Yankees’ players could be turned away from games in Canada after new Covid ruling

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees have unvaccinated players and staff that have not been vaccinated for the COVID virus. As of January 15, those that are unvaccinated will not be allowed into Canada. The New York Yankees have three road trips to Canada in the upcoming season. It could be that the star player Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, if re-signed, among others, will be staying home at Yankee Stadium when playing the Toronto Blue Jays at Roger’s Center.

However, the Yankees are better off than some teams, namely the Boston Rod Sox, as the Yankees are more than 85% vaccinated. The Red Sox play ten games in Canada this season.

Of course, this is all theory at the moment. We do know that Aaron Judge, when asked last season if he was vaccinated, refused to say, instead saying, “I don’t want to get into that.” “It’s something I like to keep talking to my doctor about.” We do know that Anthony Rizzo, while with the Chicago Cubs, openly addressed the subject saying “he had discomfort with vaccination” last summer before he was acquired due to the unknown and his previous cancer treatments.

This no vaccination ruling also affects the Toronto Blue Jays as they have 81 away games in the United States. They can’t let their unvaccinated players travel with the team because they would be denied entry back into Canada. It is unknown how many Yankee players and staff are not fully vaccinated.

Chris Cotillo is a beat writer for the Boston Red Sox:

Starting January 15, unvaccinated pro athletes are no longer allowed to come into Canada. The Red Sox play 10 games in Toronto in 2022. On why this could become a problem — and leave Boston shorthanded in key games next year: Chris Cotillo: Red Sox might be shorthanded for 10 games in Toronto with new COVID-19 vaccine rules…

Considering the Delta variant and spurred on by the unencumbered spread of Omicron, the Canadian government has announced that on January 15 and for the foreseeable future, unvaccinated athletes will no longer be allowed to cross the Canadian border. Considering the ruling and any possible positive test for Yankee staff could be devastating for the Yankees.

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