New York Giants select Georgia tackle Andrew Thomas with 4th overall pick

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

The New York Giants land stud tackle Andrew Thomas with 4th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

After months of speculation, the Giants elected to draft Andrew Thomas out of Georgia with the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. This immediately shored up the tackle position, given his ability to play on the right and left side. Next season, we can project that he will start at right tackle and move over to the left side once Nate Solder is inevitably gone in 2021.

So what does Thomas bring to the Giants?

At 6-foot-5 and 315-pounds, Thomas is a fantastic left tackle. Running a 5.22 40-yard dash, he brings toughness, speed, and strength to an offensive line that has struggled in recent years.

His elite body type and fantastic grounding allow plenty of potential for new OL coach, Marc Colombo, to unlock. His tremendous strength and smooth feet provide him with the appropriate fundamentals to build off of. His weaknesses are mostly fundamental-based — Lacking consistency, balance, and failing to utilize his elite traits to their maximum potential.

Essentially, if Colombo can help develop him, he can be one of the best tackles in the NFL and on the Giants. He is a fantastic player with plenty of upsides to work with, making him worthy of the fourth overall selection.

We can expect second-year passer Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley to be a bit more comfortable on offense, specifically in pass protection and opening up holes in the run game. Allowing him to start at right tackle and make the transition to the left side in 2021 is the ideal move, as he can lock down both tackle spots and solidify the future on Daniel Jones’s blindside.

With the Giants going OT in the first round, we should expect them to go defense in the second, unless they are enamored by centers Matt Hennessey and Cesar Ruiz.

New York Giants: Arguments For And Against Drafting Isaiah Simmons

The 2020 NFL Draft is days away. The New York Giants hold the fourth overall pick, their third straight season picking inside the top-ten. General Manager Dave Gettleman is heading into his third draft as GM of the Giants and needs to put together a strong class in order to keep his job.

Holding a top-pick again, the Giants are in the position to add a franchise player this year. There are plenty of top-tier prospects that will be available to fill big positions of need. But which position should they fill? Should they take the best player available (likely Isaiah Simmons) or address the offensive tackle position? Simmons has been the fan-favorite selection for most of the pre-draft process. However, it might be time for fans to consider jumping off of the Simmons hype train and look into this year’s offensive tackle class.

Arguments For:

When Will It Be Time To Invest In The Defense?

In the last eight NFL Drafts, seven of the Giants’ first picks have been spent on the offense. The Giants’ defense only accounts for 35.85% of the team’s salary cap, ranking 30th in the NFL (via Spotrac). New York has barely invested in their defense and it shows with the team’s recent on-field performances.

Meanwhile, the Giants’ offense accounts for 49.48% of the team’s salary cap. More specifically, 22.13% of the team’s salary is spent on the offensive line. Dave Gettleman and company have made it a point to upgrade the offensive line and they have invested into it plenty. But offensive tackle is still one of the weakest positions on the team- and one of the most crucial. Maybe they should continue investing.

A Defensive Playmaker or An Offensive Tackle?

Which position of need is more important? An offensive tackle or a defensive playmaker? If the question were “Chase Young or a tackle?”, everyone would be in agreement that Chase Young is the right choice. But that’s not the debate.

The debate is between uber-versatile linebacker Isaiah Simmons and any of the top offensive tackle prospects. Which of the two options should the New York Giants spend their first-round draft pick on? The Giants do not necessarily have a hole at linebacker (after signing Blake Martinez and re-signing David Mayo), but really on the defense as a whole.

Teams can win games with a bad offensive line (see Seattle Seahawks). But it is nearly impossible to have a winning season with the defense the Giants currently have constructed. The Giants’ best players on defense are recently free agents James Bradberry and Blake Martinez- and they were brought in to replace Alec Ogletree and Janoris Jenkins.

They are upgrades, but the defense did not improve drastically this offseason and likely won’t unless they select Isaiah Simmons at fourth overall. He is a linebacker with the ability to man up on tight ends and excel in coverage.

