New York Giants: Landon Collins rips Dave Gettleman in Twitter tirade

New York Giants, Landon Collins

It seems as if former New York Giants’ safety Landon Collins is still feeling uneasy about how GM Dave Gettleman handled his contract negotiations. Whether or not Gettleman promised Collins an extension and went back on his word is unknown, but Collins had some choice words to describe his feelings towards the Giants’ GM.

Collins, who attended Alabama, chose for his kids to go to LSU over spending the quarantine with Gettleman. That’s as insulting as it can get since Alabama and LSU have a serious rivalry.

The current Washington Redkins’ safety stated a few months ago:

“He’s a liar. He lied to everybody. So that’s a man I do not trust. I would hope nobody else would, too.”

Since then, Collins has joined Washington on a massive contract and found himself struggling in 2019. He was awful in coverage and was torched by Kaden Smith, who bounced around the league in his rookie season. Smith caught the game-winning catch against Collins in Washington in week 16 last year.

The Giants replaced Collins with Jabrill Peppers, who was having a solid season before suffering a hip injury that knocked him out for the remainder of the year. The hope is that Peppers will return in 2020 with a clean bill of health and pick up where he left off. The strong safety, who was picked up in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, is far better in coverage and more athletic. However, he still has plenty of room for development — he’s also a fraction of the price compared to Collins.

The New York Giants Have A Chance To Prove Dave Gettleman Right Against The Redskins

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants are 1-2 but coming off of an astounding comeback victory. The Giants won on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week with Daniel Jones as their quarterback. This was the rookie’s first career start in the NFL and he was incredibly impressive.

Daniel Jones’s performance in week three was hugely important for the Giants. The team’s last two seasons ended with a combined 8 wins and 24 losses. After so many analysts were so critical of the Daniel Jones draft pick, it is important to see the Giants have a sense of direction and purpose for their future.

Daniel Jones was one of a plethora of controversial moves made by Giants general manager Dave Gettleman this offseason. In free agency, Dave Gettleman’s first controversial move was letting Pro Bowl safety Landon Collins walk in free agency. The move was perplexing to many, but so far it seems like Gettleman may have been right to withhold that humungous contract from Landon Collins. The Giants have a chance to prove their GM right this weekend as they face off against the Washington Redskins in MetLife Stadium.

Landon Collins’s Recent Struggles

The Washington Redskins signed Landon Collins to a record-setting deal this offseason. Redskins head coach Jay Gruden recently stated that they went after Collins because of his strong performances against Washington while Collins was still a member of the Giants.

Landon Collins did have excellent performances during his tenure with the New York Giants. However, towards the end of his time in New York, Collins began to struggle, particularly in pass coverage. Since signing with the Redskins, Collins seems to have brought those struggles along with him.

Collins has recorded 0 sacks, 0 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles, and 0 passes defended as a member of the Washington Redskins, as noted in the Tweet below:

How The Giants Can Prove Gettleman Right

The New York Giants’ secondary has been amongst the league’s worst in 2019. Nearly every player, rookie to veteran, has been struggling this season. The Giants have allowed 

One way to prove Dave Gettleman right would be for the Giants’ defense to have a strong outing. The Redskins’ offense features a few dynamic receiving threats that are bound to give the Giants some trouble. But if the Giants’ secondary can lock down Terry McLaurin and the rest of the Redskins receivers, Dave Gettleman will earn the right to brag about his decisions and Giants fans will be able to say that they do not miss Landon Collins.

Another way to prove Dave Gettleman right would be for the Giants’ offense to have a strong outing. The Giants’ offense looked excellent last week with Daniel Jones under center. The rookie signal-caller allowed Pat Shurmur to open up the Giants’ offense. Daniel’s ability to make plays as a runner and passer was a complete game changer and the reason the Giants were able to earn their first win of the season.

Daniel Jones threw for 336 passing yards last week against the Buccaneers’ defense and their excellent pass rush. Against the Redskins, Daniel Jones has the opportunity to unmask Washington’s secondary as overrated and overpaid. If Daniel Jones can air out another 300-400 yards this week, Dave Gettleman will have proven that he made the right calls letting Josh Norman and Landon Collins walk away from his teams.

