Ohio State Football: Who Is Acting Head Coach Ryan Day?

Ohio State’s offseason is going very differently than expected. The Buckeyes have one of the most talented teams in the conference and were picked as the big favorite to come away with the Big Ten title at the end of the year. However, things aren’t so stable on the coaching side of things. Head coach Urban Meyer has been placed on administrative leave, which isn’t the easiest thing for a head coach to come back from.

Why is Ohio State’s Urban Meyer being investigated?

The suspension is because Meyer allegedly knew about domestic violence allegations against former Buckeyes receivers coach Zach Smith and didn’t report them, and while the matter is still under investigation, things don’t exactly look good for Meyer. Which means that Ryan Day could very well spend the 2018 season as the head coach.

Who is Day, who was named the acting head coach on August 1st? Well, Ohio State fans are already familiar with him as the quarterbacks coach and one of the co-offensive coordinators. That was his position since January of last year, and as quarterbacks coach, Day was able to get the most out of J.T. Barrett last year. Additionally, the offense that he contributed to tied Penn State for the highest points per game average in the conference.

Day has never been a head coach in his career, and is only 39, but has considerable experience working on coaching staffs. He was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and and began his coaching career at UNH before making stops in Boston College and Florida as a graduate assistant. Interestingly, the year that Day was a GA at Florida was the first one that Urban Meyer was the head coach there, 2005.

His stint at Boston College, which lasted from 2007 to 2011, convinced Temple to bring him on as their offensive coordinator in 2012. It was his second stop at Temple, as he had already spent one year with the Owls as a wide receiver coach after moving on from Florida. It only lasted for one year before Day made his third and final stop at Boston College, spending two years as an offensive coordinator before joining Chip Kelly’s staff as the NFL.

Neither Day or Kelly could survive Philadelphia, though, and he followed his head coach to San Francisco in 2016 before joining Ohio State after Kelly was fired from the 49ers. He became co-offensive coordinators with Kevin Wilson and also became the team’s offensive playcaller in January, 2018.

Little did anyone know back when the decision was made, however, that Day could enter the season as the head coach. It’s not the best situation for Ohio State, who is relying on someone who only has very limited experience as a coordinator at a big school. There’s a big difference between Boston College and OSU, but since the season is only a month away, the Buckeyes can’t be choosy and have a head coaching search.

Still, Ohio State fans shouldn’t completely write this season off as being lost just yet. Teams have rallied under new or interim head coaches in the past, with Clay Helton of USC being a notable recent example. We’re only one month out from the season, so either way, we’ll find out soon just how competent Day is.

Ohio State And Wisconsin Have Best Odds To Win The Big Ten In 2018

Vegas has spoken, and Ohio State is the favorite to win the Big Ten this year. The odds from Westgate Las Vegas Superbook are out, and the Buckeyes have 10/11 odds to win the conference. Or, to explain this in a way for those who don’t read betting lines, a bet of $100 dollars on Ohio State would win $90 if successful.

It’s not a good return, but that’s because Vegas gives Ohio State the best chance to win and doesn’t want to lose money when people bet on the Buckeyes. The odds for Wisconsin, however, are much more favorable to the gambler. Wisconsin is the second best team according to the Las Vegas Superbook odds, but they’re still a longshot to win the title. In fact, betting $100 on Wisconsin at 5/2 will win you $250 for a total payout of $350.

Of course, the Badgers would have to win the conference for that to happen. Vegas doesn’t think that it’ll happen, or their odds wouldn’t favor the player. Michigan finished out of the title picture last season, but these odds have them bouncing back. They have the third best chance to win the conference, with their line set at 4/1. If they can pull off an upset and win the Big Ten this year, those who bet on them will win $400.

Still, the gap between number one and number three is large. Ohio State’s 10/11 gives them a 52% chance to win the conference, while Michigan will only come in with a 20% chance. All of the other outliers are even further behind. Penn State, with 5/1 odds and a 16% chance to finish on top. Michigan, at 12/1 and a 7% chance. Iowa and Nebraska, both tied at 40/1 despite some early excitement around their respective fanbases going into this season.

Illinois and Rutgers are the ultimate dark horses. At 1000/1, they both have less than a one percent chance to win the Big Ten. If one of them somehow pulls off that feat, those who bet $100 dollars on them will win $100,000 back. It’s just about an impossible scenario, but still a technically possible one nonetheless.

However, Ohio State are the undisputed favorites to win the conference, even if that’s not the outcome that gamblers are hoping for. It’s not just people from Columbus picking them, either, but Vegas itself.

Big Ten: Who Has The Best 2019 Recruiting Class Right Now?

It’s the offseason, but college football is one of those sports that never really stops. Recruiting is something that happens year round, and when there’s no games to be played, it takes the spotlight. Incoming freshmen classes can be the difference maker in deciding which teams are winners and which are losers, but who is doing the best in recruiting right now?

For the Big Ten, the race to the top is between the same teams that have led the conference for the past couple of years, but in a different order. In 2018, Ohio State and Penn State were the kings of the Big Ten when it came to recruiting, with Michigan beating out Nebraska for third place and finishing just above the bottom of the national top 25.

But for 2019, Michigan is on pace to take the throne. They’ll have to keep up the pace, but they’ve already brought in players in volume and are dead even with OSU and PSU in their number of five star recruits, with one. Their defensive line will gain big additions next year with Chris Hinton and Stephen Herron Jr, who play at strong and weak side defensive end respectively and are ranked as the second and fifth best recruits at their position.

Joining that group of defensive linemen is Mazi Smith, a local recruit from Grand Rapids, the seventh ranked defensive tackle in the 2019 class and the third ranked player from Michigan. Michigan’s 2019 class is the fifth best in the nation, their eleven three star recruits giving them an edge over their rivals from Ohio State, who have ten four stars but only two three stars.

Ohio State shouldn’t be slept on, however. Their sole five star recruit is better than Michigan’s, as Garrett Wilson sits at number 12 in the national rankings and is ten spots above Chris Hinton. Wilson, an explosive receiver with shifty feet, is also the top recruit in the highly competitive state of Texas. They’re also adding Harry Miller and Doug Nester, the second ranked center and the third ranked guard in the country.

According to 247Sports, the Buckeyes also have the best chance to win the commitments of defensive end Zach Harrison and offensive tackle Darnell Wright, who are ranked at four and five nationally. The top two teams in the Big Ten aren’t that far ahead from the third placed team in the conference recruiting rankings, however.

Penn State’s class doesn’t have as much volume, but they do have quality. Their top commit is Brandon Smith, a five star inside linebacker who will help keep their Linebacker U reputation alive. Smith is the 32nd best recruit nationally, but the top one from the state of Virginia.

They’re also predicted to win over another one of their top targets, number three safety Lewis Cine. They aren’t predicted to beat Ohio State out in five stars, and they aren’t projected to get the commitment of any other five star recruits, but their existing commitments and their competitiveness in recruiting four star players should help them keep the pace and easily secure at least the third best class in the conference.

Below these three teams, the disparity in recruiting becomes clear. Michigan State has one five star player, but only one four star and thirteen three stars. Purdue and Minnesota are immediately below MSU in the national top 25, at spots 21 and 23. Both of them have 16 three star recruits, and less than three four stars.

The battle for the top class in the Big Ten will be fought entirely in the Big Ten East, just as it has been in the years since Penn State’s national resurgence. It’s interesting not just because of the recruiting battle, but because it will increase talk of the Big Ten East being the toughest division in college football.

Who will win in the end? That depends on what the remaining recruits do, but it’s clear that the race for the top spot is between two of the most familiar brands in the conference and college football as a whole: the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes.