Yankees News, 7/8: Did Cashman strike gold with Locastro? Yanks survive in Mariners sweep

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The injuries are beginning to pile up for the Yankees once again, as Brett Gardner has found himself in an everyday starting role. Clint Frazier is dealing with migraines and vertigo, which could keep them out for an extended period of time. With a lack of depth in the outfield, general manager Brian Cashman traded for Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Tim Locastro, who featured in the Yankees’ victory over the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday evening.

Locastro is hitting .189 on the season with one homer and six RBIs. However, he offers a unique skill, speed. The Yankees rarely look for players who are blazing on the base paths and offer length in the outfield, but the Ithaca native offers both. In the win, Locastro tallied two hits over four at-bats, driving in a run off an Aaron Judge homer in the second inning.

Skipper Aaron Boone seems to be fond of Tim, who brings an abnormal quality for a team that relies on sluggers and the long-ball.

“That’s a case of knowing you can fly,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “That’s all on him. That’s that instinctive decision you’ve got to make, knowing your speed, knowing the outfielder, knowing it’s the right time to take a gamble, and obviously it was a really good play by him.”

One player who raved about Locastro is star outfielder Aaron Judge, who attested to his versatility in the outfield and incredible hustle.

“What an athlete,” Aaron said. “He can play all outfield positions. We saw his speed. Routine base hit up the middle, but out of the box he’s sprinting hard. He’s a guy who hustles. He hustles 110% every single day, every single play. It’s been fun to have him.”

Hopefully, the Yankees can unlock even more potential in the 28-year-old. However, he is a right-handed hitter when the Yankees desperately need more diversity in the batting order. Having stolen five bases this year, expect him to be a more prominent player in that category for the Yankees, who currently rank last in the league.

Locastro stated after being traded to New York, “I’m just trying to help this team win any way I can.”

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees take second game from the Mariners

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Tonight was the second matchup between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners of three. Last night the Yankees won a lopsided 12-1 win over the Mariners. Tonight they went for the series win with Nick Nelson subbing for Domingo German on the mound for the Yankees and Yusei Kikuchi on the mound for the Mariners. German had an emergency root canal but was available. The Yankees beat the Mariners 5-4.

In the first inning, with Kikuchi on the mound, he faced DJ LeMahieu, who ground out to center. Aaron Judge walked on four pitches. Gary Sanchez walked. Giancarlo Stanton flew out to right field. Luke Voit doubled driving in Judge from second. Gleyber Torres got a three runs single driving in Sanchez and Voit. Gio Urshela got a double when the ball bounced into the stand at left. Brett Gardner struck out for the final out, but the Yankees picked up the early three-run lead.

At the bottom, JP Crawford struck out. A pitch hit Mitch Haniger. Kyle Seager walked. Ty France with two on and one out to Gardner in center. A wild pitch scored Haniger. Shed Long Jr. walked. Tom Murphey walked the bases loaded. Taylor Tramell faced the new pitcher Luis Cessa and ground out to second to end the inning, with the Mariners gaining a run. New York Yankees 3 the Mariners 1.

At the top of the second, Tim Locastro, with his amazing speed, stretched out single into a double past short. LeMahieu flew out to center, moving Locastro to third. Aaron Judge hit a two-run (429′) homer into the left-field stands. Gary Sanchez went down swinging. Stanton singled to right. Luke Voit got his seventh hit in a row in the series. Torres lined to the center-field wall for the final out of the half. Dylan Morre led off the bottom by flying out to Gardner. Tramell struck out. Crawford struck out. New York Yankees 5 Mariners 1.

The third inning saw Gio Urshela at the plate; he lined out to the center-field wall for the first out. Brett Gardner ground out to third. Locastro got his second double of the game. LeMahieu walked. Judge, who got a two-run homer in his last at-bat, ground out to short. At the bottom, Haniger flew out to left. Seager ground out to Voit at first. France lined out to Torres in short to end the inning. Yankees 5 Mariners 1.

The fourth inning was led off by Gary Sanchez, who struck out. Stanton struck out, and Voit flew out to right for Kikuchi’s first quick inning. At the bottom, Fraley ground out to Torres. Murphey hit to center for a single. Long Jr. ground out to end the inning. Yankees 5 Mariners 1.

The fifth inning was led off by Torres, who ground out. Urshela ground out. Gardner struck out to end the half. At the bottom, the original starter for the game, Domingo German, can in to pitch. He struck out Moore. Trammell struck out. Crawford flew out for a 1-2-3 inning for German. Yankees 5 Mariners 1.