New York Giants: What will Jabrill Pepper’s role be in 2019?

New York Giants, Jabrill Peppers

The New York Giants traded for safety Jabrill Peppers in the deal that sent renowned wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns.

Peppers is essentially Landon Collins’ replacement, but with less production throughout his career, it’s hard to say whether he will live up to the hype. One thing that the former Brown has working for him is his ability to coverer tight ends off the line of scrimmage, and the experience of playing free safety for an entire season.

The New York Giants will help Jabrill Peppers reach his potential:

The young safety is still finding his role in the NFL, but defensive coordinator James Bettcher will help him find his comfort zone — a place where Peppers can excel and be his raw self.

He’s fast, dynamic, aggressive…Peppers is a jack of all trade, a “swiss army knife” some would call him. The hunger to validate his worth in the NFL is driving him to not only be a better player but a better teammate. General manager Dave Gettleman made sure that the defender was included in the deal to send OBJ west, as finding a real safety that can necessarily, do it all, was a priority for the Giants and their aspirations for the defensive unit in 2019.

“I was born ready. I just finally get the opportunity and the spotlight to do it now,” Peppers, 23, said after Thursday night’s preseason win in Cincinnati, per the NY Daily News. “So I’m gonna make sure the [Giants] know they made a good decision.”

There’s a risk factor with Peppers, though, as he tends to lose himself in coverage at times and bite on plays where he needs to have more discipline. Additionally, the Giants featuring several rookies in coverage will force the unit to learn on the go. Peppers might be exposed due to the lack of support and experience around him; however, veteran Antoine Bethea will be a leader and mentor.

Expect to see Peppers used all over the field this upcoming season, especially in coverage and on unique blitzes dialed up by James Bettcher. He will have serious responsibilities on the defense, but his primary goal is to be an efficient tackler that minimizes the impact of opposing tight end — a significant weakness in the past season for Big Blue.

New York Giants News, 7/3 – Jabrill Peppers the new Landon Collins

New York Giants, Jabrill Peppers

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

While comparing Jabrill Peppers to Landon Collis might be a stretch at this point, I’m actually quite confident that the Giants’ new acquisition can be even better than the Redskin.

Peppers, who was heavily misused with the Cleveland Browns, will act as a dynamic and “Swiss Army Knife” style of player. Utilizing him in coverage and at the line of scrimmage will be just two ways defensive coordinator James Bettcher puts his new toy to work.

The college standout started his NFL career playing free safety for the Browns, an unnatural position for him that saw him rank near the bottom of the league at the position. This, however, is good for the Giants, because it only added to his skillset and gives him more diversity on defense.

I anticipate Bettcher baiting the offense with him sneaking up to the line of scrimmage and then backing off into coverage. I’m mostly excited about Peppers because not only can he play in the box and free safety, but he can also cover in the slot and lock down opposing tight ends.

Tight ends have been the bane of the Giants existence with Collins in coverage, something that’s bound to change with Jabrill taking over.


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New York Giants News, 7/2 – The offensive line finally has a leader


New York Giants looking to bring the best out of Jabrill Peppers

New York Giants, Jabrill Peppers

The New York Giants are in an interesting position with their safety group – it will be exciting to see how Jabrill Peppers supplements the loss of Landon Collins.

Losing Landon Collins in free agency will certainly affect the defense, but general manager Dave Gettleman forcing the Cleveland Browns to throw Jabrill Peppers into the Odell Beckham Jr. trade might prove to be even more impactful.

Collins was one of the Giants’ best play-makers, and he wanted to be in Blue for the remainder of his career. Reality took his situation in a different turn, and the Giants could come out with a better deal.

The former Giant is now earning $14 million per season to play with Washington, while Big Blue added Peppers who will count just $1.4 million against the cap in 2019. The price differential is massive, but it’s the skill-set that Peppers brings that should be cause for excitement.

