New York Giants: Dalvin Tomlinson would like to stay in New York

New York Giants, Dalvin Tomlinson

Too bad the New York Giants went home a little earlier than we all hoped, but now it’s time for the Giants to get ready for the 2021 season.

Big Blue holds the 11th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, but the Giants will not have tons of money this offseason due to the surplus of money spent in March. The top priority this offseason for the Giants has to be re-signing defensive end Leonard Williams. If the Giants are able to get this done, what is going to happen with Dalvin Tomlinson?

The New York Giants would prefer to keep their home-grown talent:

Tomlinson has started all 64 games since the New York Giants selected him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. This year, he was the Giants nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. They would absolutely love to keep Tomlinson long term, and Tomlinson hopes he can stay with Big Blue as well.

“The culture we’ve started to build around the Giants this past year is something special,” Tomlinson stated in a press conference.

The 2020 NFL salary cap was $198 million, but next year it could potentially about $20 million lower (projected to be about $7 million lower). The sad part about the salary cap decreasing next season is Leonard Williams, and Tomlinson might not get to play with each other ever again in Big Blue.

If the Giants can clear some cap and open up flexibility, it’s possible they could find a way to re-sign both Leonard Williams and Tomlinson. However, it’s becoming increasingly more unlikely they retain both unless they utilize the franchise tag. All we can do is just hope something can get done, and hopefully, we can keep our defensive line together long term.

New York Giants: DC Patrick Graham was requested to interview with the New York Jets

New York Giants, Patrick Graham

The New York Giants’ defense was extremely impressive all season long. The person behind this defensive performance with non-other than Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham. After an impressive season with the Giants, he is now getting some looks to become a head coach. The first team to request an interview was another New York team, the New York Jets.

Black Monday in the NFL had three head coaches fired yesterday. One of them was the New York Jets head coach Adam Gase. It took less than 24 hours for the Jets to request the Giants stud defensive coordinator for a head coaching job.

The 41-year-old, Graham joined Giants head coach Joe Judge’s staff last offseason after he was lured away from the Miami Dolphins with the “assistant head coach” title. This is not Graham’s first time coaching with the New York Giants. He coached for the Giants in 2016-2017 as the defensive line coach.

Graham also spent time in various roles with a few other teams before landing his role with the New York Giants. The Miami Dolphins, Green Bad Packers, and the New England Patriots. Graham does not have any current connections with the New York Jets.

Graham is widely regarded as one of the most intelligent defensive coaches in the league. The New York Giants star safety Logan Ryan calls him the “the Black Picasso” because of the way he can draw up plays from his defense. Graham takes what Ryan calls him a compliment, as he should.

The New York Jets are not the only head coaching job open this offseason, this will not be Graham’s only requested interview for a head coaching job this offseason.

New York Jets Head Coaching Candidates: Joe Brady

New York Jets, Joe Brady

With the New York Jets now sitting at an 0-11 record with only five games to go, it is apparent the team needs a change of pace. That is likely to come in the form of a. Full-scale rebuild, starting with the coaching staff. As the team will likely move quickly with their coaching search, I decided to take an individual deep dive into some of the guys who could lead the New York Jets into the next era. This begins with Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady.

Who is Joe Brady?

Joe Brady was born in 1989 in Miami Lakes, Florida. Brady played wide receiver in high school and earned an opportunity to play College Football at Willam & Mary. After a college playing career there, Brady begins his coaching career as a Linebackers coach before becoming a grad assistant at Penn State. Then, Brady got an opportunity of a lifetime to serve under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant. Payton saw a lot of potential with Brady, but when he took a gamble on heading to the college level under coach Ed Orgeron at LSU, Payton thought he was making a mistake.

Looking back, that chance Coach O took on Brady, and he took on a young and hungry LSU paid off immensely. When Coach O handed Brady the keys to the LSU offense, he revamped it and took it from the 38th ranked offense in the country to the 1st ranked offense in the country in just one season.

The offense was so explosive that they were able to roll over competition on the way to their National Championship. Along with that, he was crucial in the development of now Bengals starting quarterback Joe Burrow. In Burrow’s Heisman campaign, he had a 76.3 completion percentage that produced a line of 5,671 yds, 60 TDs, and 6 INTs. Not only was the passing attack spectacular, the rushing attack was spectacular. Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran for 1,414 yards and 16 scores, which only led him to be a first-rounder.

While on the topic of talent, I would be remiss without mentioning all the NFL Draft picks that came from last year’s offense and have excelled at the next level. Arguably the top rookie QB, RB, and WR are all LSU products. Now, this begged the question of how would Brady translate to the NFL, and he has answered that with emphatic success.

