New York Yankees News/Rumors: Should the Yankees get aggressive with a Josh Hader trade?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

After being near quiet in the offseason, the New York Yankees made some big waves across baseball with the resigning of DJ LeMahieu, signing Corey Kluber, and trading for potential ace Jameson Taillon. But the Yankees still have needs. The Yankees lost two arms from the bullpen, first Tommy Kahnle, who signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers and then traded Adam Ottavino to the Red Sox in a salary dump. The dump took $8.15M off the luxury tax salary cap.

According to, the Yankees payroll is presently at $199.2 million. So the Yankees have freed up about $10 million. In the past few days, I have written about several reliever arms the Yankees could get on the cheap. But the Yankees could use a reliever of Tommy Kahnle’s quality. One of the best relievers in the game is the 26-year-old Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers. The catch is the Brewers don’t need to move Hader, and in a trade, they will want the world for him.

Before we discuss what it would take to get Hader to the Bronx, let’s look at why the Yankees would love to put him in pinstripes. First, he is the best reliever in the National League. Last season with 13 saves, he has a career 2.54 ERA over 172 relief outings in four MLB seasons, all with the Brewers. And that wasn’t a fluke. In 2018 he went 6-1, was an All-Star, and came in seventh in the Cy Young voting. In 2019 he had a 2.62 ERA and was again an All-Star. Because of these stats, it’s going to cost the Yankees if they pursue him.

Industry sources confirm that the New York Yankees were in talks with the Brewers to get Hader earlier in the offseason but, for some reason, backed off. You never know what Yankee general manager Brian Cashman has up his sleeve. He may be waiting to see what other offers are made for the reliever, just like he waited to see what action DJ LeMahieu would get from other suiters.

Other than Hader being one of the best relievers in the game, there are other upsides to a deal. The Yankees can afford his payroll of $6.65M this year. If they could complete the trade, the Yankees would have control of him through the 2023 season. The stumbling block to the deal is that they will probably want Deivi Garcia, Alexander Vizcaino, and two more prospects. The Yankees have already sent four prospects to the Pirates in exchange for Taillon. Although this wouldn’t strip the farm system, it would put a pretty big dent in it. The Yankees have to decide if it is worth it. We all know when Cashman really wants something, he can be really creative.

So far this season, he has gotten LeMahieu for as much as $10 million less per year than many suggested. He made the trade for Jameson Taillon, giving up no major prospects. The New York Yankees can afford this deal should they get aggressive and build a top-notch bullpen. If they make the Hader deal they still will have a couple of million to add another arm. On Hader’s part, he would have to cut his famous locks for a chance at a World Series win.


Yankees News/Rumors: Trevor Bauer’s contract desires, Josh Hader back in the mix?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

As the 2020 circus of an off-season continues, the New York Yankees are left in limbo, trying to figure out a DJ LeMahieu contract extension but also solve multiple positions of weakness. Starting pitching remains a big question, and considering they let three starters walk in free agency, the Yankees cannot feel confident in their current group of players. Will they really stick with Luis Severino and Domingo German as their top options behind Gerrit Cole? That could be a serious mistake.

However, if the Yankees do end up losing DJ to another team, they could look to the top of the pitching market to solve their issues at the position. Of course, Trevor Bauer remains the number one option, and his vocal ways on social media might turn some teams off. He would undoubtedly be a sensation in New York with his outgoing personality and ability to create content. In fact, he might even draw more fans to the Yankees, allowing them to see a return on their investment.

Trevor Bauer news:

Bob Nightengale of USA Today believes that Bauer will fall below the expected market price.

“There has not been much action on him,” Nightengale said on High Heat. “I talked to several GMs. He could fall in the Angels’ laps. I don’t think the Giants are going to pay that kind of money. They’re too far away now from (division rivals) the Dodgers and the Padres. The Yankees aren’t in on him. Toronto? Perhaps. It’ll be very interesting.” MLB Trade Rumors predicted in November that Bauer would sign with the Dodgers for four years and $128M. “Hearing very little on Bauer is almost like having a Beverly Hills mansion with that price tag,” Nightengale added. “Who’s going to pay that?”

