What’s next for Sean O’Malley after UFC 269?

Sean O'Malley

This past Saturday at UFC 269, The Suga Show kicked off the main card. Sean O’Malley (15-1) took on Raulian Paiva (21-4). Both men were just on the outside of the rankings and were looking to crack the top fifteen.

The fight was expected to be a good test for O’Malley. Paiva had just defeated the highly regarded Kyler Phillips who is also one of O’Malley’s training partners. His overall skills presented a unique challenge for O’Malley.

In the first round, O’Malley circled a lot on the outside and seemed a tad gun shy. However, upon reflection, he was mainly just trying to gauge the timing of Paiva. There was no rush from O’Malley on Saturday night.

In the second half of the first round, O’Malley really turned it on. He timed a perfect right hand that hurt Paiva badly and once Paiva was hurt, he was given no time to recover.

O’Malley pounced and unleashed massive shots. He timed a beautiful body shot that lowered Paiva’s hands before delivering the finishing blow up top. It was a perfect performance from O’Malley at UFC 269.

What’s next after UFC 269?

O’Malley revealed after the fight that he nearly pulled out of UFC 269 with a rib injury. He also suffered a hand injury during the fight which could keep him on the shelf for a couple of months.

However, whenever he’s ready to go, the UFC needs to bump up the competition level. In my opinion, O’Malley is already in a position to take on someone in the top ten.

However, I think he will continue to stay patient and gradually increase the competition level. When thinking of potential next opponents, there’s another prospect that makes too much sense.

Right next to O’Malley in the UFC rankings is Song Yadong (18-5-1). Song is a very highly regarded young bantamweight and he would definitely test The Suga Show. A win over Song could put O’Malley just a couple of fights away from a potential UFC title shot.

Sean O’Malley stops Raulian Paiva at UFC 269

Sean O'Malley

Kicking off the PPV main card at UFC 269 was a battle between two dynamic strikers in the bantamweight division. The Suga Show returned as Sean O’Malley (14-1) took on Brazilian standout Raulian Paiva (21-3).

Raulian Paiva made his UFC debut at 17-1 and he did it in the flyweight division. However, he got off to a rough start.

Paiva lost his first two fights and ultimately moved up in weight. He’s now on a three-fight winning streak which includes a win over O’Malley’s teammate in Kyler Phillips.

That said, Paiva had a tall mountain to climb at UFC 269. Sean O’Malley is one of the more dynamic fighters in all the UFC. He’s incredibly talented wherever the fight takes place, but he shines in the stand up.

O’Malley is huge for the weight class and he’s going to have a big size advantage on Saturday night. After suffering his first loss to Chito Vera last year, O’Malley has bounced back with two solid wins this year.

UFC 269 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 269 bantamweight started with immediate pressure from O’Malley. The striking starts with a body kick from O’Malley. Paiva tries to catch a kick and take O’Malley down but O’Malley defends well.

Now it’s Paiva pressure as O’Malley circles the outside. Good jab from O’Malley. O’Malley looks for a body kick and Paiva lands one of his own. Paiva looking to get more aggressive here and he lands a nice low kick.

Paiva catches O’Malley with a nice right straight. Low kick behind it causes O’Malley to switch stances. Halfway through the round and Paiva continues with the pressure. Big left straight lands for O’Malley but Paiva doesn’t seem bothered.

Another good low kick lands for Paiva. Lots of feints from O’Malley. O’Malley tripes up on the jab to get some space after eating a low kick from Paiva. O’Malley steps in but it’s Paiva that throws. However, nothing solid lands.

Paiva pushes forward with a combination. O’Malley lands a flush right hand and Paiva is hurt badly. O’Malley all over him and Paiva is out on his feet. The referee is giving Paiva every opportunity but O’Malley finishes the fight. Huge performance at UFC 269 from The Suga Show.