Joe Brady in the NFL

When Matt Rhule, a guy the Jets were heavily interested in before Adam Gase jumped from the college ranks to Carolina, he brought rising star Joe Brady with him. Brady has not disappointed. Brady inherited an offense ranked 27th in all of football in 2019 and has brought them to the 7th best offense in the NFL in only 10 games. With 6 games to go along with the impending return of Christian McCaffery, that ranking can only improve.

With McCaffery out, though, the offense has still hummed along perfectly fine. Guys like Curtis Samuel and Mike Davis have stood out in a big way, along with an impressive season from former Jets receiver Robby Anderson. The offense is innovative and unique, and the success he received at LSU has absolutely translated seamlessly to the next level. With a talent group that isn’t even on par with what it could be, Brady has built a resume capable of being a head coach, and at 31 years old, he would be a fresh, innovative hire, but why the Jets?

Why would he be a good fit?

The Jets have tried everything in the past few years. Todd Bowles was a discipline heavy defensive coordinator who was supposed to carry over the hard work culture built under Rex Ryan. Bowles failed to get on the same page with the management and could not gain control over the locker room after a strong first season. Then the Jets hired Adam Gase. This was a hire that was not received well, but fans set out to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has been absolutely awful, and the coach who was supposed to bring a head coaching background has only brought incompetence.

Joe Brady would be the anti-Bowles/Gase hire. He is a fresh, innovative mind along the lines of Sean McVay and Kyle Shannahan and would immediately revitalize the franchise. Not only that, but with 98 million dollars in cap space, a renowned general manager in Joe Douglas, and a plethora of draft capital, the resources are there to build a competitive team that would work around Brady’s strengths. Not only that but pairing Trevor Lawerence and Joe Brady is the kind of tandem that excites everyone repping the Green and White.

Brady would be the best offensive-minded coach the Jets could grab, but is he a leader? Brady is 31 years old and inexperienced. If Brady can step up and show he is capable of being a leader in the interviews, he could be the easy favorite to be the coach. However, if he does not seem like a guy who could instill a winning culture in New York and mentor Trevor Lawerence, then maybe he is not the right hire. With that said, I firmly believe Brady deserves and should be the next head coach of the New York Jets.

New York Jets: Analyzing Sam Darnold’s trade market

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

The hot button issue of the New York Jets organization right now is whether or not to trade former number three overall pick and presumed franchise quarterback Sam Darnold in order to clear the way for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawerence. Now, in theory, as the Jets continue to lose, the likelihood of the New York Jets trading Darnold increases by the day. Here’s the thing though, Darnold has been bit by the injury bug in a big way during his first three years. Not only that, but with a career line of 6,934 yards, 39 TDs, 34 INTs, and an overall passer rating of 78.3, there are surely more proven commodities on the market. So, what does a potential market look like for Sam Darnold, and what kind of value could he hold?

The Cost

It’s evident the Jets are tanking at this point. Roles are being cleared out for younger players to stake their claim to be here for the long haul, the incompetent coaches were not axed, and if a player needs extensive recovery time, they are getting it. Darnold is a prime example of someone who likely could’ve tried to play through an injury but was kept on the bench in order to protect him and, more specifically, his value in the long term.

In talking about Sam and his potential value, you cannot forget the fact that he is only 23 years old. Not only that, but he is still the same physically talented athlete who was selected out of USC just a short time ago. Darnold has regressed, though, due to poor coaching, injuries, and lack of talent at skill positions and in protection. At times though, despite all those circumstances, Darnold has looked like a special talent. There are still many within the league who agree with that statement as well.

If Darnold is to hit the trade market, there is hope the Jets can recoup significant compensation. Specifically, though, a first-rounder. If the Jets are unable to obtain a first for Sam, it is going to sting. Now, don’t get me wrong, the floated around a combo of a 2nd and a 5th would be great, but not for a 23-year-old quarterback. See, the Jets should play hardball with Sam, if they’re going to draft Trevor Lawerence, they should and will trade him, but at the same time, they can’t give him a way.

A 2 and a 5 offers great flexibility, but anything above that, particularly a 1st, would be a phenomenal deal. Josh Rosen was mediocre at best in his rookie season, and he fetched a 2nd, so Sam’s value should exceed that. Joe Douglas has shown in the past he is capable of making massive trades, a la the Adams to Seattle deal. Darnold may have flaws, but he could also be the missing piece for a franchise. A team like the 49ers, the Bears, or the Colts could pull the trigger on Sam because right now, there are not many other young and high potential options outside of the draft.