If Bauer is asking for $36 million per season, the Yankees won’t even consider a potential deal with him. Cole, who is objectively a better pitcher over a larger sample size, is earning the same amount per year. Nonetheless, reports indicate that he could fall below the market price, which could allow the Yankees to strike if DJ takes his talents elsewhere.

Josh Hader, a trade option for the Yankees?

In 2019, the Yankees were heavily connected to Milwaukee Brewers star reliever Josh Hader. This past season, he did struggle a bit at times, finishing with a 3.79 ERA, 14.68 strikeouts per nine, and three homers allowed. He only pitched in 19 total innings, so I wouldn’t hold much stock in his 2020 performance. Looking back at 2019, he earned a 2.62 ERA, showing off his impressive pitching ability.

Hader primarily utilizes a fastball and slider as his primary pitches. He hovers in the upper 90s with his fastball and 80s with a slider, which would fit well with the Yankees, as they like strong-armed pitchers. However, landing him would not be easy, as the Brewers would expect a hefty return. The Yankees seem to rely on their bullpen to supplement the weaknesses, and they’re starting rotation, which only gets them so far when players like Adam Ottavino have bad seasons.

Sending two quality prospects and a fringe-starter like Miguel Andujar could get the deal done, and it would significantly bolster their bullpen for players who are not guaranteed to be stars in the future. The Yankees would have control over him until 2024, meaning they would gain three seasons of quality bullpen pitching to go along with their existing options.

Brewers listening to offers on Josh Hader; Will the New York Yankees pursue?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

If there’s one thing we know about the New York Yankees it’s that they love to stack their bullpen. The bombers have boasted one of the best bullpens in baseball over the last few seasons. However, that’s gotten them no where.

Last year, the Yankees were hurt by the loss of Tommy Kahnle and the poor performance of Adam Ottavino. Zack Britton and Chad Green had very good years overall for the Bombers. Aroldis Chapman was solid as well, but definitely appeared shaky at times.

Last year after the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole, there were rumors circulating around the bombers being interested in Josh Hader. Hader is a two-time Hoffman award winner and widely considered one of the best arms in the game.

The Brewers were interested in fielding offers, but nothing ever got close. However, the Yankees were in on those talks for Hader. Well, it’s the offseason again, and the Brewers are once again interested in dealing their star reliever.

Robert Murray of Fansided reported today that the Brewers to intend on fielding offers for Josh Hader. The Brewers are looking for some offensive help in the package that they could get back for Hader.

Will the Yankees make an offer?

If Hader can be had for a reasonable price, I would fully expect the Yankees to be in on the talks. We have already heard that the Yankees are unlikely to spend the money to make drastic upgrades to the starting rotation.

If they are not going to make big upgrades with the rotation, they can always fall back on upgrading the bullpen. Hader would be a dynamite addition to the Yankees bullpen that already includes Chapman, Britton, and Green.

Those four alone would cause massive problems for anyone that would run into the Yankees. Adam Ottavino has the chance to bounce back as a fifth option, but there’s already been rumors around the Yankees looking to unload his contract.

Getting Hader would not come cheap for the Yankees. If I was to guess, Miguel Andujar would likely be the centerpiece of a deal. Clint Frazier is virtually untouchable after securing the left field starting job, but Andujar has no place on the roster. 

Another name that could be in the talks is Gary Sanchez. The bombers have been in talks with Yadier Molina which signals that they might be ready to move on from Sanchez. Perhaps the Brewers would be interested in trying to revive Gary Sanchez.

I would say that a deal between the two is not likely at the moment given Cashman’s stingyness when it comes to deals and the Brewers asking price. However, given the previous interest, I would fully expect the Yankees to be involved in talks.

