New York Giants: Options For The Giants If They Trade Back In the 2019 NFL Draft

The New York Giants hold the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Everyone is waiting to see wether or not the Giants will finally attempt to draft Eli Manning‘s successor. However, nothing is set in stone.

This year’s draft class only has a couple of quarterbacks that are worthy of a first-round pick. If the Giants want to take one, they might even have to trade up. However, if they are not in love with one of the quarterback prospects, their best course of action might be to trade back.

Who Might Be Looking To Trade Up?

A few quarterback-needy teams could try to move into the top 10 to get their franchise signal-caller. The Giants could potentially go all-in on Eli Manning, trade back to accumulate draft picks, and build the team around the 38 year old veteran.

That is an unlikely, and probably unwise scenario. A more likely scenario would be if a team jumped in front of the Giants and took the quarterback they want. Thus would then cause the Giants to move back in the draft to get more picks. There are multiple teams who could potentially try to trade with the Giants.

One team that stands out is the Denver Broncos. The Broncos’ general manager, John Elway, has been rumored to view quarterback prospect Drew Lock as his guy. If the Giants do not share the same opinion, they could move back to the Broncos’ 10th spot.

The Miami Dolphins is another team to look out for in the 2019 NFL Draft. They are another quarterback-needy team picking outside of the top ten. They currently hold the 13th pick, which could end up being too far back to select a franchise quarterback. So if there is someone in this draft they want to select, trading up to the 6th pick would not be a bad idea.

The Giants could consider trading the 6th pick to a division rival. The Washington Redskins are going to be without Alex Smith this year due to a gruesome injury. This could possibly mean Smith’s retirement. They need to draft a quarterback to secure their future. With the 15th pick, Washington could look to trade up inside the top 10 and get themselves a quarterback.

What Could The Giants Get For The 6th Pick?

The 6th pick has a value of 1,600 points while the 10th pick has a value of 1,300. In order to add the 300 points of value, the Broncos could throw in a 2nd round pick. The Broncos’ second rounder is the 41st pick, which is worth 490 points, but that is likely fair enough compensation considering the Broncos would be selecting a quarterback.

The 13th pick is worth 1,150 points. In addition to the 13th pick, the Dolphins could trade the 48th pick from round 2 (worth 420 points) and the 141st pick from round 5 (worth 35.5 points) to make this trade. The Giants would then have plenty of draft capital necessary to add depth to their roster.

Washington’s 15th overall pick is worth 1,050 points. With the 15th pick already included, if the Redskins threw in their round 2, 46th overall pick (worth 440 points), and their 3rd round pick, 77th overall (worth 205 points), to total a package worth 1,695 points. The extra 95 points would likely make up for the fact that this is an in-division trade.

Who Could The Giants Draft If They Trade Back?

Trading back into the pick 10-20 of the first round could be of great value for the Giants. On top of the extra 2nd and mid round picks they would receive, they would have the ability to draft a defensive playmaker, or a great offensive linemen. Cody Ford is a player that has been mocked to the Giants and would likely be available if they traded back.

The draft class is filled with talented playmakers on defense. Cornerbacks and edge rushers are abundant. If one of the top-end players slides due to the high volume of playmakers on defense, the Giants could get a draft-day steal.

Edge rusher is one of the Giants’ top needs heading into the 2019 offseason. Montez Sweat is a player that has been mocked within picks 10-20 in recent mock drafts.

Cody Ford, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

In 2018, Cody Ford played right tackle for the Oklahoma Sooners. He is listed at 6’4″ and 338 pounds. Do not let his large stature fool you. Ford is an agile tackle with the ability to pass protect speed rushers.

Cody Ford is a gritty Hog Molly who loves to finish the play strong. Dave Gettleman loves strong, aggressive linemen, and Ford would fit right in with his mold of what an offensive lineman should be.

The Giants are in desperate need of a right tackle. Ford would be an instant upgrade at that position. And after a few years, Ford could move to the left side once Nate Solder moves on to retirement.

