New York Giants Could Solidify Their Offensive Line Tonight By Drafting Josh Jones

New York Giants, Josh Jones, Houston

The New York Giants‘ offensive line has been among the worst in the league for the past couple of seasons. Kevin Zeitler was a huge addition to the Giants’ offensive line in the 2019 season. However, Nate Solder and Mike Remmers haven’t provided that same steady performance.

Solder’s 57 pressures allowed this season are seven more than any other player in the NFL. Solder and Remmers 97 combined pressures allowed was the most in the NFL this season (PFF). The Giants needed to address the problem of the struggling offensive line in this year’s NFL Draft and they certainly made improvements after the first round last night.

With the fourth overall pick, the New York Giants selected Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia. Thomas is an absolute freak of nature! Standing at 6’5″,  and weighing 315 Ibs, a very agile big man who has quick feet and can run and pass block against the best of the best as he did in his collegiate carrier. Thomas was no doubt the best and most pure left tackle in the draft class. This draft choice was a huge win for the Giants, giving Daniel Jones more time in the pocket, and opening up running lanes for Saquon Barkley!

What the Giants should do tonight :

The Giants hold the 36th overall pick in the second round of the NFL Draft. There is still so much talent on the board. New York can’t go wrong with drafting a guy like Antoine Winfield the safety from Minnesota, or Zack Baun the linebacker from Wisconsin.

Josh Jones, OT, Houston a strong option:

The Giants could stack their offensive line by drafting Josh Jones, (OT) from Houston. Jones is another freak of nature who could potentially fill the need at right tackle for the Giants. Jones, like Thomas, is 6’5″, 319 Ibs, and is very quick out of his stance when asked to pull block. Jones does a great job of reaching the second level of blockers and improved tremendously as his season went on. Jones went from a second-round pick who would need more time to develop, to a day one starter and a potential first-round pick.

Josh Jones has excellent lateral-slide smoothness to handle mirroring duties. He is able to get to difficult reach blocks on the play-side and back-side. Both Thomas and Jones have experience at left tackle and right tackle. If Jones is drafted by Giants, expect to see the two switching sides to throw defenses for a ride. Jones may not have the footwork like Thomas does, but he makes up for it with his pure athleticism.

What The Giants should do with Nate Solder:

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Giants do with Nate Solder if they go offensive tackle in round two. The Giants could look to trade Solder for draft capital, but the problem is, who wants the guy? Solder had a season to forget in 2019 and is losing value. He allowed 11 sacks which were the second-most in the NFL this year. Jones could sit behind Solder for a year and develop, but it might be best for the Giants’ to start him from day one.

The New York Giants have a chance to fix their offensive line struggles and build a line that can be set and stone for the next seven to eight years. Adding Andrew Thomas and, hopefully, Josh Jones, will create an amazing pocket for Danny Dimes to throw the ball, and also give star running back Saquon Barkley the holes and lanes he’s been seeking for the past two seasons. For these reasons, if he manages to fall to pick thirty-six, the Giants should draft Josh Jones.

New York Giants: One Final 3-round Mock Draft to End Them All

New York Giants, Josh Jones, Houston

Here’s one final three-round, New York Giants 2020 NFL Mock Draft to end them all:

We have heard every scenario the New York Giants could possibly take in the upcoming draft on Thursday, and most of them benefit the team significantly, while others ignore essential positions. General manager Dave Gettleman has one final season to prove his rebuild is working, and the foundation he has laid can propel the Giants to success.

However, it starts with the first round and which player can add the most value.

Round 1 (4th overall):

When you invest two top-10 picks into a quarterback and running back, it would be malpractice to avoid bolstering the offensive line. Gettleman has done a decent job plugging free agents and draft picks into the offenses protection scheme, but they ultimately need more reinforcement.

Left tackle Nate Solder was a turnstile in 2019, and Gettleman admitted as much. Replacing him in the draft could very well be how the Giants instill their faith In Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley.

Alternatively, they would have to pass on Isaiah Simmons, who would add an incredible playmaker to the defense. The ideal scenario would be to trade back, and that is exactly what the Giants do with the fourth overall pick, moving back with the Los Angeles Chargers at number six, who falls for the Justin Herbert trick.

Not only do the Giants acquire another second-round pick, but they are still in play for Isaiah Simmons or an offensive tackle. Either way, they get an incredible player who will benefit the team tremendously moving forward.

Since Simmons is still on the board and Gettleman is a master offensive line evaluator, the Giants take the best player available.