Should the New York Yankees pursue Josh Hader this offseason?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

The New York Yankees will certainly be looking at way to improve their ballclub entering next year. The bombers flamed out in the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays this year after being labeled as World Series favorites before the year started.

Brian Cashman took a lot of heat after the season was over considering the fact that the Yankees did nothing to improve their pitching at the trade deadline. They stuck to their guns and the lack of improvement hurt when it mattered the most.

Now, the Yankees main problem came from their starting rotation. However, their bullpen was not as sharp as it was in years passed. Adam Ottavino struggled mightily in 2020. Closer Aroldis Chapman was shaky at times for the Yankees including in the final game of the season.

There are not a ton of free agent options on the market for the Yankees in terms of starting pitching this year. The highlight is of course Trevor Bauer who the Yankees should pursue. However, the bombers might be limited in their financial flexibility.

With that in mind, the Yankees might look to get creative on ways to improve the team. With that, you could see them pursue upgrades on the trade market. One guy in particular who could be of interest is someone they were after last year and that’s all star closer, Josh Hader.

Will the Yankees pursue?

After they signed Gerrit Cole last year, the rumor mill was buzzing with talks between the Yankees and the Brewers. The Yankees were looking to add Hader if a deal made sense for both parties. However, nothing ever got close despite the Yankees’ efforts.

Hader is going into his first year of arbitration this year and will be under team control for the next three seasons. Given his history of success and control, he wouldn’t be cheap. However, the Yankees might seriously think about pursuing Hader again.

Hader was really good last year, but his numbers looked worse than what they were. He pitched to a 3.79 ERA in 19 innings while striking out 31 batters. That inflated ERA came on the heels of two really bad outings. However, Hader really showed his dominance throughout the year.

Ottavino’s decline was alarming for the Yankees and he’s only signed through next year. The Yankees have Zack Britton (Pending options) and Aroldis Chapman locked up for the next two years. Perhaps they could toss Hader into that mix to build back up a super bullpen.

The Yankees need to do something this offseason to breathe some life into the team. They cannot simply bring back the same squad and expect different results. I think they should focus on starting pitching, but if they can’t, Hader would be a great option to boost that bullpen moving forward.

New York Yankees: Latest on Josh Hader & J.A. Happ

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

A month ago, the hot stove was cooking for the New York Yankees. The Yankees had agreed to terms with Gerrit Cole and Brett Gardner, and they were hot on the trail for star reliever Josh Hader. In addition to looking to acquire Hader, they were talking with multiple clubs about trading starting pitcher J.A. Happ. So, what has happened in the last month? The Yankees have been very quiet, and all talks that they had going on have seemed to cool. I’ve reached out to a few folks to see if I could get a read on what is going on in the world of the New York Yankees.

What’s up with Josh Hader?

Let’s start with the Josh Hader rumors. Empire Sports was reporting that the Yankees were “Aggressive” in their pursuit of Josh Hader a few weeks ago. That information came from sources close to the Brewers organization. Various reports in the mainstream media were linking Josh Hader to the Yankees.

Well, the Yankees were aggressive, but mostly have backed away from the poker table with the Brewers. What I mean by that is they have let the Brewers know where they would go to acquire him and scooted back from the table after laying those cards down.

The two teams discussed Miguel Andujar, Deivi Garcia, and multiple other prospects, but it’s not known what offers, if any, Cashman put up for Hader. Cashman is known for being a tough negotiator and usually only offers something when he’s really serious, whether it be a trade offer or a free agent contract. He often speaks in parameters instead of solid pieces.

I think another thing that has stalled the Josh Hader talks is his arbitration hearing. Hader is a super two player who filed for a record, $6.4 million, while the Brewers came in at $4.1 million. That is a considerable gap, and many teams backed away without knowing precisely what Hader will be making next year. Remember, the Brewers have never needed to trade Hader but were entertaining offers because of the haul that they could get for him considering his four years of club control.

The Brewers still have holes on their roster, but not as many as they did a month ago, making the deal less and less likely. I think after Hader’s salary is determined, you will see teams revisit the Hader discussions, but the sources I spoke to in Milwaukee, who were once confident he would get traded, now believe he will likely start the season in Milwaukee.