Montez Sweat, Edge Rusher, Mississippi State

Montez Sweat is a freakish 6’6″ 245 pound edge rusher out of Mississippi State. He was very productive in his junior and senior years. He totaled 10.5 sacks as a  junior and 12 sacks as a senior.

Sweat’s bull rush is excellent. He has the ability to push linemen and collapse the pocket. He is also able to plug holes in run support with his strength and ability to move the line.

However, Sweat is not a perfect prospect. Montez could improve his bend and flexibility on the outside. He does not have a ton of pass-rush moves, mainly just the bull rush, plus an occasional swim. If he adds another move or counter-move or two, he could be a great player. Check out Sweat’s bullrush on full display at the Senior Bowl:

He might take some time to develop, but Montez Sweat has the potential to be a great player at the next level. He could be a draft day steal if the Giants decide to trade back in the 2019 NFL Draft.


New York Giants: Major Rumors Surrounding A Draft Day Trade

The New York Giants could look to draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick.

The New York Giants are reportedly searching for their successor to Eli Manning. There are a few quarterbacks expected to go in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The top quarterback prospect is Dwayne Haskins Jr. from Ohio State University.

Many believe the Giants will be targeting him in the draft to succeed Eli Manning. However, the Giants are picking 6th, and there is a chance other quarterback-needy teams might trade ahead of the Giants to take Haskins. But if the Giants want to prevent that from happening, they could make a trade of their own.

Giants And Cardinals Trade Rumors:

The Giants hold the 6th pick, which might put them in a precarious position when drafting a quarterback. The Arizona Cardinals hold the 1st overall pick in the draft this year. Last year, the Cardinals traded up to the 10th pick to draft quarterback Josh Rosen. Because of this, they do not need a quarterback and could trade their pick away to a quarterback-needy team. That team could be the Giants.

If the Giants want to prevent teams like the Broncos, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Raiders from taking their quarterback of the future, they could trade for the 1st overall pick. Then the Giants could select whoever they wanted. If the Giants were to make this move, they would do so in order to select Dwayne Haskins.

It is rumored that the Giants and Cardinals have been in contact regarding a trade for the number one pick. The rumor states that the Giants called to ask the Cardinals their price and the two teams have been in contact since. Trade talks have not been confirmed, but a few outlets have been circling this rumor around this week. This rumor is very exciting for Giants fans, but unfortunately, at this point, it is only a rumor.

What Would It Take To Make The Deal?

If the Giants were to make the Cardinals an offer, Draft Tek‘s NFL Draft Trade Value Chart could help us project what the Giants might need to give up. The 1st overall pick has a value of 3,000 points, and the 6th overall pick has a value of 1,600 points.

The Giants would have to give up the 6th pick, of course. But on top of that they would likely need to give up at least two more picks. The Giants’ second round pick is worth 530 points, totaling the two Giants picks at 2,130. In order to make up the 870 points the Giants are missing, they will likely need to throw in their 2020 1st round draft pick. The fact that the Giants would be getting a quarterback with this deal may inflate the price. So if the Giants need to throw in a 2020 second-fifth round pick also, that should come as no surprise.

In 2004, the Giants made a draft day trade to acquire Eli Manning. Manning was selected first overall by the Chargers, so it was essentially like they were trading for the 1st pick. The Giants held the 4th pick and selected Philip Rivers with the intent to trade him to San Diego. The Chargers and Giants did strike a deal, bringing Manning to New York.

The Giants traded Philip Rivers (the 4th pick), a 2004 third round draft pick, a 2005 first round draft pick, and a 2005 fifth round draft pick in order to acquire Eli Manning. Some would call that a king’s ransom. Most would consider it a fair deal considering Manning lead the Giants to two Super Bowl victories en route to a Hall Of Fame carer.

If the Giants want to move up to select Dwayne Haskins (or any other quarterback), the 2004 trade for Manning could be a good model to project what they would need to give up in 2019.

