After dominant win at UFC Vegas 36, what’s next for Derek Brunson?

Derek Brunson

This past Saturday in the main event of UFC Vegas 36, we saw a middleweight showdown between Derek Brunson (23-7) and Darren Till (18-4-1). Brunson was looking to pick up his fifth consecutive win.

Derek Brunson is the one guy in the UFC I probably underrate more than most. To be completely honest, I’ve picked against him in virtually every fight he’s had in the last few years. When you look at him overall and his skillset, there’s nothing that really wows you.

That said, nobody can deny the improvements he’s made overall since moving to Sanford MMA in Florida. Brunson has gone from a decent middleweight to one of the top contenders in the UFC and he was looking to show that again on Saturday.

In the fight, Till had some good moments on the feet. In fact, Till hurt Brunson in the third round. Brunson doesn’t have the greatest chin and it does seem like he gets hurt in virtually every fight he’s in. However, Brunson does a fantastic job at remaining composed.

Brunson dug deep and was able to secure a takedown after getting rocked by Till. Once the fight was on the ground, it was over from there. Brunson was able to secure a choke and get the submission win at UFC Vegas 36.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 36?

Immediately after picking up the win, Brunson went right over to one of the octagon cameras and made it clear who he wants next. Brunson called out the UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya (21-1).

Worth noting that Adesanya was the last man to beat Brunson. The two men fought in November of 2018 at UFC 230 and the fight was not close. Adesanya completely walked through Brunson and TKO’d him in the first round.

That said, Brunson has looked sensational since. He’s now won five fights in a row and he’s ranked fourth in the middleweight division. Brunson said he would be willing to wait things out for a UFC title shot, but is that wise.

Adesanya’s next challenge is a rematch with Robert Whittaker (23-5). Whittaker is also a past opponent of Brunson’s and like Adesanya, Whittaker knocked Brunson out in the first round. Brunson wants to get both of those fights back.

The next UFC middleweight title fight is likely not going to take place until early 2022. That said, Brunson would have to wait until the late spring or early summer. I don’t think it’s a wise decision and if he’s too passive, he might get passed up.

If you’re asking me, I would tell him to either fight Jared Cannonier (14-5) or the winner of Paulo Costa (13-1) and Marvin Vettori (17-4-1). Brunson shouldn’t have to fight again, but the reality of the situation is that he might have to.

The UFC is going to try and make the biggest title fight possible after Whittaker and Adesanya fight again. If Brunson just sits and waits, he might not get the nod.

UFC pushing back Israel Adesanya – Robert Whittaker 2

One of the more highly anticipated UFC fights of 2021 is going to have to wait. Today, we’ve learned that the rematch between Israel Adesanya (21-1) and Robert Whittaker (23-5) is being delayed.

Apparently, the UFC was targeting this rematch as the headliner of UFC 268 in New York. The rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington was thought to be the headliner of the event.

However, we are now learning that the UFC was targeting that fight as the co-main while the Adesanya – Whittaker rematch would be the headliner. Unfortunately for fight fans, that fight will not take place in November as originally planned.

Whittaker’s manager told the Daily Telegraph today that the UFC had planned on Whittaker – Adesanya 2 headlining MSG. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions in New Zealand, the fight is being pushed back.

According to Whittaker’s manager, neither Adesanya nor Whittaker were going to have issues getting into the United States. However, Adesanya was going to be stranded for a while without being able to return to New Zealand for a while. As a result, the UFC is scrapping the November idea.

When will the UFC book this rematch?

Per Whittaker’s manager, the UFC is now looking at potentially booking the rematch in the first part of 2022. Perhaps the January PPV or even the Super Bowl PPV cards could be the target for their rematch.

The two men fought back at UFC 243 when Adesanya was the interim champion and Whittaker was the undisputed champion. Adesanya finished Whittaker in the second round to unify the UFC title.

Since that win, Adesanya has gone 3-1 with the lone loss coming in his attempt to capture a second world title against Jan Blachowicz. Whittaker has been extremely patient while he’s waited for his rematch with the UFC champion.

