New York Giants: A Solid Cornerback Option With The 17th Pick In The Draft

The New York Giants will head into the 2019 NFL with a lot of young talent on defense. The Giants will almost certainly be investing in an elite defensive prospect with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. However, this is not the only draft pick that the Giants can find a defensive centerpiece.

The Giants also have the 17th overall pick in the draft. They received this pick by trading away Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. This draft pick gives the Giants tons of options in the draft. The Giants will likely try to fit a big need with the 17th pick.

One big need that the Giants have is at cornerback. The Giants do have Janoris Jenkins still, but it is likely that 2019 will be his last year in Big Blue. The Giants have other cornerbacks on the roster, but they are all young, unproven, developmental players. Grant Haley showed promise in his rookie season, but Sam Beal missed his rookie season with a shoulder injury.

Since the Giants are trying to get young at the cornerback position, it would not be surprising if they drafted a cornerback with the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. If the Giants draft a cornerback with the 17th pick, they should draft Greedy Williams.

Greedy Williams Stats And Highlights

Greedy Williams is a tall, athletic cornerback out of LSU. Lousiana State University has produced some great NFL defensive backs recently (Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu), and Greedy seems to be the next great prospect in line.

Greedy Williams was not the most statistically productive cornerback in his 2018 collegiate season, however, he has plenty of traits that will make NFL scouts fall in love with him. Greedy has more than ideal size for his position. At 6 feet 2 inches, 185 pounds, Williams will be a physical cornerback who can match up with any receiver.

Greedy’s size is just the start and not the end of his physical gifts. Williams is also an incredibly gifted athlete. He showed off his elite speed at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine with a 4.37s 40-yard dash. This speed was always on full display in college. Greedy matched up with plenty of vertical threats and shut them down.

In 2017, Greedy Williams was a true playmaker. He totaled 38 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, 6 interceptions, and 10 passes defended. Greedy did take a step back in 2018 with only 2 interceptions but still flashed his potential on numerous occasions.

Greedy Williams could bring some great physicality and energy to the Giants’ secondary. The Giants would instantly improve their defense by drafting Williams. With his length, speed, and physicality, Greedy will be an instant-impact player once he gets in the league.

New York Giants: How The Defense Could Go From Worst To First In The 2019 NFL Draft

The New York Giants could go after Ed Oliver in the 2019 NFL draft.

In 2018, the New York Giants‘ defense was one of the worst in the NFL. They allowed 25.8 points per game which ranked 23rd in the league. They were poor against both the run and the pass. Against the run, the Giants ranked 20th with 118.6 yards per game. And against the pass, the Giants ranked 23rd with 252.8 yards per game.

The Giants’ only two Pro Bowlers on defense from 2018 are no longer with the team. Landon Collins left for Washington in free agency and Olivier Vernon was traded to Cleveland. This left the Giants’ defense filled with holes and lacking any star talent.

Despite this, the Giants still have the opportunity to vastly improve on defense in 2019 through the NFL Draft.

Defensive Options In The Draft

The Giants hold two 1st round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. This opens up plenty of defensive options for the Giants. Luckily for the Giants, the 2019 draft class is absolutely loaded with defensive talent.

With the 6th pick, the Giants have a good chance of drafting an elite defensive prospect. With the 17th pick, the prospect might not be “elite,” but he will be good enough to start and make an immediate impact for Big Blue.

On Monday, the Giants met with two defensive prospects who both have the chance to be drafted by the Giants in the 1st round. The two defensive prospects the Giants met with are Ed Oliver and Clelin Ferrell. Oliver is an option for the Giants with the 6th pick and Ferrell is an option for the Giants with the 17th pick.

Ed Oliver:

Ed Oliver is an interior defensive lineman who has extreme athleticism and the ability to defend the run, as well as rush the passer. Oliver has drawn some comparisons to the NFL’s best player, Aaron Donald. This is because both Donald and Oliver possess rare athleticism for their size and position. Oliver is only 6 feet 2 inches and 287 pounds. This is undersized for his position, but it allows him to be an extraordinary athlete.

At his Pro Day, Oliver ran a speedy 4.71s 40-yard dash. This is certainly comparable to Donald’s 4.68s. Oliver showed off elite quickness, running a quicker short shuttle than Donald with a time of 4.22s. That time is quicker than Saquon Barkley’s!

In his collegiate career at Houston, Ed Oliver was a little bit up and down. Many analysts attribute this to Oliver being used incorrectly in Houston’s new defensive scheme in 2018. Prior to 2018, Oliver was looked at as a lock for the top 3 picks in the draft. His 2017 season was impressive, as he recorded 73 total tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, and 5.5 sacks. Ed Oliver would instantly make the Giants’ defense better for years to come.

Clelin Ferrell:

Clelin Ferrell is an edge defender out of Clemson’s loaded defense. Ferrell played a big part in Clemson’s 2018 National Championship season. In 2018, Clelin had 55 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, and 11.5 sacks. Outstanding production by the junior edge defender.

The Giants have a need at edge since they traded away Olivier Vernon. Ferrell has the ability to rush the passer off tackle, something the Giants need desperately. Ferrell is a strong, bull-rusher who can knock tackles off balance and get in the backfield. Check out Clelin Ferrell powering through top offensive tackle Jonah Williams:

If the Giants could combine Ferrell’s pass-rushing ability off the edge with Oliver’s all-around dominance on the inside, they could create a scary defensive duo for years to come. Adding this pair in a mix that already features Lorenzo Carter, Dalvin Tomlinson, and B.J. Hill gives the Giants potential to have one of the best, young defensive fronts in the NFL.

Why The New York Giants Should Be In Love With Josh Rosen

The New York Giants are pondering a change at the quarterback position. A plethora of options is available for the Giants via the draft and trade. The Giants are aware that they need to find Eli Manning’s successor sooner than later. This leaves fans confused by the recent reports that the Giants are not in love with young quarterback Josh Rosen.

Reports have also indicated that the Giants are not interested in the draft’s top quarterbacks such as Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins. If the Giants are not interested in any quarterback this offseason, they will have to get really lucky to secure one next offseason. The Giants are in good position to find their guy this offseason. That guy should be Josh Rosen.

The Giants should be in love with Josh Rosen for the following reasons:

The Josh Rosen & Eli Manning Comparison

Josh Rosen is a pure pocket-passing quarterback who stands tall in the pocket and goes through his progressions. Some experts and analysts have compared Rosen to Eli Manning. They have a similar play-style.

Like Manning, Rosen makes plays that are incredible, then follows them up with plays that are terrible. The key is to balance the two and eventually create more incredible plays than terrible plays. Josh Rosen struggled with this in his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals. But Giants fans need to remember, Eli Manning struggled with this in his rookie season, too.

Eli Manning is not the only quarterback to bounce back after a terrible rookie season. Rams quarterback Jared Goff did the same. After his rookie year, Goff looked like a total bust. Then, the Rams fired their head coach, brought in Sean McVay, and Goff turned into a top 10-15 quarterback in the NFL.

Sometimes, all the quarterback needs is a little change. Josh Rosen was thrown into a terrible situation in his rookie year. He played behind the worst offensive line in the NFL (according to Pro Football Focus), his offensive coordinator was fired mid-season, and his head coach was fired at the end of the season, after just one year with Arizona.

For Josh Rosen, a change of scenery could do wonders for his career. Considering him and Eli Manning have such a similar playstyle, Rosen would reap tremendous benefits from playing and learning with Manning for a year or two.

During the 2018 NFL Combine, Rosen was asked about the possibility of sitting behind Eli Manning. His response proved he was more than willing to do so:

The Trade’s Value

Finding a franchise quarterback is not an easy thing to do. That is why when teams find one, they pay that player more than anyone else on their team. Unfortunately, allocating this much cap space to one player makes it difficult to build the rest of the team. The best teams in the NFL have found a way around this.

NFL teams have been saving their cap space by acquiring a young, talented quarterback on a rookie contract and then building a team around him. Financially, Josh Rosen is the perfect quarterback to build a team around. Over the next 3 years, his total cap hit is only $6.4 million. Paying the league’s most expensive position only $2 million per year is a tremendous value.

On top of that, the team that trades for Rosen will not have to give up too much. The price to pay is a 2nd round pick, plus a future late/mid-round pick. Josh Rosen is a player who had a 1st round grade a year ago, and he can now be acquired for a 2nd round pick.

The Giants have the highest picks out of all the teams interested in Rosen. If the Giants want him, they can get him, and at an amazing value, too.