Is Happ going to be a Yankee in 2020?

In my first article with Empire Sports, I talked about how the Yankees trading J.A. Happ was inevitable. J.A. Happ is set to make a whopping $17 million this upcoming season after his awful 2019 season. He was so bad that he didn’t even make one start in the postseason for the New York Yankees. J.A. Happ is a solid veteran pitcher, but he is not worth the $17 million he is owed in 2020.

The Yankees have been exploring deals all offseason with teams to see if they could get anyone to take on his salary in 2020. The Yankees payroll is close to $260 million, which is over the third luxury tax threshold. From what I can tell, the Yankees have kept dialogue alive with multiple clubs about J.A. Happ.

However, teams are very reluctant to take on the money that Happ is owed, and they are just in their caution. The Yankees would only get someone to take Happ’s full contract if they attached a top prospect with him. At one point, it looked like the Yankees might be willing to do that, but it has become apparent that they are not enthusiastic about that option.

I personally still believe that Happ will get traded before the season starts. The trade could come in the next couple of weeks, or it could occur during the final week of Spring Training. I think the Yankees envision Jordan Montgomery as their fifth starter for 2020 behind Cole, Severino, Paxton, and Tanaka. Time will tell if Happ is still on the team, but if the Yankees do hold onto Happ, you can bet they will manipulate his innings, so his $17 million option does not vest for 2021.

New York Yankees Trade Debate: Andujar & Garcia For Josh Hader

The hot stove has been cooking this trade rumor up for weeks now. The New York Yankees have been after Josh Hader and have been linked to him since just before the Winter Meetings ended in early December. Since then the Brewers and the Yankees have remained engaged, and the Yankees have appeared aggressive in their pursuit of Josh Hader. Now, we don’t know exactly what they have offered up until this point, but we do know that they’ve tried to put together packages for Hader.  Jon Heyman has suggested that Miguel Andujar could be the centerpiece if the trade was to happen. Yankees GM Brian Cashman has shown reluctance to deal top pitching prospect Deivi Garcia, but from what I’ve understood in the discussions, Garcia is not “Untouchable“. Yankee fans have been sounding off on this potential trade for weeks with passionate people on both sides of the fence. So with that in mind, let’s dive into both sides of the trade debate where the Yankees would be receiving Josh Hader and the Brewers would be receiving a prospect package headlined by Miguel Andujar and Deivi Garcia.


Josh Hader has been historically good over his first three seasons. Hader has a career ERA of 2.42 and is averaging an astonishing 15.3 strikeouts per nine innings while winning back to back Trevor Hoffman awards (Baseball Reference). Hader had a .806 WHIP last year which is lower than any season current Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has had in his career. Simple point here: Josh Hader is an absolute stud. I have always been in the camp that you should always trade away prospects for sure things and Josh Hader is a sure thing. Hader is arguably the best reliever in baseball and he comes with four years of club control. The Yankees will have more control over Hader than they have over any reliever they currently have on the active roster. Miguel Andujar is great but there really doesn’t seem to be a place for him on this team right now. Gio Urshela came out of nowhere last year and took over the third base position. He matched Andujar’s ability at the plate while showing off MUCH better defensive skills. With the emergence of Urshela, Andujar becomes expendable. Deivi Garcia is currently the Yankees #1 overall prospect. He has shown flashes of brilliance but he does come with a few flaws. His 5’9, 160 LBS frame gives scouts a lot of concerns over his future as a starter. There are scouts that believe he’s overrated as a prospect and think he projects to be a bullpen arm long-term. The Yankees had the opportunity a couple of years ago to acquire Gerrit Cole but turned down the deal when the Pirates asked for Miguel Andujar and Chance Adams. Josh Hader is not Gerrit Cole, but he is the best reliever in the game. The Yankees are set with their rotation moving forward and Miguel Andujar is expendable, you have to make that deal if that’s the request.

