How Much Time Does Eli Manning Really Have Left With The New York Giants?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

New York Giants‘ quarterback Eli Manning might be at his last life with the organization if he doesn’t step up his game for the upcoming season. With Manning only having two years left on his contract, people are doubting his potential to impress the Giants brass enough to deserve a contract extension beyond 2020.

Taking into consideration that Manning is a 37 year-old quarterback with a not so persistent front line; obviously he isn’t going to be able to play to the best of his ability. On the other hand, Giants fans believe that this Eli is the same QB from past years and still has some fuel left in the tank.

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That being said, maybe the Giants need a fresh, young QB to lead the pack. Let’s be honest, Manning’s play-action passes have been weak and his audible calling inadequate, primarily due to the previous offensive scheme Ben McAdoo implemented. With new coach Pat Shurmur taking the reigns, we should expect to see Eli utilize his strengths. But, if Manning has degraded to the point where those strengths might be average at best, it could spell the end for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

With newly acquired running back Saquon Barkley, Manning will have a dynamic and versatile back that can catch passes out of the backfield and extend pays with his legs. Due to the fact Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard were injured in 2017, it hurt Manning profoundly considering they were two of the Giants’ top receivers. Don’t forget that wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris were also injured, leaving Eli Manning with mostly 3rd and 4th string receivers.

Eli’s band of misfit toys at WR dropped 45 passes, which would have brought his completion percentage from 61.6% to 69.5% given those passes were caught. Of course, there will always be some dropped passes, but the Giants led the league by a land-slide.

Being that Manning will enter the 2018 season with a heightened sense of confidence due to the return of his most lethal weapons, and the addition of Barkley and an upgraded offensive line, the franchise QB might be able to extend his stay with Big Blue.

Eli’s brother, Peyton, played until he was 40 years old and was fresh off a herniated disk in his neck. Peyton was forced to travel to Germany to receive the surgery that would ultimately allow him to continue playing in the NFL.

Eli on the other hand has never missed a professional game due to injury, which should allow us to expect quality from him throughout the upcoming season. Backup quarterback Davis Webb has performed well during organized team activities thus far, showing off his big arm and accuracy. The second-year signal caller is making a strong case that he can be the future of the franchise, but a few pre-season games under his belt will be the deciding factor for fans and coaches alike.

Eli Manning predicted stats:

Passing yards: 4,142

Passing TD’s: 28

Interceptions: 13

New York Giants: 5 Offseason Questions That Remain

We have hit the doldrums ladies and gentlemen. Fans of the New York Giants, much like fans of any other NFL team, can only sit and wait for the next two months. The front office has done the bulk of their job, and whether or not you agree with their agenda, you can’t help but be excited to see a better brand of football coming from our squad in the upcoming season.

By all accounts (including those coming from our defensive players) Saquon Barkley is at least as good as advertised.  Will Hernandez and Nate Solder will elevate our O-line play to no less than ‘average’…a vast improvement over the mostly laughable production by the unit in 2017.

The New York Giants have a new crop of rookies and a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. You won’t want to miss out on any breaking news stories, updates, or every-day activities! Sign up for FREE to receive premium content delivered straight to your email.

While we have many good reasons to feel content right now, a sober look at our team should leave you wondering about a few areas of our roster. The NFC is about as stacked as I’ve ever seen since the early 90’s. For the Giants to truly be relevant come January, there are some questions that must be0 answered during training camp come August.

1.) Who will be our starting right tackle?

Until further notice, this is a two man battle between Chad Wheeler and twitter pariah Ereck Flowers. Wheeler came to us after last year’s draft as an undrafted free agent.  As four year starter at USC, Chad ranked high among 2017 tackle prospects as far as physical traits and talent go, but he slipped in the draft due to inconsistent play and his smaller frame. 6’7” is more than ideal height, but he weighs in at 310 lbs. and looks slight for the position.