Isaiah Simmons played over 100 snaps at five different positions in the 2019 CFB season. According to Pro Football Focus, Simmons played 100 snaps at strong safety, 116 snaps at outside linebacker, 132 snaps at free safety, 262 snaps at slot cornerback, and 299 snaps at inside linebacker.

If the Giants are looking to instantly upgrade their defense, look no further than Isaiah Simmons. He will fill the coverage role while Blake Martinez and David Mayo stuff the run. The defense would function at a much higher-level as early as this season. But the draft is not always about instant-upgrades. Sometimes teams need to plan for the future and play the long game. Investing in an offensive tackle would be the long-term solution rather than the instant-upgrade.

Arguments Against:

Talent At The Top Of The OT Class Is Loaded.

The top offensive tackles in this draft class are immensely talented. Draft analysts and experts have struggled to rank the top four tackles. Some have Mekhi Becton as high as the first-ranked tackle, others have him as the sixth-ranked tackle. There are many who believe Jedrick Wills is the best in the class while many others believe Wirfs or Thomas is the best in the class.

Regardless of where each expert has them ranked, they are all consensus first-round talents. The Giants would be finding an instant-starter (and a long-term starter) on the offensive line if they took one of those prospects at fourth overall.

Significant Drop-Off In OT Talent After The First Tier.

Those top offensive tackle prospects are great. Wirfs, Wills, Thomas, and Becton all have legitimate All-Pro potential. But after that, this offensive tackle class has a significant drop off in talent.

Second-round prospects, like Isaiah Wilson and Austin Jackson, are- simply-put- projects. They are not pro-ready. They lack technique but do possess ideal, large, strong bodies. NFL coaching might be able to turn them into capable starters but there is no guarantee. Fortunately, they are young and have room to grow, however, the Giants need an answer at offensive tackle sooner than later.

NFL Draft Watch: Top 5 OL Rankings

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, over the next few days, I plan on breaking down the best and brightest talents in this year’s class. This offensive line class has a lot of good players. The core four have stolen a lot of the headlines, but how do they rank in my eyes and is there a surprise 5th guy who could join the party?

1. Tristan Wirfs, Iowa

Pro Comparison: Ronnie Stanley

Wirfs is the top guy in this class in my opinion. Wirfs has the most upside and the least downside. Wirfs has a few technical flaws and he needs a little more coaching and refinement. Aside from that Wirfs is a great prospect. Wirfs has incredible athleticism, size, and durability. Wirfs comes from an offensive lineman factory and he’s going to be a stud at the next level. Ronnie Stanley is an All-Pro tackle and projects to be the best-case scenario for Wirfs.

2. Jedrick Wills, Alabama

Pro Comparison: Jason Peters

Jedrick Wills is a great prospect. Good run blocker, excellent pass protector and a good resume. Wills has competed against the best of the best in the SEC, and now Wills is heading to the next level. Wills showed one technical issue, lack of effort. Wills is a superb talent, but there were a few plays where you can see he gives up after a spin move that he doesn’t adjust to. That can change at the next level. Wills biggest downfall for me is the move he’ll have to make. Many see Wills as a left tackle, but he’s typically played on the right side. If Wills has a smooth transformation, he can be a damn good player. Wills reminds me of Jason Peters. Peters is a quiet and steady lineman who does his job at a high level and gets it done consistently.

3. Andrew Thomas, Georgia

Pro Comparison: Laremy Tunsil

I like Andrew Thomas a lot. He is the safest offensive lineman. He’s proven against SEC completion that his transition should be smooth. He’s a good run blocker and good pass blocker. He’s a special player, but he doesn’t have a singular standout trait. Thomas is just a simple and good player. That’s all you can ask for an offensive lineman, Thomas is a steady player and I think his transition will be similar to Tunsil’s. Tunsil had success fairly quickly and provided stability on the left side for the Dolphins, Thomas can do that wherever he gets picked.