No Deal

Josh Hader has been historically good, but his arm has been used a lot over the past couple of seasons. 168 innings to be exact if you include the Postseason. He also comes with a lot of baggage and one has to wonder how he would transition to the pressure cooker that is New York. If the Yankees made the deal for Hader, he wouldn’t have the pressure of being the only big time guy in the bullpen. But, he would have a lot of pressure put on him due to the price that it would take to acquire him. People forget just how good Miguel Andujar was back in 2018. From an offensive perspective, you could very well say he was the best hitter the Yankees had as he broke Joe DiMaggio’s rookie double record. Yes, he was historically bad defensively, but Andujar is young and very athletic. There is no reason to think he can’t improve his defense over time. If he can get to just an average level defensively, you are looking at an all-star third basemen given his hitting ability. Moving on to Deivi Garcia. As mentioned above, there are some concerns with Deivi Garcia and some scouts believe he’s not as good as his ranking. However, you don’t get to be the Yankees top prospect by chance. At just 20 years old, Garcia has quickly risen through the Yankees farm system to AAA. He’s got one of the best curveballs in all the minor leagues with an incredibly high spin rate. He has a explosive fastball that can touch the mid 90’s. With Garcia, you’re not looking at an ace level pitcher, but you are looking at a guy who can be a really solid middle of the rotation kind of arm. If the rotation doesn’t work out, he looks primed to be a dominant relief pitcher. Who knows, maybe Garcia could be just as dominant out of the bullpen as Josh Hader is now. If he transitions to the pen, Garcia could lean on his best two pitches, his fastball and curveball. That two-pitch mix could be lethal out of the pen. Turning down this deal would be banking on potential, but it might be potential that is too good to just trade away even if the piece coming back is as good as Josh Hader.

To me, the Yankees are in a great position in these trade talks. They would love to add a guy like Josh Hader who would just stack the deck for them in 2020. However, they might already have the best bullpen in baseball without Josh Hader so it makes him a luxury item and not a necessity. In my opinion, both Andujar and Garcia are expendable pieces looking at the way the Yankees are setup moving forward. Andujar is currently behind Urshela and I’m not convinced Garcia will go ahead of Domingo German and/or Jordan Montgomery for a rotation spot after the 2020 season. Now, the Yankees would still likely have to add another piece to make this deal, but the pieces would not be as significant as Andujar and Garcia. If it was up to me, I’d pull the trigger on this deal due to the Yankees lack of World Series success over the last decade. Hader would just be another piece to put them over the top. However, that is just my opinion. In all honesty, I really don’t think there is a wrong answer in this debate.

New York Yankees news, rumors: Yanks make changes to improve player health

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

One of the biggest concerns the New York Yankees faced in 2019 was player health and the longevity of individual success. A majority of the outfield was plagued with the injury bug, as Aaron Judge missed significant time, Giancarlo Stanton remained sidelined for virtually the entire season, and Aaron Hicks is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Clearly, whatever the Yankees were doing in the health and wellness department was wayward, as the team broke the record for most time spent on the injured list by a large margin.

Due to the high number of injuries, the Bombers had no choice but to fire Matt Krause, who served as the team’s director of strength and conditioning since 2014. With 30 players spending time on the injured list last season, a move needed to be made.

However, the emergence of several reserve options helped drag the team to 103 total wins and an ALCS appearance. Aside from the outfield, the pitching was hit by the bug as well as the infield. Ace Luis Severino and relief arm Dellin Betances both picked up shoulder injuries in spring training, with the latter tearing his Achilles in his first action of the season on September 15.

More news and rumors from the New York Yankees:

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but the Josh Hader talks continue. Of course, we will update you on any urgent news, but as of now, things are progressing slowly. The latest information indicates that the Brewers are willing to drop their price a bit, but they’re keen on adding Miguel Andujar and a quality prospect at the very least.

The Yankees’ No. 1 pitching prospect, Deivi Garcia, could be an option in a potential trade, as scouts have indicated that his ceiling might not be as high as some may think.

