New York Giants: Joe Judge Earns Surprising Praise From Cowherd

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The decision for the New York Giants to hire Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge as their next head coach has been met with mixed reactions, and one of the big challenges for Judge will be winning over doubters who don’t believe he has the right credentials to take the job – one of those doubters early on was talk show host Colin Cowherd, who was among the first to criticize the move.

Like many, however, Cowherd has seemingly reconsidered after taking a look at the resume that Judge brings to the team, which while it doesn’t include time as an offensive or defensive coordinator, has seen him work under two of the greatest head coaches in the sport – Bill Belichick at the pro level and Nick Saban at the college level.

The Patriots haven’t always produced good head coaches from their staff but praise from both Belichick and Saban is hard to ignore and others in the league have started to reverse the Patriots curse in recent years, such as Mike Vrabel, who recently beat his former head coach Belichick in the playoffs.

It seems Judge’s time under Belichick has helped change the mind of Cowherd, who had some different things to say more recently about Judge.

“There are some late bloomers, but most exceptional people separate very early and you can spot them very early. Judge is in his 30s and it’s very possible that Dave Gettleman saw what Bill Belichick and Nick Saban did,” said Cowherd.

He continued by listing other examples of young head coaches who have been spotted quickly and went on to succeed. “Belichick kept giving him more assignments, and Saban kept elevating him. Sean McVay, like Judge, was also a quarterback in high school and got a job at 30 years old in Los Angeles. Kyle Shanahan was 37, Mike Tomlin and Bill Cowher were not even 35 yet…”

Those sentiments are largely why the fanbase is willing to give Judge a chance despite the Giants making a risky move after a few seasons that have already put the fans through enough losing. Yes, the team is taking a risk… But after that losing period, few can complain about the Giants drawing from the recommendations of some of the best minds in the game when looking for their next head coach.

New York Giants ripped by Colin Cowherd after Joe Judge hiring

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants didn’t take the usual route in hiring a new head coach. Instead, they settled for a dark horse candidate after losing out on two experienced options in Ron Rivera and Mike McCarthy, not to mention college-guru, Matt Rhule.

However, the hiring of Joe Judge, who has won three Super Bowls and two National Championships during his career, shouldn’t be overlooked. Judge is an extremely detail-oriented coach with elite preparation skills and disciplinary tactics, gained from his time under Bill Belichick.

While Judge seems to have a stellar resume on paper, it’s yet to be seen if he can handle the workload of being a head coach and the responsibilities that accompany the job.

One critic, Colin Cowherd, ripped the New York Giants for their seemingly rushed move, stating:

“The Giants panicked. This was a bad move to me… A once proud organization that has patted themselves on the back too long.”

Cowherd feels as if the selection was a reach, which is justified after the Giants entered contract negotiations the night before Rhule was expected to interview in New Jersey. Being positive is one thing, but the reality of the situation is confusing, based on the simple fact that Judge wasn’t a primary candidate until his background was exposed after his hiring.

Judge’s success speaks for itself, though, as Belichick played an instrumental role in his hiring by the Giants. A glaring review of the special team’s coordinator and WR coach went a long way, and Cowherd may be right with the panicked selection, but we won’t know until the 2020 season comes along.