How the NFL Draft shuffle affects the New York Jets

The New York Jets remained rooted in the second overall slot, but chaos erupted behind them on Friday. Where does that leave them?

Never mind the Super Bowl shuffle…the draft board boogie aired at full blast on Friday afternoon.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets respectively remain in the top two slots, but the landscape behind looks drastically different. At the cost of two future firsts, the San Francisco 49ers will now choose in the third slot. The Miami Dolphins, recipients of those Bay Area picks, dealt the No. 12 they gained to Philadelphia, officially situating themselves at sixth overall. 

How does this affect the Jets, still the ongoing holders of the No. 2 choice? ESM investigates…

No Way, Darnold

Many assume that the 49ers, like the Jets before them in 2018, are trading up to the third pick to select a quarterback. Trevor Lawrence remains the consensus top choice to Duval, while many believe the Jets will take BYU passer Zach Wilson after team brass attended his pro day on Friday.

Despite being firmly entrenched in the rookie passer discussion, San Francisco has no imminent plans to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. But this move more or less eliminates them from the Sam Darnold conversation. If the 49ers are apparently comfortable with a lingering quarterback controversy between Garopoolo and, say, Justin Fields, there’s no way they would add a third name to that list.

This week has been one of the roller-coaster variety for Darnold. Corey Davis mentioned that he was under the impression that Darnold would be his thrower come September in his first New York statements. But the New York prescience in Provo dictates that the Jets are still exploring other options. If the Jets are ready to officially close the book on Darold, likely only one potential destination remains: the Carolina Panthers. 

Tua Time

Miami owned the third pick through one of the earliest chapters of the downfall of the Houston Texans: the trade for Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills. After Friday, the Dolphins have essentially turned Tunsil (who fell to their grasp at 13th overall in 2018 after the bizarre social media hacking) into six first-round picks over the next three drafts.

But the cold truth is that draft quantity means nothing without quality, and major questions surround a high-profile choice in quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (No. 5 in 2020).

While many have pegged the Dolphins as a surprise playoff team this season after winning ten games, questions hovered around their quarterback position, especially after the Ryan Fitzpatrick safety net went to Washington. Trading out of the third slot essentially says they’re not looking for a quarterback. Even with the sixth choice, the best passers, including FCS stud Trey Lance, will probably be gone. With Atlanta rounding out the top four and possibly looking to prepare for the post-Matt Ryan era, we well could see quarterback taken with the first four picks.

From a New York standpoint, the upgrades to their front seven through Vinny Curry and Sheldon Rankins look even wiser right now. It’s possible they could use their latte first-round choice (the Seattle pick at No. 23) to further shore up their edge game, though cornerback options have also been analyzed.

Would the Jets be willing to trade too?

San Francisco elevator ride up the draft board ensures that they can get one of the three or four most-talked-about passing names in the draft. Could that inspire other teams to give the Jets a call in an attempt to find further passing stability?

Carolina’s passing conundrum is anything but solved in the eighth choice, their current depth chart topped by Teddy Bridgewater and P.J. Walker. Denver could be trying to put pressure on incumbent Drew Lock. Stifling the tough of such a deal is the fact that neither potential partner has much to offer in terms of future picks (the best in terms of a surplus amongst each of them is day three picks in 2021). Either way, this shift will possibly have other quarterback-hungry teams trying to work their way through, so Joe Douglas might have some extra calls to field as draft day in Cleveland approaches.

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The Los Angeles Chargers would have selected Tua Tagovaiola if Herbert was taken at 3rd overall

Tua Tagovailoa

Today on the Pat McAffe show, the Chargers GM Tom Telesco spoke with Pat about the preceding weeks leading to the draft and their views coming into this upcoming draft season. Tom disclosed that they had selected three quarterbacks (Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovaiola, and Justin Herbert) for their draft board picks and would have selected Tua if Justin was taken before their pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

After hearing about the leak regarding the Dolphins looking for an OT, Tom said he didn’t really ever believe that they would pass up on a QB.

Tom has made it clear that he is hopeful that this will be one of the few times they have a top spot in the draft and said he felt it was important for them to draft a QB. He joked that he will not be the GM for too long if they keep having these top draft picks.

