Yankees’ regular is not a fan of the Blue Jays’ temporary home to start the season

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier
Feb 26, 2021; Tampa, Florida, USA; New York Yankees left fielder Clint Frazier (77) fields the ball during spring training workouts at George M. Steinbrenner Field Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadian government isn’t allowing MLB baseball to be played in Toronto, at least for the start of the regular season, because of concerns regarding a possible outbreak of COVID-19. That’s why the Blue Jays are being forced to play in their spring training home, TD Ballpark, in Dunedin, FL. Last season, they had to play in Buffalo because of a similar scenario. What does this have to do with the New York Yankees?

Well, one of the Yankees’ regulars, Clint Frazier, is certainly not a fan of the venue as a place for outfielders to thrive. According to what the young thumper told NJ Advance Media, the ballpark is really inconvenient from several standpoints.

In approximately two weeks, the Yankees will travel to Dunedin to face the Blue Jays as the season begins.

The Yankees’ outfielder didn’t give TD Ballpark a great review

Frazier isn’t so thrilled with the idea. “It’s a typical spring training place that unfortunately we’re going to have to play at a few times probably,” he said this week.

Frazier played six innings in left field, and said the experience wasn’t very good.

“The way that the reflection comes off those seats, it’s really bright,” he explained. “It reminds me of the Dodgers’ spring training (stadium), whenever I played in Cleveland. It’s just a really hard backdrop considering how much reflection seems to come off those chairs and then you factor in no clouds in the sky and it’s just a really high sky and it just makes it a semi-uncomfortable setting in the outfield.”

“Just like other stadiums, they all have their things they have to work around, whether it’s sometimes the sun sets in left field and the left fielder is getting crushed by the sun,” the Yankees’ young star said. “Unfortunately, it seems like there’s a couple more piled on top of things that you have to deal with. Hopefully it’s different whenever there’s a night game played just so we can go out there and avoid all the reflections and all that, the way the sun sets.”