After his win at UFC Vegas 18, what’s next for Clay Guida?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 18, Clay Guida (36-20) took on Michael Johnson (19-17) on the main card. Guida hadn’t won a fight since his victory over BJ Penn that came back at UFC 237 in mid-2019.

He was carried a two-fight losing streak into UFC Vegas 18. Michael Johnson was also on a losing streak so both men desperately needed a victory on Saturday night. Well, on Saturday, Clay Guida did what Clay Guida does.

Michael Johnson found some early success with his speed and distance striking. However, Guida was able to land some big right hands in the first which allowed him to close the distance and start grappling with Johnson.

Guida is known for his pace and his smothering style. Both of those were on display at UFC Vegas 18. Guida imposed his will on Johnson and Johnson had no way to counter Guida’s attacks.

In the end, all three judges gave every round to Clay Guida. A fairly dominant performance when his back was against the wall. Now that he’s snapped his two-fight losing streak, what’s next for the UFC‘s Carpenter?

What’s next after UFC Vegas 18?

Clay Guida just turned 39 years old and he’s been fighting with the UFC since 2006. However, he’s showing no signs of stopping and no signs of slowing down. He made it clear after the fight that he wants another fight soon.

There are a couple of directions the UFC could go with Guida’s next fight. If they want to give him someone who is also coming off of a win, perhaps they could look at a fight between him and Mike Davis (9-2).

Davis just fought top prospect, Mason Jones, last month and got the win. The only two men to have defeated Davis are Gilbert Burns and Sodiq Yusuff. He’s won two in a row, and if the UFC would like to build him up, Guida would be a great test.

Another potential option could be David Teymur (8-2). This is more of a stretch, but Teymur was on his way to being a contender a couple of years ago. However, he’s been held outside of the octagon since February of 2019.

Teymur had an eight-fight win streak snapped by Charles Oliveira in his last fight. Perhaps the UFC reintroduces Teymur with Clay Guida. There are several options, but one thing we know for sure is that Guida will be down to fight anyone.

Will Michael Johnson get cut after UFC Vegas 18 loss?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 18, Michael Johnson (19-17) took on Clay Guida (36-20) on the main card. This matchup was a highly anticipated clash between two veterans with a ton of experience inside the octagon.

For Michael Johnson, he believed his career was on the line at UFC Vegas 18. In pre-fight interviews, Johnson alluded to the fact that he was on a three-fight losing streak heading into Saturday.

With the promotion making recent cuts, Johnson knew he needed a win to keep his spot with the promotion. When the opening round started, Johnson came out strong. His shots had good pop on them and his speed looked better than it had in previous fights.

Simply put, Johnson looked prepared for UFC Vegas 18. However, after controlling the first part of the first round, Johnson was caught with some big right hands from Clay Guida. They seemed to bother his left eye and that was really where the fight turned for Johnson.

After his opening round success, the rest of the fight was controlled by Clay Guida. The Carpenter’s pressure was relentless and Johnson couldn’t get any space to work. In the end, all three judges gave all three rounds to Guida. Michael Johnson suffered his fourth straight loss in the UFC on Saturday.

Will the UFC cut Michael Johnson?

I mentioned this in my preview of UFC Vegas 18, but Michael Johnson has had a career that just makes you shake your head. The high points of his career alone would lead you to believe he’s one of the best lightweights in the world.

Johnson defeated Tony Ferguson and Edson Barboza by decision. He also holds a knockout win over Dustin Poirier who is widely considered to be the best lightweight on the planet not named Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, outside of those wins, it’s been a lot of disappointment for Michael Johnson in the UFC. A ton of fights were lost in which he should have easily won. With the talent and raw skills Johnson has, he should be much better than 19-17.

The harsh reality is I think this is where Johnson’s UFC run ends. Johnson is getting ready to turn 35 and with four straight losses, I’m expecting the promotion to release him after his loss to Clay Guida.

Now, with Johnson’s history, I would expect another promotion to pick him up rather quickly. However, given the way the UFC is operating as of late, I think Michael Johnson will be getting his walking papers. Time will tell if that comes to fruition.

Clay Guida grinds out decision over Michael Johnson at UFC Vegas 18

UFC Vegas 18 featured a lightweight clash between veterans and one of them was perhaps fighting for his job. Clay Guida (35-20) and Michael Johnson (19-16) went head-to-head on the main card tonight.

Michael Johnson has had a UFC career that just doesn’t make much sense. On one hand, just take a look at his overall record. However, on the other hand, he’s defeated the likes of Dustin Poirier, Tony Ferguson, and Edson Barboza.

You truly never know which Michael Johnson is going to show up. Johnson was carrying a three-fight losing streak into the octagon at UFC Vegas 18. If he was to lose to Clay Guida, he might not be making that walk again.

Clay Guida has been with the UFC since 2006. He’s had some extremely memorable moments inside the octagon and his toughness can never be questioned. He usually brings a tornado of activity and he was expected to push Johnson in this one.

UFC Vegas 18 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 18 lightweight contest kicked off and Guida refused to touch gloves. Johnson opened the striking with a nice clean jab. Guida started his striking with a couple of nice calf kicks.

Johnson lands back to back 1-2’s that seemed to stagger Guida momentarily. The striking of Johnson was looking good, but Guida landed a big right hand that hurt Michael Johnson. A couple of additional right hands from Guida landed big on the left eye of Michael Johnson.

Guida worked Johnson against the fence and landed a takedown. Johnson was able to work his way up with two minutes left in the round. During one of the exchanges, Johnson opened up a big cut on the forehead of Guida.

A big knee up the middle lands for Johnson. Guida forces the clinch, but Johnson was able to push him against the fence. A good knee to the body lands for Guida. After a separation, both men traded hooks. Another big overhand for Guida lands, but Johnson countered with a clean 1-2.

