Why the Yankees will settle for Madison Bumgarner over Gerrit Cole

New York Yankees looking into Madison Bumgarner?

Spending money hasn’t been a problem in the past for New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman, it’s just where they spent it that has posed challenges.

Unloading two monster contracts, one offered, and the other consumed in a trade, both landed in the outfield. Neither player featured in a full-time role last season, chewing up $47 million in salary space. Of course, these two Major Leaguer’s are Giancarlo Stanton and Jacoby Ellsbury. The latter is entering a battle with the Yankees, who are trying to recoup $26 million in cap space for the 2020 season after cutting the former Bostonian.

The allocation of money towards the outfield has been consistent, but the starting pitching rotation hasn’t seen much in terms of investment. This could be the offseason the Yankees break the bank and push beyond the luxury tax to acquire a top arm, but then again, history has shown us they probably won’t.

The Yankees could settle for a lesser pitcher:

Cashman could easily decide to pursue a starter like Madison Bumgarner over Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg. MadBum would be exponentially cheaper and wouldn’t require an excessive-year deal. He can still pitch quality baseball and is dominant in the postseason, a feature the Yankees are looking to add.

Madison earned just $12 million last season, finishing the year with a 3.90 ERA, the highest in his career. Considering James Paxton had the best ERA for the Yankees this season at 3.82, adding another reliable starter like the former San Francisco Giant would be a good move, for the right price.

The Yanks would likely have to unload around $16-18 million for his services, but if they’re not worried about the price, they can quickly pursue Cole, who will land in the $30+ million range in free agency. It all boils down to how much Steinbrenner is willing to approve, and comments earlier this offseason suggested he’s more keen on prioritizing scoring production than pitching.

Could Yankees skip right over Gerrit Cole, Strasburg to settle on second tier starter?

Should the New York Yankees pursue Madison Bumgarner this offseason?

With Scott Boras circling overhead as the Yankees consider the reality of signing star pitcher Gerrit Cole this offseason, they could be getting cold feet. General manager Brian Cashman didn’t hesitate to express his interest in big-name free agents. Still, owner Hal Steinbrenner was reluctant to admit his starting pitching rotation needs any help at all. Steinbrenner blamed the lack of run production for his team’s failed attempt at the postseason.

“Of course, we’re going to talk to Strasburg. We’ll talk to Cole. We’ll talk to the higher-end guys, clearly, and have conversations, and we’ll also talk about some surprise guys, I’m sure,” Cashman told reporters at the annual GM meetings.

“Obviously, [both are] great, talented players that have earned so many accolades along the way — and for good reason. They are some of the premier pitchers the game has seen at this time, so it’s a good time to be them.”

Cole would be the best option for the Bombers, considering his excellent health and absolute dominance across the board last season. His 20-5 record and 2.50 ERA proves his worth, and the value he holds will be above $200 million, likely breaking the record for starting pitcher money.

The Yankees pursuing Cole isn’t a matter of why, but when. The problem is, Cashman is stingy with his money when it comes to pitching, which is why he could settle on tier-2 options that would save him a bit of money in free agency. Despite his stringiness, Cashman seems committed to solving his rotational issue in regards to the starters.

My primary concern is that talent they are already retaining, and what they will do to even out the rotation given they sign a big name.

The current Yankees rotation:

  1. Luis Severino
  2. James Paxton
  3. Masahiro Tanaka
  4. Domingo German
  5. J.A. Happ
  6. Jordan Montgomery
  7. Michael King/Deivi Garcia

With eight capable arms, adding a high-priced pitcher would force them one of two ways. Either they retain all of their pitchers, or they could look to trade a young arm and gain essential value at a different position (first base, outfield).

While I’m skeptical Cashman will drop the bomb on a Cole type of pitcher, he could look to pursue Madison Bumgarner.

“I will definitely talk to Bumgarner’s agency,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle. “I haven’t. But I will.”

The reason Madison is so attractive is that he offers consistency at half the price Cole will undoubtedly sign for. He finished 2019 with a 9-9 record, 3.90 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, and 203 strikeouts over 207.2 innings. Another factor to consider is his dominance during playoff baseball. He boasts an 8-3 record, 2.11 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, three shutouts, three completed games, three World Series titles, and 87 strikeouts in 102.1 innings.

In other words, I imagine that Cashman will be looking into Bumgarner heavily this offseason.

New York Yankees: Two free agents the Yankees should consider

New York Mets, Zack Wheeler

The New York Yankees are in the offseason with one major goal: get quality starting pitching. General manager Brian Cashman has already said they’re after Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Madison Bumgarner.

These are all three big names in the Major Leagues who are most likely looking for lengthy and expensive contracts. Even though the Yankees can pretty much afford anyone, that doesn’t mean they’ll definitely sign with the Yanks.

Here are other available pitchers on the free-agent market that the Yankees should consider if they don’t land one of those three guys.

Zack Wheeler

Known for his high-heat, Zack Wheeler is someone who can give the Yankees exactly what they need. Behind the Yankee offense, this duo could be something special. After posting a 3.96 ERA in 31 starts, the Yankees could grab him for a contract in their favor.

Wheeler has an arsenal of pitches, throwing a four-seam fastball, slider, curve, chance, and splitter. Something else attractive about Wheeler is he consistently goes the distance, usually leaving the game after giving seven innings. With how to dominate the Yankee bullpen is, this is something the New York Yankees need in their starting rotation.

Wade Miley

Someone who sorta flew under the radar this past season, Wade Miley had a great year with the Houston Astros. In 33 games started, Miley posted a 14-6 record with the World Series runner-ups.

Miley is an enticing player because he’s one of the few MLB starters who doesn’t rely on the fastball. He uses a cutter and a changeup as his primary pitches while working in a fastball with a curve and slider.

New York Yankees aren’t willing to trade these two players

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees need starting pitching support badly, and teams willing to deal know that. The Bombers have little leverage in the realm of the rumor mill, but several valuable players are on the trading block ahead of the July 31 deadline.

With Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman off the table, it leaves the Yanks with one less option. Indians ace Trevor Bauer and Giants’ Madison Bumgarner are two quality pitchers general manager Brian Cashman could be eyeing.

However, both teams will want significant value in a potential deal — starting level players and prospects would likely be included. The Yankees are only willing to deal-specific players, though. Reports of Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar being available have plastered the headlines lately.

The Yankees have to be willing to give up young players going into their prime if they want to bring in starting-caliber pitchers that can help the team reach the World Series. Overpaying is the issue, considering teams have inquired about second baseman Gleyber Torres, one of the off-limits players for the Yanks.

Frazier and Andujar should provide plenty of sway for teams looking to bolster their offensive production. Both are above average hitters with questionable gloves in the field. With Torres unavailable, the Bombers will have to settle for whoever they can get with only two days left to strike a deal.

The other player that is off-limits is minor-league pitcher Deivi Garcia. The 21-year-old phenom has been lighting it up in the minors and could make a big-league appearance later on in the season. His presence at the top minor league team and an impressive array of pitches make him too valuable to trade at this point.

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Sacrificing the future in an attempt to benefit the presence is not always the best idea. Keeping both Torres and Garcia is the ideal scenario while also picking up a quality pitcher. We can assume the Yanks are shopping Frazier behind the scenes, a player that has fallen below Mike Tauchman this season due to his inability to play the outfield at an average level.


New York Yankees and Blue Jays inching closer to a Marcus Stroman deal

Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

The New York Yankees are in dire need of pitching support, especially after allowing 56 runs in their last five games. The staters have been atrocious, averaging together well over a 4.00 ERA. There’s now not a single starter on the team averaging below a 4.00 ERA on the year.

With this imposition of the rotation, it has made bringing in a capable starter a necessity. General manager Brian Cashman has made trade deadline deals before, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. Options such as Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard, Trevor Bauer, and Madison Bumgarner are all on the target as the Yanks inch closer to finding a new pitcher.

However, one of the league’s best pitchers this season is Stroman, who is simply excited to take his talents to a big market where the pressure is on. He seems to embrace the challenge and wants to be a part of a successful club.

The Yanks and Blue Jay are currently in talks in regards to the 28-year-old. Stroman’s contract expires after next season, so the Yanks would be looking to extend him if they are forced to give up a player like Clint Frazier in a potential deal.

MLB.com’s Jon Morosi tweeted that the two clubs have been in talks, but it’s not clear if any momentum has been gained.

What would Marcus Stroman bring to the New York Yankees?

Over 21 starts on the year, Stroman has an amazing 2.96 ERA. If that isn’t enough to draw attention, what will? His tenacity and mentality towards the game fit perfectly with how the Yankees approach success. His fire and attitude might seem to be a bit aggressive, but it all centers around winning.

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The Bombers have always seemed to favor strikeout-centric pitchers, like Noah Syndergaard, but bringing in that type of quality can’t be overlooked. Marcus is a ground ball machine and that’s acceptable in Yankee Stadium.

