New York Giants: Kadarius Toney lashes out at media on Instagram

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So far, this season isn’t going as fans would have hoped for New York Giants draft pick Kadarius Toney.

While it looked like the Giants were getting a good value after trading down to take the player, they’ve had more problems than production from Toney so far and that has led to some of the receiver’s frustrations going public. This comes after the second game of the season, when the Giants not only blew the game but also failed to make use of their first round rookie.

After two games gone by, Toney has negative receiving yards and had no targets or receptions at all in his second appearance. He was only on the field for 8% of the Giants’ offensive snaps in his first game and 28% of their snaps in the second game.

It’s understandable that he’s frustrated with his usage by the coaching staff so far, but from the looks of things, Toney isn’t the best at choosing how to express those feelings.

Specifically, Toney took to Instagram where he responded to the criticism of himself by calling the media clowns.

Is Kadarius Toney heading towards problems?

While not everyone is a fan of the media, most can agree that coming out and openly attacking them on social media isn’t a wise move for a player in a major market like New York. Toney is already a controversial figure among the fans for the turbulent start to his career, and picking up a reputation early on as a diva wide receiver wouldn’t help his case in that regard.

Furthermore, this seems like something that can only end badly for a player coached by Joe Judge, who preaches discipline. Golden Tate, after all, landed himself out the lineup for one game last season in part because of his Instagram activity.

With Toney being outspoken so far about both the team’s usage of him and the media and fan narratives about him, it may be realistic to expect more controversy this season. At least, if the Giants don’t quickly figure out how to use Toney’s skillset and quell the concerns that they drafted a player in the first round just to sit him for most of the game.

Giants News: Kenny Golladay yells at Jason Garrett, Kadarius Toney’s frustrations are boiling over

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The New York Giants lost a nailbiter against the Washington Football Team on Thursday evening, with interior defender Dexter Lawrence jumping offside on a field goal attempt, they gave kicker Dustin Hopkins one more opportunity to win the game. Unfortunately for the Giants, Hopkins didn’t miss on his second attempt, sending Big Blue crashing down to an 0-2 record this season and the fan base into a frenzy.

With the negativity beginning to mount and head coach Joe Judge running out of answers, the interior of the team has begun to raise frustration, as star receiver Kenny Golladay was seen yelling at coordinator Jason Garrett toward the end of the contest.

Kenny Golladay screams at Jason Garrett as the team avoids him in the most important moments:

Golladay finished with three receptions for 38 yards in the loss, playing in 39 total passing snaps. Golladay was used rarely, as quarterback Daniel Jones targeted Sterling Shepard more frequently over the big money possession option.

Golladay has every right to be frustrated about his lack of usage, especially toward the latter portion of the game when the Giants needed to march down the field and score. At 6’4″ and 213 pounds, the Giants took only one deep shot to their big exterior receiver, which simply isn’t enough.

However, Kenny wasn’t the only receiver to expressed frustration after the defeat, as first-round pick Kadarius Toney took to social media to show his disappointment.

Kadarius Toney’s frustration is boiling over to social media:

Toney featured in just 19 total snaps against Washington, an increase of 14 compared to Week 1 against Denver. Toney failed to make an impact in the receiving game, not being targeted once by Jones. After the game, Tony posted on social media a meme, stating, “I don’t be mad, s—t just be lame to me.”

Some might compare the Giants’ lack of utility for Toney, like buying a sports car and failing to drive it. It is yet to be seen if coordinator Jason Garrett even has plays in his arsenal that are capable of maximizing Kadarius’s skill set.

Hopefully, they can get him more involved moving forward and not just utilize him as an end-around and jet sweep option. He is far more than just a gadget player, and if the Giants don’t get him involved quickly, Toney has a high probability of lashing out once again, and with Golliday already having a screaming match with Garrett on the sidelines, they need to get some of these players involved quickly.

Giants’ QB Daniel Jones details how he’s improved and plans to take the big Year 3 leap

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

When it comes to New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, a lot is riding on his third season in the NFL. Preparing to take on the Denver Broncos in Week 1 on Sunday afternoon, Jones has a tall task ahead of him with a strong secondary and pass rush on the other side of the football.