In all honesty, I don’t understand the hype. I’ve seen him pitch a few times and the stuff just doesn’t grade out to be a top of the line starter. Maybe with time he can develop since he’s really young, but I just don’t see top arm talent when I see him.”

With the stuff he currently has, he’s projecting to be a back-end starter. I think he could be good at the MLB level, but nothing special.

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What the Yankees Should Learn from the Mets About Josh Hader

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

The Yankees offseason is now squarely rooted in relief pitcher, Josh Hader, of the Milwaukee Brewers. Hader is going to come with a hefty price tag, and, no, it’s not the generic “Yankee tax.” It’s “The Brewers know what they have, and they know everyone wants him. Why wouldn’t they ask for a king’s ransom for a guy who’s trade value is at ITS HIGHEST?!”

The Mets Went for Hader. Here’s What The Brewers Wanted

The Mets reportedly made a play for Josh Hader. The Brewers wanted first baseman Dominic Smith (.282/.355/.525 with 11 home runs in 89 games last season), Steven Matz (who plays a crucial part in the Mets rotation moving forward), and two “highly regarded prospects.” Could have been Ronny Mauricio, could have been Brett Baty, could have been Fransisco Alvarez, it could have been anyone. But with that kind of offer on the table, the Mets (understandably) went with Dellin Betances. 

Yankees Fans Should Take Note of This

The Brewers weren’t interested in Edwin Diaz, whom the Mets would probably like to unload after his abysmal 2019. They didn’t go for mediocre players who are, at best, average or over the hill. They didn’t go for guys who could be on the big club but aren’t because there isn’t room. They went for guys who are both A) Highly regarded, and B) Major League Ready.

That merely means offering Miguel Andujar, or Gio Urshela won’t cut it. And they won’t take Clint Frazier either because, with an outfield of Yelich, Cain, and former Yankee Ben Gamel, Frazier would downgrade their outfield. JA Happ wouldn’t interest them; they’d want Devi Garcia to go with the third baseman of their choice. They’d also want Johnathan Loaisiga, or Albert Abreu, as well as Estevan Florial, or Clarke Shmidt. 

The Brewers want a haul for one relief pitcher. We’re stocked to the gils with talent, and trading for a player shouldn’t require giving it all up. The Yankees realistically don’t need Hader. His effectiveness may plummet due to the fact he’s a National League pitcher, and his capabilities won’t fool American League hitters as much. 

If the Yankees need Hader, wait until mid-March to pull this trade. Striking when the value of a player is low makes more sense than giving up the farm for a relief arm that’s not a necessity. This only portrays the desperation of oner, Hal Steinbrenner.

New York Yankees: Is Deivi Garcia just hype?

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

For all New York Yankees fans, we are no stranger to being fed information about prospects that makes us all believe they are going to be superstars. Remember when Chance Adams was the next great Yankees pitcher? Yes, the same Chance Adam’s that was DFA’d and traded to Kansas City, was once considered a lock to be the next great Yankees pitcher. Let’s also go back to the next great Yankee lefty Justus Sheffield. Sheffield was once the top Yankees pitching prospect, but when New York needed pitching help, they never called him up for a significant look in 2018. Fast-forward a month after the season was over and he was traded for James Paxton. In his first true look at big league action in 2019, Sheffield posted an abysmal 5.50 ERA in seven starts. So the question becomes, is Deivi Garcia the next great Yankees pitcher, or is he just a product of the New York Yankees Hype Machine?

I reported a couple of days ago that Deivi Garcia was not “Untouchable” in Josh Hader talks according to sources close to the situation in Milwaukee. My Twitter was filled with comments about how there’s no chance the Yankees would move Garcia for Hader. I started wondering to myself, “If he’s as good as the fan base says, why is he on the table in trade talks according to the folks in Milwaukee?” I talked with a couple of scouts over the last couple of days to get a better picture on Deivi Garcia the prospect.