Stroman grew up on Long Island, so he’s familiar with the New York state of mind and what is expected of him at that level. His influence could give the starting rotation some confidence after being shell-shocked by the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins.

New York Yankees: 3 Pitchers That Can Come in and Make an Impact

Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

It is no question the New York Yankees need starting pitching. Every arm in the rotation currently holds an ERA above 4.00 and each starter has not gone past 4.0 innings in their last game started. None of them are going the distance which hurts the bullpen.

The staff has combined a total of 35 earned runs in their last respective starts. With ace Luis Severino still on the injured list, the Yankees need a consistent arm – maybe more than one.

Marcus Stroman

His record might not show it, but Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays is one of the league’s premier pitchers. He holds a 2.96 ERA this season in over 21 games pitches. The “Stro-Show” also consistently goes the distance – exactly what the Yankees need.

Stroman is not a swing-and-miss pitcher. He knows how to pitch and pitches to contact. He holds a 56% groundball rate. Throwing a fastball at around 93-94, Stroman also flashes a cutter, slider, sinker, changeup, and curveball. This arsenal of pitches keep hitters guessing and off-balance. Another thing to note, Stroman throws strikes. Take a look at this chart from FanGraphs, it shows how consistent he is within the zone.

I believe Marcus Stroman wants to come to New York. His intensity and fire will be loved in Yankee Stadium. Stroman even said this to New York reporters: “I love the bright lights. I was built for this.”

Madison Bumgarner

One of the best in postseason, the Yankees could use a guy like Madison Bumgarner. Last season in the playoffs it was evident that the Yankees struggled with their starters. Everyone remembers the embarrassing 16-1 loss to the Red Sox in the ALDS at Yankee Stadium last year…

Bumgarner holds a 8-3 record with a 2.11 ERA in the postseason. He is known for his dominance in the playoffs. The lanky left-hander played a big part in the Giants’ 2014 World Series championship. The guy knows how to handle big games and is someone who could fill in the missing pieces for the Yankees.

Noah Syndergaard

Many believe the New York Mets won’t trade away their prized Thor. However, many evaluators think differently. Noah Sydergaard will be eligible for free agency after the 2021 season, and that promises many teams two more years if he’s traded. Not only that, but the guy is one of the league’s best pitchers. His record doesn’t show, but triple digit fastball will play. In 126.2 innings pitched, he has fanned 126 while walking 36.

This trade fits perfectly for the Yankees. Syndergaard is a guy who can go the distance and sometimes flash a complete game. Behind the Yankee’s offense, Thor could be unstoppable in the Bronx.

Will the New York Yankees really trade Clint Frazier?

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

Are the New York Yankees willing to trade Clint Frazier for a pitcher?

If the New York Yankees realistically want a quality pitcher with control to help the rotation, they will likely have to part ways with the offensive-minded Clint Frazier.

Frazier, who was demoted to the minor league’s due to his below-average defense, has been playing well in Triple-A, however, he could be utilized as trade bait given the value he currently holds. The Yankees have been linked to several pitching options including Marcus Stroman, Madison Bumgarner, Trevor Bauer, Mike Minor and others, but the expectation is that they will require a pretty penny.

Stroman has been heavily linked to the Yanks, currently having a solid season with a 3.06 ERA. Inconsistencies throughout his career have driven down his price-tag, but the success he’s having in 2019 will force the Bombers to give up a decent player if not multiple prospects.

The elevation of reserve options like Mike Tauchman and Cameron Maybin makes Frazier irrelevant to a degree, and keeping him in the minors for the extended future is essentially just wasting away his talent. Adding a pitcher with his value could be worth more to the current team that Frazier’s influence down the road.

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Prior to being designated for assignment, Clint was hitting .283 with 11 homers and 34 RBIs on the season. He also recorded three errors and had a fielding percentage of .950. In the event that the Yanks trade Frazier, the importance of Tauchman instantly increases. He’s been on a hot streak as of late and will be a frequent flyer on the starting team. His success helps justify trading Frazier at the end of the day.

New York Yankees pitching trade target getting mad about speculation

Could the New York Yankees pursue MAdison Bumgarner?

Could the New York Yankees still be interested in prying Madison Bumgarner away from the San Francisco Giants?

While the rumor mill is still in full effect, the New York Yankees are still prowling the streets for a starting pitcher, and general manager Brian Cashman knows his team may need support at some point.