A team like the Bears may be reluctant to take a shot on Sam if they feel they’re a few pieces away. However, the Colts and 49ers have both shown they can be two of the top teams in the league when healthy, but both teams need a more talented and long term signal-caller. Jimmy Garoppolo and Phillip Rivers have had their moments just like Sam, but in Garoppolo’s case, he is likely nearing his ceiling. As for Rivers, he has played solid football this year, but his days are likely numbered on his career. Trading for Sam could rejuvenate one of those offenses that have felt so stagnant this year while also landing the Jets premium draft capital and signaling the true beginning of a new era in New York, led by Trevor Lawerence.

New York Giants: 3 players on defense who have surprised in 2020

New York Giants, Blake Martinez, James Bradberry

The New York Giants are entering their bye week with back to back wins against division opponents. The Giants are sitting at a 3-7 record, that might not sound the best, but the Giants are just a half-game back from first place in the division. In the last few weeks, the Giants have made some drastic improvements.

There is a lot to like about the Giants this season. The coaching for the G-MEN has been impressive, to say the least. We can give all the credit to the coaches, the players are going on the field and playing every week.

Three New York Giants players who have played above their weight-class:

James Bradberry

James Bradberry has been a solid cornerback throughout his career but would not consider him elite until his first season with the New York Giants.

With his first season with the Giants, Bradberry just isn’t one of the best cornerbacks in the NFC East, he is one of the best cornerbacks in the entire NFL. Through 10 weeks, Bradberry leads the NFL with 14 passes defended and three interceptions.

Dave Gettleman was the former general manager of the Carolina Panthers. Gettleman drafted Bradberry back in 2016 in the second round. Once Bradberry hit free agency this past offseason, Gettleman jumped all over him. Bradberry received a three-year deal, worth $43.5 million. What a massive signing by Gettleman this past offseason.

Blake Martinez

Blake Martinez was a tackling machine in Green Bay for years but never brought much else to the table. The Packers couldn’t have been more wrong.

Martinez is tied for the most tackles in the NFL through 10 weeks, but he has done much more for the Giants than that. Martinez has provided a rock in the middle of the defense and being the vocal leader of this Giants’ defense. This is what the Giants needed on the defensive side of the ball.

Dave Gettleman again made another great signing this past offseason. Gettleman signed Martinez to a three-year deal, just like he did to Bradberry. Martinez’s deal is worth $30 million over three-years. This Giants defense has found their leader for years to come.

Leonard Williams

Leonard Williams was a Pro Bowler his rookie season in the NFL but after that season never played up to his expectations. Why would Dave Gettleman give up a third-round and fifth-round pick for an average defensive lineman?

Williams was the final piece to the puzzle for this Giants defensive line. The Giants now have Williams, Dexter Lawerance, and Dalvin Tomlinson are the starters, with B.J. Hill getting solid playing time coming off the bench.

The Giants were not able to sign Williams to a long-term extension and were forced to give him the franchise tag. Williams’ franchise tag is worth $16.1 million.

Whatever your feelings about the trade for Williams, you can not deny that he has been one of the best players on this entire Giants team. Williams is playing as he did back in his rookie season. He is finally becoming that all-around playmaker Gettleman traded for in 2019. Williams currently is leading the Giants in sacks with five, tackles for loss with eight, and quarterback hits with 17.

New York Giants: Assessing Daniel Jones over the past two weeks

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

If we travel all the way back to Week 8 when the New York Giants played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in New York. The Giants’ defense played very well, and the offensive line had their best game of the season. There was just a significant piece the Giants needed to win, and he did not perform up to par, Daniel Jones. After that loss to the Buccaneers, Giants fans and analysts were hopping off the Daniel Jones train.

The last two weeks of football from Jones have given Giants hope to make the playoffs and hope they have found their franchise quarterback. In the past two weeks, Jones hasn’t thrown an interception or fumbled the ball. These were the two major factors holding Jones back from being a successful quarterback in the NFL. Jones still has tons of more work to be done to become one of the league’s best quarterbacks, but he’s only trending up.

What does the film say?

After watching every professional game for Jones as a Giant, he’s improving. I will make it simple for everyone understands. Jones needed a good running game. I am not saying Saquon Barkley is a bad running back at all, but when you have Barkley as your running back, teams out eight in the box. It is very hard for a running back to be consistent when you have eight in the box. Recently, with Barkley going down due to injury, teams have not been putting eight in the box. Wayne Gallman and Alfred Morris have been able to run the ball effectively for Big Blue. Guess what? When you have a good running game, it opens up the passing game.