PICK 1: Isaiah Simmons

Round 2 (picks 36 & 38):

The Giants still need to find a tackle, and adding a second-round pick from the Chargers allows them to pair the number 36 and number 38 selections to move up into the first round. Luckily, they were able to land Houston tackle Josh Jones, who is a fringe tier 1 tackle. This means they will have to pass on Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas, Mekhi Becton, and Tristan Wirfs, but they still land a fantastic player who has developmental upside. The Giants walk away with Simmons and a new tackle for the future in the first round, the best possible scenario.

PICK 2: Josh Jones

Round 3 (no. 99):

Considering the Giants still have four seventh-round picks at this point, packaging them to move up a bit isn’t a terrible idea.

However, Alabama DE/OLB Terrell Lewis remains available at number 99. While he did have an injury-plagued 2018 campaign, he was expected to be a top selection in the 2020 draft. Lewis is a talented pass rusher that ultimately was dealt a bad hand, but he has plenty of locked potential and could be a developmental piece moving forward. The Giants are high on Oshane Ximines, but they desperately need pass rush help, and Lewis can offer something as a rotational player in 2020.

According to

“He was a second-team All-SEC selection in 2019 after racking up 31 tackles, 11.5 for loss, six sacks and two pass breakups in 11 games (three starts).”

PICK 3: Terrell Lewis

Three Positions the New York Jets Could Target In 1st Round

The New York Jets have the 11th pick in the draft. It’s a solid spot to grab a blue-chip prospect. There are three spots the Jets desperately need to improve in the draft. With the opportunity to grab a cornerstone piece at 11, the Jets will target one of these three spots.

Left Tackle

The premier offensive line prospects are a great group. Tristan Wirfs is a spectacular athlete. He’s a great offensive lineman and very agile. Mekhi Becton is a FREAK athlete and very agile as well. Andrew Thomas has the highest ceiling and could be the best of the group. Jedrick Wills is an elite pass protector with incredible potential but would have to transition to left tackle. As long as one of the top 4 guys are there, Joe Douglas seems inclined to add an offensive lineman. There have been rumblings about another position, but, with two weeks to go, I’d say this pick will be a big man. If the Jets trade back, look to Josh Jones of Houston and Austin Jackson of USC to be targeted.

Wide Receiver

The receiver class is more loaded than any in recent memory. There are three key guys who could be targeted at 11 if the Jets target receiver. Henry Ruggs is the dynamic speed demon who lit up the combine. Jerry Jeudy is your prototypical receiver 1 and a crisp route runner. CeeDee Lamb is a little bit of both. Lamb has been the most connected to the Jets and wouldn’t be a surprise per Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller. Lamb and Jeudy are both can’t miss talents. Lamb can be the Hopkins to Darnold’s Watson and potentially be his key playmaker. With that said, I’d love a receiver here, but with the depth in this class at the position, Darnold could use someone at 11 who can protect Sam and give him time to throw. If the Jets trade back, the Jets could grab Justin Jefferson or Jalen Reagor, two-speed demons who could fit well in the Jets offense.

Edge Rusher

This came down to two spots for me. Edge rusher or corner. Pierre Desir and Bless Austin have a lot of potential as a corner duo for next season. I am a big Desir guy, I think he’s incredibly underrated. If they can add another corner in the later rounds then they’d be in a decent spot for the time being at corner. Edge rusher is rough. Jordan Jenkins and Tarell Basham are the projected duo heading into next season. Jenkins and Basham are not the long term duo. Jenkins is on a prove-it deal and Basham isn’t proven. The Jets could use their next star edge rusher. Chase Young will be gone at 11, but K’Lavon Chaisson is a phenomenal talent. He’s dynamic and quick, but with so many other needs, he may not be worth the pick this high or at all with the other needs. If the Jets trade down, AJ Epsensa, Zack Baun and Yetur Gross Matos would all be great targets at the edge spot.

New York Giants: The dream draft scenario in the first round

There are many avenues the New York Giants can explore in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, but there’s one scenario that would set the team up with a top offensive tackle and a star linebacker.

First and foremost, this scenario depends on a few different factors:

  1. The Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions remain steady with the No. 2-3 picks
  2. The Lions don’t select a quarterback
  3. The Miami Dolphins/Chargers are willing to trade up for a quarterback (for the right price)

There’s evidence to suggest Washington will select Chase Young with the 2nd overall pick, and the Lions land Jeff Okudah at No. 3. The Giants now have all the leverage to trade away the 4th overall pick and put themselves in a position to add draft-capital to their arsenal of resources.