However, coming off a season where he threw just 11 touchdowns, Jones is looking to take a big step forward and is confident the offense will enable him this upcoming season.

Steve Serby of the New York Post spoke with QB Daniel Jones, who displayed confidence regarding a potential big Year 3 jump:

A leap or however you define it, my focus is more on playing well and helping this team win games, so I feel like I’m prepared, and I feel like the experience last year and the year before, there’s been a number of things I’ve been able to learn and feel like I’ve improved on through last year and this offseason, this training camp and going into this year. I’m excited, I think as a team, as an offense, we’ve had a good camp and we’re looking forward to getting out there.

Jones needs a few positive influences for him to reach his potential, and the first obviously starts with the OL. With question marks at nearly every spot, Jones is relying on solid protection to open up the vertical passing game and reduce his fumble numbers.

The development of the offensive scheme should also pay dividends if Jason Garrett can include more pre-snap motion and downfield targets. The additions of Kadarius Toney, Kenny Golladay, and the return of Saquon Barkley should infuse multiple new elements into a unit that had an undrafted free agent rookie starting by the midway point in the season (Austin Mack).

Jones has never had a WR1 at his disposal, let alone Barkley healthy for the majority of a regular season. The addition of Toney will bring a lot of motion before the snap and quick-twitch abilities in the open field, giving the offense more firepower.

Overall, management has given Jones all the weapons he needs on offense to be successful, but if he doesn’t have time in the pocket, it will all be for naught. Despite that major problem, Jones stated the team is “extremely hungry and ready to get this season going.”

New York Giants: Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney to play on Sunday

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Despite earlier injury scares, the New York Giants won’t have to go into their season opener without their new additions at wide receiver. Both Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney have been on the injury report during the past week leading up to the game, and missed the preseason finale, but have finally been removed from that list with days left before the opener.

The Giants have a number of injury situations that will come down to late decisions from the coaching staff. While Golladay and Toney are confirmed as ready to play, the same isn’t true for Saquon Barkley and Adoree’ Jackson. Both players are listed as questionable, but it looks like Barkley has the better odds of playing as Joe Judge has already confirmed that it would take a setback for Barkley to not play on Sunday.

Evan Engram, on the other hand, is ruled out entirely with a calf injury. We’ll likely see more of Kyle Rudolph because of that, as the new veteran addition is returning to health just in time for week 1.

It remains to be seen how some players will perform coming back from injury, or what the exact role will be for the newcomers to the offense, but the the current outcome is far from the worst one possible for the Giants.

Even if both Engram and Jackson miss the season opener, having the new weapons such as Toney, Golliday, and Rudolph on the field consistently is a big step in justifying the high price the Giants spent this offseason to acquire them.

New York Giants: Kadarius Toney could be a special teams playmaker

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The New York Giants kick off their season at 4:25 pm on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. The wait for the regular season is finally over as the 2021 NFL season kicks off Thursday night in Tampa Bay. The Giants are hoping to get off to a strong start after having a fantastic offseason that saw them drastically improve their roster. One of the team’s most exciting acquisitions was first-round wide receiver, Kadarius Toney.

It was a wild summer for Kadarius Toney unlike any other. The rookie barely practiced with the team and did not participate in the preseason. Toney had a fight with COVID-19 and a mysterious injury that held him out of practice for a while. Despite this, Kadarius is expected to play on Sunday.

The Giants are excited to see their rookie wide receiver line up with the rest of their offense. However, the area of the game where Toney might make the biggest instant impact is on special teams.

Kadarius Toney as the punt returner

The New York Giants would like to ramp Kadarius Toney up to game speed. This is a difficult task, though, as the rookie missed all of the preseason, losing his opportunity to learn the game’s speed. One way for the Giants to get Toney involved early is through special teams.

Initially, Kadarius might struggle while going up against NFL cornerbacks. The competition is bigger, stronger, and faster in the pros than in college, and one criticism of Toney’s game coming out of school was his inability to beat bigger opponents. But as the Giants try to get the ball in Toney’s hands and give him a chance to create an explosive play, placing him as the team’s punt returner is a fantastic way to get the rookie involved.