Bobby Knuckles has gone on a run where he’s defeated Darren Till, Jared Cannonier, and Kelvin Gastelum. Honestly, Whittaker deserved this rematch a long time ago and I’m just glad he’s getting the next shot. Downside is that we have no idea at this point when the fight will take place.

After falling short at UFC 263, what’s next for Marvin Vettori?

This past Saturday in the main event of UFC 263, Marvin Vettori (17-5-1) got his shot at the middleweight title. Vettori took on the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (21-1) in a rematch from their first fight back in 2018.

In 2018, Adesanya was able to win a split decision. That split decision result actually gave Marvin Vettori a ton of confidence heading into UFC 263. That result and seeing how Jan Blachowicz beat Adesanya earlier this year had Vettori believing his victory was inevitable.

However, it wasn’t meant to be on Saturday night. Adesanya just seemed a step ahead of Vettori all night. Vettori had his legs chewed up by brutal kicks from Adesanya and Vettori really wasn’t able to get Adesanya to the ground.

There were a couple of times where Vettori landed takedowns, but nothing much resulted from them. In the end, all three judges at UFC 263 gave every round to the defending champion and Adesanya retained his title.

What’s next after UFC 263?

Since 2017, Marvin Vettori has gone 6-2-1 in his nine UFC fights. The lone man to defeat him twice is Israel Adesanya. That puts Vettori in a really tough spot in the division because even if he goes on a winning streak, a third fight is a really tough sell.

That said, what should be next for The Italian Dream? Well, after UFC 263, Vettori said that he wanted to fight Paulo Costa (13-1). Costa hasn’t fought since last year when he was dominated by Adesanya at UFC 253.

Paulo Costa has also said online that he would like to fight Marvin Vettori next. Given where both men stand in the UFC’s middleweight division, a fight between the two makes sense. They’re both near the top of the weight class and they are both coming off of title losses.

Costa has been going back-and-forth with the UFC over his pay and pulled out of his fight with Jared Cannonier to protest. At the end of the day, Costa really doesn’t have any leverage and I think he’ll ultimately be booked for a fight soon. My guess is that fight is going to be against Marvin Vettori.

When will the UFC book Adesanya – Whittaker 2?

This past Saturday at UFC 263, Israel Adesanya (21-1) returned to the middleweight division to defend his title. He defended his title against a familiar foe in The Italian Dream, Marvin Vettori (17-5-1). The two had previously fought in 2018.

In 2018 when the two fought, the fight was relatively close. It was evident, at least to me, that Adesanya won, but one judge gave the fight to Vettori. Since that moment, Vettori had been holding onto the fact that he could defeat the UFC‘s middleweight champion.

However, Saturday night was a much different fight. Vettori did some solid things here and there, but ultimately, it was all Adesanya at UFC 263. Adesanya controlled the range with his kicks and his defense was on point all night.

Here and there Vettori would land a shot, but nothing clean was landed all night. Adesanya did a fantastic job of using his slick striking and defense to fluster Vettori. In the end, all three judges gave every round to The Last Stylebender.

After the fight was over, Adesanya made it clear what’s next for him. Adesanya called out the former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker (23-5). That is really the only fight to make in the middleweight division, now the question becomes timing.

When will the UFC make it happen?

After UFC 263 concluded, Dana White attended the post-fight press conference where he fielded questions. One of the questions he was asked was about when the rematch between Adesanya and Whittaker would take place.

White said that Adesanya was wanting to return in October which lines up with when Whittaker wants the fight. While nothing is confirmed, barring injuries, I think we should see the UFC book the rematch for the October or November PPV.

The rematch between these two is the fight to make. Whittaker’s only loss at 185 pounds was to Adesanya. Since that loss, Whittaker has gone 3-0 with wins over Kelvin Gastelum, Jared Cannonier, and Darren Till.

