After knockout loss at UFC Fight Island 7, where does Joaquin Buckley go from here?

Joaquin Buckley

One of the UFC‘s most hyped prospects entering 2021 was Joaquin Buckley (12-4). Buckley had perhaps the viral knockout of the decade back in 2020 and he followed that up with another brutal knockout win back at UFC 255.

Dana White has said in multiple interviews that he was one of the fighters to watch in 2021. The promotion decided to throw Buckley on the main card for their debut on ABC. They gave Buckley, Alessio Di Chirico (13-5), as an opponent at UFC Fight Island 7.

Di Chirico is a tough fighter, however, he had lost three straight entering Saturday. To me, this had a UFC showcase fight written all over it. In the past, Di Chirico had struggled against powerful punchers who pushed the pace.

Well, that’s exactly who Joaquin Buckley is. That said, I figured Buckley would storm through Di Chirico on Saturday as did most of the MMA community. Boy, was everyone wrong about that one.

Di Chirico looked incredibly sharp striking from the outside. Buckley looked frustrated and he wasn’t able to get in on Di Chirico during the exchanges. Di Chirico was sharp and was throwing shots down the middle that continuously popped Buckley.

Then out of no where, Di Chirico landed a beautiful headkick that sent Buckley crashing down. A few follow up shots later the referee called a stop to the fight and Alessio Di Chirico stopped the UFC hype train of Joaquin Buckley.

What’s next after UFC Fight Island 7?

Joaquin Buckley is still a very exciting prospect for the UFC, but let’s be honest, this was a big setback. He was given this opportunity against a guy who had lost three straight fights. Buckley was supposed to deliver and further push his stock.

However, the exact opposite happen. He lost in devastating fashion when he was a big favorite. Now, the UFC is going to have to figure out a good opponent to assist Buckley in regaining some of the steam that he had.

I thought for sure that the next fight would come against James Krause (28-8). Those two are from the same area in the US and they have major beef. However, with this loss, I’m not sure that Krause will be as interested as he was before.

The UFC needs to look for an opponent that will stand in trade with Buckley for his next fight. Win or lose, the fight will need to be entertaining. I like Jamie Pickett (11-5) as a potential option for Buckley’s next matchup.

Alessio Di Chirico knocks out Joaquin Buckley in the first at UFC Fight Island 7

The second fight on the main card of UFC Fight Island 7 looked on paper like it was going to be a showcase matchup. One of the UFC’s top prospects, Joaquin Buckley (12-3), was returning to take on Alessio Di Chirico (12-5).

2020 was a great year for Joaquin Buckley. In July, he wasn’t even on the UFC roster. However, when Kevin Holland needed an opponent, Buckley stepped up on just seven days notice to take on Holland.

Buckley had just secured a knockout in LFA that impressed the UFC. While Buckley lost to Holland, the promotion decided to keep him around. After that, he had two sensational knockout wins including one that went viral.

Dana White has seemed very excited about Buckley as a prospect in the middleweight division. The UFC decided to give him Di Chirico which on paper looks like a fight that should go for Buckley.

Alessio Di Chirico is not a bad fight, however, he’s not really special. He entered the octagon today on a three-fight losing streak. He was fighting to stop the Buckley hype train but he might also be fighting for his job in the UFC.

UFC Fight Island 7 Recap

Round 1

The second fight at UFC Fight Island 7 kicked off with a body kick from Di Chirico. Buckley pressed forward trying to pressure Di Chirico, but Di Chirico was doing a good job of keeping him at range with his kicks.

Di Chirico then started working low kicks on Buckley. Buckley seemed a tad tentative after taking some decent kicks from Di Chirico. Halfway through the first round and Buckley was still struggling to get inside on Di Chirico.

Out of no where Di Chirico lands a flush head kick to the temple of Buckley and Buckley’s out! Unbelievable performance at UFC Fight Island 7 for Alessio Di Chirico.