4. Mekhi Becton, Louisville

Pro Comparison: Jonathan Ogden

Becton is a monster. At 364 lbs, the man ran a 5.10 second 40 yd dash. Becton is superhuman and an absolute bully on the offensive line. Becton has the most upside of these prospects. If his athleticism translates to the NFL, he’ll be unstoppable. There was just a lot of inconsistency to me in his tape. Some plays he bullied edge rushers, other plays, simplistic stunts threw him off. Becton also is a scary prospect on the physical side. At 360 plus pounds, moving around quickly could cause wear and tear over time. Durability could be a question. If Becton proves to be durable and gains some more knowledge on preventing those stunts and spin moves from killing him, Becton could be the best of these top 4 guys. Jonathan Ogden brutalized defensive linemen, just like Becton has the potential to do.

5. Ezra Cleveland, Boise State

Pro Comparison: Nate Solder

Ezra Cleveland has shot up draft boards. Rumors are swirling he could end up as a first-rounder. Cleveland, Josh Jones, Cushenberry, Ruiz, and Austin Jackson are the tier 2 of offensive linemen. Cleveland has the most upside of all of them if he can gain some more mass. At 310 that sounds unreasonable to ask him to gain more weight, but Cleveland just needs to fill out physically. Cleveland has some flaws, but if coached properly, he can be a franchise cornerstone at the tackle spot. 

Who makes the most sense for the New York Giants: Wirfs, Wills, Becton, or Thomas?

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas, Mekhi Becton

If the New York Giants are keen on taking an offensive lineman, who should be atop their board?

There is no question that the New York Giants are in need of a new offensive tackle to bolster Daniel Jones’ protection scheme. Nate Solder cannot be relied on after two less than adequate seasons in blue, and the position battle between Cam Fleming and Nick Gate doesn’t exactly scream efficiency. While Dave Gettleman might have faith in Gates, he has a minimal sample size of snaps at right tackle, failing to represent a confidence-brewing starter.

Realistically, the Giants can use the fourth overall pack or trade back and gain more draft capital with the sole purpose of drafting an offensive tackle. The top four prospects are Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Mekhi Becton, and Andrew Thomas.

All four have positive and negative attributes, but some fit better into the Giants’ offensive scheme than others.

To start, Wirfs has been linked to the Giants and is high on Gettleman’s list. His experience playing both left and right tackle makes him more appealing, but he is somewhat raw and needs a bit more development and coaching to reach his full potential. He would be a quality selection if the Giants are high on him.

However, Will’s is the most refined tackle in the draft, but he has very little experience at left tackle, and spending the fourth overall pick on a right tackle might not be the best usage of resources.

Becton is a massive human being at 6-foot-7 and 364 pounds. He has the highest ceiling of the group, considering his frame and rare mobility. Then you have Andrew Thomas, who is a bit undersized for a tackle but is the cleanest left tackle prospect in the draft. He will be a plug and play and likely solidify the position for years to come, but he doesn’t have the versatility to move over to the right side if need be in his rookie season. That is ultimately why Wirfs ranks atop the list for Gettleman Co.

So who is the best option for the Giants?

Personally, I would only draft a tackle if it is in a trade back scenario. That is how you can gain the most resources and solidify a position of absolute need. I believe Mekhi Becton is the best player for the Giants, simply because Nate Solder is capable of playing right tackle and is open to the idea of switching sides.

With Solder on the right side and Becton solidifying the left, the Giants now have a rebuilt offense of line with more potential in 2020. Protecting their investments in Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley is essential, and this action reinforces that logic.

Why do I like Becton? 

Simply, there are not many people on this earth as athletic as the Lousiville product. His size and agility make him impactful, and his potential is so high you can’t pass on him without wondering, “what if.” I do really like Andrew Thomas as a solidified left tackle, but his ceiling is a fraction of what Becton’s represents.

New York Giants NFL Draft Profile: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs

The New York Giants are picking fourth overall in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. This is their third straight season picking inside the top-ten. It is a crucial draft that general manager Dave Gettleman needs to get right in order to keep his job.