The former Brown was misused all over the field, first playing at the free safety position, a spot where he struggled immensely, ranking towards the bottom of the league in 2017 at the position. He was then moved to a strong-safety look, where his tackles jumped from 57–>79. He also added five tackles for a loss and four QB hits, where he had just one TFL in his rookie year.

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He also managed to collect five passes defended compared to three at the free safety spot. However, his experience in the deep secondary helps the Giants moving forward — it only adds to his diversity and ability at multiple positions.

I anticipate defensive coordinator James Bettcher utilize Peppers in a Swiss Army Knife type of role. Moving him around and keeping the opposing offense concerned. Jabrill can cover receivers in the slot, tight ends, play the run, and drop back at the free safety position.

Acquiring speed and size (similar frame to Landon Collins 5-11, 213-pounds) allows him to play adequately against the run and pass equally. It will be interesting and exciting to see how the Giants use him in his third season as a pro. Also, being a first-round pick allows the Giants to extend him on a fifth-year option down the road. Essentially, they traded a quality linebacker in Collins on an expiring rookie deal for a player about to enter his prime.

New York Giants: Saquon Barkley v Landon Collins – who wins in the hole?

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley, Landon Collins

A solid group of current and past New York Giants attended Landon Collins’ charity softball event over the weekend, raising money for a good cause, but that didn’t stop the trash talk from commencing.

Collins left the Giants this past offseason in favor of the Washington Redskins and a $14 million-per-season contract. His record-breaking deal was well-deserved, but the Giants might come out better on the other side as they will save plenty of money to address positions of need in 2020.

The former Giant, however, was keen on sharing his opinion of Daniel Jones and why Dwayne Haskins was the better pick. An interesting place to make his voice heard, especially since Jones participated.

“I appreciate Daniel Jones coming out here, but I still think we got the best quarterback in the draft,’’ Collins said via the NY Post.

The New York Giants made an interesting decision at quarterback:

General manager Dave Gettleman elected to take Jones over Haskins due to his running ability and familiarity with Eli Manning and coach David Cutcliffe. So far, the 6th overall pick has progressed well and is picking things up quickly. After a year spent behind Manning, he will be ready to take over at the helm.

The most interesting thing Landon said at the softball game was in regard to Saquon Barkley or trying to tackle him. Last season, he expressed his thankfulness for not having to face off against Barkley on the opposing defense, but now things are different as he features on one of the Giants’ rival teams.

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“I was only saying that for the media,’’ Collins said. “I’ve been ready to tackle Saquon. That’s my guy, though. When I get to meet him in the hole this time it’s gonna be full-go.’’

Collins is one of the best box safeties in the NFL, excelling against the run and filling holes. Unfortunately for him, Barkley is one of the most elusive and has immense abilities in the open field. If he gets to the second level, there’s not one player that can bring him down.

However, if there was one, it would likely be Collins and his familiarity with the talented runner. Personally, I do not think he has the side-to-side quickness to react on Barkley’s agility. Add in his tree-trunk size legs and it puts Saquon at a heightened advantage. It will be exciting to see the two clash come the regular season.

New York Giants News, 6/10 – Daniel Jones better than Dwayne Haskins?

The New York Giants drafted

Good Morning, New York Giants fans!

Over the weekend Landon Collins hosted his annual softball game for charity, and wouldn’t you know it, both rookie quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins attended the event.

Collins didn’t hesitate to promote Haskins stating that while he appreciated Jones coming to the game, Washington came away with the better player. That’s yet to be seen, and to be quite frank, I’m more high on Jones than Haskins for one simple reason — the Giants’ passer can move.

Haskins is a traditional pocket passer in a modern-day league that lacks talent at the offensive line position. It’s expensive and hard to come by high-level lineman, which makes mobility a necessity at the quarterback position. Haskins’ arm is better than Jones’ at a raw level, but the 6th overall pick has won with lesser talent and shown he can handle the media at a young age.