On the Giants’ unofficial depth chart, Jabrill Peppers is listed as the starting punt returner. Adoree’ Jackson is second string and Kadarius Toney is third string. Jackson, though, has been dealing with an injury for the last few weeks. Peppers is also a valuable player that typically plays over 90% of snaps for the defense. This could give Kadarius Toney an avenue onto the field.

On 177 touches in his collegiate career at UF, Kadarius Toney forced an insane 64 missed tackles (PFF). Toney was the best tackle-breaking wide receiver in this year’s NFL draft. Toney forced a missed tackle on 35% of touches since 2018, which was first among the 2021 wide receiver draft class (PFF). Anytime he has the ball in his hands, Kadarius Toney is a threat to take it to the end zone. As a punt returner in college, Toney has done just that.

Kadarius Toney returned 13 punts in his collegiate career. In his 2020 senior season, Toney returned 11 punts for 139 yards and 1 touchdown.

Few are more explosive with the ball in their hands than Kadarius Toney. New York would be wise to put Toney’s electric playmaking ability to use on special teams as a punt returner in Week One.

Giants’ Kadarius Toney drops legendary comment regarding status for Week 1

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The New York Giants will need every offensive weapon against the Denver Broncos in Week 1. With a strong secondary and fantastic pass rush, Denver is looking to establish themselves against an offense that ranked 31st in points per game last season. The Giants, who added Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Kyle Rudolph, and will likely have Saquon Barkley at their disposal, should provide more consistency and production in the scoring department.

However, the injury report following Wednesday’s practice was packed to the brim. The players categorized as limited were Barkley, Golladay, Toney, Adoree Jackson, Rudolph, Danny Shelton, Kaden Smith, and Andrew Thomas. To summarize, the majority of the Giants’ most important players were all limited in some fashion due to individual injuries.

Despite the designations, rookie receiver Kadarius Toney strongly indicated he would be available against Denver. It seems as if head coach Joe Judge is trying to keep things under wraps, putting as many players on the injury report as possible to create confusion for Denver’s coordinators.

Toney, though, essentially made it clear that unless somebody made up a reason for him to miss Week 1, he would be available and ready to play.

When asked if Toney if an injury or issue would keep him from playing against Denver, he said:

“Nah, I mean, unless you wanna go make one up.”

Toney has had a problematic off-season, missing time due to a hamstring injury, and contracted Covid. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rookie receiver miss plenty of time, as Odell Beckham Jr. returned from a hamstring issue in Week 4 of his rookie campaign.

Kadarius, who has the capabilities to spark an offense and create electrifying plays, will finally get an opportunity to showcase his abilities. Missing all three preseason games and joint practices, there’s a little film to work off of regarding the 20th overall pick.

With the Florida product on the field, the Giants can get a bit more creative, utilizing jet sweeps, pre-snap motion, and more unique play calls to get him into space with the ball in his hands.

In addition to Toney, fellow receiver Kenny Golladay is also expected to suit up against the Broncos. Golladay, who earned a Pro Bowl nod in 2019, will feature as quarterback Daniel Jones’s WR1. Jones hasn’t had a receiver like Golladay since general manager Dave Gelman traded Odell Beckham Jr. just weeks before the Giants selected Jones in the first round. Golladay hauled in 65 receptions for 1,190 yards and 11 scores two years ago with Detroit but played in just five games last year with a myriad of injuries.

Golladay has been dealing with a hamstring injury this off-season but has been moving crisply and seems to be prepared to play this upcoming weekend. With the majority of the Giants’ top playmakers likely to be available, the scheme should also improve with it. One of the biggest knocks on the offense has been coordinator Jason Garrett’s playcalling, but expect more downfield targets and fewer curl routes, which was his preference in 2020.

New York Giants: Kenny Golladay on recovery, chemistry with offense

new york giants, kadarius toney

It’s safe to say a fair amount of the hopes for the New York Giants offense rest on Kenny Golladay. Golladay is the team’s highest profile free agent, and the most visible part of the organization’s plan to focus on offensive weapons this offseason. The Giants prioritized bringing Golladay in over improving other areas such as the offensive line, and that decision will be judged in part by how Golladay plays in his debut season with the team.

