One Player Gives Optimistic Take On New York Giants Bad Luck

New York Giants receiver, Sterling Shepard.

Training camp has been underway for days for the New York Giants, but rather than focusing on the excitement of being one step closer to the season and seeing some of the team’s new additions in pads for the first time, the conversation has been dominated so far by injuries.

It’s for good reason. It seems that every day another Giants player goes down with an injury in camp, even some of the team’s top payers such as wide receiver Sterling Shepard, who gets to kick off the season recovering from a fractured thumb after signing a four year contract earlier this offseason.

The Giants were hit by more bad news recently, not another injury but the news that Golden Tate could face a four game suspension during his debut season with the team, something that sets the Giants back even further as Tate and Shepard are projected to be the top receivers on the team. At least, they were projected to be the top ones, and now both of them have serious difficulties to deal with only days into training camp.

It’s safe to say that Giants fans have reason to be pessimistic, but not everyone around the team shares those sentiments. According to wide receiver Russell Shepard, the team’s crisis could be a chance for other players to shine.

“Things like this happen throughout the course of the year and we’ve got a good group of guys that will make the most out of this situation. At the end of the day we’re all pros, we’re here for a reason, we can make this a Cinderella story. . . We have nothing to lose. You want people to doubt you [so] you can go prove them wrong,” Shepard said Saturday.

Shepard finished with a pair of touchdowns last year but had fairly modest numbers in terms of receptions, with only 10 from 19 targets – he may just see a big step up in production this season if the current injury trend at receiver continues, after turning the group of receivers from a relatively deep one to a thin one in a matter of days.

With the Giants looking for receivers to sign to help fill the gaps they now have, and add depth as the season approaches, one can hope that Shepard himself doesn’t join the ranks of the injured and suspended soon – it seems that every player at the position has had a curse placed upon them, and one can only wait and see if that bad luck continues or whether this is just one bad week for the Giants.

New York Giants: Corey Coleman tears ACL in first training camp practice

New York Giants, Corey Coleman

Prior to New York Giants No. 1 receiver Sterling Shepard fracturing his thumb midway through the first training camp practice, it was thought that Corey Coleman and Cody Latimer were battling it out for the No. 3 spot on the team.

However, it has been revealed that Coleman tore his ACL as well, sending two promising pass catchers for the Giants to the sidelines. Sterling will likely return before the start of the regular season but Coleman will miss the entire 2019 season.

After making comments of breaking out, head coach Pat Shurmur must be disappointed:

“We are going to see the best of [Coleman],” head coach Pat Shurmur said. “He’s the first one to tell you when he came in the league, he had a lot to learn. Now he’s got an opportunity to maybe be a front-line player.”

This injury dampens the mood for a receiving corps that’s extremely thin behind Shepard and Golden Tate. They do have Latimer still available, but it seems rookie Darius Slayton may get more reps after the injury to Corey.

On the bright side, Shepard will not require surgery and will be watched on a week-by-week basis. Unfortunately for both pass catchers, but the better of the two will be okay, so it seems.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones Already Clicking With Russell Shepard

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones during voluntary OTAs.

Sterling Shepard isn’t the only Shepard on the New York Giants, or even his position group. Russell Shepard is another player in the running for the team’s wide receiver spots, along with plenty of other outsiders such as Cody Latimer and Corey Coleman.

The Giants lost Odell Beckham Jr. to a trade with the Cleveland Browns this season, but with a number of other players fighting for spots, they might just be deeper than a good number of other teams this year based on the addition of Golden Tate and the number of other players that have the potential to take a step forward this year.

One of those players is Russell Shepard, who joined the team in 2018 after bouncing between other organizations such as the Panthers and Buccaneers. He signed a new contract in 2019, following a season where he registered 188 yards and a pair of touchdowns. But with Beckham being gone, and the order of things being shaken up heavily for the wide receivers on the team, there’s no telling if Shepard will find more yards and more touchdowns this season.

Shepard isn’t the only player with expectations this season. Quarterback Daniel Jones is obviously under a lot of media attention right now because of the Giants drafting him number six overall, even if he isn’t expected to get much playing time this year according to most statements from figures around the team itself.

According to Shepard, though, Jones is already better than some of the experts are making him out to be. “Daniel just got here and you can tell he’s going to be a good one. He kind of hands [the ball] to you without handing it to you. He’s a very talented passer. Very reserved, very confident guy,” Shepard told

“Just the way he throws the football, he can spin it. He’s a very talented passer,” Shepard continued. “To me, again, from a physical standpoint and even a mental standpoint, it makes complete sense why he’s here now.”