Ideally, Miami is willing to trade up to No. 4 and give up at least a second-round pick in the process, which would not only guarantee the Giants a shot at Clemons linebacker, Isaiah Simmons, but also an opportunity to orchestrate a trade up into the first round.

The New York Giants aren’t this crafty:

Dave Gettleman has never traded back in his entire career as a general manager in the NFL, but there’s never been an opportunity as golden as this for the Giants. They have two QB-needy teams waiting in the wings and need to take full advantage of that reality. Both Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert will be on the board for the taking, and selling the idea that the Chargers are attempting to swap picks should be enough to convince Miami that they need to make a move…fast. It’s all about creating leverage in a high-pressure situation, so please, Gettleman, pick up the phone this time.

In the scenario that this all works out and the Giants add a second-rounder to their draft pick allocation, they will now have the ability to find a tackle in the first round. Pairing those second-rounders will give them enough ammo to move up and have a shot at prospects like Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, or Josh Jones.

This finely choreographed move would plug a quality rookie into one of the more expensive positions in football, and it would guarantee they find their defensive playmaker in Simmons. We can dream, right?

The Real Question for the New York Giants at 4

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants have a very real dilemma if they do not trade back in the 2020 NFL Draft this April.  Of course, any Giant fan will hold on to the dream of Chase Young falling to New York, but the roads to get there are nearly impassable.  

It would take a team willing to outbid the Miami Dolphins, who hold five picks in the first two rounds this year, for Washington’s pick.  Which would also mean the Redskins would be willing to move outside the Top 5.

Possible? Sure. So is me winning a lottery jackpot upwards of one billion dollars?

What options do the Giants realistically have at 4?

Fans of the New York Giants should stick to three options assuming they stay at number 4.  Those options are offensive tackle, a versatile defensive unicorn, and another young cornerback.

Offensive Tackle

Fortunately for the Giants, the offensive tackle class has some very good talent.  There are four options right now that the Giants could consider at the 4th overall. Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, and Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.  

Jedrick Wills seems to be separating himself a bit from the rest, but Mekhi Becton has been gaining quite a bit of steam heading into the pre-draft process.  I wrote in my most recent mock draft that I believe Andrew Thomas would be the best fit for the Giants run game, but Becton Wills and Wirfs all have their arguments as well.  Admittedly, I’m beginning to lean more towards Wills, while not being able to deny the lateral movement of Becton. Regardless, if Dave Gettleman wants to add a hog molly with the 4th pick, there are plenty of options.

The Unicorn

All I really need to say here is the name “Isaiah Simmons” and end this paragraph.  Everyone knows his name and what he can do. He’s versatile, he’s talented and he has very few, if any, weaknesses to his game.  Simmons can play a variety of positions, which is what makes him attractive for the Giants here. He wouldn’t fix all of the defenses issues, but wherever he plays best would be an upgrade for New York.

His best fit for the Giants would likely be linebacker.  Either as an interior LB or as the WILL in a 4-3 front. Regardless, he can cover running backs, tight ends and even wide receivers, as well as be an impact blitzer.  If you’ve been a fan of the Giants for awhile, you likely desire a talented sideline-to-sideline linebacker that can defend the pass against running backs and tightends as much as I have.  Simmons is that answer.


Albeit the least likely of the three options, one can not rule out the Giants potential attraction to Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah.  Okudah’s man coverage skills and athletic ability may result in him evolving into one of, if not the best cornerback in the NFL during his time.  He is physical and can stay on a receivers hip through any route. Okudah’s ball skills are tremendous. He may need to work on his zone presence a little, but the value he adds in the pass game outweighs that.

The Dilemma

To me, the real debate for the Giants if they choose to stay at four is simple.  Linebacker or offensive tackle. Of course, Simmons can play more than just linebacker, but he is best suited for the middle of the defense.  He’s not a true EDGE rusher and putting him at safety takes him away from being a consistent impact on every rep. If the Giants draft Simmons, it is to play him at linebacker.  

As much as I covet a game-changing linebacker for this team, is a linebacker more valuable and more of a dire need for the New York Giants?  It certainly is something they need to address, but let’s not ignore the issues at offensive line.

The problems along the offensive line have been rampant for the Giants for years.  Nate Solder was given a big contract but has not lived up to it. The right tackle has been a carousel of players with no clear answer.  Misfortune and durability have crippled the starting center role. Trying to patch the line up can no longer be an answer.  