New York Giants Reportedly Planning On Drafting Eli’s Successor In 2019

New York Giants, Eli Manning

In his post-season press conference, New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman revealed he had a “very honest” conversation with quarterback Eli Manning. The topics discussed in this conversation were never officially revealed as it was private between Manning and Gettleman. However, Paul Schwartz of the New York Post recently reported on what was discussed during that conversation.

According to Schwartz, “The ‘brutally honest’ assessment Gettleman promised will not result in parting with Manning, but it will lead to a high-alert effort to find his successor.”

The Giants’ Plan To Replicate The Chiefs’ And Other Teams’ Successes

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs took the NFL by storm in 2018. In his second NFL season, his first as a starter, Mahomes threw 50 touchdown passes. Patrick spent his entire 2017 rookie season sitting behind Alex Smith, learning from the veteran, and preparing to take over as a starter in 2018. The Giants are reportedly looking to replicate the Chiefs’ formula and success this year.

The Giants did something similar to this in 2004. After making a draft day trade to acquire Eli Manning, they sat him behind veteran Kurt Warner to start the 2004 NFL season. However, in week 11, the Giants put Warner on the bench and let Manning take over. Manning had a rough 7 games in his rookie season, but he gained valuable experience.

Eli was much more ready to face NFL defenses in his sophomore season. In his second season, Manning finished among the top five quarterbacks in both passing yards and touchdown passes, while leading an offense that finished third in the NFL in scoring with a total of 422 points. It was the most points the Giants scored in a single season since 1963. The Giants won the NFC East with an 11–5 record, and advanced to the postseason as the #4-seed.

Sitting back and learning to begin their first season has proven to be very effective for NFL quarterbacks. In 2018, Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson started the season as the second-string quarterback. However, when each of them got their chance to play, they proved to be the best quarterbacks on the roster. Both quarterbacks would attribute much of their success to the help they received from the other quarterbacks on their rosters. Mayfield and Jackson were not perfect and struggled at times, but they will likely progress in their sophomore seasons.

Eli Manning has never had to mentor a quarterback before. However, in 2019, it seems like he will play a major role in grooming the successor:

Gettleman has not divulged the details of the “great conversation’’ he had with Manning after the season. It appears as if Manning was told of the plan to bring in a youngster to take his job down the road. No one is asking Manning to be a quarterbacks coach, but the Giants need to know their veteran will embrace the newcomer. By all indications, Manning is fine with that scenario, as he realizes too much losing has gone on and he cannot play forever.

Gettleman’s Quarterback Draft Search

Paul Schwartz’s report came with this valuable piece of information: “The search for the next franchise quarterback will be undertaken in the draft, not free agency.” The 2019 free agent class of quarterbacks is nothing special. Nick Foles is not a young quarterback that Eli could groom and Teddy Bridgewater is not looked at as a franchise quarterback due to injury history. However, there are plenty of quarterback options in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Dwayne Haskins out of Ohio State fits Dave Gettleman’s mold. It is early in the draft process, but based on what we know about Gettleman, Haskins is likely to be the Giants’ top-ranked quarterback on their big board. With the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Haskins could be an option. “The Giants have yet to determine if Haskins should be taken that high and will study him relentlessly in the coming weeks, trying to pick apart every aspect of his game and personality.”

Other top quarterback prospects include Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones. Kyler Murray is supposedly not an option for Gettleman, due to his lack of size and his inexperience in a pro style system. Lock and Jones have typically not been looked at as top ten quarterbacks by most analysts. However, that could change with the NFL Scouting Combine coming up in March. The Giants will definitely be evaluating and meeting with the top quarterback prospects.

New York Giants: Top Quarterback Prospect Might Not Meet Gettleman’s Criteria

The 2019 NFL Draft class has a few quarterbacks near the top of the big board. Many New York Giants fans have been eagerly waiting for their team to make the move of drafting a quarterback for a couple of years now. Giants quarterback Eli Manning has regressed with age. He turned 38 earlier this month, and was noncommittal regarding his future with the Giants.