Given the state of our offense last year, it should surprise no one that Wheeler was pressed into duty during his rookie season at several times and at different positions.  While he should be commended for his versatility and general aptitude, his ceiling as a starter is probably league average at best. He has earned the shot to prove he can be more than that (word is that he’s bulked up this offseason) and hold down the position, but I’m not betting that way.

I believe Ereck Flowers wins the job. Or maybe I should say keeps it since he was immediately inserted into the starting lineup…once he bothered to show up. The 2015 9th overall looks exactly like your starting tackle. 6’6”, 325 lbs. with long arms and quick feet. Too bad his play has been about as consistent as Wi-Fi in Antarctica.

Here’s a peek of what I’m talking about:

To be fair, the Wi-Fi in Antarctica probably is consistent as long as you’re in the right area.  Maybe Flowers works the same way. At left tackle he was getting no signal, but possibly for him right tackle is like the 1% of the south pole where you get 5 bars.

MY ANSWER: Flowers keeps the job and performs well.

2.) Do we have enough depth at cornerback?

I am actually wondering do we even have two good starters? The Jackrabbit..aka Janoris Jenkins, is coming off an injury plagued 2017 season that included a team enforced suspension. At least we have seen him play at an All-Pro level. The same cannot be said for Eli Apple. The enigmatic cornerback has flashed the elite skills that prompted us to select him with the 10th pick two years ago, but he better known for repeated benchings and disrupting team chemistry.

Behind them, the depth chart gets alarmingly thin. William Gay had a nice career in Pittsburgh, but he is on the wrong side of 33! And behind him there’s Teddy Williams, B.W. Webb, Jeremiah McKinnon, C.J. Goodwin & Chris Lewis-Harris. I’ve said before that you can’t rub a bunch of back-ups together to make a starter, but it feels like that’s exactly what we’re gonna try at nickel CB…sounds like a risky course of action in today’s NFL.

MY ANSWER: We get exposed if Jenkins or Apple get injured. Make that when it happens

3.) Who is our #3 receiver?

Dez Bryant.

Just kidding, but only a little bit. As of this moment, Dez is still waiting for us to call. He is hoping that Cody Lattimer does in New York exactly what he did in Denver…which isn’t much. He underwhelmed for four seasons at mile high, but possesses the tools to be an effective possession/slot receiver. The G-men picked him up rather early in free agency, and right now he’s penciled in at #3, but there is competition for that spot.

Enter Roger Lewis. Coming to us in 2016 as an UFA, Lewis has had a few highlight moments for the G-men.

That was one of the few bright spots of a 2017 season where Lewis was inserted into the starting lineup due to the injury bug, no, injury bazooka hitting the receiver corps. Almost nobody on the Giants offense last year looked good, but Lewis didn’t look bad which is saying something.

After Lattimer & Lewis, we get into a lot of names you have no reason to know. Amba Etta-Tawo has an intriguing skill set, but not much else to speak of in his career.  Ramses Barden also had an intriguing skill set for the record.  The rest of the depth chart excites me as much as Barden did.

If the stars stay healthy, these ‘other guys’ should do fine, but if the injury bazooka comes back we’re in trouble.

MY ANSWER: We sign Dez in mid-August when his price is low…he catches 3 td’s against the Cowboys in week 2. Gets benched by week 6.

4.) Will our defense return to 2016 form?

I almost wanna give any defensive players left from last year a mulligan. Our putrid offense left our defense in the worst possible position incessantly. I’m talking about an offense that averaged 15.4 points per game and a 32% 3rd down conversion rate (both good for 31st in the NFL). That’s hard for any defense to deal with.

But a defense that ranked 27th or lower in the 4 major categories (points, total yards, passing & rushing yards) cannot be blamed solely on poor offensive production, bad coaching, or even locker room revolt.  The eyeball test says that last year many players just weren’t performing for whatever reason.

The coaching staff house cleaning brings us not only a new coordinator in James Bettcher, but a new defensive scheme. I wrote earlier how the return of the 3-4 defense will place more emphasis on our linebackers. Free agent Alec Ogletree and returning vet B.J. Goodson will man the inside, while Olivier Vernon will have to adjust to a stand-up role as an outside backer. Rookie Lorenzo Carter is in line to play on the opposite side and help Vernon pressure opposing QB’s.

A little peek at what we hope Carter will bring to our squad:

I talked earlier about the secondary…and you know I don’t like how thin we look.  Thankfully, I love how thick we look on the D-line. Giants vets Damon Harrison and Dalvin Tomlinson will eat up blockers, and free agent Kareem Martin rounds out our starting unit. Martin was a solid 3-4 end in Arizona for the past 4 seasons and should ease the transition for our front 7. This defense needs to hit the ground running to stand a chance in the NFC this year.

MY ANSWER: After a slow start, the defense becomes an above average unit due mostly to the front 7 and Landry Collins.

5.) Does Eli Manning still have it?

There it is. The 100 million dollar question. Can Eli still play? If you ask some people, he never was all that good to begin with. If you ask most people, he’s been bad for at least 2 years…although that does coincide with the tenure of a coach who recently had his keycard taken away.

I’ll put my cards on the table: I believe he still can play at a very high level…but I haven’t really seen it for nearly 2 seasons. I’ve been an Eli fan/supporter since day 1, so it isn’t easy for me to admit that the end is near for my favorite QB. His arm strength is lessened (although not as much as others would have you believe). He can no longer move well enough to be effective behind a porous O-line.

Maybe most alarmingly, his yds per attempt has been trending down for years. In 2011, the 2nd Superbowl win for Eli, he averaged a robust 8.4 yds per attempt. In 2014 it was 7.3 yds per. Last year was his career low at 6.1 yds per attempt.

Despite those and other stats that suggest Eli is done, the Giants brass from top to bottom still see Eli as a championship level QB with years left to play. I can understand their reasoning. He’s as good as it gets at pre-snap at the line of scrimmage getting the G-men in and out of the right plays. Last season proved what kind of leader and teammate he is and how much New York fans truly love him, even when they hate him.

Behind an offensive line that can provide sufficient time and with what on paper looks like the best cast of skill players he’s ever played with, the New York Giants believe there is some magic left in Eli’s 37 year old arm.

MY ANSWER: I think they’re right. Eli enjoys a great statistical season.

Saquon Barkley’s Primary Mentor Isn’t Odell Beckham Jr.

It is no secret that New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley have become friends. In fact, they have been training together since before Saquon was drafted. But they have gotten a lot closer since the draft and Odell has offered help and tips to be a professional.

While OBJ may be taking Saquon Barkley under his wing a bit, he may not be his only mentor on the team. Who is then?

The New York Giants have a new crop of rookies and a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. You won’t want to miss out on any breaking news stories, updates, or every-day activities! Sign up for FREE to receive premium content delivered straight to your email.

Saquon on learning from Eli Manning:

Eli Manning is as knowledgeable as a coach when it comes to running on offense, and Saquon knows that. It is smart to train to learn as much as you can from your future Hall of Fame quarterback to be the best he can be.

While OBJ and Saquon Barkley may be becoming close friends, Eli Manning may be the true mentor while Saquon learns to be a true professional. While Saquon may think his questions could be annoying to Eli, I am sure that is not true at all. Eli Manning is a true team player and wants to help everybody be the best that can be.

Barkley will be an influential factor in the offense next season, and learning the offense will be of the utmost priority. Manning is the one player on the offense that knows where everybody needs to be at all times, and Barkley will need to soak in all of the knowledge he can get his hands on.

There’s no doubt that the young running back has ever had a more intelligent and talented QB to work with, which presents him with a rare opportunity. OTAs represents the first time the two have been able to work with one another, and its also the beginning of a blossoming relationship on the offense. While Manning and OBJ already have a stellar relationship, they’re both going to need to make room for one more to join the party.

The Giants’ 2018 Season Will Depend on One Player’s Performance

New York Giants, Eli Manning

There has recently been a lot of optimism for the New York Giants since the draft. New General Manager, Dave Gettleman, has completely revamped the entire roster. The defense has several playmakers while the Giants continue to add depth. The offense, on paper, looks like one of the best in the league.