Josh Rosen Is Still A Good Player Who Has Flashed His Potential

This is the most compelling reason why the Giants should be in love with Josh Rosen. Sure, he had a bad rookie season. Yes, his statistics were terrible. He only threw 11 touchdowns in 13 games but had 14 interceptions. But, statistics never tell the full story.

At the end of the day, NFL scouts watched hours of Josh Rosen’s college game tape and decided he is a 1st round talent. His poor rookie season should not change the Giants’ opinions much from last year. They believed he was worthy of a 1st round pick last year, so why would he not be worth a 2nd round pick this year?

Even though he was playing behind that terrible offensive line and throwing to below-average receivers, Josh Rosen flashed his true potential. When Rosen had time in the pocket and a chance to make a play, he usually capitalized and made the most of the opportunity. Unfortunately, he did not have too many opportunities.

With Saquon Barkley in the backfield, an improved offensive line, a great offensive mind in Pat Shurmur, and a talented group of playmakers, the Giants could turn Josh Rosen into a superstar.

New York Giants: Is A.J. Brown Hinting That The Giants Are Drafting Him?

The New York Giants brought A.J. Brown in for a top-30 visit.

The New York Giants have holes all over their roster heading into the 2019 NFL Draft. One big hole opened up at wide receiver after the Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns.

After creating this hole in their roster, the Giants were quick to address the position. To start, the Giants signed Golden Tate to be their new primary receiver opposite Sterling Shepard. Then, the Giants met with a few wide receiver prospects, such as Ole Miss wide receiver A.J. Brown.

How Did A.J. Brown Reveal His Desire To Be A New York Giant?

Following his meeting with the New York Giants, A.J. Brown seemed to hint on social media that he will be a Giant come April, or at least that he wants to be a Giant. Brown did this in a similar fashion to what Saquon Barkley did last offseason.

Last year, Saquon was seen wearing a New York Giants hoodie in a barbershop prior to the NFL Draft. This came soon after Barkley met with the Giants and only a few weeks before the Draft.

This could have been Saquon’s way of convincing the Giants to draft him. Barkley showed he wanted to be a part of the New York media and the New York Giants. Saquon also could have been wearing the hoodie because he knew he would be a New York Giant.

On Saturday, A.J. Brown posted videos of himself wearing a Giants t-shirt on social media. The question is, which reason was Brown wearing the Giants gear for? Was he trying to convince them to draft him? Or have the Giants informed him they will be doing all they can to draft him?

Why The Giants Should Draft A.J. Brown:

A.J. Brown would be a great pick by the Giants. The 17th overall pick might be reaching on Brown, but if he falls to the 2nd round (37th overall) pick, he would be an absolute steal for the Giants.

Brown is arguably the most talented receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft class. If he were to be drafted by the Giants, there is a good chance he could step in and be their top receiver for years to come. Brown can play from the slot or outside. He is a versatile receiver with a dependable game style.

At Ole Miss, A.J. Brown was as dependable as they come. In his junior 2018 season of collegiate football, Brown was spectacular. He was Ole Miss’s leading receiver with 85 catches, 1,320 yards, and 6 touchdowns.

A.J. Brown is 6 feet tall and weighs 226 pounds. He has a solid build, allowing him to line up all over the place and reel in contested catches. Brown does not have blazing speed, but he has enough to get the job done with a 4.49 40-yard dash.

If the Giants draft A.J. Brown, their starting receivers would be Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, and A.J. Brown. At 6 feet tall, Brown would be the tallest of the group. This would give Brown extra targets inside the red zone.

A.J. Brown might be able to make contested catches in the red zone, but that is not where he excels. Brown is a quick receiver with elite route running. His ability to create separation is his best feature. However, his ability to make plays after the catch is a close second. In 2017, A.J. forced 23 missed tackles and in 2018 he forced 17.

New York Giants: Should The Giants Trade Up For An Elite Defensive Prospect?

How will Quinnen Williams impact the New York Jets' defense?

The New York Giants have holes all over their roster after a pitiful 5-11 season. The Giants have come up in plenty of rumors surround trades for quarterbacks. However, a trade not a lot of people have mentioned is one for an elite defensive prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Who Might The Giants Target In A Potential Trade?