The Giants have many positions of need, but arguably their weakest position is offensive tackle. Luckily for New York, the 2020 NFL Draft class is rich in offensive line talent, especially in the first round. One of the top offensive tackle prospects in this year’s class is Tristan Wirfs, an uber-athletic tackle out of Iowa.

This article is the fourth installment of a new article series here on Empire Sports Media. This new series, the NFL Draft Profile series, will feature breakdowns of notable draft prospects to create a profile that summarizes and highlights the prospects’ top strengths and weaknesses. You can check out the first installment, the Isaiah Simmons NFL Draft Profile, here. The second installment, the Mekhi Becton NFL Draft profile, can be found here. The third installment, the Andrew Thomas NFL Draft profile, can be found here.

Granted, I am not an expert draft analyst. However, in this article, I will be breaking down Tristan Wirfs as a prospect after watching hours of his film and using credible draft analysis from various sites such as, Pro Football Focus, and The Draft Network intertwined with my own analysis. I will use the expert analysis to cross-check and cross-reference. I will use it to confirm or deny what I have seen on film. A YouTube video will also accompany this article on our channel, Fireside Giants. Unlike the last two draft profiles, I did not make this video. Instead, our chief engineer behind the Fireside Giants YouTube channel, Mike Iarrapino, made our Tristan Wirfs Scouting Profile video.

Top Strengths:


Tristan Wirfs has all the measurables to make NFL scouts fall in love with him. He is one of the most athletic offensive linemen to enter the league in recent memory. He lit up the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, finishing first among all offensive linemen in the 40-yard-dash, the vertical jump, and the broad jump.

Tristan Wirfs comes in at 6′, 5″, 320 pounds. He possesses 10 1/4″ hands and 34″ arms. He has the height and weight to be an NFL tackle, but some critics question Tristan’s arm length. 34 inches is considered to be a bit short, which is why some have suggested that Wirfs would make a better guard or interior offensive lineman at the next level. Tristan’s vertical pass sets are another reason some make that suggestion, but we will discuss his technique more later.

The speed and acceleration displayed at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine constantly showed up on the field. However, Wirfs’s weight room heroics do not show up on the field as often as you would like. Tristan often struggled to defend the bull-rush off the edge. Whether it be caused by a lack of strength or poor technique, there were too many instances where Wirfs was put on skates.

Mauler In The Run Game:

Tristan Wirfs is the ideal lead blocker. His speed and athleticism give him the ability to lead block for running backs twenty yards down the field. It is intriguing to see just how well Wirfs’s Combine measurements translate to his on-field performance.

Take this clip from Iowa’s 2019 matchup against USC for example:

As great as he is as a lead blocker, that is not all that is special about Tristan Wirfs. He is also a smart run-blocker that opens up huge holes with timely cut-off blocks. He has the power and quickness to drive defenders back coming out of his stance. Playing the right tackle position with that much speed allows Tristan to excel in the outside running-game.

Top Weaknesses:

Struggles To Defend Inside Pass-Rush Moves:

This is also something that Mike Iarappino discusses extensively in the Tristan Wirfs Scouting Profile video on Fireside Giants. More often than not, when Tristan Wirfs lets up a pressure, he gets beat on an inside move. The main reason for this is his footwork/kick steps and the angles he takes on his pass sets. Tristan’s pass sets are can be too vertical. This is when his body is perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. This will be discussed further in the next subheading.

Although he is cerebral enough to anticipate twists and games inside, his lateral agility won’t allow him to get into good positions with his body. He struggles to redirect when a defender has countered or made an inside move. – Drae Harris, Senior NFL Draft Analyst at The Draft Network

This flaw, though, is the reason that some analysts suggest that Tristan Wirfs should play guard in the NFL. It is much more difficult to get beat on an inside move at the guard position because there is not as much space between a center and a guard as there is between a right tackle and a guard. It is also much more difficult to get too vertical in pass sets as a guard because of the spacing.