It has been years since Eli Manning has an offensive line capable of protecting him, it looks like that may change in 2018. Dave Gettleman revamped and upgraded the entire line. The Giants’ 2018 season will depend on one players’ performance.

It is up to Eli:

A lot of blame has been put on the shoulders of Eli, especially after a 3-13 season. But many people around him say he can still play at a high level. Now he will have a legitimate chance to prove it.

For too long, Eli Manning has had to deal with far more pressure than he should have. In 2017, Eli’s snap to throw time was 2.5 seconds. This was in the bottom five in the NFL. This shows truly how quickly Eli had to find his receiver and get rid of the ball before he gets hit.

Let us not forget, the Giants led the league in dropped passes, with 45. The next closest teams were the Cardinals and the Raiders, which each had 38 drops. It wasn’t even close.

With an improved offensive line, and Saquon Barkley to keep the defense honest, Eli will have the time he needs to make more plays. With improved weapons, the offense should see fewer drops. Good protection and explosive weapons is a recipe for a great offense. The rest will be up to Eli.

I bELIeve. Do you?

Was New York Giants GM David Gettleman Being Selfish By Taking Barkley At 2?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

Did the 2018 NFL Draft turn out to be a selfish one for New York Giants’ GM David Gettleman?

Finally, after months of speculation and mock drafts, we finally know who the New York Giants landed with the no. 2 overall pick. And as most fans and experts predicted, Big Blue selected Penn State standout, Saquon Barkley.

Was this the right pick? If you look at the actual facts, we may not be able to tell if they made the correct choice, however, Gettleman and the Giants are definitely telling us something.

Right off the bat, Saquon Barkley is projected to get a whopping $31 Million, which is top 5 running back money, which is hefty for someone who has never played an NFL snap. Spending the pick on Barkley means you aren’t trading OBJ anytime soon and he will project to get at least $18 million per-year.

Gettleman will presumably allocate well over $40 million to Nate Solder, Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley, which is close to 25% of the salary cap on just three players. Not to mention the $21 million that aging quarterback Eli Manning earns.

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But maybe the Giant’s can compete for Superbowl?

The Eagles, Cowboys, Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Packers, Vikings and the Rams are all significantly better suited for a deep playoff run for not only the upcoming season, but the future as well. The Lions and Seahawks have younger and more talented QB’s, and the 49er’s and Bears have young talented signal callers who may take them to the next level. This is the toughest a conference is projected to be from top to bottom in years.

[sc name=”StubHub”]

The Giants are not a great running back away from being a contender. Eli Manning will be in Canton one day but he has not been good as of late, let alone great in recent history. They have an aging defense with a revamped yet unproven offensive-line.

The New York Giants have a new crop of rookies and a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. You won’t want to miss out on any breaking news stories, updates, or every-day activities! Sign up for FREE to receive premium content delivered straight to your email.

Will Hernendez is a first round talent that fell to the second round, Lorenzo Carter fell in their laps in the third — props to the new GM for making the smart and obvious choice, however, drafting them was the obvious choice with or without Barkley.

Who should the Giants have drafted at 2?

Sam Darnold is the often mentioned name that has surfaced the last three months. He is only 20 years old! Darnold could be the starting QB for the next 15 years and still be younger than Eli is today! He has the highest floor and quite possibly the highest ceiling.

Say, both Gettleman and new head coach Pat Schurmur didn’t truly value any of these QB’s as a future franchise quarterback, then simply trade down. Accumulate current and future assets. This was a very deep running back draft and they could’ve gotten good value in the later rounds.

Dave Gettleman, 67, is no spring chicken and he wants to see Big Blue raise that banner again. However, the likelihood of them achieving that goal with this roster is low. He didn’t even field any potential offers. That, to me, is both selfish and arrogant.

Barkley drawing 7 up front, leaving Odell one on one vs. some poor CB who has the improbable task of guarding him alone, will be extremely exciting to watch. Catching the ball out of the flat and making players miss – it’ll be a ton of fun to experience, but will that be enough to surpass Dallas or Philly?