The Giants currently hold the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. They do have a high pick, but they still are not likely to land one of the top 3 defensive players in the draft class unless a team in front of the Giants does something unexpected. There are 3 truly elite defensive prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

Josh Allen is probably the best 3-4 outside linebacker in this draft class. He was spectacular during his collegiate years at Kentucky. Allen holds Kentucky’s all-time sack record. In his junior season, Allen racked up an impressive 17 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss. He had a total of 88 tackles and even forced 5 fumbles. Allen was an impact player game in and game out. After an impressive close to his collegiate career, Josh Allen finds himself as a lock to be a top 4 pick in the draft. If the Giants want Josh Allen, they will need to trade into the top 4.

Quinnen Williams is not an edge rusher but he is still an elite, impact defender. Williams is an interior defensive lineman from Alabama. He has been praised as the 2019 Draft’s “can’t-miss” player. Quinnen was nearly unblockable in 2018. He finished the season with 71 tackles, including 19.5 tackles for loss and 8 sacks. Williams was also especially impressive at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. His 4.83 40-yard dash caught the attention of scouts throughout the league. Quinnen Williams does not usually make it past the top 4 picks in mock drafts, so the Giants will need to trade up a few spots to land him.

Nick Bosa was considered the sure-fire 1st overall pick for quite a while. However, it looks like the Cardinals will be going quarterback with the 1st pick. Bosa will not have to wait long to be drafted though. He seems to be a lock at the 2nd overall pick to the 49ers. Bosa is a tremendous talent. Nick Bosa is the brother of NFL pass-rushing superstar Joey Bosa and has the potential to be better than Joey. In 2017, Bosa totaled 8.5 sacks, 16 tackles for loss, and 66 total pressures. If the Giants want Nick Bosa, they will need to trade up to the 2nd overall pick.

Why Would The Giants Trade Up For A Defender?

The Giants seem to be set on waiting as long as they can to get their next quarterback. It does not seem like they will be trying to draft one in the top 10 picks of the 2019 NFL Draft. If that truly is the case, why not go all in on defense and try to get the best player possible?

The Giants need an impact player on defense. The 2019 NFL Draft is filled with defensive talent. If the Giants are serious about improving the defensive side of the football, they should consider making a trade into the top 3 picks of the draft.

What Would The Giants Need To Trade?

The Giants hold the 6th pick and would need to trade all the way up to the 2nd overall pick in order to secure one of these players. The 6th pick is worth 1,600 points and the 2nd pick is worth 2,200, according to the Drafttek NFL Trade Value Chart.

This means the Giants would need to create an additional 600 points on top of the 6th pick. The 17th pick is worth 950, so the Giants might be able to trade both of their 1st round picks in order to get one of these players. However, if the Giants do not want to give up the 17th pick, they could still make the trade.

If the Giants offered the 6th pick, their 2nd round pick (worth 530 points), and their 3rd round pick (worth 120 points), they will have made up enough points to move up 4 spots and select a game-changing talent. Sure, the Giants could hold their breath and hope one of these players falls in their lap at 6. But if the Giants want to ensure they land a blue-chip prospect, they certainly have the draft capital to trade for one.

New York Giants: What Happens If The Giants Pass On A Quarterback This Year?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

The New York Giants hold the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Much speculation has been made over whether or not the Giants will draft a quarterback. Recent rumors regarding Eli Manning’s future seem to indicate that the Giants are not going to draft a quarterback.

If the Giants do not draft a quarterback, they have one other option. The Giants could try to trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. However, Rosen has a fairly competitive market, and it is unclear how interested in Rosen the Giants truly are.

We know the Giants do have interest in Josh Rosen, but that does not mean they are interested enough to win a bidding war for Josh. If the Giants do not draft a quarterback and they do not trade for Josh Rosen, then what will be left for them to do at quarterback?

Stick With Eli Manning

Some fans may think this is crazy, but sticking with Eli Manning for another year has its benefits. Eli is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his career. Regardless of how fans and analysts dissect and interpret Eli’s play, there is no denying he is a beloved teammate and leader for the Giants.

In 2018, Eli Manning had the lowest interception total of his career with only 11. He also threw 21 touchdown passes with 4,299 yards. His 66% completion percentage was also a career high.

The Giants’ owners have not committed to Eli past 2019. However, there have not committed to letting him walk, either. The team is 100% committed to him this year and will once again try to put the right pieces around him to give him the chance to make a playoff run. If he plays well, expect to see him back in 2020.