The Chargers have one of the most talented rosters on paper in the NFL even if that was not reflected in their 2019 season.  Last year, they had a few factors that caused them to start playing losing football games. Phillip Rivers seemed to be losing his touch and battling against father time as well as they had contract negotiations with Melvin Gordon for a good part of the season. Austin Ekeler did a fantastic job in his replacement. However, when Melvin returned back for split time with Austin, they were never able to create a rhythm when playing together.

It will be interesting to see the Chargers QB1 position battle play out. The Head Coach, Anthony Lynn has said that Tyrod Taylor is the starter for now but it is a competition for the starting position between Tyrod and Justin. The Chargers saw many similarities in what Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Jackson’s numbers looked like on the field and are looking to replicate that success.  Many the of teams in the NFL have moved away from benching their high drafted QB for a year, recognizing how important it is to make use of the rookie contract for such a valuable position.

NFL Draft Top 5 QB Rankings

New York Giants, Patrick Queen

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, over the next few days, I plan on breaking down the best and brightest talents in this year’s class. The QB position has a lot of name value at the top of the class, but with concerns for each guy, who is the best in the class!

1. Joe Burrow LSU

Pro Comparison: Tony Romo

Joe Burrow is the Heisman winning perineal number one selection. Burrow is a talented, charismatic, franchise cornerstone. Burrow put up absolute video game numbers last season with 60 touchdowns and only 6 INTs. Burrow is destined to lead the Bengals, however, the Ohio kid will have his hands full. The stigma around the Bengals, weather and the young unproven coach could all play a part in Burrow’s downfall. Burrow needs to stay humble and stay grounded, and not let mistakes dwell on him. His injury at Ohio State led him to LSU. He played poorly at first. Then, Joe Brady, his hard work and Ed Orgeron led Burrow here. Now, all he’s going to have is his work ethic at the next level. If Burrow can stay grounded, he’s going to be a good Quarterback, if not there is just potential. Tony Romo always had an exciting feel, just like Burrow.

2. Tua Tagovialoa Alabama

Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson

Tua is the opposite of Burrow. He is charismatic and incredibly talented, but the comparisons end there. Tua gained notoriety from his clutch championship debut. He’s a leader and a game-changing talent. Tua is a star. I admittedly like Tua better than Burrow. However, Burrow is the much safer pick. Tua has a very sketchy injury history with his ankle and knee problems. Tua is a beast and has proven himself against elite SEC talent, but injuries and his mobile skill set may not translate to the next level as well as Burrow’s skill set. Russell Wilson is a leader, and mobile, Tua is both of those things, making them an easy comp.

3. Justin Herbert Oregon

Pro Comparison: Blaine Gabbert

Herbert is the most pro-ready of these three guys. Burrow is going to have a big adjustment period, Tua has injury questions and transition questions as well. Herbert is a clean-cut, comfortable prospect. Herbert is an excellent pocket passer, with a unique skillset and he’s an absolute gunslinger. His throws have great velocity. He also throws one of the cleanest and balls in this class and he impressed me with his mid-range accuracy. Herbert is a good QB, in the right spot, he could be a very good starter. The Blaine Gabbert comparison seems fair to me. He’s a safe prospect, who could be a great backup if all else fails, but if with the right coaches to bring along his development, it could be much better than Gabbert.

4. Jordan Love Utah State

Pro Comparison: Josh Allen

Love is incredibly intriguing. He’s got an absolute cannon for an arm. He had a very good season a year ago, but last season was very average. His Sophmore year, he had 32 touchdowns, last year he had 20. The talent drops off is to blame, because Love had no true viable weapons. Love is a small school prospect with question marks just like Josh Allen was, he’s got a great deep ball and is very mobile. Love is a good QB, he has a lot of potentials and if all goes well, he could be the best in the class, if he struggles, he’ll be a forgotten prospect.

5. Jalen Hurts Oklahoma

Pro Comparison: Dak Prescott

Hurts is a very solid QB prospect. He needs at least a year of development before taking over as a starter. However, he could develop into something special in the right system. Hurts is a leader with a team-first attitude. Hurts can kill you with his legs and his arm. The fact Tagovailoa took his job, and he struggled at times at both Bama and Oklahoma, is worrisome. In the ideal system, Hurts could be the next Dak Prescott. He can be a gem on Day 2, or a solid backup like RG3 someday.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Gordon

To clarify, Gordon is not my number six guy, that would go to Eason or Fromm. Anthony Gordon deserves recognition and has shot up my draft board. He’s a developmental prospect entirely. He impressed in Mike Leach’s Air Raif offense and he could be a suitable backup at the next level. Where he shined and deserved a mention is because I think he’s a good leader who had to fill in, in a tough situation after the tragic passing of Tyler Hilinski, and he stepped up and impressed. That’s a leader and a guy who deserves a mention.

