Denver Broncos Dalton Risner is Rising to the Occasion

The New York Giants could draft Dalton Risner in the second round of the 2019 NFL draft.

Denver BroncosDalton Risner uses his platform to lift the spirits of others. When the pandemic hit, Risner saw fit to host a benefit via radio to raise money for charities that assist in the fight against the Coronavirus.  Funds raised supported local food banks in Colorado, whose efforts aim to eradicate hunger for those in need.

Risner has dedicated his life to helping others through his Risner Up Foundation, run by his amazing family who serves as inspiration for his giving nature.  The Risners dedicate their lives to enacting change in the lives of others and the world.  They have raised their sons to be gentlemen and use their voice to be champions for those that need it most and it most certainly shows!

The work of this foundation does is truly remarkable.  Whether it be visiting patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado and giving them his inspirational book and a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear, serving food to those less fortunate, taking kids and their loved ones from the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Special Olympics to a special movie screening, speaking to students to teach them what it means to be a good person and so much more,  no matter what he does, he does it to be a beacon of light in the lives of others.

A cause near and dear to his heart is the Special Olympics.  As an ambassador for this wonderful organization, Risner works effortlessly to make sure that members of the Special Olympics are treated fairly and equally and recognized for their tremendous work.  His book children’s book “Rise Up” aims at teaching young students the importance of inclusiveness and acceptance of others.  It shows kids that love and kindness always wins and trumps all, something Risner perfectly embodies.

Risner is a true hero and a real advocate for those who need a voice.  He is a role model to every generation and his work speaks volumes about the kind, giving, classy person he is!  #RisnerUp

New York Giants: What Options Remain At Right Tackle?

The New York Giants have holes all over their roster. After a wild free agency period, the Giants managed to create more holes and fill barely any of them. One gaping hole on the roster is at the right tackle position.

After missing out on premier right tackle Daryl Williams in free agency, the Giants were not left with very many options. The Giants need to upgrade the right tackle position as soon as possible. However, their options are running thin.

Free Agency

If the Giants want to sign a right tackle in free agency, they will need to do it soon. The market has really dried up over the past two weeks. The Giants met with a free agent from Minnesota, Mike Remmers. According to his agent, the meeting went well and the team will likely sign Remmers, however, nothing was imminent.

Since then, we have not heard a peep. This leaves some fans wondering when this contract will get done or if it will get done at all. If the Giants are unable to sign Remmers, who would they turn to?

There are a few veteran right tackles sitting on the free agency market. One name the Giants could consider is Jared Veldheer. According to Pro Football Focus, Veldheer is an immediate-impact free agent who played well in 2018 before going down with an injury. He earned a 62.4 overall PFF grade which is much higher than Chad Wheeler’s overall grade of 47.4.

If the Giants end up missing out on Mike Remmers, it would be wise of them to turn their attention towards Jared Veldheer or a prospect in the draft.

NFL Draft

A lot of speculation has begun surrounding the Giants’ 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The pick was acquired via trade from the Cleveland Browns. Many fans and experts have been predicting that the Giants will draft a right tackle at 17 in their respective mock drafts.

A few great tackle options will be available at 17. Names to keep an eye on include Cody Ford, Jonah Williams, and Dalton Risner.

Cody Ford played right tackle for Oklahoma and did a phenomenal job protecting the Heisman Trophy Winner, Kyler Murray. Ford is an excellent pass blocker. He only allowed 8 pressures in 2018 as a full-time starter. Cody is an extremely athletic offensive tackle. He was impressive at the NFL Combine and consistently showed elite agility on tape. This athletic ability might cause a team to move Ford to guard, but if he were to be drafted by the Giants, he would play right tackle.

Jonah Williams is similar to Cody Ford in the sense that teams will consider moving him to guard. This is because Jonah is a bit undersized for the offensive tackle position. Despite this, Williams was a consistently great player during his time at Alabama. Jonah played left tackle in college, however, he could be moved to the right side since the Giants already have Nate Solder. Williams allowed only 10 pressures in 2018 and was also Pro Football Focus’s 3rd ranked run-blocker. Williams has been mocked all over the place from the top 10 to the top 25. If he slides to 17, the Giants will have to consider drafting him.