Golladay and the Giants are unfortunately facing a challenge in that plan, however. Golladay is injured right now, and it’s unclear if he’ll be back in time for week 1. Despite that, the receiver has seemingly kept a hopeful outlook and is positive about his time with the franchise so far.

Golladay speaks on return to practice

Golladay, along with Saquon Barkley, is one of the Giants players who recently made a return to practice. He took questions on Thursday about it, and explained the reasoning behind a slower start.

“I mean, this is literally like the first day and a half I’m back out there, so it’s still fresh. I’ve still got to get my legs up under me and everything,” Golladay told reporters when asked about his explosiveness.

He also spoke about another subject that fans will be curious about: his chemistry with Daniel Jones. While Jones will have more weapons this season, injuries have largely meant that those weapons haven’t had much of a chance to build chemistry yet. According to Golladay, however, this isn’t the biggest deal.

“It’s definitely a little bump in the road, but we still have some days left. I’ve got to get just a lot of catches in,” Golladay said.

Golladay on Kadarius Toney

Ironically enough, injury may help Golladay’s chemistry with fellow receiver Kadarius Toney. Both players are on uncertain return timetables after offseason injuries. And as high profile additions, both of them have strong expectations to get back on the field for the Denver game.

“I’m just trying to keep him on a good track and trying to keep his mind clear. As a rookie, it’s kind of hard coming in with injuries,” Golladay said about the rookie.

“I dealt with it a little bit my rookie year and I know how frustrating it can be. You almost kind of want to rush it and get yourself back out there, so I kind of make sure his head is on straight and tell him everything will be alright, and we have time on our side.”

A quick return to form following injury is the bare minimum expectation for both Golladay and Toney after the Giants prioritized both players over other areas of the team. Based on the way things are panning out so far, that decision has been criticized with many pointing to the state of the offensive line as evidence the Giants should have focused elsewhere.

It’s still too early to say just how either of the new additions will fit into the offense when healthy, but it’s definitely not too soon to rule wide receiver one of the highest pressure positions on the team currently.

New York Giants: Barkley and Rudolph out, others will be game time decision

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants are dealing with a number of injuries right now, and it’s unclear which players are in a position to return for the final preseason game. We do know, however, that two anticipated returns won’t happen in this game after Joe Judge ruled out the possibility already.

Those players are Saquon Barkley and tight end Kyle Rudolph, both of whom have mounting pressure to play in week 1. Judge confirmed on Friday that neither player will take the field against New England.

“He will not play in this game, no. We’ll dress him out. He’ll go through warm up. We’ll continue him on through ramping up. He won’t play. Him or Rudolph won’t play in this game,” Judge told reporters when asked about Barkley.

But more encouragingly, Judge also claimed that the Giants are still making decisions on some players.

Some decisions are still being made

“The other players – there’s a lot of guys where there’s still decisions being made. We’ll see how they come out today and even some tomorrow. We’ll see how they’re going to look for the game. So, I can’t give any final answers on a lot of guys,” Judge said.

The list of injuries includes three wide receivers – John Ross, Kadarius Toney, and Kenny Golladay.

With Toney being the team’s first round draft pick and Golladay being their biggest free agent signing, this has caused some reasonable concern that Daniel Jones won’t get a chance to build chemistry with his most important targets in a game situation before week 1.

But as the Giants generally rested their starters for the first couple of preseason games, it’s clear the staff aren’t prioritizing preseason experience for their key players.

We know Jones will play one half in the final game, but as of now, it remains to be seen if his new weapons will be there on the field with him.

New York Giants injury updates: Adoree Jackson, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney

new york giants, adoree jackson

The New York Giants started practice on Wednesday afternoon on a positive note, announcing the return of tight end Kyle Rudolph from the PUP list. Rudolph has spent the summer rehabilitating from a foot injury that was discovered before he signed with the Giants this off-season on a two-year contract.

However, not all injury news from Wednesday’s joint practice with the New England Patriots was positive. Starting quarterback and new free-agent signing, Adoree Jackson suffered a foot injury, and the severity is currently unknown.

New York Giants injury updates:

Adoree Jackson:

The roller coaster of news following Jackson’s injury is quite laughable.