New York Giants: Is Miami having a change of heart on Tua?

Tua Tagovailoa

It’s no secret that the New York Giants are sitting in a great spot with the number four overall pick.  April’s draft could still become much more interesting if things go a little differently than expected.

The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero suggests that the Miami Dolphins might prefer Oregon’s Justin Herbert over Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa.  Per Salguero, the Dolphins are not fully sold on Tua’s durability. The Alabama star suffered a season-ending hip injury against Mississippi State.  This was not the first setback for Tua.  In the 2018 season alone, Tagovailoa suffered injuries to his knee, quad, and ankle on three separate occasions. This string of knocks could certainly raise serious concerns for a team searching for their franchise QB.

What this could mean for the Giants’ draft plans.

It is nothing new to suggest Miami could use their draft capital to third with the Detroit Lions to acquire Tua.  They very well could do the same for Justin Herbert.  

This wouldn’t change things for the Giants if they were to stay at four.  They’d still have their pick of an offensive tackle, or a defensive playmaker, such as Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons.  However, if Tua is still available at four, the return for a trade back by the Giants could increase.

It has already been well documented that the Los Angeles Chargers and QB Philip Rivers have parted ways.  The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton’s divorce seems inevitable.  As well, with the young QB guru Joe Brady on board, a new signal-caller makes plenty of sense.  Let us also not forget Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders. Although going from fourth to the twelve spots is unappealing, acquiring another first-round pick (Las Vegas owns the 19th pick as well) is not something to easily shy away from.

These teams have already been rumored as potential trade partners for the Giants.  However, if Tua and his talents are available, that bidding war could become much more intense.  

What could the Giants get for the 4th overall pick?

As ESM’s Anthony Rivardo suggested last week, the New York Giants return on a trade back from fourth for a QB could already be large.  If one of these quarterback-needy teams prefers Tua’s skillset to Herbert’s and Tagovailoa is available at four, the likelihood of a future first-round pick being in the return increases significantly.  

It is far too early to speculate let 2021 NFL Draft and remaining optimistic for the 2020 NFL season is important.  However, for a team that is really not soon making any deep playoff runs, these extra picks this year and beyond are critical.  Although Dave Gettleman has never traded back in the first before, now would be the year to do so.

New York Giants: The Draft Scenario Where They Can Land Chase Young

New York Giants, Chase Young

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner. Mock drafts are abundant on the internet, and all of them usually start the same way. Typically, the first pick is Joe Burrow to the Bengals. Then, the second pick is Chase Young to the Redskins. After that, the picks can vary.

Burrow and Young are expected to be top-two picks, and if they are not, it would be a shocking turn of events. But what would that shocking turn of events look like, and how could it benefit the New York Giants?

A Team Trades For Tua

For Chase Young to end up with the Giants, the Redskins have to pass on drafting him. Now, there are plenty of positions of need for the Washington Redskins. It would not hurt to draft a new left tackle or even a wide receiver. However, Chase Young is the best player in the draft and cannot be passed up for any other prospect.

But, the Redskins might consider passing on Young for a haul of multiple prospects. Let’s assume the Bengals draft Joe Burrow at number one overall. This means the draft’s top quarterback is off the board. But still, there are at least three other teams that might want to draft a quarterback: the Dolphins, the Chargers, and the Panthers. So what will happen to those teams?

It is possible that a bidding war forms for the draft’s next best quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. A team like the Miami Dolphins might want to trade up to the second overall pick to ensure that no one else trades ahead of them and steals Tua. The Redskins would easily be able to get two (maybe even three) first-round picks in exchange for the number two overall pick.

So, to play devil’s advocate in this scenario, let’s assume the Redskins are blown away by a trade offer for the number two overall pick by a quarterback-needy team. They trade down and receive a haul of draft picks while a team moves up and selects Tua Tagovailoa. This leaves Chase Young still on the board for the Lions with the third overall pick.

Three Quarterbacks In A Row?

There are two quarterback prospects in this class that are considered “elite.” That would be Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterbacks that, in this scenario, were just drafted first and second overall. But sometimes, teams draft for positional need and subsequently reach on quarterback prospects.