All these factors lead Giants fans to believe that general manager Dave Gettleman will draft a quarterback with the 6th pick in the draft in 2019. Fan favorite quarterback Kyler Murray sits near the top of the board. However, there may be some reason to believe Gettleman is not interested in the Heisman Trophy winner.

Gettleman’s Criticism For Spread Offenses

Last offseason, Dave Gettleman participated in a very telling interview discussing quarterbacks. As general manager of the Panthers, in 2013, Gettleman signed Colby Cameron from Louisiana Tech as an undrafted rookie. Gettleman considered that to be a bad decision because of Cameron’s inability to run a pro-style offense.

“He was in that spread no-huddle system [in college]. I felt awful for the kid, but in August our quarterback coach was still in the huddle with him helping him make the huddle call. This kid was a three-and-a-half-year starter at a Division I school.”

It is important to Dave Gettleman that his rookie quarterbacks have the ability to run a pro-style offense. Dave has six key traits he looks for in quarterback prospects. He calls them “Quarterback 101 through 106.” These six traits are making a huddle call, identifying a mike linebacker, making a protection call, taking a snap from center, calling an audible and throwing a hot route. Many college quarterbacks are not required to do this, especially when playing in a pro-style system.

The issue with Kyler Murray is that he ran a spread, college-style offense. He almost never took snaps from under center. He typically always had the additional help of getting plays from the sideline and did not have to make a huddle call.

These could be red flags for Dave Gettleman. When the combine takes place in February, Dave Gettleman will certainly look to interview Murray and try to find out more about his abilities to run a pro-style offense.

A Pro-Style Prospect That Gettleman Might Enjoy

One prospect near the top of the draft board who played in a pro-style system is Dwayne Haskins. Haskins played one season as a starter at Ohio State University and absolutely lit it up. He threw 50 touchdown passes to only 8 interceptions. Haskins playing in a pro system could mean Gettleman likes him as a prospect and will consider drafting him in 2019. In the following video, Dwayne Haskins demonstrates his ability to call protections, make pre-snap reads, and read defensive coverages like a professional quarterback would:


New York Giants: Comparing Top College Quarterback Prospects To Eli Manning

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

Eli Manning has had an incredible and historic career with the New York Giants. He took them to two Super Bowls, won them both, and was named MVP of both games. He holds every passing record in franchise history.

Eli has been the face of the franchise for over a decade. But after 15 years, it might be time to find a new face of the franchise. Eli Manning is one of a kind. He cannot be replaced. But the 15-year veteran is now 38 years old and does not have a lot of time left in the NFL.

When Eli and the Giants decide it is time to move on, the Giants will need to be prepared. The Giants may look to draft his successor in the upcoming draft.

In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Giants have many options for who could be selected to be Manning’s successor. Throughout his career, Manning played as a clutch quarterback who was never afraid to fire a big-time, gutsy pass. Some of the prospects in 2019 are similar to that. However, some of them are much different. The Giants could look for more of the same, or they could look to make a major change at the way their quarterback position is played.

Senior Prospects:

Eli Manning played college football until his senior year. Notable 2019 draft prospects who are seniors include Drew Lock and Will Grier.

In his college career, similar to his NFL career, Manning threw a lot of touchdowns but also threw a lot of interceptions (a 2.3 touchdown to interception ratio). He has the second highest collegiate-career interception total when comparing him to the 2019 prospects.

However, he is also tied for the second-highest touchdown total. Eli threw 81 touchdown passes, as did West Virginia quarterback Will Grier. Grier only threw 23 interceptions, however, compared to Eli’s 35. Grier played a much cleaner game of football (about a 3.5 touchdown to interception ratio), keeping the turnovers to a minimum.

