New York Mets: Baseball (Supposedly) Returns This Month

Even though a nor’easter is sweeping through the tri-state area, the New York Mets hope to play baseball this month. Luckily for the Mets, they will be in the warm, COVID-19 filled, sunshine state of Florida. With plenty of dirty laundry surrounding the Mets at the moment, here are some things to look forward to this month.

Pitchers and catchers officially report to Port St. Lucie on February 17, and position players join them on February 22. Five days later, the Mets open up their 31 game spring training schedule against the Miami Marlins.

Thor’s Return

Even though he is unlikely to pitch in a Spring Training game, Noah Syndergaard‘s, likely shirtless, presence in camp will be a welcomed sight. Syndergaard is on pace to be ahead of schedule to return from Tommy John surgery, and we will see how much progress he has made.

Carlos Carrasco and Francisco Lindor are amongst the newcomers joining the 2021 roster. The big trade with the Cleveland Indians brought them the starting pitcher and shortstop they were looking for. The big question remains whether their former Indian teammate, Trevor Bauer, because the most expensive newcomer for the Mets.

James McCann will get his first opportunity to work with and learn the Mets pitching staff. After two years of Wilson Ramos, the pitchers can breathe a sigh of relief with McCann behind the plate. McCann is known for his ability to call a game, understanding his pitchers’ tendencies. He also improved as a pitch framer to go along with his solid defense. The most interesting dynamic will be with Jacob deGrom as he tries to retake his Cy Young crown.

Off The Field Distractions

Between Jared Porter’s scandal and Steve Cohen’s deleted Twitter account, the Mets have been in the headlines for plenty of reasons. Let us not forget about Robinson Cano’s suspension, which goes forgotten after many January events. Those questions may not linger past the first week of camp, but the New York media will be ruthless. The off field issues are a non-factor or perpetrated by media figures with an agenda against the franchise.

Mets fans have a legitimate reason to be excited about the season for the first time in years. They have a new owner, a combination of retained and new talent, and they are the favorites to win a very competitive NL East. Along with all of this, the Mets could have more additions to rev up excitement, and maybe controversy, for the 2021 Steve Cohen owned Mets.

New York Yankees Weekend News Roundup: All the news/rumors in one place

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

Yankees in danger of losing DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees have dragged their feet in signing DJ LeMahieu, their best player in the past two years. It’s now the middle of January in a very slow, to say the least, offseason for the Yankees where they have done little to enhance the team, and that includes bringing back DJ in pinstripes.

News around the Net and industry sources say that DJ is getting tired of waiting for the Yankees to meet his demands. Sources say that he made it known that he wants to stay in New York after originally talking with other teams. But with the stalemate, he is now re-engaging teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets, and the Toronto Blue Jays. With each passing day, the Yankees are coming closer to losing LeMahieu to one of those teams willing to meet his prime priority of future security.

Yankees bring back another familiar arm.

The Yankees seem intent on stocking their minor league system with pitchers that have pitched for the Yankees before. First Nestor Cortes Jr., then Adam Warren, and now they have signed to a minor league contract, Tyler Lyons. Lyons. This is a head-scratcher. Lyons pitched in one game for the Yankees during 2020. On September 23rd, he pitched 1.2 innings giving up four earned runs for an ERA of 21.60, in a 14-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays.

During the second half of the 2019 season, Lyons pitched 8.2 innings in 11 games with a 0-1 record and an ERA of 4.15. Of the three notable arms the Yankees could use in the bullpen, Lyons has been the least successful. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees still need a quality arm to replace Tommy Kahnle, who has gone with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The New York Yankees still need bullpen help.

The Yankees lost Tommy Kahnle last season when he required Tommy John surgery. The Yankees chose to assign him to the minor leagues, and Kahnle refused the move and chose free agency instead and was near immediately signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Behind closer Aroldis Chapman and Zack Britton, Kahnle was likely their third-best arm in the bullpen. That is a glaring hole in the bullpen, considering that Adam Ottavino has had two subpar seasons in a row.

The Yankees once had the best bullpen in the sport, but with these deficiencies, the bullpen is now in dire need of at least one premium upgrade. So far, all they have done is sign previous Yankees that have not done all that well at the Stadium. The Yankees need an arm with the quality of Liam Hendriks, Yates, or Hand. A previous target Ryan Stanek has gone to the Houston Astros. Because of cost, the Yankees will not likely sign Hendriks, but Brad Hand is a quality arm at a more economical price. Hand had a 2.05 ERA in 2020 with a strikeout rate approaching 12 per nine innings.

Padres/Mets still the teams to watch in 2021

While the New York Yankees have done nearly nothing to improve the team in 2021, the San Diego Padres have been the big movers and shakers along with New York Mets. The Padres made a big trade when they got Black Snell from The Tampa Bay Rays. They then negotiated a trade for another ace, Yu Darvish from the Cubs. But they weren’t done; they are now close to re-signing Fernando Tatis Jr. to a massive $300 million contract for the next 11 years.