Enter Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert. The former-Duck is not considered to be nearly the same prospect as Burrow or Tagovailoa, but he still projects as an NFL starting quarterback. One of those three teams mentioned above that did not land one of the top two quarterbacks might settle on the draft’s third-best quarterback. 

The Lions are another team with multiple positions of need, not just one gaping hole in their roster. They could draft a linebacker, a cornerback, or Chase Young. But what if they too decide to trade down? A big haul of draft picks might entice them to pass on Chase Young.

This scenario sees quarterbacks get drafted with each of the first three overall picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. Burrow to the Bengals is a lock. However, trades would need to occur for picks two and three to be spent on a signal-caller. If they are, though, that would lead to a draft-day fall for the best player in the draft class.

Chase Young would be passed on for two quarterbacks and fall right into the lap of the New York Giants. With the fourth overall pick in this scenario, the New York Giants select edge rusher Chase Young. Chase Young racked up 16.5 sacks in 2019 en route to being a Heisman Trophy finalist. The top-tier pass-rusher would change the Giants’ defense and give opposing quarterbacks a reason to be afraid. This scenario is a long shot. But, it is the scenario for which Giants fans should be hoping.

How Tua, Joe Brady Impact the New York Giants Draft

Tua Tagovailoa

The New York Giants may have received some inspiring news outside of their organization for their NFL Draft plans on Tuesday. Everyone knows how the quarterback position can make NFL teams do some pretty wild and creative things.  The Giants could be in prime position to capitalize.

When will Tua Tagovailoa be ready?

In November, Tua Tagovailoa had major hip surgery after sustaining a season-ending injury against Mississippi State.  Many wondered how significant the injury would be to the mobility of one of the most sought after QB prospects in quite some time.  On Tuesday, Tua and the NFL received some promising news.

Tagovailoa’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, reported that the quarterback could be back to throwing and working out before next month’s NFL Combine.  Although he will be at the Combine, he will not be participating in the NFL’s workout.  Instead, expect Tua to show off his recovery in a scheduled throwing session before the Combine, or at Alabama’s pro day in March.

Who is Joe Brady?

Also on Tuesday, the Carolina Panthers announced the hiring of LSU QB coach, Joe Brady, as their offensive coordinator.  Many New York Giants fans may be familiar with that name, as he has been linked to Matt Rhule throughout the hiring process.

Joe Brady has quickly become one of the hottest names in the coaching ranks.  A grade assistant at Penn State from 2015 to 2016, Brady found himself making quite a leap into the NFL.  After his stint at PSU, Brady was hired by the New Orleans Saints as an offensive assistant from 2017 to 2018.  That is when LSU came calling, making Brady their passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach.

This past season, Joe Brady was honored with the Broyles Award, given to college footballs top assistant coach.  His work with eventual Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Burrow, has been recognized as one of the greatest seasons ever.  The Ohio State transfer finished off his Heisman season by breaking the FBS single-season record for touchdown passes with 60, including 12 in the College Football Playoff alone.  That success paid off, not only for the eventual 1st overall pick in Burrow but also catapulting Brady into the offensive coordinator role with the Carolina Panthers.

How does this help the New York Giants?

The Giants, picking 4th overall in April’s draft, could be in prime position to capitalize on what could be a rush on top QB prospects.

The Miami Dolphins, picking 5th, have been linked to Tua Tagovailoa for nearly more than a year.  The phrase “Tank for Tua” was often iterated following a Dolphins loss in the 2019 season.  With five picks in the first two rounds, including three in the first, Miami has all the ammo necessary to ensure that they get the coveted quarterback.  They may aim to trade up above the New York Giants, knowing that the Lions, who pick 3rd, could also be a potential partner for another team in the QB market.  It seems unlikely that the Washington Redskins would be willing to give up the highly regarded Chase Young, but what if Miami calls with an offer they can’t refuse?

Another team of intrigue is the Carolina Panthers.  Cam Newton’s time with the Panthers seems like it has a real chance of being over.  The oft-injured QB is heading into the final year of his contract.  If the Panthers were to move on from Cam, he would free up more than $19 million in cap space and cost only a $2 million cap hit.  So how does this help the Giants?

Panthers give New York Giants another option.