Drew Lock from Missouri is another top senior prospect. Lock threw a whopping 99 touchdown passes in his 4 collegiate years. Through his 4 years, he also threw 39 interceptions, resulting in a 2.5 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio. His ratio is similar to Manning’s, but his high touchdown totals are enough to wow NFL scouts.

Lock also leads the class, Manning included, in passing yards. Lock threw for 12,193 yards, compared to Manning’s 10,119 yards, and Grier’s 8,556 yards. Lock’s higher numbers are due to him playing 50 games, while Grier only played 28 games, and Manning only playing 43 games. However, his number of games played should not undermine the fact that Lock was a highly efficient quarterback in college.

Junior Prospects:

There are also a few juniors who are near the top of the draft board. Those include Kyler Murray, and Daniel Jones. A fan favorite prospect, Dwayne Haskins, is a red-shirt junior. Haskins is considered by many to be the top quarterback in the 2019 Draft Class.

A couple of the juniors in this class also played a clean game with minimal turnovers. Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray both have incredible touchdown to interception ratios. Haskins threw 54 touchdown passes to 9 interceptions (a spectacular 6 to 1 ratio). Murray threw 50 touchdown passes to 14 interceptions (about a 3.5 to 1 ratio).

Daniel Jones out of Duke played less of a clean game in college. He threw 52 touchdown passes to 29 interceptions (a 1.8 to 1 ratio). This puts him far below the rest of the 2019 quarterback class and below Eli Manning’s 2.3 to 1 ratio. Despite this, scouts have linked Jones to the Giants because of his connections with Eli Manning.

Daniel has been to several Manning Passing Camps and was coached by the same head coach who helped Eli get ready for the NFL, David Cutcliffe. This connection, plus Daniel Jones‘s ideal height and weight, make him an intriguing prospect to many scouts.

Dwayne Haskins is by far the most statistically efficient quarterback in this class with a 6 to 1 ratio, but all scouts have is a small sample size. Dwayne started only one season at Ohio State. It was an incredible, 50 touchdown season, but scouts wish they could have seen more.

Kyler Murray was also highly efficient with a 3.5 to 1 ratio. However, Kyler Murray also played just one season as a starter. But in that season, Murray won the Heisman Trophy. Haskins came in third place in the Heisman voting, just like Eli Manning in 2003.

What makes Kyler Murray so special is his dual-threat ability. This is something Eli Manning never really brought to the table. Some Giants fans have been banging the table for a while now, crying out for a mobile quarterback to come save the Giants from their terrible offensive line.

A lot of Manning’s struggles over the year can be attributed to poor offensive line play. A mobile quarterback, like Murray, may be able to cancel out a lack of talent on the offensive line. Murray ran for 12 touchdowns in his junior season and picked up 1,001 rushing yards. Manning has gained 560 total rushing yards in his 15 year NFL career.

A dual-threat quarterback would be a major change for the Giants, but it could be just what they need to take their explosive offense to the next level. The read option with Murray and Saquon Barkley could be one of the deadliest plays in the NFL if the Giants drafted Kyler.

New York Giants: Head Coach Pat Shurmur’s Son Kyle Could Be An Option At Quarterback

The New York Giants‘ never-ending quarterback debate will need to find a resolution sooner rather than later. Early-round raft options include Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins.

However, the Giants do not necessarily have to select a quarterback in the first two round in order to find Eli Manning‘s successor. The Giants could potentially find a quarterback in the middle to late rounds. Names such as Easton Stick have been mentioned, but recently, a new one has come up in the mix.

Kyle Shurmur:

The quarterback out of Vanderbilt, Kyle Shurmur, has an obvious connection with the Giants. He is the son of the Giants’ current head coach, Pat Shurmur. Giants fans (and maybe even players, too) would definitely complain about nepotism if the Giants passed on a first round quarterback and chose Kyle in a later round instead. However, Shurmur is a developmental player with decent potential.