Ranging from Jackson being carted off the field after slipping in coverage to he might be able to practice tomorrow is quite polarizing. Ian Rapoport went as far as to say the swelling was “significant,” but the Giants are still running tests to diagnose exactly what the cornerback is facing in the short term.

Best case scenario, Jackson walks away dodging a bullet, as the Giants recently traded Isaac Yiadom to the Green Bay Packers in hopes the secondary would remain healthy. They lost Quincy Wilson during the last preseason game and are still unsure about rookie Rodarius Williams. Third-round pick Aaron Robinson continues to spend time on the PUP list with a core muscle injury.

Overall, the Giants are holding their breath that the injury doesn’t reveal anything significant. Swelling could indicate something serious, but it is also a natural reaction from the body and normally subsides with a bit of ice and Advil. Until the swelling goes down, the team won’t truly know how long he will be out.

Kenny Golladay:

The Giants’ top wideout has spent the last few weeks dealing with a hamstring injury, an issue he’s faced before. Golladay has only played five games since his Pro Bowl appearance in 2019, but he is expected to make a full recovery and to be available for the team’s Week 1 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Golladay spent time on the side with trainers, catching passes from a standstill. He has worked with Daniel Jones, playing a game of simple catch, but that isn’t enough to beat corners on timing routes and fully understand the playbook come the start of the regular season. Hopefully, next week will offer Golladay an opportunity to get the gears turning once again.

Kadarius Toney:

Giants’ rookie receiver Kadarius Toney has experienced somewhat of an up-and-down off-season.

After equipment issues first plagued his minicamp, Toney, unfortunately, contracted COVID-19, which has kept him on edge ever since. Toney was also working alongside trainers with Golladay during Wednesday’s practice. There’s no guarantee he will be available against Denver, but at the very least, he could get a few reps throughout the game on designed plays to get his feet wet. Missing the entire preseason isn’t ideal, but the Giants are still confident he will make an impact on the 2021 campaign.

New York Giants already declare key offensive players OUT for second preseason game

new york giants, kadarius toney

The New York Giants are currently enjoying a week of joint practices with the Cleveland Browns. The Giants and Browns will face off in a preseason Week Two matchup on Sunday night.

In their first preseason game, key members of the team were held out in an effort to keep them healthy for the start of the regular season. Players like Daniel Jones and Leonard Williams did not see the field on game day. Many of these key players will return to the field to start ramping up to game speed. But the Giants have already declared a number of key offensive players out for their second preseason game.

Kenny Golladay (hamstring), Kyle Rudolph (foot), Saquon Barkley (knee), and Kadarius Toney (unknown) will all be absent from the Giants’ lineup on Sunday.

When will these players return?

Daniel Jones and most of the starters on offense will take the field on Sunday. In the third preseason game versus the Patriots next weekend, Joe Judge wants the starters to play most of the first half. But will these injured players be back in time to create some chemistry in the preseason? Or will Golladay, Rudolph, Barkley, and Toney have to wait until the regular season to see some action?

Kyle Rudolph

At this point, it appears Kyle Rudolph will not be seeing the field until the regular season. In fact, it looks like it could be a long time before he suits up for the Giants. Rudolph does not seem close to returning and if he is not activated off of the PUP list by the start of the regular season, he will miss at least the first six weeks of the year.

Kenny Golladay

Kenny Golladay is a player the Giants need healthy for the regular season. He suffered a hamstring tweak a few weeks ago and avoided the worst-case scenario, but he has not been a full participant in practice since the injury occurred. At this point, Golladay could be healthy enough to play next week, but it might be wise for the Giants to let him rest up and focus on the regular season.

Saquon Barkley

Like Golladay, Saquon Barkley is an essential piece of the Giants’ offense. New York needs their superstar running back to get healthy. It is hard to imagine that the Giants would risk an injury to Barkley by playing him in the preseason considering the severity of the injury he is recovering from.

Kadarius Toney

Kadarius Toney is a major question mark to this point. The rookie wide receiver has barely practiced with the team this summer and is now dealing with a mystery injury. The Giants say he is dealing with an injury but have not specified what the injury might be. At this point, no one knows when Toney will be recovered. All Giants fans can do is wait and hope to see Kadarius Toney on the field for the start of the regular season.