The Panthers seem poised to claw into the new era with changes across the board.  Hiring the young Matt Rhule and bringing in an even younger, quarterback savvy offensive coordinator screams overhaul.  Bringing in a guy that turned Joe Burrow from transfer to record-setting Heisman winner, National Champion and likely 1st round pick, could spell QB change in Charlotte. Carolina may not have the same resources as Miami would to sway Washington, or even Detroit, but what about the Giants?

It’s no secret that the Giants need all the help they can get.  Unfortunately, that may mean a process extending beyond this season.  Would an offer of multiple draft picks, including a pick or two in the 2021 Draft, be enough to get Dave Gettleman to trade down for the first time in his career?  If Carolina does move on from Newton, expect them to try to get into position for Oregon QB Justin Herbert.  Herbert, a 6’6″passer with excellent mobility, often draws comparisons to none other than Cam Newton. It seems like a perfect fit to me.

Is the Chase Young dream still alive?

Probably not, but let’s speculate for a minute.  What IF the Miami Dolphins use multiple 1st round picks to sway the Redskins out of the 2nd pick?  What IF the Panthers, Chargers, or even Raiders get Detroit to budge from the 3rd pick in order to get Justin Herbert?  I know, I know… that’s a lot of “if’s” and a lot of luck.  However, is it that unlikely?  Could the Giants still end up with the pass-rushing prospect they’ve needed?

The Jets Need to Stay Out of the Tua Tagovailoa Sweepstakes

Tua Tagovailoa

The NY Jets were like any other football team watching the Tua Tagovailoa lead Alabama Crimson Tide come back to beat the University of Georgia Bulldogs in the 2018 College National Championship game. Salivating at the chance of drafting this kid. But he was a full two seasons away from being eligible for the draft. And the Jets drafted Sam Darnold. Now, Tua declared for the draft, and the Jets need to steer clear.

Sam Needs Help, Not a Threat

Sam Darnold is showing signs he’s progressing in the right direction. A competent backup is who the Jets should consider this offseason, and I made the argument that they should be all in on Joe Flacco as the direct backup to Sam. He had an injury that cost him games in 2018, and the mono set him (and the team) back this past season. Having someone to fill in without looking helpless is key for 2020, but drafting Tua will lead to Sam losing his job.

A body of work like Tagovailoa makes fans want to see what he can do sooner, rather than later. If Sam struggles over a couple of weeks, fan pressure will mount on the Jets to bench Sam for Tua. And once Tua goes in, no one will want to see him come out.

Tua’s History Should Scare The Jets

Much will be shrugged off over this, but the two surgeries he got for ankle sprains were largely elective. And the implant placed in Tua’s ankles can break, causing him to miss more time professionally to correct what was done. And that hip dislocation…

Lots are saying that the hip dislocation was a freak accident. But what if it wasn’t? This is a kid who, at 21 years old, had both his ankles operated on, and had to surgically repair a dislocated hip. This kid is injury prone. And do you really want an injury-prone quarterback? It’s what ultimately cost Ryan Tannehill his job in Miami.

There Are Too Many Moves to Make to Waste Draft Capital to Move up for Tua

We all know the Jets offensive line needs to be addressed. We know the defense can be strengthened, to become as elite as any defense in the league. We know we can get a viable backup and draft a third-string QB for when Sam misses time next season. We will lose so much maneuverability to do all of this if we trade away our draft picks, just to move up for Tua.

All of these and more is why the Jets need to keep far away from the Tua sweepstakes.


New York Giants: Could They Consider Drafting Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa?

Tua Tagovailoa

The New York Giants suffered another painful loss on Sunday in embarrassing fashion to the New York Jets. The final score was 34-27, which is respectable, but it’s the opponent they lost to that’s hard to stomach.

The New York Jets came into the game with one less win than the Giants, and they were fresh off of a loss to the Miami Dolphins, who are supposedly ”tanking for Tua.” That didn’t stop them from taking down the New York Giants.
With many speculating on job security, both on and off the field, one of the few positive aspects of the 2019 season comes down to draft positioning.

The Giants’ Current Draft Positioning

Currently, The New York Giants are in position for the 3rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.
If they were to remain in this position permanently, there’s a chance the team could draft Chase Young, who is considered to be the best pass-rusher in college football.

There’s certainly a chance Chase Young is drafted 1st or 2nd as well. That would leave the team in an interesting situation because, by the process of elimination, one of two quarterbacks, Tua Tagovailoa or Joe Burrow, would be available for the Giants in the 3rd overall slot in the draft.

