Could the New York Knicks reunite with Marcus Morris Sr. this offseason?

The New York Knicks haven’t had many bright spots this season. However, for the first part of the year, the Knicks did have one player who was exceeding expectations. Marcus Morris Sr., the newly acquired free agent, was the Knicks’ leading scorer until he was traded at the deadline to the Clippers for their 2020 first-round pick.

Although many Knick fans had grown fond of Morris for his scoring and his throwback no-nonsense attitude, the decision was ultimately the right one. Morris had only signed a 1-year deal with the Knicks, and in a season with no playoff expectations, getting an asset in return for Morris made sense.

Despite the team’s woes on and off the court, Morris seemed to grow fond of playing for the Knicks in his short time here. Morris expressed a desire to stay with the Knicks long term, so could we see a potential reunion in 20-21?

What does Morris bring to the table?

As I mentioned earlier, Morris Sr. was a bright spot for the Knicks. His ability to score 19.6 points per game on efficient shooting, (.442% from the field, .439% from three) is something the Knicks don’t exactly have on their roster.

There have been plenty of words written by Knicks writers and analysts about how the team needs to address perimeter shooting this offseason. Morris Sr. provides the perimeter shooting with the ability to stretch the floor and play the 4.

Aside from Morris Sr.’s scoring, his experience and toughness is something this young Knicks team lacks. Being traded to the Clippers gives Morris Sr. a chance to go win a championship. Whether or not the Knicks had any kind of meeting or sit down with Morris Sr. as he was traded to discuss his future with the team is unknown.

It remains to be seen what the Knicks’ interest in Morris Sr. will be, but at the right price, he could be a valuable piece of the team going forward.

22 games in & New York Knicks fans have seen enough

New York Knicks, James Dolan

This New York Knicks season has gotten out of hand.  Twenty-two games in and fans are ready to move onto the next coaching chapter for this team.

Last night’s game against the Denver Nuggets has to be the tipping point.  The Knicks got embarrassed on their home floor, again.  At one point, the Knicks were down 43 points in the fourth quarter, ultimately losing 129-92.

In the last two games, the Knicks have lost by a combined 81 points.  That’s pathetic.

After the game, head coach David Fizdale called the lose ‘sickening’.  That was correct choice of words.  Fizdale actually said something that Knicks fans can agree with.

The Garden faithful were booing after the third quarter and rightfully so.  Fans were very vocal at the game and on Twitter about their head coach.  Fans were wondering why they still watch.  They were also wondering when Fizdale is going to be firedAfter the game?  First thing in the morning or mid-day?  Possibilities are endless.  But it’s coming.

One thing is true though.  New York Knicks fans are the most ride or die fans in the world.  In this sequence, the Knicks were down 29 and they were still cheering on their team.  That takes dedication, especially to those fans that still go to all these games.

Knicks fans will cheer for anything too.  At one point during the game, the fans were booing but then the cheerleaders starting to throw t-shirts and the fans starting cheering.  This fan base is dying for a competitive team, and a free t-shirt.  It doesn’t even have to be a winning team, just competitive.

Yes, the Knicks have been competitive in a majority of their games this season.  They fought and battled but couldn’t find a way to sneak out wins in those close games.  But, the last few games have been atrocious.

After the game, players mentioned how they aren’t going to give up and how they need to stick together.  While that all sounds good, it’s obvious that Fizdale lost the locker room or the players had enough.  Whatever it may be, it’s time for a coaching change for the Knicks before it gets worse.

New York Knicks: Marcus Morris or Kevin Knox, who starts?

New York Knicks, Boston Celtic, Kevin Knox, Marcus Morris

The New York Knicks have some big decisions to make this upcoming season.  The starting lineup could have a number of different looks.  The Knicks could go with a more defensive front or offensive minded.  It all depends on what David Fizdale thinks will work best for this young team.

One of the big questions is who should be the starter between Marcus Morris and Kevin Knox?

Kevin Knox

Knox averaged 12.7 points with .370 field goal percentage and 3.7 rebounds in 28.8 minutes per in his rookie campaign.  He struggled mightily throughout the year, showing glimpses of raw talent, but then carelessness as well.

Knox shooting from the field was a big cause for concern.  He was only 19-years-old, but his shot was not consistent and took to many bad contested shots.  Knox also lacked aggressiveness while defended unless the lane was wide open.  Even his mother called him out for not being aggressive.

Knox did become more confident towards the end of the season and his shot slightly improved.  He has been working on his shot this summer, similar to Dennis Smith Jr.  But, he will need to take a big step forward on both sides of the floor to cement a starting spot.

Marcus Morris

Last season in Boston, Morris averaged 13.9 points with a .447 field percentage, 5.1 rebounds in 27.9 minuter per.  His rebounds having gone up each year throughout his career, with last year being his career high for a season.

Morris brings a aggressive, gritty, no nonsense attitude towards the game.  He is a player that you dislike when your team is playing against, but then love when he is apart of your team.  Morris would fit perfectly with 90s Knicks.

Yes, Morris, 30, is getting older, but the hard-head style of play is still there.  He is not afraid to bang down-low for rebounds and fight for his teammates.

So, who should start?  As it looks now, Morris should get the starting nod over Knox.  However, both might not start depending on what Fizdale wants to play.  Morris is the gritty veteran and he can teach Knox a thing or two.  Knox would benefit greatly sitting behind Morris and learning from him.

Like his mother even said, Kevin needs to be aggressive.  If anyone on the Knicks can teach Knox how to be aggressive it is Marcus Morris.  Morris starting over Knox will bring a more defensive presence to the starting lineup, while also adding solid offensive capabilities.