OL Nick Gates showed promise last season.  He stepped in when Mike Remmers was injured and looked good.  Whether or not he can be a consistent starter quality talent for New York is still a question.  Free-agent Jack Conklin has been a name linked to the Giants for some time now, but his signing with Big Blue is no certainty either.  Even with the addition of Conklin, do either him or Gates have what it takes to play left tackle? Can Nate Solder drastically improve?  

Finding a talented offensive line is not just a problem that plagues the Giants.  Every team in the NFL values talent on their line every off-season. There are plenty of teams with good lines, but having depth is another thing.  Jack Conklin could command big money in free agency, which the Giants have, but are they willing and able to outbid other suitors? Time will tell. 

The 2020 offensive tackle class this year is pretty talented.  As noted earlier, there are four options for the Giants with the 4th pick.  Usually, if a position of need is deep, I am all for waiting to select a player.  However, is this really something worth risking to wait until taking with the 2nd pick?  Would players like Josh Jones, Lucas Niang and Austin Jackson have the same impact and longevity? They might, but why let another team dictate who you can pick if you have the fortune of being able to choose whoever you want?

Isaiah Simmons is a fantastic athlete and I will not be disappointed to hear his name called to the Giants in April.  I will be the first in line to buy his jersey.  However, when it comes down to it, offensive tackle is a much more important need than a linebacker. The Giants have taken risks in the last two drafts.  A running back with the 2nd overall pick, and then a controversial QB selection in 2019. It is imperative for the success of the team to give both of those players help.  Even if that means sacrificing a unicorn in the process.

New York Giants: 3-round Mock Draft to fix positions of ‘need’ and not ‘want’

With the New York Giants in dire need of talent on the defensive side of the ball, we can only hope that GM Dave Gettleman will appropriate a healthy amount of draft capital towards fixing the existing holes. However, the team is also weak in the offensive line category, trotting out a terrible Nate Solder in 2019 at left tackle and Mike Remmers, who played adequately in the second half of the season at right tackle.

The reality is, there might be too many holes on both sides of the ball for the Giants to fix this offseason, but there are several top talents they can look to in the draft to help bolster their weaker spots.

Heres’s a three-round New York Giants mock draft:

1.) 4th overall pick – Hybrid LB/S Isaiah Simmons

Simmons is one of the more polarizing players in the upcoming draft, and some might disagree with my selection here, but the Giants are in dire need of a defensive stud to move around in the middle of the field and lockdown running backs for years to come. The last time the Giants has a Pro-Bowl caliber linebacker was when they fielded Antonio Pierce, and guess what, they won a Super Bowl with him controlling the defense.

What I like the most about Simmons is his versatility, and ability not only to play safety and cornerback to not only line up at linebacker but also play safety and cornerback if needed. He reminds me of a bigger, more physcial version of Minkah Fitzpatrick. His coverage skills aren’t as elevated, but he has more of a dynamic approach to his game. Simmons accounted for 8.0 sacks, three interceptions, 16.5 tackles for a loss, eight passes defended, and 104 total tackles in his junior year. He ranks just behind Chase Young in terms of draft stock, and the Giants ould be silly to overlook him unless they receive a trade-back offer they can’t refuse.

2.)  36th overall pick – OT Josh Jones

Josh Jones out of Houston is a fascinating prospect that has begun to climb draft boards in recent weeks. With offensive tackle being a strong position in the upcoming draft, Jones could easily slip to the second round for the Giants, who could take a similar approach as they did with Will Hernandez.

As per The Draft Network:

PROS: Enticing project caliber prospect — he’s got a lot of intriguing physical traits. Most notable among them is desirable length to play on the edge, as well as an athletic build and some tenacity in the trenches to dog defenders along the line of scrimmage. Jones moves well in space as a blocker pulling out in front of runs and folding up into the LOS, he’s light on his feet. Experienced starter with several years under his belt after redshirting his true freshman season. If he’s paired with an effective offensive line coach, he’s got the raw physical skills to be a starter at the NFL level.

Jones’ struggles present themselves in the form of awareness and his initial punch off the line of scrimmage. His athletic build and raw skill present Marc Colombo, the New York Giants’ offensive line coach, with plenty of talent to work with, but he would need a bit of time before he can be a starting level OT in the NFL. However, his ceiling is high enough to take a risk.

3.) 68th overall pick – Gettleman traded it away

The trading for Leonard Williams might be Gettleman’s biggest gaffe during his two-year tenure with the Giants. If the Giants re-sign the interior defensive lineman, they will likely lose out on a third-round selection. However, if he walks, they will re-gain a selection in the mid-’90s. They essentially forfeited a high third-round pick and moved back 25 slots for a rental. While this isn’t a fireable offense, considering the reasoning behind the move, it undoubtedly fuels the fire.