Johnson was pressuring Guida late in the round and he was throwing heat. Another looping right lands for Guida as the round comes to a close. Good action from both men, but I believe it’s 1-0 Guida at UFC Vegas 18.

Round 2

Both men went right back to work in the second at UFC Vegas 18. Guida was moving forward with pressure, but Johnson was landing some crisp counters. However, Guida shot in and landed a nice takedown on Johnson.

Johnson was able to work his way up to his feet, but Guida kept him against the fence. Two minutes into the round and Guida pressed for another takedown. However, Johnson was defending well.

Johnson was able to escape and get back to striking. However, it wasn’t there for long as Guida pressed Johnson right back to the fence. After the two separated, Guida immediately shot back in for a takedown. Johnson was able to reverse the position this time and push Guida against the fence.

One minute left in the round and they separated again. Guida moves forward and lands a clean right. After some brief striking exchanges, Guida again pushed Johnson against the fence. I think it’s 2-0 Guida after two at UFC Vegas 18.

Round 3

Johnson appeared to need a finish entering the final round to avoid his fourth straight UFC loss. Guida immediately opened the final frame with pressure. Johnson was throwing serious heat to open the round.

Guida landed a nice knee up the middle that backed Johnson off. Johnson then wobbled Guida with a couple of good shots which forced Guida to shoot for a takedown. Johnson was able to defend, but Guida kept the pressure against the fence.

Halfway through the round and Guida was able to get Johnson down. Michael Johnson was looking incredibly frustrated along the fence. However, he started to get up with two minutes left. Guida was able to transition to the back and he locked in a rear-naked choke.

Johnson was doing a good job of defending the hands and he was able to get out of the choke. However, Guida was still locked on his back. The final bell sounds and it was a dominant third round for Clay Guida. Should be a shutout on the cards at UFC Vegas 18 for The Carpenter.

Clay Guida def. Michael Johnson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Vegas 18 Preview: Clay Guida – Michael Johnson

Tomorrow night at UFC Vegas 18, we will get to see a fun one in the lightweight division. Veterans, Clay Guida (35-20) and Michael Johnson (19-16) will battle it out on the main card. For Michael Johnson, he’s fighting for his UFC career tomorrow night.

When you look at Michael Johnson’s career in the UFC, it really makes you scratch your head. When you look at the highpoints, he’s defeated guys like Tony Ferguson, Dustin Poirier, and Edson Barboza.

However, he also has four losing streaks in the UFC that range from two to three fights. Currently, he’s on a three-fight losing streak and he was finished in two of those. Johnson has beaten some of the best guys in the world, but he’s also lost to people he should’ve easily beat.

With losing three in a row, he could be cut from the UFC should he lose tomorrow night. He’s got a tough test in front of him in The Carpenter. Clay Guida has been with the UFC since 2006. He’s always been a very good fighter, but never an elite fighter.

Guida has some great wins in the promotion like defeating Nate Diaz, Anthony Pettis, and Rafael Dos Anjos. However, every time he came close to a title shot, he lost. Guida has lost two in a row leading into tomorrow night.

UFC Vegas 18 Prediction

When you look at this matchup at UFC Vegas 18 on paper, Michael Johnson should win this fight. He’s got the better striking, he’s got very good hand speed with pop and he has good grappling skills. Overall, he just is more skilled than Clay Guida.

Those skills are why he has some of the big wins that he has in the UFC. However, with Michael Johnson, you don’t always get the best version of him. Sometimes he sits back a little too much and let’s the action pass him by.

Clay Guida is a tornado who’s going to constantly be moving and throwing. His activity level is always extremely high which could pay off here. For Guida to pickup the win tomorrow, he’s going to have to outwork Johnson. He needs to push Johnson at a high pace and score points while doing so.

If Guida is able to keep the pace high and avoid power shots, he should get the decision. However, if the best version of Michael Johnson shows up, he will win tomorrow. With his career on the line at UFC Vegas 18, I think we get a good version of Michael Johnson and I believe he’ll get the win here.

Prediction: Michael Johnson by Unanimous Decision

UFC booking Clay Guida – Michael Johnson

The UFC is close to finalizing an entertaining lightweight scrap for Super Bowl weekend. Clay Guida (35-20) posted on his official Facebook page today that he will be taking on Michael Johnson (19-16) on February 6th.

This is one of those matchups that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to UFC rankings. However, this fight should be pretty entertaining as both fighters are known for their entertaining fights.

Guida will go into the UFC‘s Fight Night on February 6th on a two fight losing streak. At 38 years old, Guida is probably nearing the end of the line in his UFC career. However, he’s shown recently that there’s still some fight left in the tank.

The Carpenter has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for his fight with Diego Sanchez years ago that people still talk about. Guida has had a very solid and successful run in the UFC that dates back to 2006.

UFC do or die match

Michael Johnson will enter the UFC octagon on February 6th on a three fight losing streak. Johnson is an interesting case because he’s shown such promise at times, and other times he’s been completely outclassed.

During his UFC career, Johnson has had high points like defeating Edson Barboza and knocking out Dustin Poirier. However, he’s also had low points like right now being on a three fight losing streak.

This is the fourth multiple fight losing streak that Johnson has had in the UFC. If he cannot pickup the victory on Super Bowl weekend, I’m not sure if he’ll remain on the roster much longer.

White has talked about recently how much the UFC has grown. We’ve seen a ton of fighters added through the Contender Series and the Ultimate Fighter is returning next year which should bring in more talent.

With that in mind, the promotion is always looking at trimming the fat. Whoever loses on February 6th might be looking at the end. I think Johnson is the most vulnerable, but both can’t feel comfortable. The desperation should lead to a fantastic matchup.