Whittaker should have had his rematch a long time ago. In reality, he should’ve been fighting Adesanya at UFC 263. However, he needed a little more time to prepare after just fighting a five-round main event in April. Now, the fight we wanted should be ours in the fall.

Israel Adesanya shuts out Marvin Vettori at UFC 263

In the main event of UFC 263, we saw a rematch for the middleweight title. The undisputed champion Israel Adesanya (20-1) returned to the middleweight division to take on a familiar foe in Marvin Vettori (17-4-1).

Back at UFC 259, Adesanya attempted to become a two-division world champion by moving up and challenging Jan Blachowicz. Ultimately, Blachowicz handed Adesanya his first professional loss and Adesanya came up short in his attempt to become a champ-champ.

Now, The Last Stylebender returned to his home weight class where he’s been perfect. Nobody has ever defeated Adesanya at 185 pounds and that includes Marvin Vettori. The two previously met in the UFC back in early 2018.

Adesanya won a split decision and to this day, Vettori believes he won the fight. Since then, both men have gone on impressive streaks. Vettori has strung together five consecutive wins to earn this shot at UFC 263.

UFC 263 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 263 main event starts without a touch of the gloves. Vettori takes the center of the octagon and eats a leg kick from Adesanya. Adesanya lands another calf kick as he circles on the outside. Lots of pressure from Vettori.

Jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but Adesanya lands another powerful kick. Two good kicks land for Vettori and more pressure from the challenger. Adesanya throws a kick, but Vettori catches it and lands a takedown.

Full guard here and Adesanya tries to work his way to the fence. Heavy pressure from the challenger here. Adesanya uses a scramble to get back to his feet. However, Vettori maintained a body lock and pressed Adesanya against the fence. Adesanya shrugs him off and they’re back striking.

Another leg kick lands for Adesanya. 1-2 just misses for Vettori. Vettori is using a lot of pressure, but eats another leg kick. Jab lands for Vettori and Adesanya almost lands a big shot. Big left for Vettori, but Adesanya counters with a big combination.

The UFC champion starts moving forward and throws a head kick that’s blocked. Another calf kick for Adesanya. Stiff jab for Adesanya lands and Vettori whiffs with a left. Leg kick for Vettori lands. Razor close round one, but I lean towards the champion.

Round 2

First round could’ve gone either way at UFC 263. Vettori takes the center to start the second, but he eats two consecutive massive leg kicks. Lots of pressure from Vettori, but he’s eating some counters here. Vettori hitting air here in the second.

Another leg kick from the champion finds it’s home. Two jabs land for Vettori, but again, he eats a big kick. Another leg kick and Vettori gets deep on a double leg attempt. However, Adesanya defends well and keeps it standing.

Adesanya breaks the body lock and were striking. Vettori pushes forward, but he’s not hitting Adesanya. He’s a bit out of reach. Jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but Adesanya gets out of the way of the big shots. Good counters land for the UFC champion.

Both men trade jabs as Adesanya circles. Buckling leg kick lands for Adesanya. Vettori pushes forward and lands a jab before trying for another takedown. However, Vettori cannot get Adesanya down. The round comes to a close and it’s 2-0 Adesanya at UFC 263.

Round 3

There was a serious sense of urgency in the Vettori corner here at UFC 263. Vettori gets in deep on a takedown attempt to start the third and he gets Adesanya down. The challenger gets half guard and has heavy pressure here in the third.

Adesanya looks to hip-escape while Vettori looks to pass. Vettori lands some shots to the body. Adesanya tries to spin, but Vettori has his back. Vettori looks like he’s got a rear-naked choke. It looks deep for a second, but Adesanya spins right out.

Adesanya then takes the top position and stands up. After an eye poke break, were back to striking. Good lead uppercut lands for Adesanya and a heavy leg kick behind it. Another brutal leg kick from the champion.

Vettori lands a stiff jab and he’s really pressuring the champion here. Big leg kick again lands for the UFC champion. Another one that buckles Vettori. However, Vettori keeps pushing forward. Another leg kick from the champion.

