When could the New York Jets fire Adam Gase?

New York Jets, Adam Gase

The consistent fan consensus has been the New York Jets will pack Adam Gase’s bag for his flight out of Florham Park. That consensus, though, is not that. Ownership has lauded Gase as a “brilliant mind.” Chris Johnson has been a very vocal supporter of Adam Gase, and for him to just switch gears and cut ties with him, well, it would take a drastic downfall. The likes of which we are beginning to see a glimpse of.

Analyzing past trends:

Last season featured a rarity in terms of coaching firings. There tends to be a coach fired in season, but never two. Jay Gruden was given a short leash heading into his 2019 campaign, and that was evident after his 0-5 start landed him without a job.

Ron Rivera (now Washington head coach), was also handed his walking papers near the back half of last season as well, which was surprising. Although Rivera’s situation lacks resemblance to this one, looking at Gruden’s situation, there are many parallels. Gruden was axed after an embarrassment of a start.

The team looked to show no progression after losing veteran QB Alex Smith to a career-altering injury and showed no growth in terms of offense whatsoever. See the connection now? The Football Team organization has been renowned as the most incompetent in all of football, yet even they could recognize when it was time to let go of their guy. Another scenario similar to this occurred two years ago with Hue Jackson. Jackson was a supposed innovator on offense and was given a fairly decent sized leash in Cleveland, another organization filled with incompetence. Yet they knew when to cut ties with him as well, they did hire another fairly bad coach in Freddie Kitchens, but at least they knew when enough was enough.

When will the New York Jets know?

It’s time for the Jets to break things off in the Gase. What will it take for Adam Gase to see that? Well, the first two blowout losses undoubtedly helped, but it’s going to take at least two more. If the Jets get blown out today, the pressure will continue to mount, and the walls will begin to close in. If they continue to show no growth, that will also be a reason to ax Gase.

Now, if the Jets are competitive in the next few games, then that could save Gase up until the bye week, then the Jets would have a full span to transition power. If Jet fans really want Gase out, they need to hope that they get torn apart in the next two to three weeks. If this happens, then the Jets could finally cut ties with Gase. In this case scenario, the quicker it is over, the better. This season is NOT a lost cause, but as long as Gase is around, it always will be.

New York Giants: Two options to consider at offensive coordinator

New York Giants considering Jay Gruden at offensive coordinator?

With the hiring of New York Giants‘ head coach Joe Judge, several changes to the coaching staff will accompany. Over the weekend, Judge hired defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, formerly of the Miami Dolphins. That hiring subsequently leads to the firing of James Bettcher, who served as the Giants’ defensive coordinator for the past two seasons. Having ranked in the bottom five defenses in the league over the last two years, a change at DC was needed.

Graham brings minimal experience as a DC, but his familiarity with Judge gives him an advantage.

Having little talent with the dolphins last year, Graham’s overall rankings shouldn’t be held against him. As for offensive coordinators, I imagine the Giants will go with an option that has head-coaching experience, helping Judge improve upon his tactics and adapt to the role more efficiently.

Here are two offense of coordinators the New York Giants will heavily consider:

1.) Freddie Kitchens

Kitchens is an interesting option for Judge, as his style predominately uses 12 personnel — he ranks sixth in the league in overall usage of that scheme. He favors tight ends and frequently uses one running back and three wide receivers. He also dabbles with play-action, which Daniel Jones excelled in as a rookie. He completed 69.4% of his passes out of the play-action, which ranked ninth in the NFL in 2019.

Kitchens’ experience as a head coach would be beneficial for Judge, even though he failed to succeed in the role. However, the personalities and new faces were hard to manage in Cleveland, especially after so many years of moral defeats. Freddie might be a reliable option for the Giants at the vacant offensive coordinator position, as Mike Shula will undoubtedly be out, and the Pat Shurmur era will officially be over.

2. Jay Gruden

Another name some have been calling for is Jay Gruden, formally the head coach of the Washington Redskins. Gruden was fired after starting the season 0-5. He typically calls play out of the 10 or 11 personnel, which would mean the Giants would likely add a few talented receivers in the upcoming draft. There are plenty of talented options in this year’s draft class. Gruden’s head-coaching experience would also be crucial to Judge’s adaptability.