Only time will tell.



According to Ernie Accorsi Eli Manning Has Plenty Of Football Left In Him

New York Giants, Eli Manning

As the New York Giants contemplate taking a quarterback with their No. 2 overall selection in the upcoming NFL draft, some people think it might be a tad premature given Eli Manning’s current state of health.

A good chunk of fans and analysts think Manning is degrading at an astronomical rate after last season’s melt down, which was primarily due to the offensive line and a stripped wide receiver corps. Manning has shown that his arm strength has not dwindled and his decision making is as controversial as always.

Former Giants’ GM Ernie Accorsi is still a believer in Manning, who will undoubtedly be suiting up to start the 2018 season:

“I wouldn’t want to put an endline on him, but I do agree with them that he can play winning, championship football for two years,” Accorsi said via the New York Daily News. “Now, it may be more. I’m not saying that he can’t do more. But I don’t think there’s any question: What I saw last year in the Philadelphia game with what he had to play with, I definitely think he could still take a team to a title. I mean, obviously he has to be surrounded with a pretty good team. But I do.”

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Accorsi played a big role in orchestrating the trade that brought the Ole Miss quarterback to New York and Philip Rivers to the San Diego Chargers. Manning has gone on to win two Super Bowls (Rivers has 0) and was named MVP in both of them. In both years, Manning brought his game to another level once the post-season came around, taking a Wild Card team to the big game.

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That same level of play doesn’t seem to have dwindled, and it’s impossible to say it has, given the lack of talent he endured last season.

The question is: How long will it take for the Giants to build a solid team around him? And can he deliver within the next two seasons?

“I don’t think it’s gonna take that long. I think there’s some talent there,” Accorsi said. “They’ve got to rush the passer. They have to protect Eli. And obviously the offensive line’s gotta run block. They have receivers — the tight end’s gonna be a terrific receiver, they’ve got tremendous wide receivers. They have good running backs and — who knows? — they may get another one. And if they can rush the passer and protect Eli, I think they have a chance to be good rather quickly.”

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.

The Giants need to improve in all facets of the game. They overhauled the coaching staff, which in turn provided talent at the linebacker and offensive line position. The Giants have a high draft pick which gives them the ability to address a position of need, and ultimately begin to build a winning team around Manning.

Gettleman made it clear in his introductory press conference that the Giants need to improve in rushing the passer, stopping the run, and running the ball.

All of those points refer to improving the offensive line, defensive line, and running back position.



What Should We Expect From Eli Manning In 2018?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

For Eli Manning, starting off the season strong will be at the forefront of his priorities, and it all starts with building chemistry with his offense.

The New York Giants added several weapons to the offense, including left tackle Nate Solder and left guard Patrick Omameh. Rebuilding the offensive line has been an unfinished puzzle for the past few years. Fitting the pieces together was not the strength of former general manager Jerry Reese, and it’s not for his lack of trying (Justin Pugh, Weston Richburg, Ereck Flowers, John Jerry, etc.).

Reese struggled to put together a formidable line for his franchise quarterback, and the consequences were apparent. Last year’s disastrous campaign started and ended on the offensive line.

The Giants began their season on Monday; Eli Manning was in attendance to voluntary OTA’s. The only player that was absent was former left tackle and current right tackle, Ereck Flowers.

GM Dave Gettleman will likely address the offensive line in the upcoming NFL draft, which will only aid the success of Manning and Co.

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Previous stats:

The offensive scheme plays a large part in the statistical achievements for any quarterback, and Eli Manning is no different. With Odell Beckham Jr. playing an integral part in the offense, Manning enjoyed inflated numbers due to his electrifying skill set.

In 2017: 61.6% completion, 3,468 passing yards, 19-13 TD-INT ratio, 31 sacks and 11 fumbles.

In 2016: 63% completion, 4,027 passing yards, 26-16 TD-INT ratio, 21 sacks and 7 fumbles.