The challenger is looking a little fatigued and a leg kick sits him down. However, Vettori gets right up and pushes forward again. Good moments in the third for Vettori, but I have it 3-0 Adesanya after three at UFC 263.

Round 4

It’s do-or-die talk in the challenger’s corner here at UFC 263. The fourth round starts with more pressure from Marvin Vettori. He tries for a takedown, but nothing is home. Adesanya throws a big combination that just misses.

Vettori has him against the fence, but Adesanya just circles away and lands a leg kick. Adesanya lands another leg kick and Vettori shoots for a takedown. Vettori is deep on a shot and he gets the takedown. However, Adesanya uses the fence to reverse the position and they’re back to striking.

Powerful leg kick from the champion. Good lead right hand lands for Vettori who pushes Adesanya against the fence. However, Adesanya just shrugs him off. Head kick then leg kick lands for the champion. Jab lands for the challenger.

Low kick lands for Marvin Vettori. Both men trade low kicks, but obviously Adesanya’s did more damage. Body kick for the champion. Huge combination lands for Adesanya and Vettori pushes forward.

Vettori uses a ton of energy to try and land a takedown, however, Adesanya defends. The fourth round comes to a close and it’s a shutout for the UFC champion on my personal scorecard.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 263 and Marvin Vettori needs a miracle here. Vettori pushes forward with pressure to start the fifth and he looks for a takedown. He gets Adesanya against the fence, but the champion defends well.

Vettori is just holding Adesanya against the fence and he gets a warning from the referee. Lots of boos from the crowd here. Adesanya gets the separation and were striking. Head kick lands for the champion and Vettori pushes forward.

1-2 lands for Marvin Vettori. Double jab lands for Marvin Vettori, but none of the strikes are doing much to the champion. Another big leg kick lands for Adesanya. Combination lands for the champion.

Adesanya is trying to find a finishing blow, but Vettori is defending head shots well. Jab lands for Marvin Vettori. Vettori shoots in for another takedown and he gets to the back of Adesanya briefly. However, the champion stands right back up.

A minute left here and little offense from Vettori. The referee separates the two men and Vettori goes back to the pressure. Another leg kick lands for Adesanya. 1-2 for Adesanya. The fight comes to a close and it wasn’t eventful, but it was a shutout at UFC 263 for the champion.

Israel Adesanya def. Marvin Vettori by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

UFC 263 Fight Preview: Israel Adesanya – Marvin Vettori

Tomorrow night in the main event of UFC 263, we will see a rematch for the middleweight title. The undisputed champion Israel Adesanya (20-1) returns to the middleweight division to take on a familiar foe in Marvin Vettori (17-4-1).

Back at UFC 259, Adesanya attempted to become a two-division world champion by moving up and challenging Jan Blachowicz. Ultimately, Blachowicz handed Adesanya his first professional loss and Adesanya came up short in his attempt to become a champ-champ.

Now, The Last Stylebender is returning to his home weight class where he’s been perfect. Nobody has ever defeated Adesanya at 185 pounds and that includes Marvin Vettori. The two previously met in the UFC back in early 2018.

Adesanya won a split decision and to this day, Vettori believes he won the fight. Since then, both men have gone on impressive streaks. Vettori has strung together five consecutive wins to earn this shot at UFC 263.

Stylebender won seven straight before he came up short against Blachowicz. During that stretch, Adesanya defeated the likes of Robert Whittaker, Yoel Romero, Paulo Costa, Derek Brunson, and Kelvin Gastelum. Simply put, Stylebender is one of the best that the UFC has to offer.

UFC 263 Prediction

When it comes to the main event at UFC 263, Adesanya is the betting favorite for a reason. While Marvin Vettori has been very impressive, he hasn’t gone on a streak like Adesanya. Adesanya has beaten the best of the best at 185 pounds.

That said, Jan Blachowicz did show some wrinkles in Adesanya’s game. The UFC middleweight champion is incredibly difficult to take down, but if you can get him down, he didn’t show a great ability to get back to his feet. Granted, he was fighting Jan Blachowicz and Marvin Vettori is not Jan Blachowicz.