One thing that scouts and coaches in the NFL love is a player with a high football IQ. It is common for teams to test players on memorizing playbooks at the Scouting Combine and other events. This week, at the NFLPA Bowl, Kyle Shurmur impressed scouts. He was a late entry in the bowl game, so he did not have as much time to study the playbook as the rest of the players who participated. However, he learned the playbook as well as any of his other teammates and reportedly did a “fantastic job.” This demonstration of a high football IQ could move Shurmur up the rankings for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Kyle Shurmur played four years of college football for Vanderbilt. He struggled in his freshman and sophomore seasons, but showed improvement in his final two years. In his junior year, Shurmur tossed 26 touchdown passes to only 10 interceptions. He also gained 2,823 passing yards with a 57.9% completion percentage. Not a monster season, but a quality season to begin to draw scouts’ attention.

Shurmur’s senior season was by far his best. He improved his passing yardage total to 3,130 and brought up his completion percentage to 62.6%. Kyle also threw 24 touchdown passes to only 6 interceptions. An excellent touchdown to interception ratio which demonstrates Shurmur’s advanced football IQ.

The Giants brought Pat Shurmur in as their head coach for a specific reason: he is an offensive guru. Some consider him a quarterback whisperer because of his work with Nick Foles and Case Keenum in their best seasons. He has a way of getting the best out of his players from the quarterback position. It is possible he could get a lot out of his son Kyle if given the opportunity. Since the Giants would not have to spend a high pick on him, they could draft Kyle Shurmur late in the draft and develop him as their next starting quarterback.

New York Giants: Eli Manning’s Former Teammates Think It Is Time To Move On

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz

Throughout the 2019 offseason, the state of the New York Giants‘ quarterback room will be a highly debated and widely discussed topic around the NFL. Giants fans are split. Their beloved franchise hero, Eli Manning, is now 38 years old. He has received increased criticism over the past two years for his regressing performance. Taking his age and performance into account, fans and analysts have been debating whether or not the Giants should move on from Manning.

Since this is such a highly discussed topic, analysts have even asked Eli’s former teammates what they think. Eli is known for being a great teammate. He has strong relationships with his current and former teammates. Despite this, not everyone has defended him recently. Some former teammates have even admitted that they believe it is time for the Giants to acquire a new quarterback.

Victor Cruz:

Former New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz has been asked about Eli on multiple occasions. In one impromptu interview with TMZ, Cruz was asked if he would bench Eli. His response: “Maybe, yes at the moment.Just to see what I got in my future. Just to see what’s going on.”

This interview took place midseason in November. Eli never did get benched, so the Giants do not know what they have as their future. Backup rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta saw limited playing time in a blowout against Washington, but that’s about it. The future of the Giants’ quarterback position is still a huge question mark.

Fans believe the Giants will need to find their future franchise signal-caller this offseason, and a couple of Giants legend agree.

Plaxico Burress:

The wide receiver who caught Eli’s game winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XLII has made his opinion very clear. Plaxico Burress believes the Giants should draft a quarterback this offseason. More specifically, Burress would like to see the Giants draft Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. in 2019. On January 18, Burress stated hon FS1’s Undisputed: “My mindset is if Dwayne Haskins is available at the 6th pick, we gotta take him.”

This is the mindset of a lot of Giants fans. All over social media Giants fans are calling for the Giants to take Haskins in the 2019 NFL Draft. Some fans and analysts even think the Giants should trade up to ensure they get Haskins.

Michael Strahan:

Former Giants Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan has a different, but similar idea for the Giants in 2019. He too believes the Giants should draft a quarterback in 2019. However, he thinks the Giant should draft a different quarterback: Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray out of Ohio State is a controversial prospect who declared for the draft earlier this week. It is still not confirmed that he will choose the NFL over the MLB, but if he does, he could be a top ten pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Michael Strahan is a fan of Murray’s abilities. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Strahan discussed how he would handle the Giants’ current quarterback situation. He would handle it in a similar fashion to how the Giants handled it in 2004, when Eli was a rookie. When asked about his plan, Strahan said: “I’d draft (Kyler) Murray and then I’d let him learn from Eli for the year or eight, nine, 10 games.”