Sean O’Malley def. Raulian Paiva by TKO – Round 1

UFC booking Sean O’Malley – Raulian Paiva

Sean O'Malley

The Suga Show is returning to the UFC. ESPN’s Brett Okamoto was the first to report this evening that Sean O’Malley (14-1) has his next date inside the octagon. Suga Sean will be taking on Raulian Paiva (21-3) next.

The fight will take place at UFC 269 on December 11th. In recent days, O’Malley has been teasing that he would be fighting on this card. At one point, he tweeted out hinting that he would be taking on Dominick Cruz.

Earlier today, we found out that Cruz would be taking on Pedro Munhoz at UFC 269. Munhoz was another fighter O’Malley was hinting at fighting. However, he will fight neither and he will get Paiva instead.

Like O’Malley, Paiva earned himself a UFC contract by winning a fight on The Contender Series. However, he would go on to lose his first two fights in the UFC. Granted, they were in the flyweight division and to two of the better fighters in the division.

Paiva moved up to bantamweight for his last fight and took on Kyler Phillips. He had an incredible performance and went on to pick up the win. Now, he’s going to try and ride that momentum into defeating Sean O’Malley.

UFC 269 is now featuring The Suga Show

There is no questioning the fact that Sean O’Malley has an “It” factor about him. When you look at him, look at the way he fights, and listen to the way he talks, the guy can be a superstar for the UFC.

However, he still has to back everything up inside the octagon. O’Malley has been very good during his tenure with the UFC, but he’s still not taking on the best of the best at 135 pounds.

In taking on this fight against Paiva, he’s taking on a top prospect, but not someone near the top. These are the kind of fights that O’Malley has to really put on a show if he wants to be taken serious and get the big names and the big money.

UFC 269 is not going to be an easy night for O’Malley. This will be a tough fight for him just like it was a tough fight for Kyler Phillips. I’m actually really excited about this matchup.

Is the UFC targeting Sean O’Malley – Brian Kelleher?

Sean O'Malley

The UFC has been working on finding the next opponent for “The Suga Show.” Sean O’Malley (14-1) is currently sitting on the sidelines waiting for the promotion to finalize his next opponent so he can get back into the octagon.

Originally, the UFC was targeting O’Malley against Frankie Edgar at UFC 268 in November. However, due to some scheduling conflicts, O’Malley turned down the fight with the former lightweight champion.

Afterwards, there appeared to be some tension between O’Malley and the UFC. However, that tension has seemingly been resolved and now the promotion is focused on getting O’Malley booked.

The word is that the promotion is targeting UFC 269 for O’Malley’s return. The card is expected to be huge featuring three title fights and a number of other high-level fights. The UFC does tend to go all out for the end of the year PPV.

O’Malley’s addition to the card would just add another big name. With that being said, there’s been some rumblings surrounding O’Malley’s next opponent and the leading candidate posted on Twitter that O’Malley had accepted the fight. 

Is the UFC booking O’Malley – Kelleher?

Brian Kelleher (23-12) took to Twitter to say that O’Malley had accepted a fight with him. While no confirmation occurred, the fight would take place at UFC 269 as mentioned above.

However, some recent back-and-forth has seemingly put a little water on the flames. O’Malley’s coach Tim Welch commented saying that Kelleher was already booked according to the UFC.

However, Kelleher has denied that he has a fight lined up. Now, it’s not out of practice for the UFC to have a potential fight lined up for someone before even offering it to him. This could be the case with Kelleher, however, it could be something different altogether.

Kelleher is not currently ranked in the top fifteen. That said, he’s one of the more entertaining bantamweights to watch and he’s gone 4-2 in his last six UFC fights. O’Malley has publicly stated that he doesn’t care if his next opponent is ranked because his pay doesn’t change.

While I personally would rather see O’Malley fight someone in the top fifteen, there’s no momentum with that right now. A lot is still up in the air, but it does appear that the UFC is moving in the direction of booking O’Malley against Brian Kelleher.