Let’s say the Giants do gain the 95th overall pick, for giggles, they could look towards a player like Texas’ Devin Duvernay. The senior wide receiver had a fantastic 2019 campaign with the Long Horns, amassing 1,386 yards and nine touchdowns. His size is rather average at the NFL level, 5-11, 210-pounds, but he has solid speed and hands.

New York Giants: 3 second-round players that could fit the bill for Big Blue

New York Giants, Josh Jones, Houston

The New York Giants have holes littered across both sides of the ball, with essential needs at offensive tackle, pass rusher, linebacker, and pretty much all over the secondary.

The second round of the 2020 NFL Draft presents an excellent opportunity for GM Dave Gettleman to plug one of these holes, and there’s plenty of talent to choose from.

Here are three players the New York Giants should target:

1.) Josh Jones, OT, Houston

If the Giants don’t address the offensive line in the first round, they should consider Houston tackle, Josh Jones, in the second. The team’s anemic pass blocking needs bolstering, and Jones fits the bill. While other positions of need might need draft allocation more direly, protecting Daniel Jones must be the priority, and Jones has great size and mobility. If he can increase his strength and refine his technique, he could develop into a top-line tackle in the NFL.

2.) Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State

With the departure of Janoris Jenkins last season, the Giants are also in need of more quality cornerbacks. First-round selection in 2019, DeAndre Baker, struggled in his rookie campaign, and his arrogance didn’t help his progression in the locker room either. A lack of effort was noticeable on specific plays, and Baker was chewed out by veteran teammates more than once.

Drafting Dantzler in the second-round could create some competition at the position, as both Sam Beal and Corey Ballentine aren’t anywhere close to being a No. 1 talent. At 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, Dantzler has solid size and could move up the board if his pre-draft workouts go well.

3.) Terrell Lewis, DE/OLB, Alabama

Lewis has suffered through significant injuries the past two years, but when healthy, he’s an incredibly gifted athlete and football player. With edge-rusher a significant need for the Giants, Lewis seems like a natural fit in their hybrid scheme. Lewis’ hands have been compared to Mike Tyson’s, meaning he has an incredible first punch and can use his power to push offensive lineman backward.

His 11.5 tackles for a loss and 6.0 sacks last year were solid for an OLB, but his peak at the NFL level might level off around the 8.0 sack range. However, if he remains healthy, he could be a useful and consistent option off the edge.

New York Giants: 3 offensive line talents to watch at Senior Bowl

New York Giants, Josh Jones, Houston

As the New York Giants and new head coach Joe Judge begin the tumultuous process of evaluating college talent in preparation for the 2020 NFL Draft, it’s important to note that the Senior Bowl is an essential factor in the process.

The Giants have heavily invested in Senior Bowl talent the past few years, and the new regime will not deter from the team’s frequent appearance. Newly hired offensive coordinator and Judge will surely be in attendance for the game, especially when it comes to several offensive linemen that could spring the ears of some.

Here are three offensive linemen the New York Giants should look out for:

1.) Trey Adams (Washington)

Adams is a fantastic run-blocker but has struggled in pass protection at times during college. His ability to get to the second level has been a positive attribute for him, thanks to a mean streak that comes alive in the midst of battle. At 6-foot-8, 318 pounds, Adams is a massive body that could be worth a good look, and if he’s available in the second round of the draft, the Giants might take a similar approach to the drafting of Will Hernandez. Adams could theoretically start right way at one of the tackle positions, but it’s best that have a reliable veteran in place just in case. Having suffered a torn ACL and severe back injury while at Washington, Adams could fall down the boards a bit, which could be a positive thing for the Giants.

2.) Prince Tega Wanogho (Auburn)

As one of the more raw prospects in the Senior Bowl, Wanagho represents a great developmental offensive lineman, fitting into zone-blocking schemes primarily. His size, at 6-foot-7, 305 pounds, makes him an exciting option in the middle rounds, and adding young offensive lineman can never hurt.

3.) Josh Jones (Houston)

At 6-foot-7, 310 pounds, Jones has ideal size for a left tackle, and after a stellar performance in 2019 with Houston, he could be a top option on teams’ draft boards.

Jones anchored the LT position despite his team’s 4-8 record last season. He played an integral part in generating great push up front for the Houston offense, but their lack of play-makers was troublesome for their production. With Nate Solder proving to be a liability at left tackle, the Giants could be in the market for a new one, and Jones could be a decent option in the early-mid rounds of the draft.