Haskins started his NFL career off by immediately launching an entertainment company with his dad — we’ve seen what happens when players and their family members get too involved… *cough, cough, Eli Apple*

While there are minimal numbers to support the argument that either one of the rookies is better than the other, and we likely won’t see any from Jones until 2020, it’s fair to say they’re both talented with plenty of potential. Collins, however, seems more interested in bashing the Giants than thanking Jones in a respectful manner for coming to the event.


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New York Giants: How Antoine Bethea Will Be A Great Mentor For Jabrill Peppers

New York Giants, Antoine Bethea, Jabrill Peppers

The New York Giants made it a point to revamp their secondary in 2019. Their secondary was poor in 2018, allowing 252.8 passing yards per game (ranked 23rd in the NFL).

The Giants’ safety position was heavily disappointing in 2018. Big Blue started safety Curtis Riley in all 16 games, despite him being one of the worst-graded safeties in the NFL. He posted a 58.1 overall Pro Football Focus grade which ranked 79th in the league at his position. Riley missed a position-high 23 tackles in 2018.

Fortunately, Dave Gettleman and the Giants have upgraded their safety position. They let Landon Collins walk in free agency to avoid paying him a record-breaking contract, but they traded for a super talented, young safety (Jabrill Peppers) to replace Landon Collins.

Opposite of Jabrill Peppers, the Giants signed veteran safety Antoine Bethea. Bethea will mentor Jabrill Peppers for the foreseeable future, using his 13 years of experience to teach the 3rd year safety.

Why Bethea Will Be An Excellent Mentor:

Antoine Bethea signed with the New York Giants to provide consistency and stability to the backend. Bethea has been in the league for 13 years. He is now 34 years old, but still highly efficient.

In 2018, Antoine Bethea totaled an impressive 121 tackles, 4 passes defended, 3 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. Bethea played as a strong safety for the majority of his career, but he converted to free safety in 2018. Antoine Bethea will play free safety with the New York Giants.

This will give Jabrill Peppers the opportunity to play strong safety with the Giants. Peppers is primed for a breakout season with Big Blue in 2019. He flashed his potential in 2018 after improving his tackle total to 79 and his PFF grade to 77.6 (19th in the league).

Peppers is a truly versatile, do-it-all safety. Fortunately for Peppers, Antoine Bethea was once a swiss-army-knife on the backend, too.

In 2007, Bethea was more of a pass-defending, speedy safety. He allowed just a 50.2 passer rating in coverage in 2007, logging 4 picks and 3 pass breakups in the process. Now, he is a run-defending, pass-rushing ace in the secondary.

In 2018, Bethea recorded 12 total pressures (six hurries, three hits, three sacks) across 42 pass-rush snaps. He was the most productive pass-rushing safety in the league last season.

Bethea’s evolution as a player over the past 13 years has been marvelous to watch. Antoine has adjusted his versatile game to a playing style that fits his age. Age has turned Bethea into a bit more of a one-dimensional player, but this his prior experiences will come in handy as he mentors Jabrill Peppers.

Antoine Bethea and Jabrill Peppers are already connecting. According to head coach Pat Shurmur, Peppers and Bethea are “working well together.” Both of these safeties have come up with highlight interceptions during spring practices. The tandem is looking sharp and ready to compete in 2019.

New York Giants: Is Jabrill Peppers An Upgrade Over Landon Collins?

The New York Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns that sent Jabrill Peppers to New York.

The New York Giants have made numerous controversial decisions in the 2019 NFL offseason. One decision that was met with a lot of criticism was the decision to let Landon Collins walk in free agency.

Landon Collins was a captain on the Giants’ defense in 2018. He was also voted to the Pro Bowl for the third year in a row. He was an ultimate fan favorite, but Giants general manager Dave Gettleman did not hesitate to let him walk away for nothing in return this March.

The departure of the Giants’ defensive captain left a giant hole on the back end of the defense. Gettleman quickly recognized this and made an acquisition to fix it. The Giants received the young, do-it-all safety Jabrill Peppers in a trade with the Browns.