Meanwhile, on the other side of New York in Queens, the New York Mets shook up the New York sports scene when they traded for the best shortstop in baseball in Franciso Lindor. Suppose that wasn’t one of the most notable trades of the offseason they also got Carlos Carrasco in the deal. Carrasco is a quality number two type pitcher that the Yankees certainly could have used. New Mets owner Steve Cohen has made it known that he wants to make the Mets the premier baseball team in New York City.

New York Yankees lose more chances to upgrade starting pitching

With each passing day, the Yankees need to upgrade their starting rotation remains the same. Earlier, they lost their best chance to upgrade the rotation with a one-year signing of Charlie Morton. Morton was available, but the Atlanta Braves scooped him up for just $15 million. The Yankees have also talked about re-signing Mashiro Tanaka, but his agent has been advised that they will not negotiate until they know if they can sign DJ LeMahieu.

Trevor Bauer is the best starting pitcher still available in free agency, but the Yankees are likely not in the picture to sign him as they want to stay under the luxury tas threshold. Mike Minor has already signed with the Kansas City Royals. That leaves Jake Odorizzi and Tanaka as the next best two arms the Yankees could use. Odorizzi had a great 2019 but an injury-riddled 2020. He made $17 million last year, but with his poor 2020, he will likely sign a contract of less value. The same is true of Tanaka; he made $23 million. The Yankees are not likely to offer him more than half of that and only for a year or two.




New York Yankees News/Rumors: Carrasco should have been a Yankee and more

The New York Yankees lost out on a unique opportunity when pitcher Carlos Carrasco was traded to the crosstown New York Mets that now seems intent on becoming the number one New York team. Besides needing to re-sign DJ LeMahieu, the Yankees really need to upgrade their pitching both starting and the bullpen. When the Mets acquired Carrasco in the Francisco Lindor blockbuster trade, the Yankees lost out big time.

Carrasco represents what would have been a major upgrade for the team’s most glaring need: its starting rotation, currently loaded with young, untested arms outside of Gerrit Cole. In last year’s shortened season, Carrasco pitched 68 innings and put up a 1.5 WAR, higher than any Yankee starter, including Cole (1.4). FanGraphs has him pegged at a 3.5 WAR for 2021 in 174 innings, that better than any free agent pitcher out there other than Trevor Bauer, who the Yankees can’t afford. The Mets will pay Carrasco just over $10 million this year, something the Yankees surely could have afforded.  If the Yankees finally make a move on Masahiro Tanaka, it will likely cost them more than that for a pitcher that will provide far less.

San Diego Padres continues to be the team to watch

The San Diego Padres seem to be the stream train that just can’t be stopped in their campaign to be the most improved team in baseball during 2021. First, the Padres made a blockbuster deal that included the Tampa Bay Rays ace pitcher Blake Snell. They followed that up by trading for Cubs ace Yu Darvish. They were making it known that they will no longer be the NL West’s laughing stock and instead would be a team to be contended with.

The best team in the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers, have to be looking over their shoulder with these recent Padre moves. But the Padres weren’t done being one of the most active teams this offseason. They went ahead and signed star SS Ha-seong Kim. Now the news arises that the Padres are close to a $320 million 11 year extension for Frenando Tatis Jr. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees are sitting on their hands trying to keep the team the same as it was last year when they again exited the postseason, too early.

The New York Yankee fans’ offseason of discontent is far from over

New York Yankee fans continue to be disappointed with an offseason over two months old, and the Yankees have done nothing significant to improve the team other than a few minor league deals. The Yankees need DJ LeMahieu to re-sign. As of yet, they have not been able to do that while trying to get him for as cheap as possible and for a shorter time than DJ is demanding.

Meanwhile, the team’s most important needs are going unaddressed. The team needs a proven number two start behind Gerrit Cole. As it stands now, the team is depending on Domingo German to be the pitcher he was in 2019 after not pitching for a year and getting beat up in Winter ball. They also are looking to Luis Severino to be the pitcher once was after not pitching for two years. And after all that speculation is a host of untested arms.

Looking at the bullpen, the Yankees have needs as well. Although they have signed some arms (Nestor Cortes Jr. and Adam Warren) to minor league contracts, they haven’t replaced Tommy Kahnle, who went with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the next two years. Kahnle was a dependable quality arm that needs to be replaced. Also, with the subpar play of reliever Adam Ottavino in the last two seasons, that need is even more intensified.

The offseason is not over, and the New York Yankees still may make moves whether they can resign DJ LeMahieu or not. But the longer they wait to do that, the fewer the players’ availability that could help the team; they have already seen almost a dozen possible targets either be traded or signed by other teams. It’s time for the Yankees to make a final offer to LeMahieu; if he doesn’t accept, move on and get on with the business of putting together a team that can win in 2021. Whether owner Hal Steinbrenner likes it or not to accomplish a championship team they may have to spend more than they want.


The New York Mets now have a stacked rotation after adding Carlos Carrasco

Simeon Woods-Richardson

The New York Mets entered the winter with a bit of uncertainty regarding their starting rotation. Noah Syndergaard won’t pitch until June or July, and David Peterson is inexperienced, not to mention that the team lost Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello to free agency.