UFC targeting Frankie Edgar – Sean O’Malley

Frankie Edgar

The UFC is targeting a big time matchup in the bantamweight division. Ariel Helwani reported this week that the promotion was looking at booking a fight between former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar (24-9-1) and “Suga” Sean O’Malley (14-1).

Originally, the UFC wanted to book this fight for November at UFC 268. O’Malley turned down the proposed date due to conflicts and said that he was treated terribly by the promotion’s match maker for declining the bout. 

That said, the word is that the promotion is still targeting a matchup between the two men. In terms of name recognition, this would be the biggest fight of Sean O’Malley’s career.

In his last fight at UFC 264, O’Malley took out promotional newcomer Kris Moutinho. After the fight, O’Malley called out some of the elite guys in the division, however, Edgar was not one of the men mentioned.

That said, Edgar makes a ton of sense for O’Malley. He’s a former UFC champion and he has the skillset to really push The Suga Show. If O’Malley wants to climb the rankings quickly, this is a perfect fight.

Last UFC Stand for Edgar?

Frankie Edgar still has a lot of fight left in him. The former lightweight champion is now competing in his third weight class in the UFC as he’s trying to once again capture gold that has evaded him since 2012.

As mentioned, Edgar became a star when he became the UFC lightweight champion. That said, Edgar was always undersized for a lightweight. Eventually, Edgar moved to 145 pounds and tried to become a champion at featherweight.

Edgar had three cracks at the UFC featherweight title and came up short in each contest. For the final move of his career, Edgar decided to drop down to 135 pounds and compete as a bantamweight.

In reality, this is the best weight class for Edgar and who knows what his career would’ve been like if he would have been at 135 the entire time. He made his bantamweight debut last year and picked up a win over Pedro Munhoz.

Edgar lost in a UFC title eliminator earlier this year to Cory Sandhagen by first round knockout in 28 seconds. That said, Edgar is still ready to try again and he’s ready to derail The Suga Show.

‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley being treated like ‘S–t’ by the UFC

Sean O'Malley

Add Sean O’Malley (14-1) to the list of fighters that have vocally expressed frustrations with the UFC. The budding star appeared on his podcast recently where he talked about declining a fight offer from the UFC.

The promotion apparently wanted O’Malley to appear on their November PPV which is scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden. Whenever the UFC goes to MSG, they usually try to have a massive card for the event.

UFC 268, scheduled for November 6th, is supposed to take place at MSG. The promotion offered O’Malley a fight on the card, but due to a number of different circumstances, O’Malley had to turn down that specific date. One of the main reason’s was that his coach had a prior engagement.

O’Malley said things took a turn when he declined the date. He elaborated by saying, “Dude, I don’t wanna fight in New York. It’s far, the taxes are ridiculous, and Tim (O’Malley’s coach) has no-Gi ADCC trials that weekend. He told me that before I even potentially had a fight. So, that’s his thing and I’m not gonna say, ‘No. I have a fight, we’re doing it.’ Especially when I could fight like a month later in Vegas.” (Transcription from MMA Fighting)

Issues with UFC matchmakers

O’Mally said that UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby didn’t love the fact that he turned it down. He continued, “And Sean Shelby was just like, mad and like, ‘Fine. Go hang out with 6ix9ine’. Just acting like a f*cking tool, dude. I don’t know if I should’ve said that or not. But it’s like, dude, come on.”

O’Malley continued, “Don’t treat me like that. Like, act like I’m not training or nothing. ‘Go, you’re hanging out with 6ix9ine, dude’. Like, I’m hung out with him once. Well, three days. But yeah, so, it’s like, cool, dude. Treat me like a piece of sh*t. No, it’s like, dude, I would rather not deal with him at all and just deal with Dana.”