Tristan has never played guard before and has made it pretty clear that he wants to play offensive tackle in the NFL. But these technical flaws might force a team to move him inside if he cannot figure them out.

Inconsistent Technique:

There are some reps where Tristan Wirfs does everything right. On some plays, Wirfs has a quick get-off, keeps his shoulders and feet aligned, keeps his head up, initiates solid contact, keeps a wide base, and finishes the play strong. Unfortunately, those reps of technical perfection do not happen often enough.

Wirfs has demonstrated that he understands what a pass-block rep with proper technique is supposed to look like. But he has not demonstrated that he understands how to consistently have pass-block reps with proper technique. NFL coaching will hopefully fix this and make Tristan more consistent.

There are times when Wirfs’s shoulders are turned nearly ninety degrees away from the line of scrimmage. This makes it nearly impossible for him to get beat around the edge but it also makes it really easy for a speed rusher to swim inside. If Wirfs can keep his shoulders more square to the line of scrimmage in his kick slide, he can keep the defender in front of him. Being too vertical also creates a “soft shoulder” which makes it extremely difficult to anchor down against a power rush. For a better understanding of this “soft shoulder” concept and how it impacts Tristan Wirfs’s pass protection, check out this video by Brett Kollman.

Another inconsistency in Tristan’s game has to do with his hand placement. There are times when Tristan’s hands get placed a little too far apart when blocking defensive linemen. Think of it this way: when bench pressing, is it easier to get the weight up with a wide grip or a grip about even with your nipples? Bench pressing human beings is essentially an offensive lineman’s job. Widening your arms compromises your power. Tristan needs to keep his elbows bent inwards. This technical issue could be one of the reasons why Wirfs occasionally gets put on skates in pass sets or gets no push on run blocks.

Earlier I discussed how much of a mauler Wirfs is as a run-blocker. But he is not perfect in that facet of the game either. Tristan does have a bad tendency to swing his arms back coming out of his stance. This is what offensive line coaches refer to as a “wasted motion.” Swinging your arms back to generate power in your punch just allows defensive lineman more time and a wide-open window to grab a hold of your chest and overpower you. Wirfs has the strength to neutralize that most of the time (at least at the collegiate level), but that might be different in the NFL. Lining up against the likes of Fletcher Cox and Demarcus Lawrence will cause Tristan Wirfs to quickly learn how to keep his thick, strong arms in front of his chest at all times. Once a defensive lineman grabs hold of a lineman’s chest, the rep is over and the defensive lineman won.


I think the potential is there for Tristan Wirfs to be great. But I think he has a lot of work to do. Obviously his excellent run-blocking abilities and otherworldly athletic talent make him a first-round prospect. But there are some technical flaws that Tristan will need to clean up to be successful in the NFL.

There is a really strong chance that the Giants take Tristan Wirfs in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The rumor mill seems to indicate that Wirfs is one of the Giants’ top targets. Even if they do not take him at fourth overall, he would be a top target for them in a trade-down scenario. Tristan’s experience at right tackle makes him a potential day-one starter on the Giants. His dominance as a run blocker would also make him Saquon Barkley’s best friend.

But, of course, drafting an offensive lineman in the first round is about the quarterback’s progression. The game is much easier to play when the quarterback has time to read a defense. Daniel Jones did not have a lot of time in the pocket as a rookie but adding Tristan Wirfs to the offensive line could fix that. However, if finding a true pass-protecting offensive tackle is Dave Gettleman’s goal, Jedrick Wills is probably the more polished and the more pro-ready prospect.

The Giants can not go wrong with this offensive line class. Even if they decide to wait until the second or third round, there is a good chance New York snags a long-term starter at offensive tackle. Tristan Wirfs has all the tools and potential to be that long-term starter. Giants fans should be ecstatic if they hear Tristan Wirfs’s name called when the Giants are on the clock next Thursday.

