New York Giants: The double-trade back that could solve Big Blue’s problems

New York Giants

Taking a look at what a double trade-back scenario could look like for the New York Giants.

Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman stated this past week that he is open to moving back in the 2020 NFL draft to add more capital.

With needs on both the offensive line and defensive side of the ball, Gettleman and new head coach Joe Judge have to pick through a laundry list of positions that need reinforcement.  Offensive tackle is a well-known weakness for the Giants, and protecting their investments in Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley must be a priority. However, passing on a defender like Isaiah Simmons will be difficult.

Ultimately, filling the most holes with quality players should be at the forefront of Gettleman’s mind, and here’s how they could get it done in an unlikely but possible double trade back scenario.

Utah State quarterback Jordan Love is the catalyst in this specific situation, as utilizing him as leverage with a team like the Las Vegas Raiders or New Orleans Saints could be a possibility. Love’s attributes are comparable to Patrick Mahomes coming out of college, but he’s still a raw prospecting who needs development. His talent is good enough to justify teams wheeling and dealing to secure him.

For the Giants, moving back one or two spots with the Miami Dolphins or Los Angeles Chargers is an ideal move, as it keeps them in play for Isaiah Simmons and also adds draft capital to their arsenal of picks. They currently have ten overall selections in the draft, despite four of them being in the seventh round.

If they can manage to trade back with the Dolphins or Chargers, they will already have added capital to their lot, but a double trade back is still on the table with the Saints potentially looking for another passer. Drew Brees is prepared to play the 2020 season with the expectation of retirement after, and Taysom Hill is the only other quarterback on the roster. Adding competition for 2021 should be a priority.

Love offers the most value and allows the Saints to move up without breaking the bank, but other teams could be eyeing his services, meaning the Giants could double leverage their position and move back to pick 24. At this point, the Giants would have a 2021 first-rounder from the Saints and three second-round picks (one from the first trade and another from the second).

This opens up the door for them to draft an offensive tackle like Josh Jones from Houston, and package two second-round picks to move up and grab LSU linebacker Patrick Queen, who has the potential to be a top defensive playmaker in the NFL. With just one year of experience as a starter, he has already shown flashes of brilliance, and a bit more development could see him develop into one of the Giants’ best players.

With the Giant still in rebuild mode, they must add as many pieces to the puzzle as possible, so landing a top-six offensive tackle and one of the best defensive players in the draft is a big haul, not mentioning the additional first-round pick in 2021. While they would have to pass on a top-tier offensive tackle or Isaiah Simmons, the amount of quality and potential this double trade back scenario offers is hard to pass on.

Nonetheless, it’s improbable — yet attractive. Gettleman has never traded back in the draft before, which already suggests the first move is doubtful, but understanding his position and the strength of his coaching staff is imperative.

Rumor: New York Jets taking a look at quarterback Jordan Love in NFL Draft

New York Jets, Jordan Love

Here’s an interesting rumor the New York Jets are involved in regarding one quarterback in the NFL draft:

One player whose stock has risen the past few months significantly is quarterback Jordan Love, who ranks as the 4th best passer in the draft behind Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert. The Jets, though, are likely not looking to grab a quarterback with the 11th overall pick, where Love currently sits, but what’s the harm in doing your due diligence?

According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, Gang Green are one of the teams looking into the Utah State QB:

“Though he may not be considered a surefire star, Love has plenty of teams intrigued. ESPN reported the Dolphins, Saints, Patriots, Chargers, Packers and Washington all have showed interest.

I’m hearing that list far underreports the number of teams taking a hard look at him, and one of those I’ve heard about is the Jets.”

I wouldn’t look too much into this considering the glimpses of brilliance we’ve seen from Sam Darnold over the past two seasons. With a lack of talent on the offensive line, Darnold hasn’t enjoyed ample protection from pass rushers. Factor in his case of mono, and you could make the argument Darnold isn’t even going into his third-years. Ultimately, the Jets are in dire need of a right tackle to re-tool the line or a No. 1 wide receiver with Robby Anderson taking his talents to Seattle.