The media has painted this out to be a disastrous move for Big Blue. But was it really? Is Landon Collins irreplaceable, or will Jabrill Peppers exceed expectations?

Why Jabrill Peppers Will Be An Upgrade:

Landon Collins was awarded 1st-Team All-Pro in 2016 with the New York Giants. Collins a strong Defensive Player of the Year candidate that season. His incredible development with the team won him over with the fans and leaves high expectations for his replacement.

Some fans have already written Jabrill Peppers off. However, despite his high expectations, there are reasons to believe he will exceed them and prove to be an upgrade.

An Improvement In Pass Defense:

Landon Collins was a great run-defending, in-the-box strong safety during his time in New York. However, he was pretty much limited to this role in the past two seasons. He struggled in pass defense the past two seasons, which fans point out while discussing why the Giants moved on from the safety. This is something that third-year safety Jabrill Peppers already does better than Collins.

Peppers is a versatile safety who excels in run defense but is also solid in pass defense, unlike Collins. According to Pro Football Focus, Landon Collins posted a coverage grade of only 68.2 in 2018, ranked 45th out of all safeties in the NFL. PFF even went so far to say Collins would be a better linebacker than safety for this reason.

Jabrill Peppers’s Pro Football Focus coverage grade was much better than Landon Collins’s. Peppers recorded a coverage grade of 77.3. This was a 15.6 point improvement over his rookie season’s coverage grade.

Collins has struggled to play deep safety throughout his career because of his angles and lack of top-end speed got exposed down the field. All six of his pass-breakups in 2018 came either underneath or guarding the slot. Peppers also struggled as a deep safety but has excelled when playing a variety of positions.

Jabrill Peppers is a truly versatile, swiss army knife on defense. In 2018, Peppers was leaps and bounds ahead of where he was in 2017. This is because of the unique way the Browns used him in their defense. Most of his snaps were played at safety (281 snaps), but he played a lot of snaps at linebacker (172 snaps), edge (133 snaps), and slot cornerback (108 snaps), too, according to Pro Football Focus.

This lead to a better statistical season from Jabrill Peppers. He played all 16 games and finished with 79 combined tackles, 1 interception, 5 passes defended, 5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 fumble recoveries.

Jabrill Peppers’s superior coverage skills will make him an upgrade over Landon Collins. Peppers has the ability to defend the run just as well as Collins. However, Collins’s inability to cover lead to his demise with Big Blue. Jabrill Peppers should not face similar issues.

Better Contractual Value:

Jabrill Peppers is also a better player in terms of value. Jabrill is entering his third season, meaning he is still on a rookie contract. His cap hit in 2019 is a measly $1,405,181 and $1,875,271 in 2020.

This is incredible value in comparison to Landon Collins’s $84 million contract with a yearly average cap hit of $14 million, especially when considering their similar playstyle and Peppers’s potential to be the better player.

He even looks better wearing number 21 as a New York Giant:

Jabrill Peppers is going to be the best player on the Giants’ new defense. Collins was arguably the best player on the Giants’ old defense. Peppers has big shoes to fill, but in James Bettcher’s hybrid defense, Peppers should thrive.

New York Giants Top News 5/24: Landon Collins won’t stop talking

New York Giants' Landon Collins

Happy Friday New York Giants fans! One day until an extended Memorial Day weekend, enjoy the good weather and extra day off, you deserve it. Something that has been bothering me lately is the way Landon Collins seems to circle back to the Giants every week.

We understand GM Dave Gettleman didn’t interact much with Collins, as he allowed him to walk in free agency apparently due to his lack of fit in the locker room and culture change. The strong safety was also asking for a massive contract, which Gettleman was never going to give him considering his lack of ability in coverage.

Instead, he traded Odell Beckham Jr. and acquired Jabrill Peppers to sure up the position with a more athletic player. Clearly, Collins isn’t happy with how the entire process went down, continuously belittling Gettleman and his approach towards dealing with players.

Personally, I don’t find it interesting or appealing to hear what Landon has to say, which is why it baffles me that other networks continue to harp on the situation.

Nonetheless —

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