It’s widely known that the bigger UFC stars deal directly with either Dana White or Hunter Campbell. The mid-tier fighters usually only deal with the UFC matchmakers and it appears that O’Malley was still dealing with Sean Shelby.

O’Malley has superstar potential for the UFC and my guess is that he’s going to end up coming out just fine from this. With his social media presence and connection to big stars, the promotion would be wise to get behind the rising bantamweight contender.

Ultimately, this situation will iron itself out and the promotion will likely get O’Malley on the books for a December PPV. However, this is just another instance of a top UFC fighter being vocally frustrated with the promotion

After dominant win at UFC 264, what’s next for ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley?

Sean O'Malley

Kicking off the main card at UFC 264 was a showdown in the bantamweight division between newcomer Kris Moutinho (9-5) and “Suga” Sean O’Malley (14-1). First and foremost, I truly don’t believe there was a loser in this fight.

Yes, O’Malley completely dominated and put on a masterclass on Saturday night. However, Kris Moutinho showed insane heart and made good on his promise for the two of the to get Fight of The Night.

Moutinho took everything O’Malley threw at him and kept coming. Herb Dean made the unfortunate call to stop the fight in the third, but pretty much everyone believes that Moutinho should have been given the last 30 seconds to finish the fight.

Nevertheless, O’Malley shined at UFC 264. Moutinho was a replacement opponent, and O’Malley was taking a risk in fighting a relative unknown. His role was to completely dominate the fight and that’s what he did.

The Suga Show was on fall display. His striking was sensational, his counters were perfect, and as always, he was quite the showman. With the win, O’Malley advanced to 6-1 in the UFC with the lone loss coming against Chito Vera (17-7-1).

What’s next after UFC 264?

After the UFC 264 contest ended, O’Malley had a few names that he called out. He called out Dominick Cruz, Rob Font, Cody Garbrandt, and Petr Yan. In reality, I’m not sure any of those guys are going to be options for O’Malley.

Font is likely going to be in a title eliminator next which rules him out. Cody Garbrandt’s manager announced he’s moving to 125 pounds so he’s out. Petr Yan is fighting for the UFC title next so he’s out.

Dominick Cruz could be an option, but the former UFC champion is seeking someone higher in the rankings. In reality, I don’t think O’Malley will get anyone that he called out after the fight on Saturday night.

So, who should star in The Suga Show next? Well, Cody Garbrandt’s agent had a fantastic suggestion about another one of his clients. Ali Abdelaziz suggested that Sean O’Malley fights former UFC champion Frankie Edgar (24-9-1) next.

Personally, I love that fight for O’Malley. It would be a huge test and it would really show just where The Suga Show is at. Edgar just fought in a title eliminator against Cory Sandhagen and fell short. He’s ranked seventh and would be the perfect step up.

If not Edgar, I really wouldn’t mind seeing the rematch with Chito Vera. Vera is ranked 13th and there first fight did cast some doubt based on the way it ended. Why not have the two men run things back so we can all get some closure with that one.

Sound Off: Who should Sean O’Malley fight next?

Sean O’Malley finishes a game Kris Moutinho at UFC 264

Sean O'Malley

Kicking off the main card of UFC 264 tonight was a showdown in the bantamweight division. Rising star “Suga” Sean O’Malley (13-1) returned as he was taking on promotional newcomer Kris Moutinho (9-4).

Originally, O’Malley was supposed to take on Luis Smolka at UFC 264. However, Smolka had to pull out of the fight. Once Smolka was out of the fight, the promotion shopped around several replacement options.

Ultimately, they landed on UFC newcomer Kris Moutinho. Moutinho has spent his entire career thus far fighting on the regional circuit. Heading into tonight, he was on a two-fight win streak.

His last fight came in May at Cage Fury Fighting Championships. He submitted Andrew Salas in the third round. Out of his nine professional wins, Moutinho has four finishes and five wins via decision.