Giants Select Tristan Wirfs in Fennelly’s Next-to-Last Mock Draft

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs

The NFL Draft is a little less than two weeks away and New York Giants fans are getting antsy. There’s a lot of uncertainty and the team has a ton of options in the draft.

One of those options is a trade back, but I don’t see anyone who would be willing to trade up to No. 4, or even No. 3 for that matter. The only teams willing to do that would be the teams seeking a quarterback, and they may not have to trade up to get their man.

Miami and the L.A. Chargers, who hold the fifth and sixth picks in this draft, could probably stay at those spots and come away with the quarterbacks they want, so no trade for the Giants here. If the Dolphins or Chargers do make a deal, it would likely be with Detroit for the third overall pick as they are open for business as well.

Using’s mock draft simulator, here is how I would handle the first six rounds for the Giants (the seventh round is a crapshoot that most teams breeze through, so I won’t even attempt to make those four picks).

Round 1, Pick 4: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

The first three picks off the board were LSU QB Joe Burrow (Bengals), Ohio State EDGE rusher Chase Young (Redskins) and Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons (Lions). That left Ohio State CB Jeff Okudah, Auburn DT Derrick Brown and two of the four top OTs in the draft in Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Jr. and Wirfs. I chose Wirfs because of his athleticism, versatility and football acumen. The choice was an easy one since Simmons was off the board and the Giants probably won’t take Okudah or Brown. Wirfs will likely start at right tackle first and then be slid over to the left side when the Giants finally realize Nate Solder is finished.

Round 2, Pick 36: Grant Delpit, S, LSU

The Giants need a safety and Delpit can be that presence in the box they’ve been missing. At 6’2″, 213 he is a hitter who will compliment Jabrill Peppers perfectly. Delpit is a first round talent who is falling in the draft after posting a disappointing 2019 season but many aren’t taking into account that he played through a high ankle sprain. We all know about those, no? I took Delpit over Michigan center Carlos Ruiz and USC WR Michael Pittman, Jr. and let me say it wasn’t easy…

Round 3, Pick 99: Matt Hennessy, C, Temple

I am restraining myself from making picks that fans will love and making ones that aren’t so sexy. Offensive lineman aren’t sexy but no one ever complains when you draft them. Such is this particular selection. Hennessy is a big, tough kid who has room to grow and Giants really need to upgrade at center. Really like his prospects.

Round 4, Pick 110: Willie Gay, Jr., LB, Mississippi State

Missing out on Simmons doesn’t mean the Giants won’t take a linebacker. Gay is an ascending talent who at 6’2″ and 240 pounds runs a 4.46 40. He will add to the Giants’ growing linebacker unit and possibly be used in a multitude of roles, including special teams. Gay may not make it this far in the draft, however. Many have been reviewing his tape and have bumped him up in the order.

Round 5, Pick 150: Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee

Jennings isn’t fast but is 6’3″ an has an innate ability to break tackles. Has good hands and will make the contested catches in the red zone. He can also block in the run game, something the other Giants receivers are not particularly built for.

Round 6, Pick 183: Michael Warren II, RB, Cincinnati

A pure sleeper but a tough inside runner the Giants could use in short yardage situations and on early downs to soften up defenses. We saw Saquon Barkley get hurt last year and forcing him to run inside could wear on him. Warren could absorb – and dish out – some of that punishment to the tune of 5-6 carries per game. They signed Dion Lewis as change-up back so Warren would play the battering ram role for the unit.

Three Positions the New York Jets Could Target In 1st Round

The New York Jets have the 11th pick in the draft. It’s a solid spot to grab a blue-chip prospect. There are three spots the Jets desperately need to improve in the draft. With the opportunity to grab a cornerstone piece at 11, the Jets will target one of these three spots.

