New York Giants: Dabo Swinney hints at Trevor Lawrence going to New York

Narratives shape up around every season, and this year, one of the main ones for the New York Giants might not have anything to do with the season at all. Not directly, anyway. This, of course, is the narrative around the NFL Draft this offseason and what player the Giants will take. After the team started 0-5 and lost once again despite scoring more than 30 points, it’s getting easier to see why the Giants are projected to pick number one overall.

And if the team does pick that high, it puts them in an interesting position. The crown jewel of this year’s draft class looks like potential franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence, but the Giants already have their man. Supposedly. Daniel Jones may or may not have good job security right now, and we likely won’t know which way the decision makers are leaning until close to the Draft. The Giants could decide to stick to Jones and have faith that the current rebuild will yield results.

Or, they could push the reset button and take Lawrence, deciding that Jones was overdrafted out of a desire to quickly find Eli Manning’s replacement. As the results grow worse and Jones struggles on the field, more analysts are leaning towards the latter in their predictions.

Lawrence can spike the ball “when he gets to New York”

Trevor Lawrence’s college head coach, Dabo Swinney, is even aware of the hype about Lawrence heading to one of the New York teams.

Swinney bringing it up shows just how fast this narrative has spread through the league. But it’s easy to see why it formed so quickly. Both of the New York teams are in a terrible state right now, with the Giants being on pace for the first pick and the Jets starting with the same record and releasing running back Le’veon Bell recently.

The odds are getting higher with each week that one New York team or the other will have the first pick. Whether that’s the Jets or Giants, or even whether it happens at all, depends on the rest of the season. But thanks to strength of schedule, the Giants appear to be in the lead right now over other teams who have the same record.

New York Giants go for Trevor Lawrence in new Draft Wire mock

It’s the time of the year again when we’re talking about what player the New York Giants might select. But unfortunately, we’re only on week five right now. The Giants have quickly fallen out of contention for the division and as they languish near the back of the standings, talk is turning towards what the team may do in the offseason. Once again, that shift is happening while the season is still young and other teams are still in contention.

The Giants have a number of moves they can make. Firing Dave Gettleman looks like one of the likely ones barring an amazing comeback in the standings. Another, more controversial option? Going backwards in the rebuilding process to draft Trevor Lawrence.

The team already has their quarterback now, but it’s hard to be patient with Daniel Jones given the current state of the franchise. And Lawrence is the kind of college prospect that’s comparable to Andrew Luck or Joe Burrow in terms of hype.

Trevor Lawrence mocked to Giants

There’s already talks about Lawrence to the Giants, as Lawrence was mocked to the team recently by Draft Wire.

Yes, the Giants just spent a top-10 pick on Daniel Jones in 2019, and the team definitely has bigger problems on both sides of the ball. But nothing he’s done so far, nor his potential ceiling, are anywhere near enough for the Giants to pass on a prospect like Lawrence. Last year, the Arizona Cardinals proved that moving on from a young quarterback for a better one can be the best decision a team ever makes. If they can get a massive haul to trade down, that would be ideal, but if they stay here, it’s gotta be Lawrence.

This works under the assumption the Giants will draft number one overall. That’s not an unreasonable assumption given their winless start, but there is time to improve – or for another team to take their spot near the bottom.

Drafting Lawrence would be a controversial move given how the Giants already spent a high draft pick to get Daniel Jones. But if they do get rid of Dave Gettleman, they may find themselves in an awkward spot where Jones is the previous regime’s quarterback and the new administration has other ideas.

Unless his rough start is patched up, there’s no guarantee a future GM would want to build the offense around Jones in the future. Lawrence may be seen as a better long term piece, especially now that Saquon Barkley has had multiple seasons disrupted by injury. The Giants need to rely more on their quarterback to win. But whether that future quarterback is Jones or someone else may just depend on where the Giants end up drafting.

It’s no guarantee right now – but if they do end up with the number one pick, don’t be surprised if the controversial move of taking a QB is the one that’s chosen.

New York Giants: Get ready for the Trevor Lawrence hype train

If the New York Giants don’t get it together, a lot of the narratives this season are going to be around the quarterback spot. And not about quarterback Daniel Jones, who has a fair share of criticism after the first four games of the season. Rather, the narrative will be about Trevor Lawrence if the Giants remain on course for the number one pick. Specifically, whether the Giants should take the Clemson star with that pick.

