New York Giants wanted deal with Dave DeGuglielmo, but it fell through

New York Giants, Dave DeGuglielmo

The New York Giants don’t want to look for a new offensive line coach, but they are as of now. Based on the reports coming out of the organization, O-line coach Dave DeGuglielmo will be out this offseason following his arrival midway through the year.

However, he’s not leaving because of a firing. The situation is quite the opposite. The Giants wanted to bring DeGuglielmo back for another year or more, but the two sides haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

The situation seems unusual since keeping the offensive line coach position on a full time basis would be an upgrade from the position DeGuglielmo was originally brought in for. He was set to take over as assistant O-line coach, but was promoted after the firing of Marc Colombo.

Colombo grew heated over Joe Judge’s perceived attempts to undermine him by bringing in his own candidate for assistant, and the resulting events led to DeGuglielmo taking over as the main offensive line coach without spending any time in the previous assistant role.

Under DeGuglielmo, the Giants offensive line was far from perfect but had more stable performance than it did under Colombo. Whether the line will trend upwards or downwards under yet another coach remains to be seen.

Andrew Thomas in specific will have it hard after coming out of college last season only to play under two different O-line coaches during his first season in the NFL.

But if the Giants can’t come to a deal with DeGuglielmo as reported, they’ll have no other option but to let the position remain a revolving door and look for someone else to fill it.

New York Giants offensive line coach tests positive for COVID-19

New York Giants, Dave DeGuglielmo

It’s not long since the New York Giants had their top cornerback missing due to a close COVID-19 contact. This time, the team will have someone else missing with one game of the season left. And instead of a close contact, it’s a positive test. The person this time is Dave DeGuglielmo, the offensive line coach of the Giants who joined midway through the season in a slightly controversial hiring.

The team has come out in a statement acknowledging the positive test and stating that two other close contacts were isolated.

“The Giants have been informed that offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo has tested positive for COVID-19. He was immediately isolated, as were two potential close contacts, and we are currently working with the league’s chief medical officer. Quest Diagnostics Training Center remains open, and the team is following its normal practice and meeting schedule today,” the statement from the Giants read.

It hasn’t been announced who the close contacts are. It’s possible that it was players but it’s also possible that it was other coaches, and the Giants haven’t said more about the matter yet.

DeGuglielmo already has a replacement lined up for Sunday. That coach is offensive line assistant Ben Wilkerson, unless there’s a late change. With little time between now and the Dallas game, it’s easy to believe that we would have heard about it already if either of the close contacts were Giants players.

But, while it looks like the Giants are in the clear and will avoid any players ending up on the reserve/COVID-19 list because of this, it’s not possible to say so with a hundred percent certainty just yet.

New York Giants: Dave DeGuglielmo feels terrible about Daniel Jones taking hits

New York Giants, Dave DeGuglielmo

One of the biggest jobs for the offensive line is to protect the quarterback. And the New York Giants O-line had a hard time doing that on Sunday. That hard time came during a game when protecting the quarterback was more important than ever thanks to Daniel Jones’ less than healthy status going into the game. And while it’s easy to simply say that Jones shouldn’t have started, that doesn’t touch on the big issue of how the line didn’t protect him enough when he did start.

That poor protection saw Jones hit by former Giant Markus Golden, forcing a fumble which put Arizona in a good position deep in Giants territory. It also saw him sacked six times in total, which is more than any other game the Giants have played this season.

It’s possible to blame both the players and the coaching for this poor performance, but offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo has been one of the first ones to step up and take some responsibility.

“Good teams can pass block when everybody knows you have to throw the ball. Good offensive lines can do that. We were not a good offensive line the other day. Yeah, I feel terrible about it. I feel terrible for the guy who is taking the hits, that’s who I feel terrible about it for,” DeGuglielmo said on Tuesday.

He also stated that the offensive line made double teams a point of interest. But they failed to come through on game day, playing into the result.

Jones had no touchdowns and one turnover, the fumble that was forced by Golden. Had the offensive line been playing better, we may have seen Jones escape from this bad game without turning the ball over. But the offense wasn’t good all day, and even without that turnover, it doesn’t seem the Giants would have won the game.

DeGuglielmo still has some work to go with reshaping the offensive line, after taking over in the middle of the season. He’s widely regarded as Joe Judge’s personal pick, after being appointed by Judge over fired offensive line coach Marc Colombo following a dispute.

New York Giants: Offensive line shows out in clutch Week 12 win

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

The New York Giants are now in first place in the NFC East. The Giants’ clutch 19-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals put them on top of their division. The Giants barely scraped out with a win in this game that saw starting quarterback Daniel Jones go down with a hamstring injury.

The Giants’ offense struggled to get anything going once Jones exited the lineup. But while Daniel was playing, New York’s offense was efficient, minus a couple of miscues that held them back. The Giants’ offense looked primed to breakout in the second half before Daniel Jones suffered his injury.

The reason why the Giants’ offense was performing so well: the offensive line. What has been the Giants’ biggest weakness for years was arguably their biggest offensive strength this week.