Left Tackle

The premier offensive line prospects are a great group. Tristan Wirfs is a spectacular athlete. He’s a great offensive lineman and very agile. Mekhi Becton is a FREAK athlete and very agile as well. Andrew Thomas has the highest ceiling and could be the best of the group. Jedrick Wills is an elite pass protector with incredible potential but would have to transition to left tackle. As long as one of the top 4 guys are there, Joe Douglas seems inclined to add an offensive lineman. There have been rumblings about another position, but, with two weeks to go, I’d say this pick will be a big man. If the Jets trade back, look to Josh Jones of Houston and Austin Jackson of USC to be targeted.

Wide Receiver

The receiver class is more loaded than any in recent memory. There are three key guys who could be targeted at 11 if the Jets target receiver. Henry Ruggs is the dynamic speed demon who lit up the combine. Jerry Jeudy is your prototypical receiver 1 and a crisp route runner. CeeDee Lamb is a little bit of both. Lamb has been the most connected to the Jets and wouldn’t be a surprise per Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller. Lamb and Jeudy are both can’t miss talents. Lamb can be the Hopkins to Darnold’s Watson and potentially be his key playmaker. With that said, I’d love a receiver here, but with the depth in this class at the position, Darnold could use someone at 11 who can protect Sam and give him time to throw. If the Jets trade back, the Jets could grab Justin Jefferson or Jalen Reagor, two-speed demons who could fit well in the Jets offense.

Edge Rusher

This came down to two spots for me. Edge rusher or corner. Pierre Desir and Bless Austin have a lot of potential as a corner duo for next season. I am a big Desir guy, I think he’s incredibly underrated. If they can add another corner in the later rounds then they’d be in a decent spot for the time being at corner. Edge rusher is rough. Jordan Jenkins and Tarell Basham are the projected duo heading into next season. Jenkins and Basham are not the long term duo. Jenkins is on a prove-it deal and Basham isn’t proven. The Jets could use their next star edge rusher. Chase Young will be gone at 11, but K’Lavon Chaisson is a phenomenal talent. He’s dynamic and quick, but with so many other needs, he may not be worth the pick this high or at all with the other needs. If the Jets trade down, AJ Epsensa, Zack Baun and Yetur Gross Matos would all be great targets at the edge spot.

New York Giants: Jeremiah Mock Draft Sends Tristan Wirfs To Giants

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs

The offseason always has a lot of predictions about the NFL Draft, from both fans and talking heads, and sometimes these predictions are right and other times not – the New York Giants, however, are at the center of more predictions than usual this season. They hold the number four overall pick, and there’s a lot of speculation about what the team will do with it.

Some say that the Giants will trade down and get more picks while taking a dark horse prospect like Derrick Brown in the first round. Others say that the Giants will spend the pick to take one of the highly valued offensive tackles that will likely go in the top ten of this year’s draft.

In the case of NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah’s latest mock draft, the prediction doesn’t differ far from the most supported narrative – that the Giants are looking for protection for Daniel Jones. A quarterback, after all, can’t play well for long without at least average protection. And last season helped to show that the answer likely isn’t Nate Solder for the left tackle position.

It’s Tristan Wirfs from Iowa that Jeremiah sees the Giants taking in this scenario.

The Giants have needs all over their defense, but I still believe protecting Daniel Jones is the top priority.

Wifs has picked up a reputation from the combine as one of the most athletic tackles in the draft, and has moved up in the rankings for many analysts since that performance. The real question, however, is whether or not Wirfs is better than Jedrick Wills, Mekhi Becton, and Andrew Thomas – the other highest rated tackles in the draft. Jeremiah has Wills and Becton going at eight and nine respectively while Thomas would fall out of the top ten to Tom Brady’s Bucs.

It’s a change of the narrative from when Thomas was competing to be known as the best tackle in the draft and was mocked to the Giants at number four in a lot of mock drafts. Will that change hold? We’ll have to see in the coming weeks until draft day in late April.

Are the Cowboys Pursuing Trade For New York Jet’s Cornerstone?