That said, Marvin Vettori can take a few things away from that fight. If Vettori can pressure Stylebender and make this fight dirty, he can definitely create some close rounds. Is he good enough and can he do enough to win three out of five rounds?

I’m not convinced of that. I think this fight is going to be very competitive, but I think the UFC champion will have the bigger moments throughout. Adesanya really wants to finish this fight, but I think it goes the distance.

Prediction: Israel Adesanya by Unanimous Decision

Marvin Vettori aiming for a finish UFC 263 to leave no doubt he’s the best

We are just ten days away from UFC 263 and fans are getting ready for one of the best cards of the year. In the main event, Israel Adesanya (20-1) returns to the middleweight division to defend his title against a familiar foe in Marvin Vettori (17-4-1).

The two men first fought back in April of 2018. It was just the second UFC fight for Adesanya and the fifth for The Italian Dream. That night, Adesanya was able to win a close split decision over Vettori.

You can re-watch the first fight in it’s entirety here. I believe it was a pretty clear win for Adesanya, but the split decision nature of the win is why this matchup at UFC 263 is so intriguing.

Marvin Vettori was definitely able to have success in their first matchup. Now, that was more than three years ago and both men are so much better than they used to be. Adesanya has risen to the top of the sport by becoming UFC middleweight champion.

Earlier this year, Adesanya tried to become a two-division champion by capturing the light heavyweight crown at UFC 259. Unfortunately for Stylebender, he lost a unanimous decision to Jan Blachowicz.

That said, Adesanya is still perfect at 185 pounds. Since that loss to Adesanya in 2018, Marvin Vettori has also been perfect in the UFC. After that loss, Vettori has gone on to win five in a row to earn him this shot next weekend.

Vettori aims to finish Adesanya at UFC 263

On the heels of his five-fight win streak, The Italian Dream is more confident than ever heading into UFC 263. In speaking to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Vettori made it clear that he wants to win decisively next weekend.

Vettori said, “I want to finish this guy, man. I really want to finish this guy. Leave no doubt. I think I can. But if not, he’s solid you know… He’s slippery and he’s able to get out of positions. If I’m not (able to finish him), I just have to beat him every round. I can’t get any round get close.”

Historically, UFC title fights that are close tend to favor the champion on the scorecards. Vettori understands that and he knows that he needs to make the rounds decisive to leave no doubt.

One thing I know for sure is that Vettori is going to take the fight to Adesanya at UFC 263. It’s not going to be an easy fight for either man. Adesanya is the favorite and he should be, but I fully expect The Italian Dream to push him hard next Saturday night.

UFC booking Israel Adesanya – Marvin Vettori 2

The UFC is in the process of finalizing a middleweight title matchup for their June PPV. Combate was the first to report that the promotion was getting close to booking Israel Adesanya (20-1) against Marvin Vettori (17-4-1). Dana White hinted that the UFC was heading in this direction this week.

The rematch between these two will take place on June 12th and it will be the headliner of UFC 263. Originally, the promotion wanted Robert Whittaker (23-5) to be the one to face off against Adesanya on June 12th. However, Whittaker wanted a little more time before his rematch with Adesanya.

With Vettori ready to go, the UFC shifted gears to the next man in line. The Italian Dream has now won five fights in a row since his loss to Adesanya. Something that will get brought up in the buildup to UFC 263 is their first matchup. Adesanya won the fight by split decision, however, Vettori is adamant that he won the fight.

For the record, I believe the right man won that night. Both have been extremely successful since their first matchup and both are much more polished now. Marvin Vettori is going to go after Israel Adesanya at UFC 263 with ever intention on capturing the middleweight title.

UFC middleweight return for Stylebender

UFC 263 will mark the middleweight return of Israel Adesanya. Back in March, Adesanya moved to light heavyweight to try and become a two-division champion. However, he ultimately fell short and suffered his first career loss at the hands of Jan Blachowicz.