For the fun of it, let’s say the Jets actually are intrigued by Love, who’s a mobile quarterback with great arm strength and potential. Having seen a minimal sample size from Darnold regarding franchise-quarterback level play, investing in a QB like Love would allow the Jets to develops position battle, which would then give them the leverage to sell on one of them. There are plenty of teams who would be willing to give the Jets draft capital in 2021 for Love or Darnold.

Now, this is extremely unlikely, but it’s an interesting concept to consider.

NFL Draft Top 5 QB Rankings

New York Giants, Patrick Queen

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, over the next few days, I plan on breaking down the best and brightest talents in this year’s class. The QB position has a lot of name value at the top of the class, but with concerns for each guy, who is the best in the class!

1. Joe Burrow LSU

Pro Comparison: Tony Romo

Joe Burrow is the Heisman winning perineal number one selection. Burrow is a talented, charismatic, franchise cornerstone. Burrow put up absolute video game numbers last season with 60 touchdowns and only 6 INTs. Burrow is destined to lead the Bengals, however, the Ohio kid will have his hands full. The stigma around the Bengals, weather and the young unproven coach could all play a part in Burrow’s downfall. Burrow needs to stay humble and stay grounded, and not let mistakes dwell on him. His injury at Ohio State led him to LSU. He played poorly at first. Then, Joe Brady, his hard work and Ed Orgeron led Burrow here. Now, all he’s going to have is his work ethic at the next level. If Burrow can stay grounded, he’s going to be a good Quarterback, if not there is just potential. Tony Romo always had an exciting feel, just like Burrow.

2. Tua Tagovialoa Alabama

Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson

Tua is the opposite of Burrow. He is charismatic and incredibly talented, but the comparisons end there. Tua gained notoriety from his clutch championship debut. He’s a leader and a game-changing talent. Tua is a star. I admittedly like Tua better than Burrow. However, Burrow is the much safer pick. Tua has a very sketchy injury history with his ankle and knee problems. Tua is a beast and has proven himself against elite SEC talent, but injuries and his mobile skill set may not translate to the next level as well as Burrow’s skill set. Russell Wilson is a leader, and mobile, Tua is both of those things, making them an easy comp.

3. Justin Herbert Oregon

Pro Comparison: Blaine Gabbert

Herbert is the most pro-ready of these three guys. Burrow is going to have a big adjustment period, Tua has injury questions and transition questions as well. Herbert is a clean-cut, comfortable prospect. Herbert is an excellent pocket passer, with a unique skillset and he’s an absolute gunslinger. His throws have great velocity. He also throws one of the cleanest and balls in this class and he impressed me with his mid-range accuracy. Herbert is a good QB, in the right spot, he could be a very good starter. The Blaine Gabbert comparison seems fair to me. He’s a safe prospect, who could be a great backup if all else fails, but if with the right coaches to bring along his development, it could be much better than Gabbert.

4. Jordan Love Utah State

Pro Comparison: Josh Allen

Love is incredibly intriguing. He’s got an absolute cannon for an arm. He had a very good season a year ago, but last season was very average. His Sophmore year, he had 32 touchdowns, last year he had 20. The talent drops off is to blame, because Love had no true viable weapons. Love is a small school prospect with question marks just like Josh Allen was, he’s got a great deep ball and is very mobile. Love is a good QB, he has a lot of potentials and if all goes well, he could be the best in the class, if he struggles, he’ll be a forgotten prospect.

5. Jalen Hurts Oklahoma

Pro Comparison: Dak Prescott

Hurts is a very solid QB prospect. He needs at least a year of development before taking over as a starter. However, he could develop into something special in the right system. Hurts is a leader with a team-first attitude. Hurts can kill you with his legs and his arm. The fact Tagovailoa took his job, and he struggled at times at both Bama and Oklahoma, is worrisome. In the ideal system, Hurts could be the next Dak Prescott. He can be a gem on Day 2, or a solid backup like RG3 someday.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Gordon

To clarify, Gordon is not my number six guy, that would go to Eason or Fromm. Anthony Gordon deserves recognition and has shot up my draft board. He’s a developmental prospect entirely. He impressed in Mike Leach’s Air Raif offense and he could be a suitable backup at the next level. Where he shined and deserved a mention is because I think he’s a good leader who had to fill in, in a tough situation after the tragic passing of Tyler Hilinski, and he stepped up and impressed. That’s a leader and a guy who deserves a mention.