Eli Manning has always brought one key thing to the table: availability. Manning has never missed a game and is always ready to suit up for Big Blue. With Eli, the Giants know what they’re getting and that provides them with a level of confidence.

Many fans and analysts seem to think that 2019 needs to be Eli’s last year, but it does not. If the Giants show improvement in 2019 and Eli plays well, they will keep him and worry about finding the next quarterback later on down the road.

However, if 2019 does not go as planned for Eli Manning, the Giants have other options at quarterback if they do not acquire one this year.

The 2020 Draft Class

Much has been made about the Giants and the 2019 NFL Draft class. There has been plenty of speculation about the Giants drafting quarterbacks in 2019 such as Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, or Drew Lock.

But if the Giants do not love any of these prospects, they will not force themselves to take one. They can always wait until next year. It just so happens that 2020 has some intriguing quarterback prospects.

One name that Giants fans might be familiar with is Justin Herbert. Herbert looked primed to be the 2019 NFL Draft’s top quarterback early in the NFL season. The Giants were also known to have a lot of interest in Herbert. Unfortunately for Big Blue, Justin decided to stay at Oregon for one more season of college football. He will be in the 2020 NFL Draft and he will be a highly-coveted prospect.

Justin Herbert is not the only quarterback prospect set to be taken in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama and Jake Fromm from Georgia are also receiving a lot of buzz as they head into their junior seasons. One problem with each of these players is actually the fact that they will be juniors in 2019, meaning they could choose to not declare for the draft in 2020.

It would be incredibly unfortunate for the Giants if they passed on a quarterback this year and were left with few options next year. This is why many will say they should just find their guy this year. For now, fans will wait and anticipate the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants are at a crossroads with many different options to choose from. The question is, where will they go from here?

New York Giants: Giants Could Create A Monstrous Backfield In The 2019 NFL Draft

Could the New York Giants take a flier on Miles Sanders?

If there is one position the New York Giants are set at, it is at running back. After lacking a true workhorse for almost a decade, the Giants changed that last year. The Giants drafted the running back out of Penn State Saquon Barkley with the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Saquon Barkley was sensational in his rookie season. Barkley ran for 1,307 yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. He was also efficient in the passing game totaling 721 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. This incredible season earned Saquon the honors of Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The Giants struck gold by selecting Saquon Barkley. They also have a decent running back playing behind Saquon, Wayne Gallman. It is common for NFL teams nowadays to have multiple versatile running backs on the roster to add depth and constant danger to defenses. If the Giants want to create a three-headed monster in their backfield, they might be able to do so in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants could look to reunite Saquon Barkley with a former teammate.

What Miles Sanders Could Bring To The Giants

Miles Sanders is a shifty running back in the 2019 NFL Draft out of Saquon’s alma mater, Penn State. After Saquon moved on to the NFL in 2018, Sanders took over as Penn State’s full time running back. In 2018, Miles Sanders was incredible for the Penn State Nittany Lions.

In 2018, Miles Sanders ran for an impeccable 1,274 yards and 9 touchdowns. Miles averaged 5.8 yards per carry. He was a pure runner as he did not contribute much in the passing game with only 139 receiving yards. However, this could be exactly what the Giants need.

Saquon Barkley is a do-it-all running back. He can play every single down and do whatever he is asked at a better level than anyone else. But the last thing the Giants want is for Saquon Barkley to get worn down. It would be beneficiary for the Giants to add another running back to take some of the workloads from Barkley.

Miles Sanders would be perfect for this. Look at the New Orleans Saints in 2018: Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. Kamara is a do-it-all running back who is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Ingram is a strong, downhill runner. This combination was a perfect balance in New Orleans’ backfield.

If the Giants were to draft Miles Sanders, he could go in when Saquon is fatigued and be a solid rusher. Saquon would of course still be used on third downs and all receiving situations, but it would no longer be necessary for him to play every snap in every situation. If the Giants can land Miles Sanders in the middle rounds of the draft, he could be exactly what they need to elevate the offense and maximize Saquon Barkley’s talented career.

New York Giants: What Options Remain At Right Tackle?

The New York Giants have holes all over their roster. After a wild free agency period, the Giants managed to create more holes and fill barely any of them. One gaping hole on the roster is at the right tackle position.