Offensive line stats and highlights in Week 12

For the first time this season, the Giants’ offensive line did not give up a sack. This comes just over a week after Joe Judge fired offensive line coach Marc Colombo and replaced him with coach Dave DeGuglielmo. In DeGuglielmo’s first game as offensive line coach of the Giants, the offensive line had its best performance of the season.

The Giants did not allow a sack and were great in the run-game, helping running back Wayne Gallman total 94 yards and 1 touchdown on the ground. The Giants gained a total of 142 rushing yards against Cincinnati.

According to Pro Football Focus, rookie offensive linemen Andrew Thomas and Shanne Lemieux were particularly impressive. PFF states that neither rookie allowed a pressure on the day. This is encouraging for the Giants to see their young linemen continue to improve with a near-flawless game in pass protection.

The Giants saw great improvement from their offensive line this week. But it still was not perfect. Right tackle Cam Fleming struggled against the Bengals, committing a number of costly penalties. This could lead the Giants to start rookie tackle Matt Peart in Fleming’s place once Peart returns from the reserve/COVID list.

This was an encouraging performance from the Giants’ offensive line. New York’s front line has struggled all season long but has seen drastic improvement in recent weeks. As New York pushes for a playoff spot in December, it will be crucial for the offensive line to continue to play at a high level.

Will the latest New York Giants news stunt the offensive line’s growth?

New York Giants, Matt Peart

The New York Giants have had one crazy bye week, to say the least. The Giants have made a major change on their coaching staff which also led to some serious drama and rumors surrounding the team and its head coach. The Gmen are also dealing with a small COVID-19 outbreak amongst their team, placing three more players on the reserve/COVID-19 list today.

Amongst those three players, one of them was a key offensive lineman. Rookie offensive tackle Matt Peart tested positive for COVID-19 and will go on the reserve/COVID-19 list, likely keeping him out of next Sunday’s game against the Bengals. The Giants have slowly but surely been working Peart into the lineup on Sundays. He has played a total of 107 snaps this season, rotating into both the left and right tackle positions, seeing limited playing time this regular season.

But Peart has been impressive in his small sample size. He seems to have a bright future ahead of him, as do many of the other young offensive linemen on the Giants’ roster. New York’s offensive line struggled greatly at the beginning of the season but has seemingly improved its play over the past couple of weeks.

But now, the team’s offensive line coach, Marc Colombo, has been fired, and there seem to be some reports indicating that the offensive linemen might not be pleased with this decision. On top of that, the Giants’ new offensive line coach, Dave DeGuglielmo, does not exactly have a reputation for being a likable guy. Maybe the Giants’ offensive line needs a change in coaching philosophy. But could this stark change lead to even more struggles up front?

The potential repercussions of this coaching change

According to reporter Michael Silver, there had been tensions surrounding Colombo and Joe Judge for weeks now. Art Stapleton confirmed this portion of Silver’s report, as both reporters mention a disagreement between Judge and Colombo regarding center Nick Gates’s technique.

Where Silver’s report differs from Stapleton’s and others’, though, is when he mentions the team’s reaction to this move. Silver reports that Judge’s personality has been “off-putting” to some and that Judge and his assistants that came with him from New England “have exuded an alarming aura of haughtiness.”

Art Stapleton responded to this portion of Silver’s report, saying it sounds “like sour grapes” and was “completely unrelated” to the Colombo firing.

Regardless, Silver makes a good point at the end of his report. Silver refers to this Colombo fiasco as an “open sore” and notes that the Giants’ offensive linemen are “unsure” what this sudden coaching change will mean. The linemen are wondering “whether they’ll have to relearn techniques on the fly” amongst other things, which is definitely a fair concern.

Could this whole situation lead to further struggles along the Giants’ offensive line? These young linemen have been coached one specific way since training camp began with Colombo as their coach in the summer. Since then, they have been practicing and learning Colombo’s way of offensive line play. Now, Dave DeGuglielmo will have to step in and try to correct the errors that Judge has seen from his offensive line in the 2020 season.

With so many of the Giants’ offensive linemen being young players, still learning the NFL game, it is fair to be concerned whether this sudden change will affect their growth and development. Losing Matt Peart to the reserve/COVID-19 list for the time being also does not improve the situation. Peart is a young, promising player that the Giants want to see more of, not less. Hopefully, he makes a quick and full recovery and can seamlessly rejoin the Giants as they welcome a new offensive line coach.

New York Giants: What is Dave DeGuglielmo bringing to Big Blue?

New York Giants, Dave DeGuglielmo

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge made a surprising decision on Wednesday afternoon, firing offensive line coach Marc Colombo. Despite the line taking significant strides the past few weeks, especially in the run game, Judge found that Colombo needed additional support, as he tried to hire Dave DeGuglielmo as a consultant to work with Colombo simultaneously.

However, when Judge spoke with Colombo about this new hire, he apparently was very upset over the move. He felt undermined and went on to verbally assault Judge, which ended up in him being fired. Obviously, this was not the response you would’ve wanted from one of your coaches, but the Giants have moved on from the former Dallas Cowboy specialist and will now move forward with DeGuglielmo.

