New York Giants: Louis Riddick urges changes if Giants offense struggles with Bucs

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard

The New York Giants passed on NFL executive turned analyst Louis Riddick in their last GM search, but Riddick evidently hasn’t taken his eyes off the Giants. He’s argued against the franchise’s approach in their rebuild before, and now, he has some ideas about what the Giants should do if they once again struggle in a primetime game on Monday Night.

According to Riddick, the Giants need to stop selling hope and make something happen.

Louis Riddick on the state of the New York Giants

“You can sell hope until the cows come home in this league if you want,” Riddick told SNY. “But considering what this organization’s history has been and what the standard needs to be there, I get the feeling that it’s ‘Enough of that selling hope s–t. Enough. Either we’re getting it done or we’re not.’”

At the core of Riddick’s argument is the current state of the Bucs team. He claims the Giants should be able to make something happen against an injured Tampa secondary, now that most of their offensive weapons are back.

“I’m telling you, this secondary is a problem for Tampa Bay. If they cannot move the ball then it isn’t a talent issue, it’s a utilization and production/performance issue. Then you start looking at other areas as to why the hell is this happening? And then it’s up to John Mara to figure out ‘What do I need to do next?’ Because if these guys are all healthy then yeah, there’s no excuse.”

While the take is critical, many fans will agree with it. The Giants may have picked up some victories recently, but their record still leaves them at the back of the division race and there’s only so much goodwill to be won from games that don’t matter in the long run.

This is an important game, both to narrowly stay in the division race and prove the Giants can beat a good team.

If their performance is flat and the offense doesn’t take advantage of the chances presented, it’s likely much of the popular sentiment postgame will be along the same lines as Riddick’s.

New York Giants: Louis Riddick speaks on Daniel Jones turnover problem

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

This season will be a big deal for the evaluation of New York Giants QB Daniel Jones. The team might have a new GM next year and one of the big questions will revolve around what Jones’ future with the franchise is. That means that even if the games later this year end up being meaningless, there’s still a huge incentive for Daniel Jones and other members of the offense to perform.

The takes about Jones vary greatly depending on who you talk to, but one of the main narratives is that the Giants have to wait and see. After all, the supporting cast around Jones isn’t a good one right now. The offensive line has blocked poorly all season and top weapon Saquon Barkley is out for the year, forcing more work onto Jones’ shoulders.

One person who supports the ‘wait and see’ narrative is Louis Riddick, who was considered himself for the General Manager position in the past. But instead, it went to Dave Gettleman and everyone is familiar on how the results have been from that.

Daniel Jones and the turnover problem

A problem that has plagued Jones specifically is turning the ball over. He’s done it almost as much as any other player in the league this season.

“If he doesn’t correct it and it becomes a bigger problem, then you go to the next phase of the evaluation: Is this his surroundings or is this who he is now? They are not at that point yet — and I don’t think anybody needs to be at that point until you get a more stable supporting cast, and you keep a coaching staff in place for more than one year,” Riddick told the New York Post.

“You can’t make sweeping decisions about what kind of player he is going to be because there are too many things around him that are uncertain,” Riddick continued on the subject. “The one thing he does need to cut down is turning over the football because then you have no shot of winning. If he keeps doing that, you are not going to win games. If you don’t win games, people look to replace you.”

Jones has 19 career interceptions and 20 career games with a number of fumbles too for added measure. His turnover problem has hardly been exaggerated by critics, and against a good defense like Tampa Bay, we’ll get a chance to see if Jones can take a step forward or if he’ll fall further backwards in that regard.