In 2011: 61% completion, 4,933 passing yards, 29-16 TD-INT ratio, 28 sacks, 8 fumbles

These three years represent good examples for the difference in offensive line quality and systematic approaches.

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In 2017, the line was awful, resulting in one of Manning’s worst statistical seasons. The only season he was sacked more times was in 2013 (39 sacks). His 11 fumbles was the most in the past eight years as the Giants’ quarterback.

The 2016 season was interesting, because it was Ben McAdoo’s most successful year with the Giants. Manning improved his completion percentage to 63%. The scheme he implemented was heavy on short passes and crossing routes, similar to the 2017 season but more daring. McAdoo became complacent after becoming the head coach for the Giants and ultimately dug his own grave with his conservative play calling.

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.

When comparing these two years to 2011, the year the Giants won the Super Bowl, you’ll see that Manning had his most explosive year, netting nearly 5,000 yards for the only time in his career. But why was he so successful?

The offensive line consisted of Will Beatty, David Diehl, David Baas, Chris Snee, and Kareem McKenzie. A solid front four, which gave Manning ample time to set up his passes.

But the main factors that contributed to Manning being successful was also the same reason that the Giants won the Super Bowl. Those factors represented balance and unpredictability.

They had a tight end (Jake Ballard), running backs (Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs), wide receivers (Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Victor Cruz), and a quality offensive line. Provide Manning with the necessary tools and success is on the horizon.

The Giants have lacked a true running game, tight end, offensive line, and base of receivers for years, and they have lacked success all the while. I wonder why…

Well, now that Eli Manning has a serviceable offensive line, a tight end in Evan Engram, receivers in Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall, and a head coach that has a history with successful quarterbacks, we can anticipate an instantaneous improvement.

The factors and pieces are in place to put together a winning team, and with the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, the Giants have the ability to add an immediate play-maker to the team. With this logic, Saquon Barkley would be the prioritized selection for New York, but the question is: Are they playing to win now, or planning for the future?

Eli Manning 2018 predictions:

62.5% completion, 4,759 yards, 28-14 TD-INT ratio, 22 sacks, 6 fumbles




Here’s What Davis Webb Has Learned In One Season Under Eli Manning

New York Giants, Eli Manning

The New York Giants have a quarterback dilemma, and all Davis Webb-haters tend to refer back to the days of Ryan Nassib. Let’s get this out of the way… that’s ridiculous. You can’t compare any player in the NFL, since later-round picks often emerge as starters at all different positions.

Nassib didn’t have the work ethic Webb currently has, and his chances at starting a game in the NFL were next to none. How do I know that? Eli Manning was in his prime, so Nassib wasn’t going to be playing any games as a Giant; he was a backup QB for life. Webb has the chance to be Manning’s successor, which explains his ‘want’ to prove himself to the organization.

Here’s what Webb had to say about his year under Manning:

“How to handle adversity would be No. 1,” Webb told NJ Advance Media during an exclusive interview. “We lost 13 games. We have to swallow that. But he never flinched. Every day he had the biggest smile on his face and was ready to work and compete with his teammates. He loves playing the game of football. That’s something I really admire.”

The Giants battled through a 3-13 season and even went as far as to bench Manning and end his infamous streak. Manning nearly cried due to the emotion of not starting a game after 14-season of doing so. Damn you Ben McAdoo!

Moving forward, the Giants are staying with Manning as their starting quarterback in 2018. At 37-years old, his time is quickly coming to an end, but he has our support until his final day!

“We believe Eli has years left as a starting quarterback in this league,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “We’re excited that he’s there. I’m looking forward to developing Davis Webb to see where he can go.”

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When comparing himself (Webb) to Manning, he was very open with how different both of their personalities really are, and why their receivers gel with both of them equally.

“We have two different personalities,” Webb said, “but that’s why I think all the receivers gel with us: Because it’s easy to talk to him and I.”

