What’s next for Paddy Pimblett after UFC London victory?

Paddy Pimblett

On the main card of UFC London, we saw the second octagon appearance from arguably the biggest prospect from the UK. Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett (18-3) was back as he took on Rodrigo Vargas (12-5).

All eyes were on Paddy Pimblett as the UFC is gearing up for a major push of Paddy Pimblett. He already has a sizable following and he’s the first UFC fighter to be sponsored by Barstool Sports.

The promotion has eased him into things by feeding him the first two opponents that he’s had. While Rodrigo Vargas isn’t a pushover, Pimblett had tougher competition during his days with Cage Warriors.

When the UFC London fight started, Pimblett dealt with some adversity. It appeared that an overzealous Pimblett was hurt with a shot from Vargas that caused the two men to go to the ground. Vargas had top position, but it didn’t last long.

Pimblett was able to get to his feet and he ultimately used a throw to take down Vargas. Once on the ground, Pimblett was able to advance and secure the back of Vargas. He locked up the rear naked choke for the win and the UFC London crowd went crazy.

What’s next after UFC London?

Now that he’s won his second fight in the UFC, it’s time for the promotion to amp up the competition. In my opinion, the sexiest fight that can be made is a grudge match with Ilia Topuria.

Topuria was also on the card and scored a second round knockout over Jai Herbert to kick off the main card. Earlier in the week, Pimblett and Topuria had a fight at the hotel and that was caught on tape by Topuria’s camp. 

After Topuria’s win, he called for a matchup with Pimblett. While that’s the fight I would love to see, the UFC won’t make it. These two have a ton of hype and potential, and I think the promotion would like to build them both up a little more before the match happens.

If that fight isn’t an option, I would like the UFC to give Pimblett someone with a name that could really test him. Perhaps a guy like Jim Miller. This would be a big step up and a true test to see how good Pimblett is. Miller looks better than ever and he wouldn’t be intimidated by the English contender.

UFC 2022 Prospect Preview: Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett

One of the prospects that we focused on in our 2022 UFC prospect watch was Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett (17-3). The former two-vision Cage Warriors champion made his debut with the UFC in 2021.

Pimblett took on Luigi Vendramini in September. It wasn’t a flawless performance from Paddy The Baddy who was hit clean a few times. However, he maintained his composure and then showed off why he’s special.

Pimblett was able to hurt Vendramini bad and went after the finish like a dog on a bone. He went on to score the knockout. His post-fight interview was entertaining and it was so easy to see why so many are high on Paddy The Baddy.

Right now, the UFC is currently working on Pimblett’s next fight. At the moment, there appears to be a lot of momentum regarding him fighting in March when the UFC returns to his homeland of England.

Pimblett’s UFC 2022 Preview

The UFC is currently working on booking Pimblett against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (36-16, 2 NC). The proposed matchup would take place in early March. Now, on paper, Cerrone doesn’t look like the best name for Pimblett to face.

Cowboy is currently riding a five-fight losing streak. That streak stretches six fights that included a No Contest. However, that No Contest was initially a draw in a fight that Cowboy was going to lose had Nike Price not been deducted a point.

These two fighters are heading in vastly different directions. One is at the very end of his UFC career when the other has barely started. That said, Cerrone still has a big name and would be a nice win for Pimblett to pick up.

If he goes out there and starches Cowboy, he needs to target guys near the back end of the UFC’s top fifteen. Some names to watch would be guys like Brad Riddell or Diego Ferreira. However, I wouldn’t rule out the UFC giving Pimblett one more tune-up before ranked opponents.

If I was managing Pimblett, I would try to keep him active this year. In my opinion, he should try to get at least three wins this year. If he can pick three wins this year, he would ride a ton of momentum into 2023.

Let’s be clear, Paddy The Baddy is one of the best prospects in the UFC. He’s also the kind of guy who can become a big star for the promotion. He will definitely be someone to pay attention to in 2022.

Can Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett become the UFC’s next European star?

Paddy Pimblett

Last Saturday night at UFC Vegas 36, we saw the promotional debut of former Cage Warriors lightweight champion Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett (17-3). Pimblett was taking on the game Luigi Vendramini (9-2).

While all the hype was surrounding Pimblett, Vendramini was there to try and play spoiler. Early on in their fight at UFC Vegas 36, it was Vendramini who was getting the better of the exchanges.

Pimblett was fighting with his chin straight up in the air with his hands low. Vendramini did an excellent job of finding the chin of Pimblett throughout the first part of the first round. In fact, Vendramini even rocked Pimblett at one point in the first.

However, after he got hurt is when Pimblett turned the tables. Paddy The Baddy started really pressing forward with an exciting yet reckless style. He was then able to catch Vendramini with some big shots and he rocked him.

Pimblett started pouring it on throwing everything he had with full power. Eventually, the finishing blow found it’s target and Vendramini went down in a heap giving Pimblett his first UFC win and he did it in style.

What’s next for Pimblett after UFC debut?

In his post-fight interview at UFC Vegas 36 with Michael Bisping, you can see why people love Paddy Pimblett. He is cut from the same cloth as a Conor McGregor, Darren Till, and Michael Bisping.

Pimblett has an exciting style and when he talks, he has the personality that can make him a star in the UFC. Now, he can only become a true superstar if he performs on the highest level. Saturday was a good start, but it was far from perfect.

In thinking about what the UFC should do with him next, I think he needs to be challenged but needs to be given an opponent with an exciting style. Think of the way the UFC booked Conor McGregor against Max Holloway early in their careers.

I think a great fight for Pimblett would be Ignacio Bahamondes (12-4). Bahamondes just had a sensational knockout a few weeks ago and many in the UFC really like his style. These two would be fireworks and it would do nothing but push Pimblett to new heights if he could pick up the victory.