The fumbling

The film also shows in the past couple of weeks, Jones has been getting the ball out of his hand very quickly. Jones is learning to throw the under route or the check down to his tight end/ running back. If your first or second read is not there, stuff like that is okay. Doing that too much could get you in some trouble. Jones before had a tendency to hold the ball in the pocket and wait and wait for his receiver to get open, to make the big play. When you hold the ball in the pocket too long, what happens? You get sacked. When you get sacked, what has a chance to happen? You fumble.

The interceptions

The film shows that Jones is not forcing the ball to his receivers as much. The biggest reason why the Giants lost the game to the Buccaneers was Jones forced two passes to his receivers, both of those passes were intercepted. In the past two weeks, Jones has been able to get the ball out of his hand quickly to his receivers, and if not, he has thrown the ball away, or he has checked down to his running back/tight end.

Jones has taken a few massive leaps these past couple of weeks by taking care of the football. If Jones can consistently have success as he has recently has done, the Giants have found their franchise quarterback

New York Jets: The rumored favorite to replace Adam Gase

New York Jets, Adam Gase

The New York Jets have had an awful start and will likely be looking for a new head coach this offseason (0-6). With a team in one of the biggest markets in the country, there were undoubtedly going to be rumors spread early. Now, the team already has it’s first rumored coaching candidate in Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell.

Campbell spent a lot of time throughout in different spots through the college ranks despite his quick rise to a head coaching gig. Campbell was a Grad Assistant at Bowling Green before switching between Mount Union, Bowling Green again, and Toledo.

While at Toledo, he was the offensive coordinator before being named head coach at 32 years old. He then led Toledo to a 35-15 record with two Bowl wins. After getting offered the job at Iowa State, Campbell headed to Iowa State to resurrect their program.

After an 11-14 start over the first two seasons, Campbell has coached the team to an 18-12 record. One reason Campbell has drawn the eye of many NFL execs is because of his squad’s impressive development in the 2018 season. The team managed to pull off two massive upsets against #3 Oklahoma and #4 TCU, and wins of that level of magnitude do not go unrecognized. Those kinds of wins show a coach has built such a strong culture in a locker room that they fail to be bogged down by the weight of facing upper-echelon competition.

The Iowa State team has shown so much growth that Campbell is a 2-time Big 12 Coach of the Year recipient. Campbell was asked to interview for the Jets opening in 2018, but he declined.

Now, things could be different. With a well respected general manager in Joe Douglas and an Albert Breer report that he is going to actively pursue Campbell, the potential of the Iowa State coach heading to Florham Park. Campbell would do a number of things. He would bring a fresh, innovative offensive mind to the team while also instilling a respectable culture. Campbell has had immense success to this point, and at 40 years old, his future is very bright. The same cannot be said for the Jets, but with a coach who is respectable and shares the same fresh perspective that Douglas has, it could just have a flickering light.

3 keys for a New York Jets win against San Francisco in week 2

New York Jets, Jimmy G

The New York Jets were utterly embarrassed this Sunday in Buffalo. The team looked poorly coached, poorly prepared, and not ready to face even the worst teams in this league. Heading into today’s game, there are there key factors that will decide whether or not the team starts the season at 1-1 or 0-2.

Take Advantage of Injuries

Today’s game will be a tough one for San Francisco. With George Kittle out for the game, the 49ers will revert to Jordan Reed as their starting tight end. For those that don’t remember, when he wasn’t battling concussions, Reed was a productive tight end in Washington. Still, he is no Greg Kittle. The Jets need to take advantage of the lack of weaponry that Jimmy G has and let them rely on the run. The Bills rushing attack, outside of Josh Allen, could not get going against the Jets front 7. Quite frankly, if the Jets can keep that offense at bay, this could be a close game.

As for the other side of the football, Richard Sherman is out, and that could also be a huge help. Without Sherman, the Jets will have an opportunity to face the 49ers backup corners, which ended well for Atlanta last year. Granted, the Jets have no Julio Jones, but they can have success like the Falcons had when Julio put up over 100 yards. The Jets receivers need to create space and make Darnold’s life a little easier in order to win today.