Right now, the Giants nearly do edge out the other bad teams in the league to claim the top spot in the Draft. They’ve made it onto the path to the number one pick, a pretty far spot from where most thought this team would be a few weeks earlier. And now that the Giants look to be on this path, there’s naturally speculation.

Lawrence is one of the most accomplished players in the college ranks right now, to the point where he may be an option for the Giants with the first pick even though they already have Daniel Jones. Assuming they get the first pick, that is. From the looks of it, they’re just one of a number of teams positioned near the bottom of the league standing.

As for Lawrence, his performances in college haven’t slowed down – and that will only boost his draft stock barring a big drop off in play or an injury. He has 73 touchdowns so far and he’s not even deep into his third college season yet.

He’s been called the most accurate college quarterback by PFF based on their data, too.

Daniel Jones, by comparison, has earned a lot of criticism through the first games for his vision and his inability to prevent turnovers. Jones is still a young quarterback, and his offensive line isn’t good, but when there’s a prospect like Lawrence available soon, it’s hard to only keep eyes on what the Giants have already.

Jones has the benefit of being relatively new – the Giants will want to give him a full chance before throwing him out. But that’s not the same thing as invulnerability. If GM Dave Gettleman goes, Jones will be another player of the previous regime. That’s not always the safest spot as a starting quarterback.

Currently. the Giants are set to draft number three as more games happen. But the season is still young and the team’s record may improve or get worse when given the rest of the season. So it’s worth keeping an out for potential prospects the Giants may draft soon.

The Giants may end up with the top pick and they may not. But wherever you stand on Daniel Jones, it’s time to get used to the takes about Trevor Lawrence to the Giants, because we should see a ton more of them as both sides continue through their seasons.

New York Giants have best chance of landing number one overall pick, according to ESPN

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Once again, the New York Giants are the talk of the NFL Draft less than a month into the NFL’s regular season. After an abysmal 0-3 start, Giants fans have lost hope in their team and have begun looking ahead to the offseason. According to ESPN FPI, Giants fans have good reason to look ahead to the draft.

The New York Giants have a 27.8% chance of landing the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, per ESPN FPI. This is just ahead of the New York Jets, who have a 27.7% chance of landing the top pick. Right now, it appears that the race for the first pick will be between the two New York teams.

The Giants and Jets have a much higher chance of picking first overall than any other team. The team with the third-highest chance is the Jaguars, at only 8.2%.

The Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes

There is one player that will be targeted with the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft: Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Few “generational” quarterbacks have entered the NFL. The prospects that get the “generational” tag are Peyton Manning, John Elway, Andrew Luck, and now Trevor Lawrence. That is elite company that Lawrence is consistently brought up with.

The team that secures the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will, far more likely than not, draft Trevor Lawrence. Even the Giants will need to give fair consideration to replacing Daniel Jones in that scenario. Jones has flashed great potential in his first 15 starts, but he has been far from perfect. If the Giants do end up with the first overall pick, it would be an indictment on Daniel Jones. The only way the Giants implode like that is if Jones not only fails to progress but actually regresses between now and the end of the season.

So, in that scenario, Dave Gettleman would be fired. Daniel Jones is Gettleman’s (and Pat Shurmur’s) quarterback and, without Gettleman, there are no ties necessarily keeping Jones with the organization. A new general manager would come in and likely consider Trevor Lawrence too good to pass up.

The same goes for the New York Jets and Sam Darnold. Darnold was an excellent prospect coming out of college who has looked impressive at times but has yet to put it all together. Trevor Lawrence, being an infinitely better quarterback prospect, might be the only sensible selection for the Jets at first overall.

Whether it is the Giants, Jets, Jaguars, or someone else picking first overall, the selection will be Trevor Lawrence. Of course, a team like the Jets or Giants could trade down for a king’s ransom if they believe enough in their young quarterbacks. But Trevor Lawrence’s ceiling is too high to pass up. He is a must-pick prospect for whoever lands the top selection in 2021.

New York Giants: Are Daniel Jones’s 2020 Turnovers Alarming?

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Much has been said about New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones two weeks through his second NFL season. Already, fans are campaigning for the Giants to tank the season, get the first overall pick, and draft Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. The Giants have played two games in the 2020 NFL season, mind you.