After missing out on premier right tackle Daryl Williams in free agency, the Giants were not left with very many options. The Giants need to upgrade the right tackle position as soon as possible. However, their options are running thin.

Free Agency

If the Giants want to sign a right tackle in free agency, they will need to do it soon. The market has really dried up over the past two weeks. The Giants met with a free agent from Minnesota, Mike Remmers. According to his agent, the meeting went well and the team will likely sign Remmers, however, nothing was imminent.

Since then, we have not heard a peep. This leaves some fans wondering when this contract will get done or if it will get done at all. If the Giants are unable to sign Remmers, who would they turn to?

There are a few veteran right tackles sitting on the free agency market. One name the Giants could consider is Jared Veldheer. According to Pro Football Focus, Veldheer is an immediate-impact free agent who played well in 2018 before going down with an injury. He earned a 62.4 overall PFF grade which is much higher than Chad Wheeler’s overall grade of 47.4.

If the Giants end up missing out on Mike Remmers, it would be wise of them to turn their attention towards Jared Veldheer or a prospect in the draft.

NFL Draft

A lot of speculation has begun surrounding the Giants’ 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The pick was acquired via trade from the Cleveland Browns. Many fans and experts have been predicting that the Giants will draft a right tackle at 17 in their respective mock drafts.

A few great tackle options will be available at 17. Names to keep an eye on include Cody Ford, Jonah Williams, and Dalton Risner.

Cody Ford played right tackle for Oklahoma and did a phenomenal job protecting the Heisman Trophy Winner, Kyler Murray. Ford is an excellent pass blocker. He only allowed 8 pressures in 2018 as a full-time starter. Cody is an extremely athletic offensive tackle. He was impressive at the NFL Combine and consistently showed elite agility on tape. This athletic ability might cause a team to move Ford to guard, but if he were to be drafted by the Giants, he would play right tackle.

Jonah Williams is similar to Cody Ford in the sense that teams will consider moving him to guard. This is because Jonah is a bit undersized for the offensive tackle position. Despite this, Williams was a consistently great player during his time at Alabama. Jonah played left tackle in college, however, he could be moved to the right side since the Giants already have Nate Solder. Williams allowed only 10 pressures in 2018 and was also Pro Football Focus’s 3rd ranked run-blocker. Williams has been mocked all over the place from the top 10 to the top 25. If he slides to 17, the Giants will have to consider drafting him.

Dalton Risner is a technically sound offensive tackle prospect out of Kansas State. Risner allowed only 28 pressures on 1,489 pass-blocking snaps in his college career and could step in and start immediately at right tackle for the Giants. He did not face the same type of elite defensive talent that Cody Ford and Jonah Williams faced, however, he was still an elite collegiate offensive tackle. Risner could be an absolute steal for the Giants at 17, or if he falls all the way to the second round (which he might).

New York Giants Could End Up With An Elite Defender And Quarterback In 2019 Draft

Could the New York Giants find a way to secure Quinnen Williams?

The New York Giants face a dilemma in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants have decided to completely rebuild the team. They allowed their starting safety, Landon Collins, to walk in free agency and traded away superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns.

This leaves the Giants with holes all over their roster that they will need to fill in the 2019 NFL Draft. Some fans want to see the Giants draft the next franchise quarterback. Other fans want to see the team take an elite defensive prospect. There is a way the Giants could end up with both.

How The Giants Could Get An Elite Defender

The 2019 NFL Draft class is filled with defensive talent. The top defensive prospects in this class are elite, potentially future all-pro players. Players like Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Quinnen Williams are being looked at as elite prospects.

These players should all go in the top 5. However, there is a way the Giants could get one of these players with the 6th pick.

One of these players will have to fall due to a team trading up for a quarterback, or a team in the top 3 reaching on a player at a position of need. The Jets have been consistently brought up in trade rumors. If they trade their pick to a quarterback-needy team, such as the Dolphins, that would mean one of these players will fall.

In addition, if a team like the 49ers decide to skip out on one of these prospects, that would cause a defender to fall. The 49ers traded for Dee Ford recently, so it would not be a surprise if they decide they are fine on defense. The 49ers could take wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. They need a receiver, so it would not be surprising if they reached on one.

Assuming the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray 1st overall, the 49ers draft D.K. Metcalf, and the Jets trade away the 3rd pick, the Giants will be able to draft one of Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The top 3 picks will be crucial for the Giants and there quest to draft a top 3 defensive prospect.