The Suga Show bounced back well after he suffered his first career defeat. Last August at UFC 252, O’Malley suffered his first loss at the hands of Chito Vera. He returned at UFC 260 where he knocked out Thomas Almeida. So far in his UFC career, O’Malley is 5-1 with three knockouts.

UFC 264 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 264 bantamweight contest kicked off with immediate pressure from Moutinho. O’Malley circles on the outside and lands a massive leg kick. More pressure from Moutinho as O’Malley lands a nice jab.

Moutinho throws a combination, but he’s hit with a clean counter from O’Malley. Tons of pressure from Moutinho and O’Malley throws another kick. Powerful kick from Moutinho and O’Malley lands a massive jab.

Big kicks from O’Malley and The Suga Show is on. However, Moutinho isn’t backing away and he throws bombs back at O’Malley. 1-2 from O’Malley as Moutinho pushes forward. Massive combination rocks Moutinho bad.

O’Malley showboating here as he’s teeing off on Kris Moutinho. O’Malley slows his pace as Moutinho goes back to the pressure after he recovers. Moutinho isn’t backing down at all as he pushes forward threw the bombs of O’Malley.

Big combination lands for Kris Moutinho. Massive low kick from Moutinho and O’Malley is slowing down. Back-to-back 1-2s land for O’Malley. Moutinho continues to push forward like a zombie. Moutinho dropped as the round closes and it’s 1-0 O’Malley at UFC 264.

Round 2

Moutinho looked out on his feet in between rounds at UFC 264. Spinning back kick lands for O’Malley to start the striking in round two. Moutinho is talking so much to O’Malley as he pushes forward here in the second.

More pressure from Moutinho here. Jab lands for O’Malley. Huge right hand connects for O’Malley. Head kick from O’Malley and he follows with two jabs. Left straight for Suga. Moutinho lands a body kick as he pushes forward.

Moutinho is putting so much pressure on O’Malley here in the second. Left straight from O’Malley connects. Moutinho pushes O’Malley back to the fence and O’Malley circles as he lands a body kick. Powerful leg kick from Suga Sean.

I’m so impressed with Kris Moutinho here as he just keeps coming. Right hand lands for Moutinho. Combination from Moutinho and O’Malley lands a big right straight as he moves in. Moutinho’s face is busted up here and O’Malley is looking tired.

Both men exchange lefts with a minute left. Big body shot lands for O’Malley. Left hook from Moutinho and O’Malley is starting to fade a little. Right hand from Moutinho and he’s gaining momentum. That said, as the round ends, it’s 2-0 O’Malley at UFC 264.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC 264 and Moutinho needs a finish. Kicks to open for O’Malley here in the third. Moutinho pushes forward and lands a low kick. Moutinho is talking to O’Malley as he’s walking him down.

Big shot lands for Moutinho and O’Malley circles and jabs. Body kick lands for O’Malley. Big right hooks land for Kris Moutinho. O’Malley looking exhausted here in the third round. Low kick lands for Kris Moutinho.

Big deep breaths from Sean O’Malley. Right straight lands for O’Malley and another big hook on the exit. Big headkick lands for O’Malley, but Moutinho just smiles and walks forward. Big combination from Kris Moutinho.

Beautiful combination from O’Malley as again, Moutinho pushes forward. Moutinho is wearing a ton of damage, but he’s not moving back. O’Malley lands a big 1-2. He follows that up with a few big shots, but Moutinho doesn’t even stop.

Moutinho is literally a zombie that’s not going away here in the third. The underdog smiles as he continues to press forward. Big jab from O’Malley and O’Malley lands a few big shots behind it. Herb Dean steps in and the crowd erupts in boos as Moutinho protests the stoppage.

Sean O’Malley def. Kris Moutinho by TKO – Round 3

UFC books Sean O’Malley – Louis Smolka

Sean O'Malley

The UFC is finalizing a fun bantamweight matchup for their July PPV. Ryan Frederick was the first to report this afternoon that the promotion had verbal agreements in place for Sean O’Malley (13-1) – Louis Smolka (17-7).

