Yankees preparing to be outed for sign-stealing with Rob Manfred’s findings going public

With New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman taking a conservative approach this off-season, the team still has ways to go before they are considered a World Series contender. However, things are about to get a bit more tumultuous for the organization as the 2017 sign-stealing letters from commissioner Rob Manfred are about to go public.

Manfred shared the findings from the MLB investigators privately with the Yankees, but the public hasn’t been made aware of the differences between what was initially uncovered and what Manfred told teams behind the scenes.

Of course, the Yankees want to stop the letter from being exposed to the public. The harm and the negative attention it will bring as the information is falsely broken down could have a lasting impression on the organization.

“The Yankees argue that the harm from the unsealing of the Yankees Letter will rise because its content ‘would be distorted to falsely and unfairly generate the confusing scenario that the Yankees had somehow violated MLB’s sign stealing rules, when in fact the Yankees did not,” the court wrote, per ESPN. “That argument, however, carries little weight. Disclosure of the document will allow the public to independently assess MLB’s conclusion regarding the internal investigation (as articulated to the Yankees) and the Yankees are fully capable of disseminating their own views regarding the actual content of the Yankees letter.”

The Yankees feel as though they didn’t do anything wrong but got wrapped up in the sign-stealing debacle along with the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox.

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