At the top of the sixth inning, the Yankees went down 1-2-3. At the bottom, with German still on the mound, Haniger singled past third. Seager struck out. France singled to left. Fraley struck out. Murphey hit a long home run into the left-field stands for a three-run shot. Long ground out to end the inning. New York Yankees 5 the Seattle Mariners 4.

The seventh inning saw Gary Sanchez at the plate; he with Middleton on the mound lined out to right. Stanton doubled to left field on a failed diving catch. Voit popped out to first base. Torres flew out to the track at center to end the half and leave one on. At the bottom, German still on the mound, faced Moore, who stuck out on a German curve. Trammell ground out to Lemahieu. Crawford flew out to Garder for a 1-2-3 inning for German. New York Yankees 5 Mariners 4.

Gio Urshela started off the eighth inning against Drew Steckenrider by striking out. Gardner skied to center for the second out. Locastro finished off the half by striking out. Haniger led off the bottom with Jonathan Loaisgia on the mound by striking out. Seager and France also could do nothing off of Loaisiga to end the eighth inning. Although the Yankees couldn’t score in the ninth, it will be good for the Yankees if they keep on hitting. Mariners also couldn’t do anything off of Yankee closer Chad Green in the ninth.

The final score was the New York Yankees 5 and the Seattle Mariners 4. The winning pitcher was Luis Cessa, and the loser was Yusei Kikuchi. The save went to Chad Green.

Yankees News, 7/2: Cashman executes worthless trade, team is bailed out by inclement weather

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With the season on the line, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman executed a move for an outfielder, just not the one most expected. While the Yanks did land an Arizona Diamondbacks player, instead of Ketel Marte, it was Tim Locastro, in exchange for minor-leaguer Keegan Curtis.

The expected utility for Locastro is to start against left-handed pitchers, which should help mitigate fatigue in the outfield. At 28 years old, Tim is a speedster who can dominate on the base paths, stealing 17 bases in 91 games during the 2019 season.

However, up to this point in the year, Locastro has played in 55 games, currently hosting a .178 average with 11 runs and a 19.5% strikeout rate. In 2020, he played in 33 games, hitting .290 with 15 runs. He has shown to be an adequate option at times but offers average defense paired with potential in the batter’s box.

Interestingly, Locastro offers more of a contact hitter than a slugger, which is abnormal from the Yankees’ usual target. While skipper Aaron Boone might be able to extract some value from the former Diamondback, the hope is that management will target a real impact player to help bolster the squad in the coming days.

The Yankees seem to need more support in the starting pitching department and could also use another above-average batter with runners in scoring position.

The Yankees escaped a likely loss on Thursday:

Thankfully, the Yankees game was rained out on Thursday against the Los Angeles Angels, as they prepare to take on the New York Mets at 7:05 PM on Friday. With inclement weather incoming, the Yankees could end up missing two consecutive games, but their quest to climb back into the AL East standings is becoming a bit more strenuous with every passing day. While the Yankees’ contest against the Angels was rescheduled for August 16, the Red Sox pummeled the Royals 15-1, but the Blue Jays did lose to the Mariners.

Currently, the Yankees are nine games back in the AL East, after into just four two weeks ago. In the Wild Card standings, they are 5.5 games back from the Tampa Bay Rays, and unless the Yankees can string together a strong second half of the season, their future as a postseason team is becoming murky.

New York Yankee Breaking News: Yankees add center field depth with Locastro

The New York Yankees, without Aaron Hicks, have been rotating Brett Gardner, Aaron Judge, and even Tyler Wade to cover center field. Today Linsay Adler of The Atlantic announced this afternoon that the Yankees are acquiring right-handed outfielder Tim Locastro from the Diamondbacks for AA pitcher Keegan Curtis. Adds speed and a center field defensive option to the Yankees’ roster.

Tim Locastro is a good defender and adds depth to the outfield. He, like Tyler Wade, is not a great offensive addition. He has been in the minor leagues since 2013 when the Toronto Blue Jays drafted him in the 38th round. Most recently, with the Arizona Diamondbacks, he was hitting .178, making this a low-level trade. Like Tyler Wade, he is a speedster.

Locastro boasts an elite sprint speed of 30.9 feet per second. He broke the MLB record, and back in April, he was given second base as a memento of the feat. He grew up two hours from the Hall of Fame in Auburn, New York. In recognition, his spikes will be on display in the Hall of Fame museum.

Curtis began the 2021 campaign with Double-A Somerset, and he recorded a 3.94 ERA and 1.31 WHIP in 16 innings across 12 relief appearances. The 25-year-old will likely head to the Double-A level to begin his time with the Diamondbacks.