What should the UFC do with Mike Perry?

This past Saturday night at UFC 255, Mike Perry (14-7) fought on the main card when he took on Tim Means (31-12-1, 1 NC). Perry has made headlines outside of the octagon for all of his troubles.

Those troubles include domestic violence accusations and a bar fight where he knocked out an old man. Still, Perry finds himself competing in the UFC‘s welterweight division. However, he messed up again last week.

After taunting Tim Means a week before the fight while eating cheeseburgers, Perry missed weight by 4.5 pounds. He wasn’t even close and normally this is something that infuriates UFC President Dana White.

Once the fights were over, I was expecting White to be more of a critic of Perry. However, White said in the post-fight press conference that Mike Perry is entertaining. The UFC 255 contest with Means was very entertaining.

In the first round, Perry was able to get Tim Means to the ground and get his back. The next two rounds were completely on the feet with Means getting the better of the exchanges. However, Perry did land some bombs and the fight was fun to watch.

What does the UFC do with Perry?

Now that the fight is over, we can start to think about what’s next. In reality, Mike Perry has been a PR nightmare for the UFC this year. In addition to that, he’s just 3-6 in his last nine fights inside the octagon.

I really do enjoy watching Mike Perry compete in the octagon. As Dana White said, he’s a ton of fun to watch. I also believe that Mike Perry has a lot of talent. He’s just got some issues he really needs to work through.

He needs to get himself in a good camp and he needs to take fighting more serious. While he’s entertaining, nobody can look at Mike Perry right now and say he’s a serious contender in the UFC.

I think the promotion needs to have a serious intervention with Perry. They need to be blunt about him getting his life together. If he can’t show that he’s willing to take it serious, he has no business in the UFC.

There are so many contenders that are just itching to get their chance with the promotion. I don’t think the promotion will cut Perry, but I think they keep him on the condition that he straightens up. His leash should be extremely short with the promotion.

Mike Perry badly misses weight for UFC 255

Tomorrow night, one of the more interesting characters in MMA is returning to fight at UFC 255. That character would be Mike Perry (14-6) who is set to take on Tim Means (30-12-1) on the main card tomorrow night.

Perry was originally supposed to face Robbie Lawler tomorrow night. However, Lawler had to pull out of UFC 255 with an injury and Means stepped in on short notice to take the fight against Perry.

Very early this morning, Perry started tweeting out issues about his weight cut for UFC 255. In one tweet, Perry even said, “Maybe I should just lay the gloves down. I don’t want it. I’m just in over my head with this weight.”

All morning there have been questions on whether Perry was being serious or if he was faking. However, we learned today at the weigh ins that Perry’s struggle were obviously very real.

Perry stepped to the scale today and told the commissioner, “Baby, we not even close.” While standing on the scale, Perry’s weight was called out at a staggering 175.5 which is 4.5 pounds over the welterweight limit. As of now, the fight is still on for tomorrow night.

UFC 255 Prediction

For what it’s worth, Tim Means did successfully weigh in for UFC 255. Going on the assumption that the fight is still going to take place tomorrow night, it just got even more difficult for Mike Perry.

For Perry to be successful in this fight, I figured he would have to use his wrestling. I really don’t see him outstriking Means over three rounds unless he’s able to land something massive and finish Means.

I was leaning towards Means before this weight cut issue at UFC 255. Factoring this in really doesn’t help Mike Perry in my eyes. Perry was trying to win his second fight in a row and Means was also looking to win his second fight in a row.

I think when the cage door closes, Mike Perry is going to show his toughness tomorrow. He’s going to try to come forward, but I don’t think his cardio is going to hold. I think Means picks him apart over the final two rounds and takes a decision or a finish in this one.

Prediction: Tim Means by Unanimous Decision

UFC books Mike Perry – Tim Means

It’s been quite the year for Platinum Mike Perry (14-6). In terms of his UFC career, Perry got a big win over Mickey Gall back in June to get his career back on the right path. However, things outside the cage of made it tough on Perry.

One of the notable things that have occurred outside the UFC octagon was his bar fight with an elderly man. Then on top of that, he’s been accused of domestic violence. He also made headlines by having his girlfriend be his only corner member in his last UFC fight.

Previously, Perry was supposed to take on former UFC champion, Robbie Lawler. The fight was supposed to take place on the main card of UFC 255. However, last week, Lawler had to pull out of the fight with an injury. 

Perry is itching to get back into the cage and he started calling fighters out including Khamzat Chimaev. However, the UFC has settled on an opponent for Perry at UFC 255. Per ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Perry will be taking on The Dirty Bird, Tim Means (30-12-1, 1 NC).

Solid replacement from the UFC

Means is coming off of a win back in August against Laureano Staropoli. Means is 3-3 in his last six fights, but he usually puts up a good fight whenever he’s in the cage. He should give Perry a very good matchup at UFC 255.

Both men will be coming into this contest looking to win their second consecutive fight in the UFC. If Perry is able to win, I think the UFC could look at re-booking the fight between him and Lawler. Perhaps someone else on the fringe top 15.

Given the striking skills of Tim Means, I would think Perry will likely try to lean on his wrestling skills in this matchup. Although, we know that Perry loves to stand in trade. However, the much longer and precise Means could edge him on striking for points. Should be a pretty good matchup.