Yankees News: Spending big after the lockout, 5 star free agents when negotiating starts back up

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Yankees need to start spending big when impending lockout ends: Sherman – New York Post

General manager Brian Cashman was incredibly patient before the lockout commenced on the evening of December 1. The New York Yankees are preparing to come out of the gates firing once the MLB and Players Union come to an agreement, but that could be months away with the two sides on opposite ends of the spectrum.
However, Cashman indicated he had a bit of flexibility this off-season financially, and there are a number of star free agents available on the market once things open back up.
With a number of teams picking up new players, including the Texas Rangers and New York Mets, there will be less competition for some of the bigger prospects when the lockout ends. The Yankees will undoubtedly have their eyes set on a new shortstop, whether that be Carlos Correa or Trevor Story. Both offer strengths and weaknesses, but Correa missed out on the opportunity to cash in early.
Ultimately, it seems evident that owner Hal Steinbrenner told Cashman to sit still while the lockout proceeds. Clearly, Steinbrenner feels as though changes will be made that will benefit the Yankees, which may help them in their quest to land players at a cheaper price point.

5 star free agents Yankees can sign when lockout ends – Yanks Go Yard

When things go back to normal, the Yankees have plenty of talent to pick from on the market. As stated above, Carlos Correa represents the best of the bunch, despite a back injury that required significant treatment during the 2021 season. They can also pursue an option like Kyle Schwarber, featuring a big lefty bat.

There’s also the prospect of a player like Freddie Freeman, who is expected to stick with the Atlanta Braves, but if the Yankees come calling with a long-term deal, he could be persuaded to leave.

Then you have options like Trevor Story, who the Yankees could land on a short-term deal, representing a stopgap while they wait for some of their minor league talents to reach the majors. However, reports indicated that Correa has been scouted for playing third base as well, and if he’s willing to move in the future after being offered a massive contract, that could be a beneficial deal for the Bombers.

Nonetheless, nobody knows how long the lockout will last, but we will be here every step of the way to prepare for the future.

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