Could the New York Knicks reunite with Marcus Morris Sr. this offseason?

The New York Knicks haven’t had many bright spots this season. However, for the first part of the year, the Knicks did have one player who was exceeding expectations. Marcus Morris Sr., the newly acquired free agent, was the Knicks’ leading scorer until he was traded at the deadline to the Clippers for their 2020 first-round pick.

Although many Knick fans had grown fond of Morris for his scoring and his throwback no-nonsense attitude, the decision was ultimately the right one. Morris had only signed a 1-year deal with the Knicks, and in a season with no playoff expectations, getting an asset in return for Morris made sense.

Despite the team’s woes on and off the court, Morris seemed to grow fond of playing for the Knicks in his short time here. Morris expressed a desire to stay with the Knicks long term, so could we see a potential reunion in 20-21?

What does Morris bring to the table?

As I mentioned earlier, Morris Sr. was a bright spot for the Knicks. His ability to score 19.6 points per game on efficient shooting, (.442% from the field, .439% from three) is something the Knicks don’t exactly have on their roster.

There have been plenty of words written by Knicks writers and analysts about how the team needs to address perimeter shooting this offseason. Morris Sr. provides the perimeter shooting with the ability to stretch the floor and play the 4.

Aside from Morris Sr.’s scoring, his experience and toughness is something this young Knicks team lacks. Being traded to the Clippers gives Morris Sr. a chance to go win a championship. Whether or not the Knicks had any kind of meeting or sit down with Morris Sr. as he was traded to discuss his future with the team is unknown.

It remains to be seen what the Knicks’ interest in Morris Sr. will be, but at the right price, he could be a valuable piece of the team going forward.