Adesanya took the loss extremely well and he seems motivated to defend his UFC title. Nobody in the middleweight division has been able to stop Adesanya. Since joining the promotion back in 2018, Adesanya is a perfect 9-0 in the UFC’s middleweight division.

Make no mistake about it, Adesanya is the best middleweight in the sport. However, Marvin Vettori could use a strategy that Jan Blachowicz used at UFC 259. Vettori just showed against Kevin Holland that he can lean on his wrestling. In fact, he did that in the first matchup. Adesanya will be the massive favorite, but there is a path for The Italian Dream.

After dominant win at UFC Vegas 24, what’s next for Robert Whittaker?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 24, Robert Whittaker (23-5) and Kelvin Gastelum (16-7, 1 NC) headlined the card. This fight was two years in the making after their first fight fell through at UFC 234.

Whittaker and Gastelum coached opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter and were set to fight for the middleweight title. However, the morning of UFC 234, Whittaker had to have emergency surgery and the fight was called off.

Two years later, the two men finally met inside the octagon. In a pure striking match, I figured Whittaker would have the advantage. Outside of the middleweight champion, it’s hard to defeat Robert Whittaker on the feet with his diverse attack and speed.

Gastelum was just a step behind at UFC Vegas 24. He would hit Whittaker throughout the evening, but for the most part, he was getting touched up by the former champion. Bobby Knuckles noticeably wobbled Gastelum on a couple of occasions.

On a night where most of the fights were slow at UFC Vegas 24, this one delivered. These two stood and traded all night, but as mentioned, Whittaker always got the best of it and the former champion walked away with a clean sweep on the scorecards.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 24?

After UFC Vegas 24, there is only one fight for Robert Whittaker. That fight would be a rematch with the current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (20-1). There is nothing left for Whittaker to prove.

Whittaker was knocked out by Adesanya at UFC 243 in 2019. It was the first and still is the only loss Whittaker has ever suffered at middleweight. Adesanya expressed interest in fighting Darren Till and Jared Cannonier in 2020.

Well, Whittaker took both of them out. Now, after a dominant win over Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Vegas 24, Bobby Knuckles has won three straight. It’s time that the UFC puts together a rematch and perhaps they could do it in Australia or New Zealand again in front of a packed house.

UFC: Israel Adesanya says Jon Jones beef goes beyond fighting; insists they will fight in the future

About two weeks ago at UFC 259, we saw Israel Adesanya (20-1) suffer his first professional MMA loss at the hands of Jan Blachowicz (28-8). Adesanya was seeking to become a two-division UFC champion.

However, Jan Blachowicz had a great game plan and was able to win a decision over Adesanya. In the later rounds of the fight, Adesanya had no answer for the wrestling attack of Jan Blachowicz which was ultimately his downfall.

One man who took pleasure in watching Adesanya lose is Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC). The former UFC light heavyweight champion is not a fan of Adesanya and the two have gone back and forth for a couple of years now.

There has always been talk about a super fight between the two men. However, after Adesanya lost and said he was returning to middleweight, many wondered if we’d ever get the chance to see this grudge match inside the octagon.

The UFC‘s middleweight champion appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show this week to talk about his future. Adesanya made it very clear that he’s still planning on fighting Jon Jones and that the fight isn’t dead at all.

UFC super fight in the future?

When asked if the fight was dead Adesanya said, “Hell no. That fights not dead, I’m coming for that ass. This is deeper than fighting now, we all know how fake he is.” As you can tell, Adesanya still plans on tracking Jones down eventually.

So where are we at currently? Jones and Adesanya are moving in opposite weight directions at the moment. Jones is preparing for his heavyweight debut which should come over the summer. He will be challenging for the UFC’s heavyweight title when he makes his heavyweight debut.

Adesanya will be moving back to middleweight to defend his title. While the fight might not be dead, we are now seeing that we might be a year or two away from discussing this matchup again. Both have work in front of them, but perhaps one day, we will see Jon Jones fight Israel Adesanya in the UFC.