very impressive, however, there’s not a clear number one contender after Saturday. However, there appears to be a clear path for what’s next.

What should the UFC do?

The greatest women’s fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, will be defending her featherweight title later this year at UFC 256. The double champion is expected to drop back down to defend her bantamweight title at some point in 2021.

With Nunes planning on returning, the path for the UFC is pretty clear. The promotion needs to pair up de Randamie and Holm again after Saturday night. These two ladies have history that dates back to UFC 208.

Holm and de Randamie headlined that PPV which crowned the first UFC women’s featherweight champion. De Randamie won on the scorecards, but it was a fight that was littered with controversy. De Randamie hit Holm after the bell following multiple rounds.

While de Randamie won three rounds, many believed she should’ve had a point taken away which would have made the fight a draw. Instead, de Randamie walked out as the UFC‘s featherweight champion. However, nobody felt great about the result.

There has never been a more perfect time to run this fight back. These two are the top ranked contenders in the bantamweight division, and it’s going to take some time before Nunes is ready to defend the title. The winner of the rematch would present a clear top challenger for the GOAT.

Holly Holm makes a statement at UFC Fight Island 4

In the main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Island 4, former champion Holly Holm (14-5) took on Irene Aldana (12-6) in a bantamweight contest. Both of these ladies were looking to make their case as a top contender in the UFC bantamweight division.

Both of these ladies came into tonight after winning in their last fight. Aldana had won five of her last six fights including a highlight reel knockout over Ketlen Vieira. Holm came into the contest coming off of a lackluster win over Raquel Pennington earlier this year.

As the main event started, it was very apparent that the former UFC bantamweight champion was there tonight to make a statement. Aldana was looked at as the next challenger to Amanda Nunes‘ title, but Holm was having none of it tonight.

Aldana seemed to be looking for one big power shot early on, but Holm was lighting Aldana up with combinations. Holly Holm used constant pressure and constant flurries to stifle Irene Aldana in the first round. Holm also started mixing in her wrestling late in the first round.

Throughout the rest of the fight, Holm continued to overwhelm Aldana. Whether it was big flurries on takedown attempts, Aldana had no room to breathe. In the third round, Holm got Aldana down and mounted her. Holm was able to land massive shots in the mount.

The confidence level was never there tonight for Irene Aldana. In the final couple of rounds, Aldana tried to push forward, but Holm peppered her with counter shots as she tried. A truly dominant performance for the former UFC champion who won the fight by unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45, 50-45).

What’s next for Holm after UFC Fight Island 4

Holly Holm made a massive statement at UFC Fight Island 4. There were a lot of people, including myself, who had been down on Holm. Especially after her last performance against Raquel Pennington. However, Holm shut everyone up tonight.

It was a very well-rounded performance from the former champion. So what is next for Holly Holm? Despite the dominant victory, I don’t think that she’s ready yet for another shot at Amanda Nunes. Holm was knocked out in the first round by Nunes at UFC 239.

In my opinion, the perfect fight would be the rematch with Germaine de Randamie (10-4). De Randamie fought earlier in the evening and put Juliana Pena to sleep. These two ladies fought back at UFC 208 and the fight was littered with controversy.

On paper, both of these ladies deserve a title shot. However, given their history with Nunes, it’s hard to build up the fight. I think the UFC should pair these two, and the winner would generate a clear number one contender in the bantamweight division.

Germaine de Randamie puts Juliana Pena to sleep at UFC Fight Island 4

One of the more anticipated matchups of UFC Fight Island 4 was the bantamweight contest between Germaine de Randamie (10-4) and Juliana Pena (9-4). De Randamie was looking to bounce back after her title loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 245.

The fight started out very well for the former UFC featherweight champion. De Randamie was doing a really good job in the first round of stifling Pena from distance. De Randamie seemed to hurt Pena a few times in the exchanges.

However, a very game Pena just ate every shot de Randamie threw her at her in the first round. In the second round, Pena was able to land a takedown early on. After that, Pena controlled most of the second round from the top position.

However, late in the round, a scramble found de Randamie on top. Surprisingly, de Randamie almost locked up a choke at the end of the round. It really showed off the evolution of the former UFC featherweight champion.

In the third and final round of the fight, Pena tried to put a lot of pressure on de Randamie. About halfway through the round, Pena landed a takedown, but landed right into a guillotine choke. De Randamie tightened the choke and put Pena to sleep. A massive win for the former UFC champ.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 4

In my opinion, it’s very clear that de Randamie is the top contender in the bantamweight division. However, it’s going to be hard for de Randamie to get another title shot soon after just losing to Amanda Nunes in December.