Jones may be able to get to know Shepard better in training camp if both players end up training with the second team, which looks like it will be Jones’ destination at first as a first year quarterback sitting behind Eli Manning. How will Jones play? We won’t get to see that until training camp and the preaseaon… But from what’s available now, it definitely seems like the player has some hype behind him. Even if that hype is mostly from his team’s own fanbase rather than the media at large.

New York Giants News, 7/7 – Receiver corps is better than it seems

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The Giants lit up this past free agency period with a trade that sent star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. Gaining a solid haul of draft picks and safety Jabrill Peppers could prove to hold more value, but one unit that certainly loses out is the receivers.

However, signing Golden Tate and extending Sterling Shepard presents optimism. The duo is diverse and capable of playing in the slot and on the boundary. The unpredictability and efficiency of both receivers should open up a door for Eli Manning that doesn’t require him to force-feed Beckham every week.

The simple fact about Beckham was that he required constant attention and pass-attempts, due to his elite talent. Having star running back Saquon Barkley, though, should present more than enough talent to compensate for the loss of Beckham, and the receiving corps isn’t even a deficiency.

Giants’ Russell Shepard went as far as to say:

“[The competition is] amazing, especially in the receiver room,” Shepard said, via “You’ve got a bunch of guys, obviously people know the Sterling Shepards, the Golden Tates of the world, but you have people like Cody Latimer, Bennie Fowler, and the list goes on of guys who want to prove what they can do and show why they deserve to be on this team.”

There’s hope when it comes to this group, as they have more than enough talent to succeed.


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New York Giants: How Will the Receiver Corps Shake Out?

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard

With the acquisition of receiver Golden Tate, the New York Giants attempted to fill the role of Odell Beckham Jr., who was traded to the Cleveland Browns in a deal that shook the NFL.

Tate is the league’s top yards-after-catch receiver, but he’s not nearly as talented and explosive as Beckham, yet in the reality of the Giants offense, that might not be a bad thing. Often times, quarterback Eli Manning was found forcing the ball to Beckham and he would demand targets simply due to his electrifying nature.

The future of the offense for Big Blue is designed to burn time off the clock and maintain possession. Signing Tate and extending Sterling Shepard was a fantastic move, money aside. Both receivers can play in the interior and exterior, allowing head coach Pat Shurmur to move them around the field and create unpredictability.

It will ultimately allow Manning to spread the ball around the field without feeling the need to force the ball to one specific target. Shurmur’s scheme will finally open up and the possibilities will expand. However, there are several players fighting for starting roles on the receiver corps, so let’s see how the unit could shake out.

How will the New York Giants receiving corps look come September?

We can assume that Shepard and Tate will act as the No. 1 and 2 pass-catchers for the Giants, but beyond them, it’s a tossup. Personally, I feel that Corey Coleman can finally reach his potential and act as a true wideout. He only corralled five receptions for 71 yards in 2018, but he was featured mostly in a reserve role. With Beckham gone, Coleman has the opportunity to move up in the ranks.

I wouldn’t rule out Russell Shepard moving to the No. 3 spot, though, as he caught 10 balls for 188 yards and two touchdowns last season. He’s a solid red-zone threat in addition to his possession skills. Additionally, he averaged 18.8 yards-per-reception, compared to Coleman’s 14.2.

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It should be an interesting position battle between those two players — Coleman is a former first-round pick that has plenty of value on the offense, he just has to find a way to access it. Shepard is dependable in specific schemes but only featured a 52.6% catch-rate — Corey earned 62.5%.

Behind those two options, the Giants have draft pick Darius Slayton who apparently has feet for hands so far in OTAs. He has a lot of work to do before becoming a dependable receiver at the NFL level, however, he is extremely athletic and could develop into a solid target given a successful development.

Don’t forget about Cody Latimer. The five-year veteran played in just 6 games last year before succumbing to injury. He’s a talented player that can make contested catches. He’s mostly a deep-ball threat, but if healthy, he can easily steal the No. 3 job away from Coleman and Russell Shepard.

Latimer earned 11 catches for 190 yards and a score on a 68.8% catch-rate.

Predicting the Giants’ receiving corps:

1.) Sterling Shepard

2.) Golden Tate

3.) Cody Latimer

4.) Corey Coleman

5.) Russell Shepard 

Comment your prediction below!