Granted, New York has lost those two games. But they also played two of the best defenses in the NFL while trotting out aa brand new offensive line. The Giants were never expected to win those games, so why are fans in such a panic? Well, apparently, Daniel Jones is turning the ball over at an “alarming” rate. Is he really? Or are fans just used to their seasons ending in September, and subsequently freaking out over a few bad plays?

Daniel Jones’s Two Turnovers Against Pittsburgh

Daniel Jones turned the ball over twice in Week One. Daniel threw two interceptions en route to a 26-16 loss versus Pittsburgh. The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, so it is no surprise that the Giants, who were installing a brand new offensive scheme, struggled against that defense.

Daniel Jones’s first interception was made by superstar edge rusher TJ Watt. On that play, Jones was targetting Evan Engram on a short route. Engram was well-covered on the play, but not by TJ Watt. Watt read Jones’s eyes, jumped up, and made an incredible interception. It is hard to fault Jones here. Daniel did not throw into coverage and the coverage-man made the play. He threw to a receiver and a defensive lineman picked the ball out of the air.

So, most fans decided we could give Daniel Jones a pass on this play. He was not really at fault for TJ Watt making a spectacular defensive play. But Jones’s second turnover was horrific.

On his second interception, Daniel Jones had multiple opportunities to take a sack or throw the ball out of bounds. While rolling out of the pocket, Jones held the ball way too long and floated a poor pass (after his arm was hit) into the end zone that was intercepted by defensive lineman Cameron Heyward.

This interception was completely avoidable. This play killed a 19-play drive that would have been the best of Daniel Jones’s career. This was an ugly turnover, but has Jones made any more head-scratching decisions like this?

Daniel Jones’s Two Turnovers Against Chicago

In Week Two, Daniel Jones once again turned the ball over twice. Once again, Jones was facing one of the best front-sevens in the NFL that features Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn off the edges. Quinn and Mack got the best of the Giants’ offensive tackles in this game.

Jones threw one interception and lost one fumble in this game. But does he deserve blame for both of these turnovers?

Undoubtedly, Daniel deserves blame for the fumble in this game. Check out this play breakdown to understand why:

Jones, once again, held onto the football too long here, resulting in a fumble. But later on in that same game, Daniel found himself in a similar situation. Instead of fumbling the ball, Jones put two hands on the ball and fell forward to ensure he lost as little yardage as possible.

So yes, he deserves blame for that turnover. But he also deserves some credit for learning from it and not making the same mistake twice. What about his other turnover from this game?

Daniel Jones threw an interception in this game as well. On this play, Jones was once again targeting Evan Engram. Unfortunately, Engram slipped coming out of his route and was on the ground when Jones threw the ball. The ball was intercepted because of this. It is hard to blame Daniel Jones for this interception.

So, through two games, Jones has turned the ball over four times. Two of them have been his own fault, one of them was a spectacular defensive play, and the other one was the fault of the intended receiver.

Last season, Jones fumbled the ball 18 times in 13 games. So far, has fumbled once in two games and fans are ready to move on. Daniel Jones has started a total of 14 games in his career. He is young, he is learning, and he is improving. Giants fans need to be more patient with their quarterback. There are fourteen games left in the 2020 NFL season. Let’s table the Trevor Lawrence conversation for now.

New York Jets: Drafting Trevor Lawrence won’t help anyone

Premature mock drafts have Trevor Lawrence donning New York Jets green. But subjecting the college legend to this wouldn’t benefit anyone.

The New York Jets previously stunk for Sam. Now, the early stages of the 2020 season have them going on an endeavor for Trevor.

Fans and analysts alike have begun to turn on Darnold after a dismal start to the new decade. Through two weeks, Darnold ranks 28th amongst quarterbacks in yardage (394), 24th in completion rate (62.7 percent), and 26th in passer rating (82.6). Those numbers are bad enough from an established veteran thrower, where the modern struggles on the bottom of today’s quarterback ledger boil down to two cases: either the player is clearly past their prime (Tom Brady, Drew Brees) or is kept safe by a massive contract that makes them immovable (Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford). Those are issues that keep you solidified in the present, with the team around the thrower talented enough to keep modern affairs afloat.