While many found the approach of the Arizona Cardinals to be odd or unconventional, it doesn’t look like a wrong move so far. Obviously, that has much to do with Kyler Murray looking like a much better prospect than Josh Rosen. But what if the same could be said for Tagovailoa or Burrow vs. Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones Has Exceeded All Expectations

Daniel Jones has crushed the expectations so far as a rookie quarterback. His worst flaws have absolutely nothing to do with throwing the ball or accuracy for that matter.

Here are a few impressive marks by the rookie so far:
• 2 games with 4 passing touchdowns, 300+ passing yards, 0 interceptions
• Won his first NFL game with 2 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns, 0 interceptions
• 15/8 touchdown to interception ratio
(just under the ideal 2:1 range)
• 1 or more touchdown passes in all 8 starts

If there were one reason to think Daniel Jones wouldn’t work out as a long-term franchise quarterback, it’s the fumbling.
He’s lost 11 of his total 13 fumbles in just 8 games, but it goes a little deeper than that. It’s an overall reflection of his pocket awareness.

Daniel Jones very selflessly plays the quarterback position. He’s willing to get hit on every single play and looks unphased by the beatings he takes.

Because of this, he doesn’t seem to play with an internal clock. “Living to play another down” is something Eli Manning lived by in recent years, and Daniel needs to learn to do that a little more often.

While strip-sacks are also being counted with fumbles as a ball-carrier, Daniel Jones should be just as aware of pass-rushers and have a feel for how much time is remaining in the pocket more often. Sometimes his patience pays off, but other times it leads to turnovers and drives that can’t be restored.

It’s very unlikely Giants GM Dave Gettleman would quit on Daniel Jones just after one season, which is essentially what he would be doing if he drafted another 1st round quarterback.

But what if ownership brings in a new regime?

If ownership wanted to go in a new direction, that could cause drastic changes. Many times a new regime wants to pick their own quarterback, whether it has to do with the scheme or other preferences.

With Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow shaping up to be top-shelf quarterback prospects, a new GM could field calls on Jones if one of them is available.

The team could possibly get back into the 1st round if they were to trade Jones. Since Josh Rosen was appealing enough for the 62nd overall pick in the 2019 draft, Jones should be worth significantly more. His quarterback rating of 88 is much better than Rosen’s as a rookie which was a 66.

This is hypothetical and highly unlikely unless there was an overhaul on staff. Dave Gettleman is in “full bloom love” with Daniel Jones, and that was before he surpassed the initial expectations. He’s not the one to expect to quit on Jones.
However, if this team cannot collect a handful of wins in November and December, massive changes shouldn’t be out of the question.

IF Daniel Jones has a new staff he must impress, the ball-security and pocket awareness needs to improve for him to have legitimate job-security in New York– especially if a top-shelf quarterback prospect were to stare the team in the face on draft night.

New York Giants: What Happens If The Giants Pass On A Quarterback This Year?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

The New York Giants hold the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Much speculation has been made over whether or not the Giants will draft a quarterback. Recent rumors regarding Eli Manning’s future seem to indicate that the Giants are not going to draft a quarterback.

If the Giants do not draft a quarterback, they have one other option. The Giants could try to trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. However, Rosen has a fairly competitive market, and it is unclear how interested in Rosen the Giants truly are.

We know the Giants do have interest in Josh Rosen, but that does not mean they are interested enough to win a bidding war for Josh. If the Giants do not draft a quarterback and they do not trade for Josh Rosen, then what will be left for them to do at quarterback?

Stick With Eli Manning

Some fans may think this is crazy, but sticking with Eli Manning for another year has its benefits. Eli is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his career. Regardless of how fans and analysts dissect and interpret Eli’s play, there is no denying he is a beloved teammate and leader for the Giants.

In 2018, Eli Manning had the lowest interception total of his career with only 11. He also threw 21 touchdown passes with 4,299 yards. His 66% completion percentage was also a career high.

The Giants’ owners have not committed to Eli past 2019. However, there have not committed to letting him walk, either. The team is 100% committed to him this year and will once again try to put the right pieces around him to give him the chance to make a playoff run. If he plays well, expect to see him back in 2020.

Eli Manning has always brought one key thing to the table: availability. Manning has never missed a game and is always ready to suit up for Big Blue. With Eli, the Giants know what they’re getting and that provides them with a level of confidence.