The question is – what’s he willing to spend to bring in a bonafide starter? Clint Frazier, prospects, cash considerations…there are plenty of routes he can take, but his team currently has the best record in baseball and isn’t dying for more support.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in another option given injuries kick in again (knock on wood). One player that has been included in the rumors has been starer for the San Francisco Giants, Madison Bumgarner, a quality option that would immensely help the rotation.


Recently against the Mets, Bumgarner allowed just one run, five hits, and a walk over nine innings to secure a 3-2 win over New York. Does this type of performance give the Yanks all they need to make a run at him? He clearly wants nothing to do with the speculation, stating:

“I don’t give a s—,” he said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’m here to win games for this team, and that’s what we’re doing.”

“I’m trying to win games for the Giants,” he said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’re trying to make it to the postseason. We’re making a push, we’re coming.”

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With what might have been his final home game with the Giants, Bumgarner dominated in classic fashion. His worth would likely require Frazier’s talent to pry him away from San Fran.

The 29-year-old would help the Yanks in their pennant chase, and he might even be the catalyst in really separating themselves in the AL East. Over 125 innings this season, Madison had logged a 3.65 ERA with 127 strikeouts and a 5-7 record. With the Yankees run-support, he could theoretically emerge as their ace by the end of the season.

It’s certainly worth knocking on the Giants’ door to show interest in the pitcher.


Who should the New York Yankees go after in their starting pitching hunt?

Should the New York Yankees pursue Madison Bumgarner this offseason?

The New York Yankees have a clear need for starting pitching. The club is credited to a 4.05 ERA, which is nothing to write home about. J.A. Happ has been shaky all season and CC Sabathia has been inconsistent. Both pitchers are credited to above a 4.0 ERA. The only pitcher in the rotation that has been consistently effective every start is Domingo German.

Heading into the postseason, the Yankees will need another arm that can go the distance while only allowing 1-3 runs a start. With the amount of runs the Yankees score, this will be enough to secure a win. The best option for the Yankees is to go all in on Madison Bumgarner from the San Francisco Giants.

This season, the lanky lefty holds a 3.86 ERA with a 5-7 record. In 116.1 frames pitched, Bumgarner has fanned 121. Holding a 2.11 ERA and a 8-3 record in the playoffs, Bumgarner is known for his dominance in the postseason. He has been to three World Series, where he is undefeated holding a 4-0 record while credited to a astounding 0.25 ERA.


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Who could the Yankees trade for him?

The San Francisco Giants need young talent. Most of their everyday guys are 28+ years old. To land Bumgarner, the Giants will most likely be interested in the Yankees’ minor league prospects. Clint Frazier is the most obvious choice on this list. For the Giant’s needs, they could easily use outfield depth. Frazier is a guy who could give them youth and a legit bat in a full-time role. Another big name that could land Bumgarner is Jonathan Loaisiga. Albert Abreu and Deivi Garcia are also two minor league strong arms who will most likely reach the majors in a year or so.

If not Bumgarner, who else?

The Yankees have also expressed interest in Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians and many Yankee fans believe GM Brain Cashman should go after Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays. Both options are great options for the club.

New York Yankees looking to trade Clint Frazier – only for a controlled starter

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

The return of New York Yankees sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton has made outfielder Clint Frazier expendable, despite his impressive offensive production this season. His defense, however, has been the caveat in the story.

The Yankees have only been able to use the quick bat as a DH due to his issues in the field, and trading for slugger Edwin Encarnacion has made Frazier useless unless he’s considered a trading piece.

The reality is, Frazier will only be traded if a starting pitcher is involved, but I’m not convinced general manager Brian Cashman fully believes the Bombers need one. It’s possible the ride out the injury bug just as they did with the hitters, pulling up reserve options to fill the holes.

Pitching is different, though, it’s much harder to supplement good pitching than adequate hitting. That’s where the value from Frazier comes from and why it’s very possible he is traded this season.

The New York Yankees know what they want in a Clint Frazier trade scenario:

According to Ken Rosenthal on Fox twitter, the Yankees won’t deal Frazier unless they get a starting pitcher with at least two seasons of control.

With four-years of control on Frazier, the Yankees aren’t looking for a rental like Madison Bumgarner. They want an option that can produce over the next few seasons. A potential deal would factor in the potential of Frazier over the four-years of team control.

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He’s already showed he can be an everyday hitter in the lineup, but it will be his defense that needs to improve. If he can solve that issue, there’s no doubt he can be an everyday outfielder for a different team, which is what the premise of the deal is and why his value is so high.

Gaining a starting pitcher for his talents and minor-league prospect or two makes sense, but the return would have to be an impact player that can start right away and isn’t injury prone.