Do The New York Knicks Already Have Their Backup Point-Guard in Lamar Peters?

New York Knicks, Lamar Peters

Leon Rose and the New York Knicks been making an effort in rounding out front office roles. Thorough scouting seems to be what Leon Rose has been aiming for. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on what happens with the top performers for the Westchester Knicks and also what happens during the upcoming draft on October 15th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. One legit question is whether or not the New York Knicks already have their backup point/guard in former Mississippi State, and current Westchester Knick three-point sharpshooting, sweet lefty stroke, 6’0″ point-guard Lamar Peters.

Peters showed flashes in Westchester which reminds one of a young Fred Van Vleet. Lamar Peters is now able to stroke the three-point shot with the best of them according to the eye-test. Shooting is definitely a translatable skill whether it’s from college or from the G-League. The New York Knicks could definitely use a sharpshooting guard off the bench to stretch the floor and free up the bigs to roll to the basket in some situations. Kenny Wooten, Lamar Peters, and Ignas Brazdeikis have been performing really well for Westchester.

Lamar Peters often finds Kenny Wooten for monstrous drunks. Sky is definitely the limit for Lamar Peters. As long as Peters keeps improving upon his crazy shooting.

Lamar Peters and Mitchell Robinson are familiar with each other due to New Orleans, Louisiana. The talent is clearly there however he needs real NBA runs just to catch up to the speed of the game.

Overall, the importance of Peters is crucial to development. The sharp lefty shooter played his way onto the hearts of some diehard Knick fans.

New York Knicks: Lamar Peters Could Be The Younger Version Of Fred Van Vleet

New York Knicks, Lamar Peters

The New York Knicks struggled shooting the basketball from three-point land during the 2019-20 NBA Season. The point-guard position must be able to stretch the floor in today’s NBA game unless that particular non-shooting guard is spectacular in all other aspects of his game. Lamar Peters, who currently plays point guard for the Westchester Knicks, has become a deadly three-point shooting force. Could we all be looking at a younger version of Fred Van Vleet?

If the Knicks sign Fred Van Vleet in the offseason, bringing up Lamar Peters from the G-League wouldn’t be a bad idea. Both are similarly aggressive on offense, along with identical size. Peters could learn and hone his game alongside Van Vleet. Frank Ntilikina would benefit starting alongside Fred Van Vleet at shooting/combo guard. This kind of lineup tweak could allow Fred Van Vleet to continue playing his aggressive offensive style while Ntilikina picks up the slack defensively and be a secondary playmaker on offense.

Lamar Peters on the Knicks bench would make sense, especially if the Knicks also bring up Kenny Wooten as the backup center. The 6’9″ lob catching, shot-blocking, and rim-protecting terrorizer is a shorter version of Mitchell Robinson. However, Wooten’s insane vertical leaping ability makes him a target for Lamar Peters in a pick and roll situation. Lamar Peters is playing with a point guard’s dream, a rim runner capable of finishing strong no matter where the lob pass is thrown.

Overall, Lamar Peters would be a fun fit on the Knicks bench. If the Knicks go out in free agency and sign Fred Van Vleet, the two would be a respectable one-two punch at the point guard position due to the fact that they’re both deadly three-point shooters who can also get others involved and make the game easier for everybody playing alongside them.

New York Knicks could cut veterans, make space for G League standouts

The New York Knicks’ roster should be in for some big changes this offseason. The Knicks filled out their team last summer with veteran signings. The team has strategized the past year to have cap flexibility going forward, and it could lead to major shifts in the roster next season.

No one has stood out

The only player that the Knicks acquired last summer who exceeded expectations was Marcus Morris Sr., who the Knicks wisely traded at the deadline for a first-round pick.

That isn’t to say some of the Knicks’ veterans haven’t had good spurts of contribution. Moe Harkless has impressed with his defense in his brief time with the Knicks, though he will be a free agent this summer. Elfrid Payton has certainly been a great playmaker, and Taj Gibson’s leadership has been an asset. All that said, no one is safe.

Among the Knicks veterans, Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson, and Wayne Ellington all have team options next season. If the Knicks were to decline all of them, they would save roughly 34 million in cap space. The writing is on the wall.

Now, assuming Portis, Gibson, Ellington, and Harkless all leave next summer, that opens up a lot of roster spots and a lot of minutes. Some of those spots will be taken by the Knicks 2020 draft picks, and potential free agent signings. They can also be taken by the Knicks’ G League standouts.

The Big 3

It’s been hard for the New York Knicks to properly allocate minutes to all of their young players. While some players like Damyean Dotson and Allonzo Trier have been stuck on the Knicks’ bench, others have gotten significant playing time with the team’s G League affiliate. The 3 who have stood out are forward Ignas Brazdeikis, guard Lamar Peters, and big man Kenny Wooten.

Ignas Brazdeikis

Brazdeikis will most likely get the first crack at the rotation, as he was the Knicks 2nd round pick in 2019. Brazdeikis has lit up the G League, averaging 20.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.9 assists. His offensive versatility is something the Knicks are severely lacking from their wing players.

Lamar Peters

Lamar Peters has been a jolt of offense for the Westchester Knicks. The shifty, undrafted rookie out of Mississippi State has posted just under 18 points per game. His outside shooting has been impressive: 40% from 3. Peters could find himself as a scorer off the bench for the Knicks next season.

Kenny Wooten

While he may not score much, Kenny Wooten may have the most highlight-reel plays of the 3. The undrafted center is a force of nature defending the paint. He averages a whopping 3.6 blocks per game in the G League and could find himself backing up Mitchell Robinson in the future.

Plan Going Forward

It remains to be seen how the Knicks will mold their roster for next season. Most of the veterans on the team seem like obvious cap casualties. The Knicks have been able to develop talent in the G League that definitely deserves a look in the NBA. Bringing up young guys like Brazdeikis, Peters, and Wooten would certainly help drive some competition for roster spots.

It’s time for the New York Knicks to only play the young guys

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

The 2019-20 New York Knicks season has quickly gone down the drain.  It began with a lot of optimism of making the final few playoff spots.  Now sitting 7 games out of the the 8th seed, it appears the season has gotten out of hand, again.

While all the rumors of trading Marcus Morris, Dennis Smith Jr. and Bobby Portis are circulating, it’s nice to hear Morris wanting to be with the Knicks long-term.  He’s 30-years old and isn’t in the long-term plans for the organization.

However, the Knicks need a change and going all young is the way to go.  Not playing some of the younger players is putting a bad taste in the fans mouths.

Kevin Knox is a prime example.  Knox has severely underachieved this season.  All his stats are down from his rookie campaign along with his confidence.  Knox put the work in this off-season to improve and it was seen to begin the year and it had dwindled away with all other aspects of his game.  For him to be apart of the future plans, he needs a significant increase in minutes.

The future players consist of RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle.  For the most past, Randle will be in the Knicks plans for the next two-years.

Others that should be in the future plans are Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, Allonzo Trier and Elfrid Payton.  Even players down in the G-League like Kenny Wooten Jr., Lamar Peters and Ignas Brazdeikis, who has been on the roster, need a chance to showcase their skills.  There could be a hidden gem with one of those 3 players to contribute to the Knicks young future.

It’s time for the New York Knicks to go all-in on playing, developing and growing their youthful future.