Dalton Risner is a technically sound offensive tackle prospect out of Kansas State. Risner allowed only 28 pressures on 1,489 pass-blocking snaps in his college career and could step in and start immediately at right tackle for the Giants. He did not face the same type of elite defensive talent that Cody Ford and Jonah Williams faced, however, he was still an elite collegiate offensive tackle. Risner could be an absolute steal for the Giants at 17, or if he falls all the way to the second round (which he might).

New York Giants: Options At Weak Right Tackle Position In The 2019 Offseason

The New York Giants have holes throughout their roster. They have depth and talent at some positions, such as running back and tight end. But at other positions, they lack talent and depth. One of the Giants’ weakest positions is the right tackle position. This is a position the team will need to upgrade this offseason in order to see their offense grow in 2019.

Current Giants:

The Giants’ current starting right tackle is the second-year player out of USC, Chad Wheeler. To start the 2018 season, the Giants had Ereck Flowers starting at right tackle. After constant poor play by Flowers, Wheeler took over the starting job.

Unfortunately for the Giants, Wheeler has not been a huge improvement over Flowers. Anything is an improvement over Flowers, but the Giants were hoping to get more of an upgrade at the position when they put Wheeler in. Chad Wheeler finished the 2018 season with a below average 47.1 grade on Pro Football Focus, ranking 80th in the NFL.

Despite his low season grade in 2018, the Giants could move forward with Wheeler as their starter. Though many Giants fans may disagree with that course of action, the Giants could go through with it because of Wheeler’s age. He is only 24 years old and has plenty of time to develop. As general manager Dave Gettleman has stated before, he does not quit on talent.

If Gettleman does decide to move on from Wheeler, he has a few options to choose from in the 2019 offseason.

Free Agents:

The Giants’ main target in free agency should be Carolina Pathers’ right tackle Daryl Williams. Williams is slated to become a free agent this offseason after suffering an injury and missing the 2018 season. Since Daryl is coming off of an injury, his price tag should be reduced. At 27 years old, Williams would be a great piece of the future for the Giants if they manage to sign him. Williams had a 78.0 Pro Football Focus grade in 2017, third best in the league.

Many fans and reporters alike have speculated that the Giants will be interested in Daryl Williams due to Dave Gettleman’s connection with him. Gettleman was the general manager of the Panthers when Williams was drafted. Since Williams is one of his former draftees, it would make sense if Gettleman wanted to go after him in free agency.

Daryl Williams will likely have a competitive market, so it is no guarantee that the Giants will be able to sign him. If they are unable to sign Williams, there will be other tackles available in free agency.

Ja’Wuan James is another right tackle who will have a competitive market this offseason. James had a 70.7 Pro Football Focus grade in 2018 and was a great player for the Miami Dolphins. James is also only 27 years old, so he too could be a player for the Giants to build around. If the Giants strike out on Williams, James is their next best option.

The Giants could consider a few veterans to start for a year or two if they are unable to secure any younger options. Veteran options include Jared Veldheer, Austin Howard, and Andre Smith.

NFL Draft:

If the Giants are unable to sign a right tackle in free agency, they could look to draft one. Drafting a right tackle would mean having one to be around for the future, rather than overpaying on a veteran for a year or two.

Jawaan Taylor, right tackle out of the University of Florida, will likely be the top right tackle taken in the 2019 draft. He is projected to be a mid-first round draft pick. It is unlikely the Giants select Taylor as they will be picking too high to take him, with more talented players on the board. Expect the Giants to focus on right tackle in the middle rounds of the draft. In rounds 2-4, players such as Dalton Risner, David Edwards, and Andre Dilllard will be options for the Giants.

Dalton Risner is a good run blocker out of Kansas State. He checks in at 6-foot-4, 297 pounds. He began his career as a center in college, but he moved outside after a performing past expectations. Risner is projected to go in rounds 2-3.

David Edwards, the 6’7″, 315 lbs, massive lineman out of Wisconsin is also projected to go in rounds 2-3. Edwards was an exceptional player in 2017, but struggled heavily in 2018. He is a stout run blocker, but will need to improve his pass protection at the professional level.

Andre Dillard is a senior out of Washington State. He weighs in at 300 pounds and stands tall at 6′ 5″. Dillard is an athletic tackle who has the ability to slow down edge rushers. This will be a useful trait at the pro level. However, he is not the strongest lineman and will need to gain some strength to succeed at the next level.