Alessio Di Chirico def. Joaquin Buckley by KO – Round 1

UFC Fight Island 7 Preview: Joaquin Buckley – Alessio Di Chirico

Joaquin Buckley

Tomorrow at UFC Fight Island 7, we will see the return of a middleweight who has a lot of eyes on him in 2021. New Mansa, Joaquin Buckley (12-3), is back in action as he takes on Alessio Di Chirico (12-5) on the main card tomorrow.

Joaquin Buckley had a very interesting 2020. He fought for the first time on July 31st for LFA and he won by second round knockout. The UFC called up the Bellator veteran and asked him if he’d step in to face Kevin Holland on one week’s notice.

Buckley was knocked out in the third round by Kevin Holland. However, the UFC decided to keep him around. He then got a shot against Impa Kasanganay on Fight Island. That is where he pulled off possibly the knockout of the decade. You can view that knockout here. 

After Buckley knocked out Impa, he went on to knockout Jordan Wright at UFC 255. Buckley has a lot of momentum entering this year and there are a lot of eye balls on him. The opposite could be said of his opponent tomorrow afternoon.

Standing in front of Buckley is Alessio Di Chirico. Di Chirico is an seven-fight veteran in the UFC. However, he will make the walk having lost three in a row. One more loss and he might be out the door.

Di Chirico currently holds a record of 3-4 in his seven fights. His last three losses have included a loss to Kevin Holland and a loss to Zak Cummings. Di Chirico is a solid overall fighter, but it’s going to take a lot for him to win tomorrow.

UFC Fight Island 7 Prediction

In all honesty, this fight seems like a showcase fight for Joaquin Buckley. Di Chirico is not a bad fighter by any means, but the UFC is putting a lot of stock in Joaquin Buckley and I think they wanted his 2021 to start off well.

Di Chirico has struggled against fighters who push the pace and walk him down. Well, that’s really all Buckley does. Buckley is going to come forward tomorrow and put a lot of pressure on Di Chirico while looking for the knockout.

The one thing going for Di Chirico is that he’s durable. He’s never been finished by strikes in his career. If he can whether the storm early from Buckley, he might have an advantage later in the fight.

If I’m in the Di Chirico camp, I’m going to try and grapple as much as possible. Try to tire out Buckley and hopefully win the later rounds. If he just strikes with Buckley at UFC Fight Island 7, he’s going to be in big trouble.

Ultimately, I think Buckley is going to pickup the win tomorrow. Di Chirico’s only real chance is to tire out Buckley and win by points in my opinion. Call me a believer of the hype, but I think Buckley gets another knockout tomorrow.

Prediction: Joaquin Buckley by TKO – Round 2

The UFC’s Budding Midwest Rivalry

On the UFC‘s last trip to Fight Island, Joaquin Buckley (12-3) delivered arguably the knockout of the decade when he defeated Impa Kasanganay. Kasanganay had caught a kick of Buckley’s, but Buckley then spun and heel kicked Kasanganay to knock him out.

The MMA world was buzzing about the knockout which you can relive here. One week later James Krause (28-8) made the walk against Claudio Silva. Krause was able to pickup the unanimous decision win. His seventh UFC win in his last eight fights.

The welterweight from Kansas City then took to the microphone in his post-fight press conference. At the press conference he had some very strong words for the man who had captivated the world the week before.

Krause said of Buckley, “The dude’s a clown, man. People just know him from his viral video, for his viral knockout. It was a beautiful knockout. The dude’s a s–t box. He’s from my neck of the woods and all he does is sit on social media and talk s–t all day.”

These comments obviously didn’t sit well with Buckley. Buckley just competed at UFC 255 where he scored a brutal knockout over Jordan Wright. It was the first professional loss for Wright.

After the fight, Buckley told Joe Rogan, “There’s other dudes out there that I want to fight. Talking that non-sense, and I really want to give it to him. Because when I hurt him, the referee can’t save him. Y’all know who I’m talking about.”

Will the UFC make the matchup?