But Darnold’s struggles have the Jets tensely monitoring the past, present, and future.

There’s no use in worrying about the past; Scott Lang isn’t coming to the gate at One Jets Drive with the secrets to time travel. The Jets can only take care of the present and the future. While the Jets (0-2) are already fading from a crowded AFC playoff picture, the next 15 weeks will be crucial for players and coaches seeking to earn spots and longevity, and to at least make a lost season look respectable.

As for what’s to come, plenty of prognosticators, amateur and professional alike, have opted to play general manager.

One of the greatest marketing moves the NFL ever made was evolving its from from a single spring weekend a year-long affair. The early stages of the regular season are no exception, as mock drafts for 2021 are already hitting the internet after the first two weeks of the season. Such premature projections have the Jets in the top spot after the brutality displayed in their first couple (though draft order haven Tankathon currently has the Jets picking 11th, with Carolina getting the top choice).

The name in that slot is none other than Trevor Lawrence, the Clemson legend in the midst of what’s confirmed to be his final collegiate campaign. Lawrence’s on-field prowess was already well-known, but the lead-up to a most unusual kickoff exposed his strong leadership qualities through his involement in both the push to play the 2020 season and the social issues gripping the country. Uncertainty peppers the future American landscape, but one of the strongest certainties seems to be that Lawrence will be the No. 1 pick next spring.

Clamoring for the consensus top choice is common and understandable amongst fans; it’s cheaper than therapy and a good hashtag earns valuable social media currency of likes and shares. But it’s not just the fans who envision Lawrence exchanging orange for green.

Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports has the Jets picking second, but with his top choosers in Cincinnati set with Joe Burrow, the Jets get a different kind of Tiger in Lawrence. Cory Kinnan of Fansided’s NFL Draft site had the Jets taking Lawrence as the first name outright. Noted stats and data site Pro Football Focus went so far as to give fans a visual aid, digitally placing Lawrence in Jets equipment.

If Mike Tannenbaum was still the Jets’ general manager, Lawrence’s surname might already be stitched into replica jerseys. Tannenbaum certainly knows about the trials and tribulations of franchise quarterback hunting in New York. His seven-year tenure (2006-12) oversaw the high-profile acquisitions of Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez.

“Trevor Lawrence is very similar to Andrew Luck. He’s a once-in-a-generation talent. And I don’t know how any team with the first pick wouldn’t take him,” Tannenbaum said on ESPN Radio’s Keyshawn, JWill, & Zubin. “Now you get into this discussion of ‘What could you get for Sam Darnold?'”

For all the athletic silliness New York sports fans have had to deal with, their patience has been rewarded by so-called “once-in-a-generation” talents through premium draft picks. Just ask New York Liberty fans about the all-too-brief Sabrina Ionescu experience this summer. The New York Rangers are projected to go through the same process after the branded ping-pong ball bounced their way, with Alexis Lafreniere expected to don Broadway blue at next month’s draft.

But, at this moment, a Lawrence-Jets merger would do neither side any good.

When one looks at the Jets’ offense, a unit that ranks in the depths of most, if not all, major stat categories, one would wonder exactly what exactly is the selling point. The 2020 offense is a culmination of modern and throwback negligence, one that finally may have found a cornerstone blocker in Mekhi Becton at the expense of generally disregarding the skilled weaponry. Would-be saviors Breshad Perriman and Denzel Mims have dealt with injuries, as has reliable slot veteran Jamison Crowder. Tight end Chris Herndon has struggled to recapture the spark of his rookie season. Pricy rusher Le’Veon Bell has likewise dealt with injuries and the potential cap savings stemming from a hypothetical release ($5.5 million) may be too tempting to pass up next offseason.

It’s not like Darnold’s time in New York has been a total loss. Even with relatively little help, Darnold has managed to churn out the occasional masterpiece. A visual silver lining of Darnold’s escape from the San Francisco 49ers’ pass rush turning into a scoring strike to Braxton Berrios has made the rounds on social media this week, for example. It’s certainly possible for Jets fans to both call out Adam Gase and his coaching staff and hold the fan-favorite Darnold accountable for his own mistakes.

 Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

But with management, namely team CEO and chief decisionmaker Christopher Johnson, seemingly sticking to the “brilliant” Adam Gase, subbing Darnold for Lawrence would make the offense only marginally better and perhaps end a promising career before it truly begins…perhaps emulating the current, scary process Darnold is working through now. Lawrence’s ideal destination is a team that’s the proverbial “quarterback away” from truly contending. The Jets are many, many, many moves away from being a quarterback away. Subjecting Lawrence to this perpetual rebuild, especially one mored in a particularly scary brand of football, seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Obviously, there’s plenty of time to make moves to further accommodate Lawrence, if the Jets find themselves in the Tiger sweepstakes. The team is blessed with one of the better cap situations in the league (set to work with just over $72 million at the onset of the 2021 offseason) and granting Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy a long-awaited, long-deserved head coaching opportunity would be a point of interest for outside help.

But, as Tannenbaum noted, the Jets arranged Darnold’s development years to be overseen by Gase, the alleged quarterback guru. While it’s possible one of them could survive a potential purge, it’s looking more likely at least one of them could be exchanged by 2021.

“The whole decision-making process was the Jets saying Adam Gase and Sam Darnold are going to be tied to the hip,” Tannenbaum noted on the ESPN podcast. “That’s our franchise for the next 10 years.”

That’s what makes the final 14 games so important for Darnold, who may be playing for his grip on the franchise quarterback role. He needs to make sure the Jets don’t even consider drafting someone like Lawrence. The Jets are blessed with an extra first-round pick over the next two seasons thanks to the Jamal Adams bartering with Seattle, but it would a major victory if they didn’t have to spend any of those premiere selections on yet another franchise quarterback. Granted, the Jets have dealt with so many calamities that one more would be relatively easy to deal with. But the very last thing a rebuilding team needs…other than a sense of hesitation that has been far too common over the first two games…is a franchise quarterback controversy.

The Jets already have enough to deal with, having dug themselves into an extensive hole as is. It wouldn’t be fair to drag Lawrence down with them.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

Giants, Jets Already in Thick of Trevor Lawrence Derby

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is already widely predicted to be the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He is considered to be a generational talent and will lift the fortunes of any team that that selects him.

In order for that to happen, that team must land the first pick by virtue of finishing with the worst record in the NFL in 2021. The New York Jets and the New York Giants are both on their way to challenge for that pick after both opened the season with 0-2 records.

According to the official NFL standings, the Giants and Jets may be 0-2 but they are two of the best 0-2 teams in the league (how is that possible?) thanks to the NFL’s sophisticated tiebreaker rules. There are 11 teams with 0-2 records at the moment. The league is ranking the Giants 11th overall in the NFC and the Jets 12th in the AFC.

But based on what we’ve seen thus far, that will change as the year goes on. The Jets are a mess who lost their two best defenders (Jamal Adams to a trade and C.J. Mosley opted out) before the season even started and their running back (Le’Veon Bell) and wide receiver (Jamison Crowder) are injured. They got crushed by San Francisco at MetLife Stadium even with the 49ers losing some of their best players to injury during the game.

It’s hard to see the Jets winning more than 3-4 games and they may not even get there. Head coach Adam Gase is on the verge of losing the team – if he hasn’t already – and Sam Darnold, in year three, hasn’t really shown that he’s the answer at quarterback. With the supporting cast they’ve put around him, that probably won’t happen again this year.

The Giants have been more competitive but 0-2 is 0-2. Now, they face the prospect of playing out the year without their best player, running back Saquon Barkley, who went down with a possible torn ACL on Sunday. The face the 49ers this week and then head to L.A. and Dallas to play the Rams and Cowboys after that. They also have Tampa Bay, Arizona, Baltimore and Seattle on their schedule as well as Dallas again. Let’s not forget the two games against the Eagles, a team the Giants have lost 11 of their last 12 games to, including seven straight.

What would happen of one of these two ended up with the top pick next April? Would they take Lawrence? That’s a tough choice, but consider this. A trade could bring franchise-altering draft picks and players in return. Taking Lawrence could change both teams’ fortunes forever.

The Jets’ GM, Joe Douglas, was not in the role when the Jets selected Darnold with the third overall pick  in 2018. He’s not married to him. He could take Lawrence and trade Darnold and no one would blink, especially if Darnold doesn’t show any improvement.