Scouts Take on Deivi Garcia

“In all honesty, I don’t understand the hype. I’ve seen him pitch a few times and the stuff just doesn’t grade out to be a top of the line starter. Maybe with time he can develop since he’s really young, but I just don’t see top arm talent when I see him.”

“With the stuff he currently has, he’s projecting to be a back-end starter. I think he could be good at the MLB level, but nothing special.”

Dan Federico also got another take from a scout who called Deivi Garcia “Overrated”. To me, the New York Yankees are tremendous about hyping up their prospects. So much so, that I believe Brian Cashman himself has fallen victim to buying into the hype of his guys. Deivi Garcia is a good prospect, but there are many around the industry who just do not see him as a top of the line starter. If they can move him now when his stock is high for a piece that can help them win a championship next season, they should do it.

Yankees Plans Moving Forward

The Yankees are going to be faced with a decision next year on who to extend between James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka. They also have Jordan Montgomery coming back off injury to fill in the five spot of the rotation. Let’s say they go with Paxton on the extension and Montgomery has a great bounce-back season, they really only have one rotation spot to fill for the foreseeable future. The Yankees have plenty of internal arms that could fill that last spot of the rotation including: Domingo German, Jonathan Loaisiga, Clarke Schmidt, Albert Abreu, etc. Domingo German is coming off an incredible 2019 where he won 18 games, but his future is cloudy due to his pending suspension. When it comes to the other arms in the minors, one of the scouts I talked to actually likes and prefers Clarke Schmidt to Deivi Garcia.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I believe that if the Yankees can get Josh Hader by including Deivi Garcia in a deal, they should make that deal happen. We are not talking about a Stephen Strasburg or Gerrit Cole type prospect here, as stated above, many scouts only see Garcia as a middle to back of the rotation kind of arm. Josh Hader is arguably the best reliever in all of baseball who the Yankees would have control over for the next four seasons. If the Brewers ask for Miguel Andujar (Who is very expendable) and Deivi Garica for Hader, I think the Yankees should pull the trigger. The time to win is now, it’s time to stop holding onto prospects instead of acquiring impactful MLB talent.

New York Yankees news, rumors: Is Deivi Garcia trade bait? Miguel Andujar health update

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

Trade proposals will be frequent this offseason, especially with New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman acquiring the green light to pursue all players. Owner Hal Steinbrenner is keen on bringing home a World Series title within the next two years, which attests to the massive Gerrit Cole contract. However, the Yanks still have a few holes on the roster that need to be plugged.

Losing both Dellin Betances and Nestor Cortes Jr. has opened up a void in the bullpen, one that could be filled by home-grown talents like Michael King or Deivi Garcia, but it seems as if Brewers’ Josh Hader entices Cashman. He has been extending different valued offers for the star relief arm, but the Brewers are reportedly asking for far too much — Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier, and a prospect.

More news and rumors from the New York Yankees:

The idea of floating Deivi Garcia as trade bait is something to consider, as his value might be higher now than it will be down the line. Realistically, Garcia, who’s the Yankees’ No. 1 pitching prospect, is a bit undersized, and some believe he’s a long-shot to develop into an ace. If that’s the conclusion Cashman comes to by word of his developmental agents, including him in a deal should be on the table.

Including the three pieces mentioned above for Hader, though, shouldn’t be an option. The Brewers should have their pick of Andujar or Frazier and potentially Garcia. Adding Hader to the mix would bring a 25-year-old pitcher in his prime with four years of team control remaining on his deal to the Bronx. His services would inevitably give the Yankees the advantage they need to make a serious run at the World Series in 2020.

Jon Heyman: Yankees remain interested in Josh Hader and could begin a package with 3B Miguel Andujar (Brewers don’t really have a set 3B). Interested teams still aren’t totally convinced Milwaukee would move the star closer though.

MLB Marathon: As previously reported, the #Yankees and #Brewers are talking Josh Hader trade. Increasingly likely Hader ends up in the Bronx.

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