Dana White was asked in his post-fight press conference if he thought the UFC would make this fight happen. White acknowledged that he love when two guys want the same fight and hinted that they would make it work.

Krause is traditionally a welterweight while Buckley has competed at middleweight. Now, Buckley did come in at 182 pounds for this last fight and Krause has competed before at 185 so I don’t think weight will get in the way of this potential UFC matchup.

This is a good ole fashion mid-card beef fight. These are the kind of fights that won’t headline a card, but they can steal the show. Both of these guys are from the same area of the US and both cannot stand the other.

Buckley has called for the fight to take place on January 23rd which would be UFC 257. I can imagine that the promotion will look to book this fight, but a lot will come down to Krause’s health. He tweaked his knee in his last fight, but if he’s ready, I think the fight gets made quickly.

James Krause calls out Joaquin Buckley after UFC Fight Island 6

One of the fighters on the main card of last Saturday’s UFC Fight Island 6 card that picked up a win was James Krause (28-8). Krause picked up his seventh victory in his last eight fights with the only fight he’s lost being a fight he took on one days notice.

Quietly, Krause has turned himself into one of the more solid fighters in the UFC. Krause has also developed into quite the coach and he’s developed a solid stable of fighters. Being a coach seems to be his main focus at the moment, but he’s always down to fight.

Last Saturday he took on Claudio Silva. Silva was pressing forward the entire time, however, Krause was able to use slick movement and counters all night. In the end, it was a shutout victory for Krause who had some strong words for another UFC fighter in the post-fight press conference.

Krause was asked on if there was an issue between himself and Joaquin Buckley. Buckley has gone viral over the past couple of weeks due to his highlight reel knockout at UFC Fight Island 5. Buckley already has his next fight booked, but it didn’t stop Krause from talking about him.

“The dude’s a clown, man. People just know him from his viral video, for his viral knockout. It was a beautiful knockout. I’m not going to rag on that. The dude’s a s–t box. He’s from my neck of the woods and all he does is sit on social media and talk s–t all day. He called me to come train and I told him to get f–ked,” Krause told reporters

UFC Midwest Rivalry?

Krause went on to talk about the fact that he would love to face Buckley in the UFC. “I’ll go back up to middleweight and whoop his ass. He can get it. I know he’s got a fight set, but I’ll go back up middleweight for that. No problem. Easy work, Krause told reporters.

Buckley is set to take on Jordan Wright at UFC 255 in November. If Buckley gets through that fight with a victory, it might make sense for the UFC to book these two against each other. There is personal beef which always leads to a great build up.

Krause is a veteran in all aspects and it’s clear that Buckley has rubbed him the wrong way. A fight between the two just makes total sense, and Krause would take that fight on a moments notice given his history.

Kevin Holland draws Joaquin Buckley at UFC Vegas 6

Kevin Holland

The UFC‘s loud mouth according to Dana White has found himself a fight. Kevin Holland (17-5) was all set to fight last week at UFC Vegas 5. He was scheduled to take on Trevin Giles.

However, just before the fighters made the walk for their fight, Giles fainted in the back. Giles had to be taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

Holland had a good attitude about the whole thing, but was incredibly frustrated that he wasn’t able to fight at UFC Vegas 5. Dana White said the in post-fight press conference that they would find him a quick fight. Looks like they’ve found that fight.

Holland gets UFC newcomer

It was reported today that Holland would be taking on Joaquin Buckley (10-2) this weekend at UFC Vegas 6. Buckley is a veteran of LFA and Bellator.

Buckley enters his UFC debut coming off back-to-back TKO victories in LFA. He just fought back on July 31st against Jackie Gosh.

Buckley’s fight against Gosh was actually a rematch. Gosh was one of the men to hold a victory over Buckley so it was big for Buckley to get that fight back. Buckley is in shape and he’s ready for a fight.

Buckley is naturally a welterweight, but he will be fighting Holland at 185 pounds. It’s a huge opportunity for Buckley getting his UFC debut against a personality like Kevin Holland.