The matchup will take place at UFC 264 the same night as Conor McGregor – Dustin Poirier III. This is a big fight for Louis Smolka and Suga Sean. Smolka is coming off of a win over Jose Alberto Quinonez in December.

O’Malley had knocked out Quinonez earlier in 2020. Prior to that, Smolka lost by guillotine choke to Casey Kenney. In his last five fights inside the UFC, Smolka has gone 3-2 with the two losses coming against Kenney and Matt Schnell.

This is actually the second UFC run for Smolka. Originally, Smolka was competing in the UFC‘s flyweight division. However, after he lost four-straight fights, the promotion let him go.

Smolka went do some some smaller promotions and won three straight to get back in the UFC. This is a massive opportunity for Smolka considering the name recognition of Sean O’Malley.

UFC 264 now features The Suga Show

Sean O’Malley is going to be looking for his second straight victory. We last saw O’Malley back at UFC 260 when he knocked out Thomas Almeida in the third round. It was a beautiful performance by the charismatic bantamweight.

The win was the perfect bounce back to his first career loss. Back at UFC 252, O’Malley took on Chito Vera. After starting the round well, O’Malley ate a brutal calf kick which caused him to roll his ankle multiple times.

Chito Vera was able to take advantage and stop O’Malley in the first. Prior to that loss, O’Malley had been 4-0 in the UFC. O’Malley has been very vocal about the fact that he still believes that he’s undefeated in his mind.

He doesn’t consider that fight to be a loss and even held up a zero when Bruce Buffer said he had one loss at UFC 260. This is going to be a very fun fight and whoever wins in July will likely find a ranking by their name the following week.

What’s next for Sean O’Malley after UFC 260?

Sean O'Malley

This past Saturday at UFC 260, the Suga Show returned to the octagon. On the PPV main card, Sean O’Malley (13-1) took on Thomas Almeida (22-5) in a big matchup in the bantamweight division.

There is no questioning the fact that Sean O’Malley has star appeal. The young bantamweight contender has amassed a big following on social media and his fighting style/personality makes him a very polarizing figure.

O’Malley suffered his first career loss back at UFC 252 against Chito Vera (16-7-1). In that fight, O’Malley started very well, but ultimately, the calf kicks of Chito Vera cut down the young contender and Vera got the TKO win.

This was a huge fight for O’Malley because a loss would be detrimental to his appeal. Thomas Almeida at one point was looked at as a future UFC champion. He was once 21-1, however, a skid had him 1-3 in his last four leading to UFC 260.

Unfortunately for Almeida, the skid didn’t stop. Outside of landing some decent kicks, Almeida was completely dominated by O’Malley. O’Malley ended up scoring a massive third round KO to show the world that UFC 252 wasn’t the end of the Suga Show after all.

What’s next after UFC 260?

Prior to his loss to Vera, O’Malley had just entered the UFC’s top fifteen at bantamweight. With Vera in that fifteenth spot, I don’t expect to see O’Malley in the rankings when they get updated tomorrow.

However, I believe he needs to fight a ranked opponent in his next fight. There are a couple of options out there for the Suga Show. One fight I like is the winner of the upcoming Cody Stamann – Merab Dvalishvili fight. 

Whoever would win between that winner and O’Malley would shoot into the top ten of the division. However, there’s another intriguing matchup that Chael Sonnen mentioned on Saturday night.

That matchup would be against former UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz (23-3). Cruz just got back on the winning track after a lengthy layoff at UFC 259. A matchup between the two would make a lot of sense for both.

For O’Malley, it would give him the chance to defeat a former UFC champion and arguably the greatest bantamweight of all time. For Dominick Cruz, he could make a statement to O’Malley’s following that he’s still here and he’s not going anywhere. Several compelling options for The Suga Show.