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

The Cowboys went down to the wire with the Jets at the trade deadline in negotiations for star safety Jamal Adams. The New York Jets wanted a 1st Round Pick and 2 Seconds. The Cowboys wouldn’t budge on their offer of a 1st and a day 3 selection. The Jets kept Jamal and after briefly being a cause of unrest among the Jets faithful, he went right back to bringing the energy to the defense and team as a whole.

Now, the New York Jets are in an offseason where they’ve spent a small amount of money on short term deals. They’ve invested in the offensive line and are seemingly going to invest a bulk of their draft picks into the offense as well. The Jets are preparing to rebuild this team into a contender in the future, not next season. This means they need to keep the talent they do have on defense for the long haul, so the Jets need to either lock up Jamal for the future or trade him and get compensation for him.

What Could A Deal Look Like?

I and many Jets fans would prefer he remains in Green and White, but the Cowboys are reportedly monitoring the situation between the Jets and Jamal and may be prepping to attempt a trade again. If the Cowboys did make an offer, it would likely include their 1st rounder, their 2nd or 3rd rounder and maybe another pick. The Jets would hypothetically then have a selection to add one of the top offensive linemen at 11 and add a receiver with the Cowboys selection. This would give them much more flexibility and help build for the long term with more guys on less expensive deals.

Is It Really Worth It?

Although some people discredit Jamal’s impact because of how the safety position is valued, he’s more than just a typical safety. Adams is an absolute monster on defense. He led the team in sacks last year with Jordan Jenkins. He’s also masterful in coverage and tackling. Adams is not just a force on the field but also in the locker room. Adams actively recruits players, is the voice of the team and the captain of the defense. He’s well regarded within the Jets community and the league as a whole. The Jets struck gold with Jamal Adams. No matter who they could add with the Cowboys picks, those players couldn’t have the same impact Jamal has had. Jamal Adams needs to remain a Jet, not just for now, but for a very long time.

Tristan Wirfs To New York Giants Gains Steam In Draft Wire Mock

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs

Unlike the year when the New York Giants drafted second overall and took Saquon Barkley, there’s no clear choice for them in the 2020 NFL Draft’s first round. This year’s draft more resembles the more recent one where the Giants took Daniel Jones, but had multiple other options that the team would have been justified in drafting.

In this case, the debate isn’t around whether the Giants should take a quarterback or not but about whether they should take an offensive lineman or a defensive player, most likely the linebacker position. There’s also a debate about which offensive lineman is the best out of the available options.

One name to gain ground more recently over other players who have been linked with the Giants is Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs, who was formerly discussed less than others such as Mekhi Becton and Jedrick Wills but has risen in Draft conversations following good performances at the Combine.

According to Draft Wire’s latest mock draft, Wirfs makes sense as the Giants’ pick at number four overall, an assumption that also has them not trading that pick down for a defensive player lower in the first round.

Any of this year’s top four offensive tackle prospects could make a strong case to go here, which is good news for the Giants, who need a franchise player at the position. Wirfs is a rare athlete for his size, and has as much upside as any other tackle in the class. He’s ready to protect Daniel Jones from Day 1.

And as for the chances of Wirfs going number four overall, it’s also something that his college head coach at Iowa, Kirk Ferentz, believes is a possible outcome.

“Funny things happen. Tristan could go No. 4. He could go 24,” Ferentz said. “He’s a tremendous young person who has very rare ability. He improved each year, and he was a Combine phenom, which was no surprise to us. Some of the things he does at his size, you just shake your head. Freakish is the word.”

Wirfs may just be more athletic than Nate Solder, the player that the Giants signed to a very notable deal to protect Daniel Jones as the main pass blocker – however, the experiment with Solder at left tackle has largely failed, and there’s a good chance that Solder switches positions this season, leaving a gap at left tackle.

Could Wirfs take over the spot as a rookie? Based on the current movements in prospect rankings and Wirfs gaining ground on other players such as Wills, Andrew Thomas, and Becton, it could very well be a possibility for the Giants if they take a gamble on Wirfs and his athletic nature.