Not only did she lose, but it was the second time that she has been defeated by the UFC champ. There are not a lot of viable challengers out there for Amanda Nunes. However, de Randamie is one despite the fact that she’s lost twice to her.

I think a reasonable next step for de Randamie would be fighting the winner of tonight’s main event. I think paring her against the winner of that fight would establish a clear next challenger for Amanda Nunes’ UFC bantamweight title.

Carlos Condit gets back in the win column at UFC Fight Island 4

Carlos Condit

In the featured prelim of tonight’s UFC Fight Island 4 card, Carlos Condit (31-13) took on former ultimate fighter winner, Court McGee (19-10). For Condit, he entered the octagon trying to snap a five fight losing streak that dated back to UFC 195 in 2016.

In the first round of the fight, Condit looked to be a little tentative. Court McGee was doing a good job early on of getting off first. However, Condit really started to find his range in the final minute of the first round of the fight.

Then, in the final seconds of the first, Condit broke McGee’s nose with a shot that put the former ultimate fighter winner on the canvas. Condit would assume control for the majority of the featured prelim after that moment.

While McGee did have his moments here and there, the former interim UFC welterweight champion was doing the majority of the damage. In the end, all three judges gave every round to The Natural Born killer which snapped his five fight losing streak.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 4?

This was the first UFC win for Condit since May of 2015. It had been more than five years since Condit had his hand raised inside the octagon. You could tell in the post-fight interview that Condit was relieved more than anything else.

At 36 years old, there is still gas left in the tank for Condit. Recently, he said he would be interested in the UFC booking a rematch between him and Nick Diaz. Condit won their fight back at UFC 143, but it was a questionable decision in the eyes of many.

I personally wouldn’t mind the UFC booking him up against Robbie Lawler for a rematch. Their fight at UFC 195 was a classic, and many believed that Condit should have walked out of the cage with the undisputed UFC welterweight title.

Lawler is currently scheduled to fight Mike Perry, but after that, I would be all for running that one back. There are still some fun fights for Condit inside the UFC. I was just happy to see him get back in the win column Saturday night.

UFC Fight Island 4 Preview: Does Holly Holm have one more title run in her?

Tomorrow night, the UFC returns for their fourth fight night card on Fight Island. In the main event of the evening, we have a women’s bantamweight contest between former champion Holly Holm (13-5) and Irene Aldana (12-5).

Holm just turned 38 years old a couple of months ago, but the former UFC champion wants to capture gold one more time before she hangs it up. Saying this week at the media day that she wants to retire as UFC champion.

Irene Aldana is looking for the biggest win of her UFC career tomorrow night. Aldana is coming off of a huge knockout of Ketlen Vieira back in December last year at UFC 245. A win over Holm could give Aldana a shot Amanda Nunes.

Holm vs Aldana Prediction

This is a very intriguing matchup on paper for the UFC. Aldana has really crisp boxing skills which could give her some big moments on the feet. However, she’s going up against an elite striker who’s a former world champion in boxing.

Despite her credentials, Holm has been more of a point fighter in her UFC career. She has two highlight reel headkick knockouts, but outside of that, it’s usually not the most entertaining fight when Holm is in the cage.

She didn’t impress anyone back at UFC 246 in her rematch with Raquel Pennington. Holm used a lot of grappling and clinching to point her way to a decision. Even when she’s striking, she uses kicks to score points and keep range versus doing serious damage.

Aldana has very good pop in her hands. She can crack with the best of them at 135 pounds. Her knockout of Vieira is truly something special to watch as she used a jumping left hook to floor the previously unbeaten Brazilian.

Aldana is a very intriguing fighter in the division considering she’s won of the few that hasn’t fought Amanda Nunes yet. She’s 5-1 in her last six fights with the lone loss being a very close split decision loss to Raquel Pennington.

In this fight, I’m not really liking Aldana’s chances. While she certainly has the skills to get it done, I’m afraid she’s going to be out-pointed by Holm. Look for Holm to use her kicks and mix in some grappling to keep Aldana guessing and off her game.

Prediction: Holly Holm by Unanimous Decision

Rest of UFC Fight Island 4

There are some pretty decent fights on the UFC Fight Island 4 card. It’s not the sexiest card in the world, but there are some interesting fights. One of the earlier fights in the evening features the return of Carlos Condit (30-13) taking on Court McGee (19-9).

The fight I’m really looking forward to is the bantamweight contest between Germaine de Randamie (9-4) and Julianna Pena (9-3). To me this fight is better than the UFC Fight Island 4 main event. I think whoever wins the most impressively out of those two contests could be the next UFC title challenger.