What does Dave DeGuglielmo bring to the New York Giants?

DeGuglielmo’s resume is impressive, having started his professional career in the NFL with the New York Giants. He served under head coach Tom Coughlin, who he previously worked with at Boston College 13 years earlier. During his tenure with Big Blue, Dave made the playoffs four consecutive years and won a Super Bowl in 2008.

In that season, he set a franchise record for rushing yards and yards per carry. He proceeded on to the Miami Dolphins, in which he assisted in Reggie Bush’s first 1,000-yard season.

DeGuglielmo then went on to coach the New York Jets’ offensive line in 2012, but was fired in 2013 and spent the rest of the season as a football analyst. He eventually made his way to the New England Patriots, spending multiple years and winning a Super Bowl, his second.

He was fired by the Patriots in 2015 after losing in the AFC championship game to the Denver Broncos. He was hired by the Miami Dolphins in 2019 after they fired their OL coach Pat Flaherty but was previously let go before interviewing with the Giants for their vacancy at the position this past off-season.

Ultimately, Colombo was hired to do the job, but Dave is more than capable of filling his shoes with experience and knowledge. He also has relationships with Judge, Patrick Graham, and quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski.

Team Offensive Line Rankings Under Dave DeGuglielmo:

RB Rank | PB Rank:

• 2009: 3rd | 18th

• 2010: 16th | 15th

• 2011: 17th | 30th

• 2012: 5th | 30th

• 2014: 5th | 2nd

• 2015: 2nd | 18th

• 2017: 30th | 11th

• 2018: 4th | 2nd

• 2019: 32nd | 29th

New York Giants closing in on two offensive line coaching options

New York Giants, Joe Judge

One of the final coaching assistant positions available for Joe Judge and the New York Giants is on the offensive line, and with Bill Callahan taking his talents to Cleveland, two primary options remain.

To start, it’s important to note that Callahan chose Cleveland over New York due to his relationship with Jason Garrett being a negative one, which leaves the Giants scouring the bottom of the barrel for coaches.

The two options that have bubbled to the surface for the New York Giants are:

1.) Marc Colombo

Colombo is an interesting option for the Giants, as he was a first-round pick by the Chicago Bears in 2002 and played in the NFL for 10 seasons. At 41-years-old, Colombo would be another young coach entering the fold with the Giants, but his experience with the Dallas Cowboys as an assistant O-line coach makes him an intriguing option. His familiarity with Garrett might be important to consider if Colombo is hired, as learning under Callahan, who dubbed the Giants, gives Colombo an advantage.

Also, Marc’s old-school mentality would mesh well with Judge and GM Dave Gettleman’s approach towards the rebuilding of the team.

2.) Dave DeGuglielmo

Another option that has bubbled to the surface for Judge is Dave DeGuglielmo, who coached alongside him during the 2014-15 seasons in New England. He served as their offensive line coach then as well, but since, he’s produced tough rankings for his units the past few years.

Most recently, DeGuglielmo featured as a Miami Dolphins’ O-line coach, his second stint with Miami. He coached with the Indianapolis Colts in 2018, featuring a group consisting of Quenton Nelson and Anthony Castonzo, two of the best lineman in the NFL.

Team Offensive Line Rankings Under Dave DeGuglielmo:

RB Rank | PB Rank:

• 2009: 3rd | 18th

• 2010: 16th | 15th

• 2011: 17th | 30th

• 2012: 5th | 30th

• 2014: 5th | 2nd

• 2015: 2nd | 18th

• 2017: 30th | 11th

• 2018: 4th | 2nd

• 2019: 32nd | 29th


Giants: Big Blue Still Seeking Offensive Line Coach

New York Giants, Joe Judge

One of the biggest hires that Joe Judge will make this offseason is his offensive line coach. He surely won’t be making that decision alone now that Jason Garrett has been installed as the offensive coordinator.

Bill Callahan, a veteran O-line coach who most recently served as the interim head coach of the Washington Redskins, is headed to Cleveland to work under new head coach Kevin Stefanski. So, he’s out.

Judge will interview two other qualified candidates this week in Marc Columbo, a 10-year NFL veteran who turned to coaching and was Garrett’s offensive line coach the past two years in Dallas, is one.

Former Giants assistant under Tom Coughlin Dave DeGuglielmo is the other.

From the NY Post:

DeGuglielmo is a much-traveled offensive line coach with strong ties to Tom Coughlin. It was Coughlin who gave DeGuglielmo his start at Boston College in 1991. Coughlin brought DeGuglielmo to the Giants in 2004 and he stayed through the 2008 season. Since then, DeGuglielmo has worked for the Jets, Patriots, Chargers, Dolphins, Colts and Dolphins again, last season.


Judge and DeGuglielmo worked together on Bill Belichick’s staff with the Patriots in 2015 and 2016, so there is a connection there…DeGuglielmo is a strong in teaching offensive line technique but is considered to have a strong personality, so it remains to be seen if he is a match with what Judge is looking for.

Again, it’s an integral position and those two candidates have what the Giants like the most in their coaches – familiarity, experience and the ability to educate players as well as scheme them.