Run Gore To The Ground

I hate to say it, but in the few reps Gore had last week, he looked like the best running back on the field. The 37-year-old back is a workhorse, and I think him complimenting a healthy LaMical Perine could be a nice rushing attack until Lev Bell is back. The issue is, this is one of the best defensive lines in the game. Nick Bosa, Javon Kinlaw, Arik Armstead, and Solomon Thomas make up that talented group, and all four can be game wreckers. If Gore can continue the momentum he had in camp today, the Jets could pick up some yards on the ground against this tough defensive line; if not, it will be a long day. 


The Jets’ biggest issue has fallen somewhat under the radar. The Jets could not tackle last Sunday. Consistently, the Jets were creating pressure in the backfield. Yet, they would get back there and fail to wrap up the receiver, quarterback, or rusher. This led to a long day of exploiting that poor play. The Jets need to come out with much better tackling today, or else the 49ers will run wild on this Jets team.

New York Islanders: Who Will the Islanders Protect from the Expansion Draft?

New York Islanders, Anders Lee

It’s every general manager’s least favorite part of expanding, the expansion draft. Every team must give up at least one player to the newly added Seattle Krakens. Sadly, with a New York Islanders team full of young and bright forwards, one of the more experienced players will get the ax. Here are my predictions for who will be left exposed for the Krakens to sweep up.

The Rules

Managers are only allowed to either protect seven forwards, three defensemen, and one goalie, or eight skaters and one goalie. The Islanders will choose to protect more skaters. The NHL also states that if a player has a no-trade clause, and refuses to waive the clause, the team must protect that skater. All first and second-year players, along with unsigned draft picks, will be protected and won’t count to the protection limit number. Players who have had a career or season-ending injury may not be selected unless the NHL approves the selection. Teams can also make trades to sway the team from choosing a specific player.

Protected Forwards

Lou Lamoriello must protect the captain Anders Lee, the star Mat Barzal, the up-and-coming Anthony Beauvillier; the newly acquire J.G. Pageau, the goal-scoring Brock Nelson, and the two-way star Casey Cizikas. This leaves one spot left for an established forward. This spot will be given to either Josh Bailey or Jordan Eberle. Lou Lamoriello will protect Jordan Eberle over Josh Bailey. Eberle is just a better goal scorer and a better fit for the Islanders than Bailey is. Even though Josh Bailey has been with the Islanders for over 12 years now, Lamoriello will choose to protect Eberle. The Islanders must be glad that they don’t have to protect Kieffer Bellows or Oliver Wahlstrom.

Protected Defenseman

Ryan Pulock and Adam Pelech are the obvious choices of who to protect. This leaves one spot left for the remaining defensemen. I believe Devon Toews will take up that last spot. Scott Mayfield is a candidate to take that last spot, but his consistency in taking penalties in the last 5 minutes is harmful to the team. Again, the Islanders must be glad that they don’t have to protect Noah Dobson.

Protected Goalie

Since the Islanders don’t have to protect Ilya Sorokin, Seymon Varlamov will be protected. There’s no other goalie who should or even could be protected on the team. This depends on if the Islanders choose to sign a UFA goalie this offseason. I don’t believe Lamoriello will waste money on a position he won’t have to worry about for at least the next ten years.


The Seattle Krakens will gain a solid two-way forward in Josh Bailey. The Islanders will gain $6 million dollars in salary-cap space. The Islanders will also gain another spot for a young forward like Simon Holmstrom or possibly Cole Coskey. The fans definitely won’t be happy about losing Josh Bailey, but they’ll have to deal with the loss.

NBA Targeting May 8th for Practice Facilities in Certain States To Open with Strict Guidelines

Madison Square Garden

As certain states in America begin to loosen restrictions on their stay-at-home order, it seems as though the NBA will allow certain team facilities to begin opening in the next few weeks. While Adrian Wojnarowski reported this news on Saturday, Shams Charania broke down the news further earlier today in several tweets.

Marc Stein tweeted shortly thereafter the guidelines regarding the opening of practice facilities in specific states. The restrictions stated in the memo include no more than four players being permitted at a facility at any one time, no head or assistant coaches can participate, no group activity meaning practices or scrimmages, and players remained prohibited from using non-team facilities such as public health clubs, gyms, etc.

Even with restrictions being lifted in certain areas of the country, there are still several franchises pushing back against the NBA initiative. The Atlanta Hawks, who play in a state (Georgia) where restrictions have been lifted, are hesitant to send players into the team facility as early as next Friday. Woj details the reason why the Hawks and other NBA franchises are not keen on opening the facilities so soon in the tweet below:

It is yet to be determined if the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks would be among the teams allowed to return to their practice facilities on May 8th, though they will most likely not be, since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit New York harder than anywhere else in the country.

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