Many fans and analysts seem to think that 2019 needs to be Eli’s last year, but it does not. If the Giants show improvement in 2019 and Eli plays well, they will keep him and worry about finding the next quarterback later on down the road.

However, if 2019 does not go as planned for Eli Manning, the Giants have other options at quarterback if they do not acquire one this year.

The 2020 Draft Class

Much has been made about the Giants and the 2019 NFL Draft class. There has been plenty of speculation about the Giants drafting quarterbacks in 2019 such as Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, or Drew Lock.

But if the Giants do not love any of these prospects, they will not force themselves to take one. They can always wait until next year. It just so happens that 2020 has some intriguing quarterback prospects.

One name that Giants fans might be familiar with is Justin Herbert. Herbert looked primed to be the 2019 NFL Draft’s top quarterback early in the NFL season. The Giants were also known to have a lot of interest in Herbert. Unfortunately for Big Blue, Justin decided to stay at Oregon for one more season of college football. He will be in the 2020 NFL Draft and he will be a highly-coveted prospect.

Justin Herbert is not the only quarterback prospect set to be taken in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama and Jake Fromm from Georgia are also receiving a lot of buzz as they head into their junior seasons. One problem with each of these players is actually the fact that they will be juniors in 2019, meaning they could choose to not declare for the draft in 2020.

It would be incredibly unfortunate for the Giants if they passed on a quarterback this year and were left with few options next year. This is why many will say they should just find their guy this year. For now, fans will wait and anticipate the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants are at a crossroads with many different options to choose from. The question is, where will they go from here?

New York Giants: Why Waiting Until 2020 For A Quarterback Is A Bad Idea

Tua Tagovailoa

The New York Giants are in the midst of one of the worst 3 year runs in franchise history. They improved in 2018 to a measly 5-11 after going 3-13 in 2017. They fired their head coach in 2017 after only 2 seasons. In the 2019 offseason, they traded away the team’s best player and set off a fanbase that was already unhappy.

All of these low moments in the New York Giants’ franchise history could go away soon. An era is coming to an end soon, whether the Giants want to admit it or not. Eli Manning has been with the Giants for 15 years. 2019 will be his 16th season. Manning brought the Giants 2 Super Bowls in his career. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Manning, at 38 years old, only threw for 21 touchdown passes in 2018. In 2017, he threw only 19 touchdown passes. This is not the type of production one would expect from a quarterback making over $20 million per year.

The Giants will need to make a change at the quarterback position soon. Even general manager Dave Gettleman can admit that. There are options in the 2019 offseason, however, there are options outside of the 2019 offseason too. Some fans might think it is a good idea to wait until 2020 or later for a quarterback. However, there is one big reason why the Giants should not wait.

The 2020 Draft Class Is Not Set In Stone

The 2020 NFL Draft class is expected to be an exceptional class for the quarterback position. However, fans and analysts need to temper their expectations.

The class is set to feature three big names: Jake Fromm, Justin Herbert, and Tua Tagovailoa. Justin Herbert will be a senior in 2019, so he will definitely be in the 2020 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the other two prospects.

Jake Fromm and Tua Tagovailoa are going to be juniors in 2019. This means they will be draft eligible, but they are not guaranteed to declare for the draft. Many fans got their hopes up in 2018 about Justin Herbert. They believed he would declare for the 2019 NFL Draft class and the Giants would be in the Herbert sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, Justin Herbert decided to stay in school to complete his senior year. The reason it is dangerous to bank on the 2020 draft class is the fact that Tagovailoa and Fromm can do exactly what Justin Herbert did. Some players dream to play through their senior year, so no one really knows what the 2020 class will look like.

Jake Fromm plays for a talent-filled Georgia team that has the potential to compete for National Championships over the next two years. The same goes for Tua Tagovailoa. Football players love to win football games. It is as simple as that. If Tagovailoa and/or Fromm feels they can win a National Championship as a senior, they might find that opportunity too difficult to pass up on.

Aside from Justin Herbert, there are other notable quarterbacks who decided to play through their respective senior-years of college. Peyton and Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, and Baker Mayfield (just to name a few). So it would not be out of the ordinary if one of the two, or if both of the two (Tua Tagovailoa and Jake Fromm) decided to stay in school through their senior years.

The Giants know who is available in the 2019 offseason. The 2020 offseason is far from being set in stone. Between now and April 2020, a lot can change. The Giants should not waste any more of Saquon Barkley’s career as they attempt to find the next franchise quarterback.