This is a plan plenty of Giants fans could get behind, whether it be Haskins or Murray. Regardless of who the Giants select in the 2019 NFL Draft, they must address the quarterback decision. The fans know it, the players know it, and the front office needs to know it too.

New York Giants: Top Quarterback Prospect Kyler Murray Declares For Draft Amid Baseball Rumors

It has been one week since Dwayne Haskins Jr. declared for the NFL Draft. On Monday, his competition for the top quarterback spot in the 2019 NFL Draft, Kyler Murray, officially declared. Kyler Murray is a junior quarterback out of Oklahoma University.

Kyler declared on the final day that underclassman could declare for the draft, with the deadline being at midnight. It has been an uncertain rumor wether or not Murray would declare due to his possible career in baseball, but he has decided to keep his options open and declare for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Kyler Murray Controversy

In June of 2019, the Oakland A’s selected Kyler Murray with the 9th pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft. Murray is a talented out fielder. Some fans believe he could be a better professional baseball player than he could be a professional football player. Kyler has not been able to come to a decision on which sport he will choose to play, but declaring for the NFL Draft is a way to keep his options open.

Declaring for the draft does not mean Kyler Murray is choosing to play football instead of baseball. It simply means he is keeping his options open. He has a few more weeks to decide which sport he will pursue. By declaring, he now has the ability to choose football if he wants to, whereas not declaring would have meant he had to choose baseball or stay at Oklahoma one more year.

Murray declaring for the draft means he is strongly considering choosing football. It was believed for a while that Murray would choose baseball instead, but things changed over the past couple months. Kyler Murray won the Heisman Trophy in December, which proves he is an insanely talented football player who had an electric 2018 season. However, some scouts and analysts do not think he could succeed in the NFL due to his small stature.

Kyler Murray is listed at 5 feet 10 inches, but many fans and analysts are skeptical of that height. Some believe he is closer to 5 feet 9 inches, and some believe he is actually 5 feet 8 inches. This would make him the shortest quarterback in the NFL. This makes scouts worry wether Murray can even see over his offensive linemen when throwing the ball at the NFL level. On top of that, Murray is listed at 194 pounds, which fans and analysts are also skeptical of. With such a small stature, fans and scouts have the right to wonder wether Kyler’s body can handle taking hits in the NFL. All eyes will be on Kyler Murray as he gets measured at the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

Kyler Murray Statistics And Highlights

Kyler Murray started one season at quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. In 2018, Kyler Murray threw for 4,361 passing yards to go along with 42 passing touchdowns. His touchdown to interception ratio was impressive, as he only thre 7 interceptions. He was also an accurate passer with a 69% completion percentage.

One trait that makes Kyler so special is his dual-threat ability. Kyler had 140 rushing attempts on which he averaged 7.2 yards per attempt and totaled 1,001 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns. His ability to make plays with his legs makes defenses need to construct special game plans.

Murray is the ultimate dual-threat quarterback. Having him in an offense with Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. could be electric, must-see TV. However, Kyler Murray will need to fill out his frame and remain healthy to find success at the professional level.


New York Giants: Top Quarterback Prospect Declares For The 2019 Draft

Could the New York Giants draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick?

New York Giants fans have been debating all season long what their team should do this off season. The offseason is finally here and the 2019 NFL Draft will soon be here too. The Giants have a big decision to make: should they draft a quarterback or address another position of need?

Fans want the Giants to draft a quarterback because of current quarterback Eli Manning’s age and regression. Eli turned 38 years old this month, so how much longer he can play in the NFL is unclear. The Giants could choose to move on from Manning and draft his successor this offseason. If the Giants do decide to draft a quarterback, they now officially have a top quarterback prospect to pay attention to.

Dwayne Haskins Jr. Declares for the 2019 NFL Draft

On January 7th, 2019, the top quarterback prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft, Dwayne Haskins Jr., officially declared for the draft.

