New York Giants: Stephen Gostkowski could be perfect fit if Aldrick Rosas is released

New York Giants, Stephen Gostkowski

The New York Giants simply can’t get out of their own way this off-season, with the latest development being kicker Aldrick Rosas and his drunk driving accident. Rosas ran a red light going 100 mph, according to TMZ, hitting a car and fleeing the scene on foot.

Police picked up Rosas near the scene of the accident, as he was bloodied and bruised. They took him to the hospital to be evaluated before arresting him and putting him in county jail. The evidence seems quite stacked against Rosas, who was oddly drunk driving at 8:25 AM in the morning on Monday.

Ultimately, this now forces us to explore alternative options at the kicker position. One option that stands out is Stephen Gostkowski.

Why should the New York Giants target Stephen Gostkowski?

Gostkowski is the most experienced option currently available on the free-agent market, and his connection with Joe Judge makes him an excellent alternative to Rosas. Bringing in familiar faces with experience in a winning culture is essential, and Rosas being willing to put his professional job in the NFL in jeopardy gives another player an opportunity. Of course, it is fair to let the situation play out before making cemented judgments, but the evidence is quite clear of his wrongdoing. The Giants will likely begin scouring the free-agent market as a precaution anyway, and Gostkowski fits the bill nicely.

Gostkowski finished his 2019 campaign with a season-ending hip injury. Despite this development, Judge and Gostkowski had spent time together from 2015 to 2019. Judge was the Patriots’ special-teams coordinator during that time-span. However, the current free agent spent 14 seasons with the Pats as one of the best kickers in the NFL.

Stephen went 7 for 8 on field-goal attempts last season but only hit on 11 of 15 attempts from the extra point spot. This was the worst completion percentage of his career at 73.3, but it could be an outlier based on his statistical past.

Bringing in an established veteran should be a serious consideration for the Giants, and one that has a connection with their current head coach is obvious. However, I imagine the team will let things play out with the process before rushing to any judgment and making a premature signing. We will update you with any more information on the matter.

New York Giants: Three Options To Replace Aldrick Rosas

New York Giants fans were, once again, greeted with some disappointing news today. The team’s starting kicker, Aldrick Rosas, has been arrested. According to TMZ Sports, Rosas has been arrested for allegedly crashing his car into another vehicle and then fleeing the scene. Officials believe Rosas may have been under the influence of alcohol.

The details of the incident are disturbing and there is not much room for optimism. Police officers found Rosas barefoot and bloody after fleeing the scene. Aldrick was also driving with a suspended license. A hit and run is a serious crime and it appears that Rosas has committed this crime. Police will soon confirm whether or not Aldrick was also driving under the influence.

Regardless of whether or not Rosas was drunk, this hit and run is an inexcusable and heinous action. The New York Giants need to find a new kicker. Fortunately, there are some solid options available for the Giants to consider.

Stephen Gostkowski

The first and most experienced option for the New York Giants is Stephen Gostkowski. New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has a connection with this kicker. Joe Judge served as the Patriots’ special teams coordinator from 2015 to 2019. Stephen Gostkowski was a member of the New England Patriots for fourteen seasons, from 2006 to 2019. Finally, Gostkowski’s run with the Patriots came to an end last season.

Gostkowski had season-ending hip surgery last season, ending his campaign after only four games. Gostkowski was still efficient before going down with injury, though. He was 7 of 8 on field-goal attempts. However, he struggled mightily with extra points, making only 11 of 15 attempts for by-far a career-worse 73.3%.

Stephen was always extremely efficient on extra points. He went nine full seasons from 2007 through 2015 without missing a single extra point and holds the NFL record for consecutive extra points with 479. Gostkowski’s historic career and connection with Joe Judge make him an enticing option for the New York Giants. However, his declining performance last season could be a reason for the Giants to stay away.

Nick Folk

Another former New England Patriot makes the shortlist: Nick Folk. Now, Nick Folk is not a long-time Patriots player like Gostkowski. However, he did spend 7 games with the team in 2019 and is still a free agent.

Nick Folk’s first game with the Patriots was in Week 9. He struggled in his first few games of the 2019 season. On his first 11 kicks, Folk made 8 of them. But he made 100% of his next 8 kicks in the Patriots’ final four games, including their playoff loss to the Titans. Folk’s longest kick of the 2019 season was 51 yards.

Nick Folk is another veteran kicker. He has been in the league since 2007 and is 35-years-old. He might not be a long-term solution for the Giants, but he can surely contribute some efficient special teams play in 2020.

Jon Brown

Jon Brown is a potential young, sleeper option at kicker. Brown has struggled to make an NFL roster since entering the league in 2016. However, there is a ton of untapped potential that the Giants could look to tap into.

At Louisville, Brown as an elite collegiate soccer player. He also served as a kicker on the Louisville Cardinal’s kickoff unit. He appeared in three games, kicked off 9 times, and averaged 62.8 yards per kickoff.

Brown got an opportunity at the NFL level in 2018 and he was pretty impressive. With the Cincinatti Bengals, Brown played in all four preseason games in 2018. He attempted 6 field goals and made all of them in that preseason. He also managed to nail a 55-yard bomb. Unfortunately, his impressive preseason was not enough, and Brown was waived prior to the regular season.

In December of 2019, Brown inked a reserve/futures contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Brown was then waived by the Jaguars in April of 2020. He has bounced around teams as a practice squad kicker. But now that the Giants seemingly have a huge vacancy at the position, they could give Brown a shot and see if he could elevate his game and be elevated from the practice squad.

New York Jets: Should the Jets Target Stephen Gostkowski?

New York Jets, Jason Myers

The New York Jets have a gigantic need for a kicker after a tumultuous season where they went through 4 different kickers. A couple of interesting names hit free agency like Greg Zuerlein and Ryan Succop but the newest member, Stephen Gostkowski, is intriguing. The New York Jets could use Stephen Gostkowski, but how much would a marriage between the two look like?


Stephen Gostkowski was drafted in the fourth round of the 2006 draft by the New England Patriots and ever since then, he has been one of the elite kickers in the league. Gostkowski is the Patriots all-time leading scorer and he holds the NFL record for consecutive extra points. A 3-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler Gostkowski has been one of the leagues best since entering the league.


Gostkowski will most likely want to be one of the highest-paid kickers in the league and luckily for him, the Jets have the second-most cap room left in the NFL. Justin Tucker is the highest-paid kicker in the league making an average of 5 million a year, if the Jets want Gostkowski, they’d have to offer something similar. A reasonable deal between the two would be a 9-million-dollar deal stretched over two years with the 5 million guaranteed.


The chances of Gostkowski coming to the Jets are very unlikely considering Gostkowski still has some sort of loyalty towards the Patriots and would probably no come to a division rival out of respect. The Jets have also been penny pinchers this offseason and are not willing to overpay for players no matter how much the team needs them. The Jets have plenty of options to look at this year in the draft with names like Rodrigo Blankenship and Tyler Bass if they choose to go the younger and cheaper route.