Yankees: Roger Maris Jr. takes shot at Barry Bonds amid Aaron Judge’s record chase

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The day finally came. On Wednesday night, Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the season, tying him with Roger Maris for most in franchise history over a single season. That is also the American League record.

With one more home run, Judge would get both records for himself.

Last night was special in many ways: no, Judge didn’t tie the record at home, but his mom and Roger Maris Jr. were in attendance to enjoy the moment.

Speaking of Maris Jr., he congratulated the Yankees’ star for his achievement in a real class act. He has been going to games for over a week, and now the moment finally came.

Maris Jr. actually talked to media after the game, and left some very interesting quotes. He thinks that, if Judge can hit that elusive 62nd home run, he should be crowned as the single-season home run king.

The son of the Yankees’ legend thinks Judge is the HR king if he can hit 62

This is both a nod to Judge and a shot at Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa, the three men that have hit more dingers than the Yankees outfielder in a single campaign.

Asked whether he considered the home run totals of Bonds and McGwire — both tied to the use of steroids — to be illegitimate, Maris answered: “I do,” he said. “I think most people do.”

Maris Jr. said that he thinks “it means a lot for a lot of people that he’s clean,” while talking about Judge.

“He’s a Yankee,” said the 64-year-old Maris Jr., per NJ Advance Media. “He plays the game the right way, and I think it gives people the chance to look at somebody who should be revered for hitting 62 home runs, and not just a guy who hit it in the American League, but for being the actual single-season home run champion. That’s who he is. It’s 62 and I think that’s what needs to happen.”

The Yankees have six games left on the calendar for Judge to hit number 62.

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