The red-shirt junior out of Ohio State University has quickly soared to the top of the draft board for most analysts. Haskins is the best quarterback in the draft. The talent at that position in this class drops off significantly after Haskins. If the Giants want to draft a quarterback this year, Haskins is by far their best option.

Statistics And Records:

2018 was Haskins’s first year as a starter. In 2018, Haskins broke plenty of college football records. Dwayne threw 50 touchdown passes this season which is the most ever by a quarterback in the Big-Ten in a single season. He even surpassed all-pro quarterback Drew Brees to break this record. He also broke the Big-Ten record for single-season passing yards with 4,831 yards. On top of all that, Haskins completed 70% of his passes this season, a record for Ohio State quarterbacks. Haskins’s amazing play in 2018 lead him to be a Heisman Trophy finalist.

Connection To The Giants:

Dwayne Haskins Jr. is a New Jersey native who grew up a big Giants fan. In an interview at the Heisman ceremony, Haskins discussed his life-long love for the Giants. He recalled childhood memories of Giants’ training camp and watching legends such as Jeremy Shockey, Amani Toomer, and more.

When asked about the Giants’ current quarterback Eli Manning, Haskins referred to him as a “legend.” He added that he would love to sit behind Eli and learn from him if the Giants do draft him.

Haskins also has a friendship with Giants’ pro bowl running back Saquon Barkley. Him and Barkley have been friend since high school. Haskins would love to have the opportunity to play alongside his friend Saquon and within the prestigious franchise that is the New York Giants.

Check out the full interview below:

New York Giants: 2019 Quarterback Prospects Light Up Bowl Games

The College Football Bowl Games began on December 15 and came to an end on January 1. The top three quarterback prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft all played in their own Bowl Games. Each quarterback had a solid performance. New York Giants fans should make themselves familiar with these prospects heading into the offseason.

Duke QB, Daniel Jones:

Daniel Jones, the redshirt junior out of Duke, played an excellent game. Duke faced off against Temple in the Independence Bowl on Thursday, December 27. Duke won the Bowl Game 56-27. Jones had an excellent game to lead his team to victory.

Jones put up 423 passing yards and 5 passing touchdowns with a 73% completion percentage (30/41). However, he did throw two interceptions. Daniel declared for the 2019 NFL draft on New Years Eve. He is an interesting prospect because of his ideal frame (6′ 5″, 220 lbs.) and pro-style traits. He was coached by the legendary David Cutcliffe, the same coach who got Eli Manning ready for the NFL. This makes Jones an intriguing prospect for NFL scouts.

Missouri QB, Drew Lock

Drew Lock is a senior quarterback for Missouri. Missouri had a disappointing end to their season, suffering a 38-33 loss in the Liberty Bowl on New Years Eve. However, Lock played a good game in which he flashed with NFL level throws. Lock threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions and a 60.5% completion percentage. Drew showed excellent deep-ball accuracy and the ability to make plays outside of the pocket.

Lock has accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl, so expect to see Giants scouts there with a keen eye on him.

Ohio State QB, Dwayne Haskins Jr.

Dwayne Haskins Jr. is the top ranked quarterback prospect in this draft class, and that showed during the Rose Bowl. The quarterback lead Ohio State to a 28-23 victory in the Rose Bowl against Washington on New Years Day. Haskins threw for 251 yards and tossed three touchdown passes in this game, making his season total a remarkable 50.

Haskins is a special prospect because of his advanced mental edge on the field. He knows how to move safeties with his eyes and go through his progressions to find the open receiver. This is something that most collegiate quarterbacks take years to master, but after just one season as a starter, Haskins seems to have this skill near-perfect. Of course, reading defenses in college is much easier than in the NFL. However, this trait shows that Haskins has major potential at the next level.

With Eli Manning coming off his fifteenth season, it is time for the Giants to start looking towards the future. The team needs a plan for life after Eli. Could their plan be found in this year’s draft?