The Giants are run by Dave Gettleman – for the moment. The Giants have won just 12 games in the three years since Gettleman took over as GM. They won’t win many again this year and the Giants’ ownership is becoming impatient. They might have a new GM come 2021 and given the choice between Lawrence and the turnover-riddled Daniel Jones, that GM may simply turn the page on Jones.

New York Giants: Best & Worst Case Scenarios For The 2020 Season

New York Giants, Daniel Jones, Lorenzo Carter

Football is almost here. The 2020 NFL season is set to kick off in just a little over a week from today. The New York Giants are entering the new season with a brand new coaching staff and a revamped roster.

Much has been said about the Giants’ offseason moves. They put a heavy emphasis on the defensive secondary and offensive line, but there were other positions they did not address with as much priority.

Regardless of the team’s roster-building strategies, there are two ways that this season can go: good or bad. But what does good and bad look like for the 2020 New York Giants?

Best-Case Scenarios (GOOD)

Obviously, the best-case scenario for any NFL team is to win the Super Bowl. But, realistically, the Giants are not likely to get that far, coming off of a 4-12 season with a new coaching staff implementing new schemes in the middle of a world pandemic. So there is the best-case scenario where the Giants add their fifth Lombardi Trophy to the locker room, and then there is the realistic best-case scenario.

Realistically, the Giants competing for a playoff spot in December is their best-case scenario. New York has been eliminated in November for years now, never truly competing for a playoff spot throughout the season. That needs to change in 2020.

Giants fans are tired of losing. Giants players who have been on the time for more than one season are tired of losing. Losing has become the new normal for the New York Giants, despite being one of the most historic franchises in the NFL.

In order for the Giants to be a competitive team during the final weeks of the season, a few things need to happen. Firstly, the team needs to end the season with seven or more wins. That has not happened since 2016, four years ago, nearly half a decade ago.

Secondly, the Giants need to see their second-year quarterback develop. Daniel Jones showed a lot of promise and potential in his 2019 rookie campaign. But, he was a rookie, and he made plenty of rookie mistakes. Hopefully, Daniel and Jason Garret iron out those mistakes and mold a more polished quarterback in 2020.

Thirdly, the Giants’ defense simply has to be better. They were really bad defensively in 2019. Just be better. Seeing some improvement in the secondary and out of the pass-rushers will be a big step in the right direction for this young Giants football team.

Worst Case Scenarios (BAD)

The best-case scenarios are not completely realistic for the Giants this year. This is not a team that anyone should expect to see win the Super Bowl. But the worst-case scenarios, on the other hand, are considered by some to be very realistic.

I am a believer in Daniel Jones. I think he will improve this year. But not everyone is a believer in our team’s young quarterback. And, I’m never wrong, but what if I do turn out to be wrong about this one? What if the nonbelievers are right? If Daniel Jones goes through a sophomore slump, the Giants are going to be put in a really awkward position.

If for whatever reason, Daniel Jones actually plays worse this season, there is a good chance the Giants, given the state of the rest of the roster, could end up with the top pick in next year’s draft. Now, no one wants to see Daniel Jones fail (except for Pro Football Focus). We all want to see him succeed with the Giants and be the next face of the franchise. But the Giants are in a tricky position this year.

A hectic offseason impacted by COVID-19, a general manager (who drafted Jones) on the hot seat, and a young roster with plenty of injuries scares already piling up. That is what the Giants are dealing with heading into 2020. If all of this culminates into the perfect storm, the Giants could somewhat realistically see their season go straight down the toilet. In this worst-case scenario, New York could find itself with the first overall pick in 2021.

The first overall pick in 2021 will be Trevor Lawrence, no matter who is picking, as long as he declares. If the Giants end up with that pick, that likely means Daniel Jones played really poorly in 2020 and Trevor Lawrence will probably be too good to pass up next offseason. Lawrence is the next generational quarterback prospect, according to most analysts. Those are so rare- Joh Elway, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck are the only collegiate quarterback prospects that consistently receive the “generational” tag. In this worst-case scenario for the Giants, there is no choice but to move on from our beloved Danny Dimes.

Good thing this is just a scenario. This will not happen, I am certain of it (though there are some people pretty convinced that this will happen). The Giants are an improved team with an improved coaching staff this season. I expect to see them have a season closer to the best-case scenario than to the worst-case scenario.