“He’s the best teammate I’ve ever had,” Webb said. “He pushed through some adversity this year: Receivers went down, (offensive) linemen got hurt. We had some adversity and he didn’t flinch. He had to sit out one game, and he was the best teammate in the world. I know it was hard on him. I really respected that.”

Webb is spending the offseason working diligently to impress the new regime for the Giants, and he may just earn his opportunity to showcase his skills.

“He [Manning] said, ‘The biggest thing I’ve got going for me is my work ethic. I’m going to outwork people. That’s how you get better. Every day you find something. You never stay the same.”

Well, we can surely say Webb is giving his opportunity everything he’s got, and if he wins the starting job, it will be based on his work ethic alone.




Davis Webb Continues To Improve, Videos Show Improved Footwork From Under Center

The New York Giants have a potential quarterback problem that will arise after Eli Manning is told to hit the road. But for now, all we can do is speculate.

So, let’s look at some actual film of the quarterback that’s already on the Giants’ roster… Davis Webb. Many Mock drafts have GM Dave Gettleman taking Josh Rosen at no. 2 overall, but that consensus could drastically change if Webb can show his abilities from under center. Luckily for us, we have some tape of him taking snaps and dropping back to deliver perfect strikes.

The process:

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The odds are stacked against the former third-round pick, but his constant want to improve and willingness to work diligently on the offseason is apparent. He wants that starting job, and it’s fair to say he’s doing everything to earn it.

Let’s break down the video below:

On the first throw, Webb drops back from under center with solid footwork, simulates moving up into the pocket to avoid pressure, and delivers a solid pass to his receiver over the middle. It’s nice to see his movement looking so fluid and fundamentally solid. Webb worked from the shotgun primarily in college, causing him to lose some stock from teams that use a pro-style offense.

On the second throw in the video, Webb drops back and resets just before the receiver makes his break. He proceeds to deliver a perfect strike to his receiver in stride. There’s no doubt his footwork has improved and his accuracy looks solid from the practice field.

The big question is: Can he deliver on an NFL field?

Reminder, we can say the same thing about any quarterback being drafted in the upcoming NFL draft… Can they reproduce their college success on a professional field?


New York Giants: Davis Webb Releases Encouraging Workout Videos

The New York Giants may want to re-consider their draft plans after seeing Davis Webb’s new workout videos; especially if they were planning on taking a quarterback.

The consensus that the Giants are looking at UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with their No. 2 overall pick has been apparent within the media and fan-base, but we must consider that Eli Manning’s successor might already be on the team.

Webb drew rave reviews from teammates and staff within the organization, which bodes well for his stock as we head towards the draft. With another guaranteed season under Manning, we can assume he will only continue to grow and progress into a potential future quarterback.

Here are some of his workout videos:

On the second video, Webb rolled out to his right on a play-action pass, showing extreme precision and placement with tight end Evan Engram. There’s no doubt that Webb is showing his work-ethic on the offseason and what he’s willing to do to become the Giants’ future quarterback.

In addition to his work-ethic, he’s building chemistry with current starters on the offense and saying all the right things to management.

Here’s what Webb said about his meetings with Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan:

“I had a conversation with Mr. Gettleman and kind of told him how I felt and my abilities as a quarterback,” Webb said last week after a throwing session with a group of college players preparing for the draft. “I think there are enough people around the facility that believe in me and believe in my work ethic and believe in my ability to play quarterback one day for this franchise.”

“I want them to know that I’m here to be the best teammate possible and work very hard. I know we have a high pick in the draft. But nobody really knows but two people — that is coach Shurmur and Mr. Gettleman. So there can be a lot of guessing and stuff like that.”

“I’m preparing myself for whenever my opportunity comes,” Webb stated. “I get to work out with Eli Manning and NFL guys daily, couldn’t ask for anything more. I am working just for whenever an opportunity arrives. I am ready to play and play well.”

As long as the Cal product continues to show his discpline and loyalty to the franchise, there’s no doubt that he will receive is fair share of the opportunities moving forward. And if the Giants decide to pass on a quarterback in the upcoming draft, that would be a major indication of how the current regime feels about Webb.