The Raiders, more likely than not, will draft one of the elite defenders with the 4th pick. The Buccanneers will probably draft the best player available, however, it is possible they do not take Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The Buccaneers have been linked to linebacker Devin White.

If these possible outcomes happen, the Giants can end up with either Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa, or Josh Allen. At the very least, they will be able to draft Devin White. These players would be instant-impact starters on the Giants defense and could change the course of the franchise for the next decade.

If the Giants draft a defender with the 6th pick, how will they be able to draft a quarterback, too?

How The Giants Could Get A Franchise Quarterback

By trading Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants were able to acquire the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Additionally, this trade might also allow the Giants to draft their next franchise quarterback. The 17th overall pick will be a key selection for the Giants’ future.

The Giants have plenty of options with the 17th pick. If they want to use it to draft a quarterback, they could stay put and draft the best one available. Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, or Will Grier will be names to watch at 17.

However, if the Giants do not want to stay at 17, they could potentially trade their way back into the top 10 and draft a quarterback. In this scenario, the Giants could end up with Dwayne Haskins and an elite defender- this would be most Giants fans’ dream draft.

If a team does not trade up with the Jets to draft Dwayne Haskins, and the Giants draft an elite defender, Haskins will most likely fall all the way to the 10th pick before a team considers drafting him. The Giants will be at 17 and could potentially trade up to the 9th pick to keep Haskins away from Denver. The Bills hold the 9th pick and drafted their franchise quarterback last year.

According to the Walter Football NFL Draft Value Chart, the 17th overall pick is worth 950 points. If the Giants are looking to trade back into the top 10, it will cost them their 17th pick (950) and their 2nd round pick (530). The 9th pick is worth 1,350 points, so the Giants’ 17th and a 2nd round pick could get the deal done. However, the Bills will have all the leverage, so the Giants might have to throw in a future pick or maybe even a player.

The Giants have a rare opportunity here. They could acquire the face of the franchise’s defense and offense in the same draft. The 17th pick is only 8 spots behind the 9th, so the Bills would not lose out on too much if they traded back with the Giants. If the Bills intend to draft a receiver, the 17th pick will still get them a top 3 receiver in this draft class, and load up on extra draft picks from the Giants. It is a win-win situation.

Imagine a New York Giants roster that features Dwayne Haskins AND Quinnen Williams/Nick Bosa/Josh Allen

New York Giants: Empire Sports Media’s 7 Round Giants Mock Draft Version 1.0

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching. Fans, analysts, players, and coaches are all eagerly looking forward to the 2019 NFL Draft. On April 25, the NFL Draft begins.

The New York Giants are heading into a crucial draft for the franchise’s future. After passing on a quarterback in 2018 for the generational running back, Saquon Barkley, there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not the Giants will take on this year.

This year’s quarterback class is much weaker than last years. However, this year’s defensive class is one of the best in recent memory. This will put the Giants at a crossroads as they hold 12 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Will they address positions of need or simply take the best player available with every pick?

In Empire Sports Media’s first mock draft of 2019, I will attempt to predict who the Giants will draft in all 7 rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft. I will provide detailed explanations for the first three picks.

Round 1, Pick 6: Dwayne Haskins Jr., Quarterback, Ohio State

Recent rumors came out recently stating that the Giants were not interested in Dwayne Haskins. Those rumors all went to rest on Wednesday at Dwayne Haskins’s Pro Day.

The Giants did not hide their interest one bit, sending Head Coach Pat Shurmur, Assistant GM Kevin Abrams, VP of Player Evaluation Chris Mara, and other scouts and coaches to Ohio State.

Dwayne Haskins even said during an interview that the Giants were interested in him. The Giants also had dinner with Haskins the night prior to his Pro Day.

It is easy to see why the Giants are interested in Dwayne Haskins. The Ohio State quarterback was incredible during his junior year. He threw a Big Ten record 50 touchdown passes to only 8 interceptions. He also had a Big Ten record 4,831 passing yards.

Haskins is a pro-style, pocket passing quarterback. He has the accuracy and arm strength to make every throw, as well as the high football-IQ to beat opponents with his mind by reading coverages and calling protections. Haskins reads defenses better than any other quarterback in this draft class.