I believe Gruden’s system would work well with Daniel Jones, as it would open up the field for Saquon Barkley and the play-action game. With wide receivers like Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, and Darius Slayton, the overall efficiency of the offense would likely see an increase. Another factor would be his ability to develop quarterbacks, considering his work with Alex Smith, Kirk cousins, and Andy Dalton. With offense becoming ever more principal in the NFL, Gruden’s creative mind would fit perfectly alongside the young minds of Jones and Barkley.


New York Giants: Three Offensive Coordinator Candidates For Joe Judge’s Staff

New York Giants, Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns

The New York Giants introduced Joe Judge today as the franchise’s nineteenth head coach. Judge was a darkhorse candidate that ended up blowing the Giants away during his interview and securing the coveted job. Since then, Joe Judge has been working on assembling his coaching staff behind the scenes.

A few names have come up in the rumor mill for Judge’s offensive coordinator position. In this article, I will break down the top three offensive coordinator candidates that have come up in association with Joe Judge.

Freddie Kitchens

News broke Thursday morning that Joe Judge is expected to reach out to former Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens to discuss a job within the Giants’ coaching staff (via Jordan Raanan of ESPN). The two worked together at Mississippi State in 2005 when Kitchens served as the program’s running backs coach.

A brief anecdotal story from Joe Judge regarding a swing set the new Giants head coach built for Freddie’s children led some to connect the dots on a potential reunion in New Jersey. Since then, the speculators have been proven right as reports have indicated that Kitchens is being considered for a job on Joe Judge’s staff.

It has not been confirmed what job Kitchens is being considered for, but the offensive coordinator job is a possible fit. Freddie Kitchens was fired this offseason after serving as head coach of the Cleveland Browns for one season. The browns underperformed at 6-10, leading to the rookie head coach’s firing after one season. Before his promotion as head coach, Kitchens was the Browns’ offensive coordinator in 2018.

Freddie Kitchens received much credit for the quick development of quarterback Baker Mayfield in his rookie season. In 2018, Mayfield was the runner up for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award after breaking the rookie touchdown pass record with 27 total.

Jay Gruden

Another former head coach, Jay Gruden was fired this past season by the Washington Redskins. Gruden is one of the NFL’s brightest offensive minds, and Joe Judge could benefit from Gruden’s experience. Gruden was head coach of the Redskins from 2014 to 2019.

Jay Gruden has an interesting connection to the New York Giants. It was reported in October that Gruden never wanted the Redskins to draft quarterback Dwayne Haskins (via Bleacher Report). Instead, Gruden wanted Daniel Jones, the Giants’ first-round quarterback. Judge could use Daniel Jones to lure Gruden onto his coaching staff.

Jay Gruden is a former quarterback who got into coaching. He has worked as an offensive coordinator and as a head coach. Gruden is an experienced coach that has overseen the development of numerous young quarterbacks. He helped turn Robert Griffin III into an electric dual-threat during his rookie season in 2012. He also developed Andy Dalton into the Bengals’ starter as they went to the playoffs three straight years together.

Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys, like the Redskins and Giants, fired their head coach this season. Jason Garrett had served as Dallas’s head coach from 2011 to 2019. The Giants expressed interest in Garrett as head coach before striking a deal with Joe Judge. But if they like what they see from Garret schematically, he could receive consideration as the team’s offensive coordinator. 

Jason Garrett has had a top ten offense seven times in the past thirteen years, and only three seasons with an offense ranked worse than the fifteenth. The Giants could see Garrett as a potential upgrade on offense. He has an excellent track record with quarterbacks, turning to unknowns into competent starters.

Dak Prescott was a fourth-round pick in 2016. Garrett developed Dak into a Pro Bowl talent. Before Prescott, the Cowboys’ quarterback was Tony RomoTony Romo was an undrafted free agent that was expected to be- at best- a career backup. Romo’s career began in 2003, long before Jason Garrett was with the Cowboys. But it was not until Garrett became the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator that Romo made himself a household name.

In 2007, the Cowboys hired Jason Garrett as their offensive coordinator. Dallas went 13-3 that season as Romo threw a career-best 36 touchdown passes. This was a significant improvement over the 19 touchdowns Romo recorded in 2006. From then on, Garrett continued to have consistent success on offense as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jason Garrett’s offensive success and head coaching experience make him the top candidate for the Giants’ offensive coordinator job. He also has an excellent track record developing young quarterbacks, which would be hugely beneficial for Daniel Jones and the Giants.