However, after the World Series began, they added Marcus Stroman (technically, he was a member of the Mets in 2020, but didn’t pitch due to COVID-19 concerns) after he accepted their qualifying offer, and now they swung a deal for a very good starter in Carlos Carrasco.

On Thursday, the New York Mets traded shortstops Amed Rosario and Andrés Giménez, and prospects Josh Wolf (pitcher) and Isaiah Greene (outfielder) to Cleveland to acquire shortstop Francisco Lindor and Carrasco.

Lindor is a massive upgrade over Rosario and Gimenez, both offensively and defensively. But Carrasco alone greatly improves the rotation and gives it more depth, allowing the Mets to return Seth Lugo to the bullpen, where he had a 2.70 ERA in 2019 and lots of good seasons before that.

The Mets’ rotation, man by man

Jacob deGrom, the two-time Cy Young award winner who had a 2.38 ERA and a 2.26 FIP in 2020, will once again lead the Mets’ rotation. After that, Carrasco and his 3.77 career ERA and 3.42 FIP will take the ball every fifth day. At 33, he is a bit on the older side, but he has a very affordable contract and remains an excellent starter.

After June, Noah Syndergaard will be in play. That would give the Mets an excellent third starter (or second, depending on how you view it,) and Stroman is perhaps one of the league’s best fourth starters.

Peterson and Steven Matz will likely battle for the fifth spot in the rotation, which is an ideal scenario. Those are sixth starters, and for depth, the Mets also signed Jerad Eickhoff.

The Mets keep making splashes both in free agency and in the trade market. And Thursday will go down as one of the best days for fans in recent memory. Now, they have a stacked rotation. If everything goes according to the plan, they could field a playoff rotation of deGrom, Syndergaard, Carrasco, and Stroman. Few groups can compete with that one.

New York Mets: The First Big Move Under Steve Cohen’s Ownership

The New York Mets finally made first their big move under Steve Cohen by acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. Fans can finally quit complaining about the lack of moves made at the moment. Now that we know who the Mets traded for, what should they expect in return?

Lindor is in the class of the premier shortstops in all of baseball. In the last four full seasons, Lindor was an All-Star in all four seasons, a two-time Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner, and a Platinum Glove owner. Lindor is only 27 years old and will very likely re-sign with the Mets the same way Mookie Betts did with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fans will love him, and he is the new face of the franchise.

Carrasco is a bonafide number two starting pitcher. He has a 3.77 career ERA, battled through blood cancer to return in 2019, and is signed through the next three seasons. As the Mets wait for another starting pitching sign and Noah Syndergaard’s return, they have a rotation that will compete for a division crown.

Shortstops to Cleveland

Of course, Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez are heading to Cleveland. Both players have a high ceiling, but neither of them are at Lindor’s level. Both will thrive in a smaller market where the expectations are lower. Much like Travis d’Arnaud, Rosario needs a clean slate after never living up to his #1 prospect ranking.

Josh Wolf and Isaiah Greene are two former second-round pick for the Mets. Neither are in the upper class of Mets prospects but were worth taking a risk on. In 2019, Wolf had a 3.38 ERA in Rookie ball, while Greene has yet to play professionally.

The question becomes, “what is next?” George Springer is always on the radar, but anything can and will surprise us like the Lindor trade.

BREAKING: The New York Mets acquire Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco via trade!

New York Yankees, Mets, Francisco Lindor

The New York Mets are about to make the move of the offseason, as they are in very advanced conversations with the Cleveland Indians to acquire star shortstop Francisco Lindor, according to ESPN Jeff Passan. The deal is being finalized.

“The New York Mets are deep into talks on a deal to acquire Francisco Lindor from the Cleveland Indians, sources tell ESPN,” Passan tweeted on Thursday.

However, that is not all! According to Mark Feinsand, the Mets will also be getting Carlos Carrasco from the Indians in the Lindor deal.

According to Tim Healey fo Newsday, the Mets will get Lindor and Carrasco, while the Indians are acquiring Andres Gimenez, Amed Rosario, Josh Wolf, and Isaiah Greene.

Mets’ president Sandy Alderson had previously stated, over the winter, that the team would prioritize free agent acquisitions before the trade market. However, he also left the door open to acquiring talent already on other teams’ rosters.

The Mets are getting two stars!

Lindor, 27, makes sense for the Mets if they are able to sign him to an extension, as 2021 will be the last season of team control for him. He will hit the market after the 2021 World Series ends.

Lindor, one of the best shortstops in MLB, played all 60 games with Cleveland last season. In 266 plate appearances, he hit 8 home runs and hit .258/.335/.415 with a 100 wRC+. It was a subpar campaign by his lofty standards, but his defense and baserunning pushed his fWAR up to 1.7.

In his career, Lindor has slashed .285/.346/.488 with a 118 wRC+ and has 28.9 career fWAR.

Carrasco, meanwhile, will greatly improve the Mets’ rotation. In 12 starts and 68 innings, he had a 2.91 ERA and a 3.59 FIP, with a 10.85 K/9 and a 3.57 BB/9.

Carrasco would give the Mets a formidable rotation and would join Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman, Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, Noah Syndergaard, and David Peterson as options for manager Luis Rojas for the 2021 season.