Dwayne Haskins is the perfect quarterback for the New York Giants. While Kyler Murray might be the more intriguing prospect, he is not likely to fall past the 1st overall pick and is also not likely to fit Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s quarterback mold.

Dwayne Haskins has also said he is happy to sit behind and learn from Eli Manning. Manning and Haskins have a similar, pocket-passing playstyle, so Haskins should be able to find comfort and success immediately with the New York Giants. Manning is 38 years old and likely only has one season left, so Haskins will not need to wait long.

In all likely-hood, the Giants will probably need to trade up to secure Dwayne Haskins. The Jets are the most likely trade partner at the 3rd overall pick. However, it is difficult to say what the Giants would need to give up in this trade. The Jets gave up 3 second round picks last year to make the same trade, but the Giants only have 2 second round picks.

This means the Giants would either need to throw in a 1st, a 3rd and 4th, or a player. Since it is so difficult to predict this trade, I have decided to create this mock draft with no trades. As we get closer to the draft I will consider predicting trades in my mock drafts.

Round 1, Pick 17: Cody Ford, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

The New York Giants’ offensive line rebuild is nearly complete. There are only missing one more position: right tackle. Cody Ford played right tackle at Oklahoma. Some NFL analysts think he will play guard in the NFL, but if he is drafted by the Giants, he will need to play right tackle.

With all of the defensive talent in the 2019 NFL Draft class, it will be hard for the Giants to pass on an impact-defender at 17. However, Ford has an extremely high ceiling at a position of dire need for the Giants.

Cody Ford is an extremely agile offensive tackle. His quickness allows him to stay in front of speed rushers and protect his quarterback. Ford also has the strength and power to contribute in the run game. Dave Gettleman’s love for “hog mollies” is probably too big to pass up on a versatile lineman like Cody Ford.

Below is a clip of Cody Ford showing off his quickness in pass protection:

Here is a play where Cody Ford absolutely dominated his opponent in the run game (Ford is number 74):

The Giants might look to trade up with this pick to take an elite defender. Or, if the Giants trade up from 6 to 3, they might try to trade back from 17 to get the assets back that they lost in the trade for the 3rd pick. If the Giants are unable to make any trades, they will be more than happy to draft Cody Ford.

Round 2, Pick 37: Jaylon Ferguson, Edge Defender, LA Tech

As badly as I wanted to pair former Ohio State wide receiver Paris Campbell with Dwayne Haskins here, I could not go 3 picks into this draft without taking a defender. The Giants have so many holes on defense. They need to find defensive starters in the draft. The Giants cannot wait until the 3rd round to take a defender.

Thus, the Giants take Jaylon Ferguson in the second round of this mock draft. The Giants traded away their best edge defender, Olivier Vernon, in the 2019 offseason. Vernon simply did not produce enough sacks with the Giants. Not to mention he was being paid a high salary and was consistently injured.

Jaylon Ferguson would be a perfect replacement for Olivier Vernon. The Giants would go from getting a player who produces minimal sacks to having the NCAA record-holder for most sacks in a career. Ferguson totaled 45 sacks in 4 seasons at LA Tech.

In 2018, as a senior, Jaylon Ferguson totaled 26 tackles for loss and 17.5 sacks. Ferguson was an extremely productive player throughout his collegiate career. Ferguson is solid as a pass-rusher and a run-defender. He has strong hands and a big frame, allowing him to fight through contact and get to the ball-carrier.

A tandem of Lorenzo Carter and Jaylon Furgeson could give the Giants one of the best, young defensive cores in the NFL. Both have the potential to be great players in the NFL.

Round 3, Pick 95: Daniel Wise, Interior Defensive Lineman, Kansas

Round 4, Pick 108: Dillon Mitchell, Wide Receiver, Oregon

Round 4, Pick 132: Kendall Sheffield, Cornerback, Ohio State

Round 5, Pick 142: Gary Johnson, Linebacker, Texas

Round 5, Pick 143: Tyree St. Louis, Offensive Tackle, Miami

Round 6, Pick 171: Mike Edwards, Safety, Kentucky

Round 6, Pick 180:  Austin Bryant, Edge Defender, Clemson

Round 7, Pick 232: Phil Haynes, Offensive Guard, Wake Forest

Round 7, Pick 245: Foster Moreau, Tight End, Louisiana State